Being with Greg

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It is always so nice being fucked by Greg and maybe that is an understatement, you see for me there has never been another to whom I have been so ardently chemically attracted and the moment we meet my whole being is a flutter in anticipation of the wonderful things to come.

As on our first date he spoils and pampers me, wine and dines me at his local pub restaurant. The thought that I can only travel one a month to see him is almost unbearable, but needs must and my finances are limited. He lives a good 300 miles from me but hopefully, eventually I can get a transfer with my job so that we can live together. Hmm the thought of that is sheer luxury, having him each night would be heaven and I would be in my element indeed.

The first time he fucked me proper, when he took me bare back I had not been opened since old Badger had me in the allotment shed, so I was tight. But Greg was giving me lots of deep penetrating massage – working his fingers gently into me in small circles as he anointed me with a generous lubricating with KP jelly. I knew as soon as he spoiled me like that, that we were going to be a success – he so loved to enjoy me, sucking up my ass for a real slow and generous period.

He’d pause occasionally as I took in the wonderful sensual feelings up my ass and told me how good I tasted, that he could never get enough of my beautiful ass and hole and promptly resumes sucking it with real deep manoeuvres gently, massaging my cock and balls at the same time, setting my whole being into a wondrous frenzy as instinctively I swayed it from side to side to enjoy the different kaçak iddaa methods of his penetration with deep tongue and fingers.

He muttered some more complimenting me – saying where had I been all his life and how he wanted to make up for lost time with nice deep and throbbing fucks and the thrills of all that came before, the licking, sucking and everything which put me in good stead for the feel of his gorgeous penetration deep inside.

I absolutely adored it and he made sure I was well ready after the enduring a fantastic remedial l massage. But I needed to taste and feel what was soon to be inside me, he’d encourage me to kneel between his bare thighs and suck him off as he held it up proud for my attention. His cock was beautiful – I simply loved to feel it in the palm of my right hand as the other massage his well hung balls, stretching it back and forwards and taking quick sucks of his p-hope each time as I did so.

I loved the way it bent in the middle, to fit into the curve of my ass which was so wonderful, Feeling it slide into me with so much warmth and passion and hearing his sounds of gratification was everything in my book.

The way he squeezed and pressed and massaged it into me until it reached full girth and caused my ass cheeks to shake like jelly as he gave me a really good hard seeing to, with the occasional slaps which felt so good, even though they stung a bit, it was something about the combination of all that and his generous fucking that made it very special.

The second time we met I hungry for cock again and felt the aching and wanting so deep. But kaçak bahis he had other things ins mind first and wanted to introduce me to some toys he’d bought on the internet. “I thought you would like them Pete” He said and I was game to experiment with anything as long as it was with Greg. He had that hold on me, I realized that after that first fuck, that there could never be another, that at last I’d met my match so when Greg produced a brand new set of anal vibrators I knew I was going to be busy, they were called all sorts of names and came in many varieties and sized with different indentation to produce various sensual trappings which made me very excited.

“We’ll try then in different ways, Pete, I want us to try different positions – it is going to be so wonderful and adventurous and I am longing to see your reaction..

The first position he wanted me was stretched across his lap, my head hung down nearly touching the floor with me ass presented for him in the best accessible way so he could just enjoy working some of those vibrators into me.

I loved being all ass for him I really did, it made me feel wanted and needed and hearing his sounds ass he enjoyed me was something out of this world.

“Those Japs certainly know how to make and design these outrageous sexual delights” Greg said and, squeezing one into me he asked how it felt. I relished the sheer exquisite feel of it going deep and deeper up my ass then an unusual sensation which really felt so wonderful.

Greg explained what it was doing, once inside it expanded a little and the small motor produced variable movements illegal bahis and vibrations. He well fucked my ass with them and then many more, all having a certain sensuality about then.

Soon my hole had been well quenched and it felt sort of numb, k like it had been well fucked. But then I knew Greg would want to taste me before his fuck into me, as he always did when he’d prepared me for fucking, he said he wanted the taste if me in his mouth when he fucked me to the core and to do that he had me kneel on all fours; knees well apart and ass propped up as high as I could for his enjoyment – and mine of course, But the sound spanking beforehand with a paddle was something new but came in the package he’d bought on the net. Prior to the spanking he’d anointed my ass cheeks with a good helping of a certain cream which apparently prevented bruising.

It was fine, it stung at first and how, but I knew it was all part of four new adventure and after being fucked with several different anal vibrators and dildos’ it was all pleasure and well spanked, he rubbed in some more cream which eased the stinging and made it feel numb and hungry for his fuck.

He whispered the cream was edible and I knew what that meant, and I was right because I was given the most delightful l and sensual feelings as he licked every drop off my reddened ass.

He still wanted me to hold position when he rammed his great cock inside me like a bull and I felt him stretching me wider and wider as he increased his fuck, his heavy balls slapping against my inner cheeks as he thrust into me like a demented piston engine, but it was all so nice and complete, and afterwards, well fucked, we collapsed on the floor and soaked up the moment, my ass still feeling it had him inside. It is always an adventure being with Greg.

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