Be Prepared

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Traveling on business about half way through the week stopped for the evening in a small city. This was my usual stopping place, because there was usually some late night action here. The interstate runs through the edge of town and the motel I stayed at was just about a block from the action. Had called ahead for reservations and as usual checked in, didn’t bother to change clothes, went straight to the bar for happy hour. It was a slow night, the barmaid was having no difficulty keeping up with the light crowd, and the waitresses looked bored. After a few beers went into the dining room and had dinner. After eating walked back through the bar and it was totally deserted except for the three-piece band that was setting up for their evenings performance. By this time it was quarter past eight so I went up to my room.

Nothing good on TV, so I showered and changed clothes, jeans and a sport shirt replaced my business suit. No underwear, just in case I got lucky. Back down to the bar at nine thirty. Of course the bar charged a premium for the band, so I sipped a high ball slowly and looked over the scene. Wasn’t much happening here. Of course you only need one other person to make it a good evening, you don’t need a crowd. However that one person seemed to be missing.

Nursed the highball as long as possible, but it was apparent that things weren’t going to improve. So I decided to try somewhere else and a ride around town. There was a nearby bar about five blocks from the motel. Parked and went in and if anything it was deader than the motel. Well I was through the door so might as well have a drink. Bartender allowed as how things were really dead tonight but I should have been here Sunday night. Yes Mr. Bartender will get in my way back machine and go back.

Things were looking poorly so drove around for a while and on a side street in the downtown area was a place I had not seen in the past. It had Ankara bayan escort a large neon sign shaped like Michelangelo’s David. Maybe this would be interesting. Parked beyond an alley and went in. Unfortunately the place was about empty, to guys sitting at a table and a bored bartender polishing glasses. Well I am here so what the hell. Took a seat at the bar and ordered up a beer.

“Kinda dead out tonight.” I said as the bartender brought me my beer.

“Yeah it is, it’s a weeknight you know how it is. But you should have been here Saturday the place was really jumping.” Another one that believes in time travel.

There were all kinds of suggestions on he men’s room wall where I went to get rid of the previous brews. Phone numbers will little invitations. Back at the bar ordered up another beer, by this time it was 11:30. Better call it a nigh, no sense getting plastered, go back to the motel and jerk-off. Leaving a tip I left and went out to my car.

It was a warm evening and I stopped for a moment inhaling the pleasant night air and lit a cigarette. At about this time out of the alley walks a man, young, good looking and dressed for action. He had on a dress shirt and cut offs, and these cutoffs were cutoff, the head of cock was peeking out of one leg.

“Anything going on inside he asked?”

“Nope, completely dead, a bartender and two guys is all.”

“Whatcha up to.”

“Oh, I was out cruising, in town for the night and things were dead every place else, then I found this place. Its dead too.”

“You calling it quits.”

“Just about too. Got bored and was going back to the motel.”

“Wanna beer, I got some in the car.”

“Sure it couldn’t hurt.”

“I’m parked in back, comeon.”

So I followed him up the alley. It was dark as midnight, streetlights didn’t penetrate and I could barely make out his car parked where it couldn’t be seen. When he opened the driver’s door Escort bayan Ankara the car lit up. It was an old-fashioned full size station wagon. I climbed into the front bench seat and the lights went out. He turned on the radio that was set to some FM station playing soft music. Then he reached in back and pulled a small cooler to the front, opening it he took out to cans of beer.

“That’s neat, and handy.”

“Well you know you got to have things ready.”

We popped the tops and I took a sip. No telling what kind of beer it was in the dark.

“This is a big old car, haven’t seen these around lately.”

“Yeah its an oldie but a goody. Comes in handy when you are hauling stuff and you can always stretch out in the back.” His hand moved to my thigh and gave it a squeeze. I followed suit and put my hand on his thigh and he moved my hand up so I could touch his cock, which was protruding from his shorts.

Setting the beer down I leaned over and we kissed, his had went to my cock and mine went into his cutoffs where I could feel him hardening. We necked for a while, then broke for air, I pushed my jeans down and his hand found me and started to play with my erection. While I took a sip of beer he pushed his cutoffs down and unbutton his shirt.
Now we were seriously playing with one another and we kissed again. It last quite a while, when we broke I moved my mouth down to his nipples and sucked them. Then I did what I had been looking for, taking him in my mouth I started to suck him off.

He pushed up with his hips and let go for am minute to suck his balls. “Let’s get in the back so we can stretch out.” He said lifting me off his cock. Wiggling around he climbed into the back. Getting my jeans completely off I followed him removing my shirt as I did. We were both naked now. The back seats were both folded down and he had a mattress back there covered with a nice soft quilt.

Once we both got back Bayan escort Ankara there we embraced and kissed again. I had his cock in my hand and rubbed it against mine. When the kiss was over I moved down his body and started to suck him again. “Roll over, and let me fuck you.” He whispered.

So I came up from his cock and rolled on to my back. He picked up my legs and pushed them back around my ears. Moving forward from the hips he took one hand and started to finger me, first one finger in then two. He finger fucked slowly and my cock got harder knowing what was going to be coming to meet it from the inside. When he had me open he pushed forward and entered me with his cock. Bracing my feet on the ceiling of the station, my hips fucked back meeting his thrusts, sometimes you find the right rhythm and we did. He leaned forward, put his whole body weight on me and we locked lips as we fucked. I gave him a good ride, and he was a good rider. Then suddenly he pushed up and thrust hard several times cuming as he did.

After a short period to recover he rolled off me and searched around near the door. Then he came up with a small pouch in it were to wet washcloths. Handing me one, he proceeded to clean his cock and balls. I remember thinking this is one good boy scout, he is prepared, first the beer, then the mattress, even wash clothes to freshen up with. After performing out abolitions, I leaned over and started to such his nipples. He didn’t seem to mind so I started to feel his cock and balls again, which were still damp from the washing. When there was a twinge in his cock, I moved down and took him in my mouth and slowly blew him until he came again.

It was now two in the morning according the dashboard clock. I used the washcloth on my cock, which had shot off while he was fucking me. My socks were still on, damned hard to put those on in the dark. After a good work out as we had, all you want is to sleep.

In all my travels over the next few years to this same town, never saw him or his station wagon again. But to this day when ever there passes an old fashioned full size station wagon my cock gets hard.

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