Believe Me Nora Ch. 02

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Tristan woke up with a yawn, stretching and looking around his small apartment. The previous night still felt more like a dream than anything else, he’d had his eye on Zane since being hired six months ago. Tristan had always considered himself ‘mostly gay’ as he liked to put it, but had always been somewhat attracted to women too. He’d had a few three ways, always with another guy and a girl, usually he focused on the guy, but Nora had been so sexy with her pregnant belly. Tristan had always found pregnant women more attractive than their non pregnant counter parts, and was now hoping that he would get to experience more of Zane’s wife.

Tristan reached down under the sheet of his bed and slid his hand around his morning erection, closing his eyes and thinking about last night. The feel of her on top of him, the taste of his and Zane’s cum in her mouth. He stroked his length rapidly, knowing he didn’t have much time before work. He fantasized about Zane behind him, while he ate out Nora’s pussy, Zane shoving his cock into Tristan’s ass.

Tristan grunted and arched his hips up, cum splattering the sheet that lay over him and onto his stomach and hand. He closed his eyes as the last few spurts came from him, then sighed at himself for not being more careful about the mess he made. Gathering up his sheets, he dropped them by the little washer in his apartment and hopped into the shower.

Nora looked around the little diner, frowning at the booths.

They obviously didn’t have enough space for her to fit her pregnant belly into one, so she headed toward the couple of tables with actual chairs at the far end of the place, settling into one. When the waitress approached she smiled at her, “I’m waiting on somebody, but I’ll have a glass of milk and a couple of pickles if you don’t mind.”

The waitress went off to get what had been asked of her as Nora waited.

It was ten minutes or so before another pregnant woman entered the little place, Nora was by far the more pregnant of the two. Her dark features also contrasted by this younger woman’s light features, Nora smiled as the blond girl approached.

“Hey Lana,” she said, motioning to the seat across from her.

“Hey Nora, you look amazing today, did you do something different with your hair? Or something, I don’t know. You just seem even more glowing than normal.”

“I guess I’m just in a good mood, I had a good night last night.”

“Oh? What did you do?” Lana raised her brow at the other woman’s blush, what had she done?

“Just had a night in with Zane, is all.”

” ‘Is all’ my fat pregnant ass, what did you guys do? I want all the dirty details, I know that you got fucked last night, so spill!”

Nora wasn’t sure for a few moments, but ever since her and Lana had met two months ago, when Lana first attended a pregnant wives’ club in the area, the two had had a connection. Finally she made up her mind, “oh alright, but after we order, I don’t need the waitress coming over and hearing.”

Lana grinned, clapping her hands and making a pleasant kind of ‘squee’ sound. Nora couldn’t help but smile more at the younger woman. Lana was barely 21 years old, in fact, Nora had gone to her twenty first birthday just three weeks ago. It had been a somewhat melancholic affair, just the two of them and a couple of friends that Lana knew from high school. The other girls had all gotten really drunk and so the two pregnant ladies had ended up ditching out and finding a place to sit and talk for hours. Lana had told her about how much she’d loved Dave, her husband, how Dave had been so great to her. Dave and Lana had started dating when they were in High School, and had married between boot camp and his first deployment. They only got to see each when he wasn’t deployed, but she’d never even considered straying from his bed. Lana had gotten pregnant the last night that she’d seen him, just six months ago. He’d died three days later.

She hadn’t even found out she was pregnant until two weeks after his funeral. More and more had poured out of the crying Lana that night. She had no idea how she was going to make it as a single mother. She was living with her own mother, who was helping a lot, but who was also controlling, snoopy and very religious. Once the baby was born, the military would help out; if a test proved the child was indeed Dave’s, anyway. Which she knew it was of course, she’d only ever been with Dave, her whole life.

The waitress came and got their orders, and when the food arrived Lana looked at Nora expectantly. “Wellllll?”

“Well what?” Nora feigned ignorance of what her friend was asking.

“Well, why are you so happy about getting fucked by Zane last night? I know you two still have sex, so it must have been something special.”

“Oh, that, right.” Nora grinned, then leaned in closer, conspiratorially whispering to her friend “Zane brought another man home, for us to share.”

Lana’s green eyes got wide with interest.

Though anadolu yakası escort her strict christian upbringing made her think that it was wrong, someplace deep down inside of her, she wasn’t a very religious person and her interest won out. “Share?” she finally asked.

“Yea, well we didn’t really, I guess, they kissed once, and Tristan gave Zane head for a bit but that was it … but it was so hot,” Lana was just staring at Nora, her food being left untouched as she thought about it. She had met Zane of course and while she had no reference for the other man, her mind was filling in her own late husband. She had never really thought about two men together, she had once or twice had some thoughts of being with a woman, recently in fact she’d been having dreams about Nora, but the other had never occurred to her. Homosexuality was something bad according to her religion and while she knew gay people and had no problem with them, she supposed deep down she’d always had something holding her back. But now, she was imagining Dave and Zane fucking and she flushed red when she realized that her hand was unconsciously rubbing the bottom of her belly, in a somewhat suggestive manner.

Nora was eating, not even realizing that Lana was off in some dream land, figuring that they would leave it at that. She knew that Lana had some hang ups about that sort of thing, they had discussed it previously.

“What was it like?” Finally came from the other side of the table though, and Nora looked up, finishing the food in her mouth and arching a brow.

“Like, details? Or just was it good? It was great … if it’s the second,” Lana didn’t say anything for a few moments, and Nora kept looking at her, she could see in the younger woman’s eyes that she wanted the first question answered, not the second. Nora turned a little red again, and looked around, the waitress was on the other side of the restaurant, folding napkins around silverware, the place was empty besides them.

“Well, Zane just showed up late last night, with this guy he works with, Tristan. Tristan had something spilled on him, or something, so he went into the bathroom to change into a robe, so he could get his pants clean I guess. Then, when he came out, Zane just reached out and undid the robe and I ended up blowing him. Eventually I rode his cock and then,” Nora flushed, looking around again and leaning in closer. “The hottest part though, was at the end. I was laying back on the couch and the two of them were standing over me, stroking themselves.” Nora flushed deep red but she wasn’t embarrassed this time, “then they came on my belly.”

Lana’s eyes got big as she listened and she swallowed thickly as Nora told how the two men had cum on her belly. Dave used to love to jerk off onto different parts of her body and she’d been fantasizing about him cumming on her stomach since the day it had started growing bigger. “That is … so fucking hot Nora, you’re so lucky.” She didn’t even realize what she was saying, but flushed when she did, basically suggesting that she wanted something like that to happen to her.

“I wouldn’t have guessed you’d be interested in something like that,” Nora said, shifting a little. She could feel her thighs getting slick with desire.

“Oh uhm, well,” Nora picked up her drink taking a long swallow to think before she finished answering. “I guess it’s just hot is all, I mean you can do what you want, right? I wouldn’t wanna get involved in something like that, of course.”

Both girls knew that that wasn’t the truth even as she said it.

Zane had been wandering past Tristan’s desk every half hour or so, but so far the young man had not shown up in his cubicle. It was just past noon and Zane figured Tristan must not be coming in at all, as he headed for lunch, when he finally saw the other man. Tristan was walking in from the elevator hallway and smiled at Zane.

“Afternoon,” Zane said, arching a brow at the man, an image of the two of them kissing, the taste of semen in their mouths, flashing through his mind.

“It is that, how are you doing?”

“Great, just heading to grab lunch from downstairs.”

“Hrm, I didn’t get anything on my way in, and I’m already this late,” Tristan looked around and then turned, motioning toward the elevators. “So let’s hurry out of here and hopefully Pat won’t see me and I can be a little later.”

Zane chuckled softly and nodded following after Tristan, the elevator already on their floor from his ascent a few moments earlier. The two stepped in and Zane reached past Tristan to press the lobby button. “Did you have a nice time last night?” Zane asked, as he stared at the doors to the elevator, missing Tristan’s blush at his question.

“I did have a nice time,” Tristan affirmed, looking over at Zane, then staring at the doors to the elevator as well.

The rest of the descent was silent as the two nervously tried to think of things to say, but avrupa yakası escort neither had by the time the ding announced their arrival and the doors slid open. Zane led the way out, heading to the front doors and out into the street. “I was going to just hit Quiznos across the street, unless you wanted something else.”

“That is fine with me,” Tristan agreed, the two turned down the street to the crosswalk, crossing quickly as it flashed the stop hand. They got in line, and chatted a bit about work and the various things they both had to do that afternoon. Neither was really thinking about what they were talking about though, taking a small table they ate quietly. Zane finished up first and headed back to the bathroom, Tristan watched his muscled bottom in the slacks he wore and felt a swelling in his pants again. Fuck, that man has a great body, he thought.

Zane locked the bathroom behind him, taking a leak and washing his hands. As he opened the door, Tristan was standing in his way. He looked at the younger man for a moment and then stepped back letting him pass. Intending to simply exit after Tristan was inside, he couldn’t see anyone past Tristan out in the restaurant.

It had been nearly empty before and apparently had emptied out while he’d been in there for just a minute. Tristan blocked his path though, as the door shut behind them, he turned and locked the bolt. Zane arched a brow, “Tristan?” he asked, but Tristan just lifted one hand and placed it on Zane’s lips, while his other undid the buckle of Zane’s belt.

Zane glanced down, as he felt a hand guiding his rapidly growing erection out of the front of his slacks and then Tristan was kneeling, pushing Zane against the wall, his mouth took in the tip of the still hardening erection into it. He sucked on just the head at first, his hand rubbing the shaft as it grew to its full length. Zane bit his lip to keep himself from moaning, as Tristan then slid the entire length of his cock down his throat. Zane grunted softly, but then lifted his hand covering his mouth. He glanced at the door, there may not be customers out there, but the two people that had been behind the counter were and somebody might have come in as well.

Tristan was adept with his mouth, his tongue rolling around the head, tasting the pre-cum that was practically gushing from Zane’s hard cock, Zane had never had such a good blow job. Nora knew what she was doing, but this was like magic wrapped around his cock. He lasted only a couple of minutes before Tristan was swallowing his seed When Zane seemed done he stood and kissed him hard, the salty taste of his cum still lingering in Tristan’s mouth.

Tristan smiled and turned around, washing his hands and then exiting the bathroom. Zane waited a minute, tucked himself away, washed his own hands again and then slipped out as well.

Lana sighed as she adjusted her weight a bit on her chair, lifted her legs up onto the ottoman and then used the remote to turn on her television. She flicked for awhile, but nothing interesting seemed to be on, eventually she found a rerun of House MD and left that on, she’d seen it before but decided to watch anyway. It was better than trying to get up and find something else to do. Getting up sounded like a huge chore right now.

She wasn’t massive yet, like she knew she’d be getting over the next few months, but it was annoying to get up and move about and if she could be lazy she chose to be. That was not to say that Lana was letting herself go, she worked out every day, had a regimen that her doctor had approved, which would change over the months of her pregnancy as her body became bigger, but she refused to let herself go completely. She had a three month goal after the pregnancy to be back down to her original weight, she hoped she could do it.

She got somewhat interested in the show, it had been long enough that she didn’t remember the details of the case, but near the end she recalled how it ended and started to lose interest again, her mind drifting. She thought about lunch, what Nora had told her, so scandalous, so dirty. Lana had not been fucked since the night she got pregnant, and she was embarrassed about masturbating, her upbringing had always made it out to be a sin, but Dave had loosened her up about it a bit. Lana wasn’t very religious, though she had been raised in it. Dave had enjoyed watching her play with herself, she knew it had always gotten him really turned on and he had been her husband, and it did feel good. Knowing how much he liked it had just made it all the better, too.

Thinking about Zane and Nora with another man, at first her imagination just had the two men doing things to Nora, but eventually she started thinking about the two of them pleasuring each other and she realized that her panties must be soaked through. She wrinkled her nose, this was really naughty. Thinking of her friend, of two men together. Should she be thinking about these things? She chewed her eryaman escort lip, and finally pushed herself up onto her feet.

“I’m gonna take a nap, mom,” she said as she passed the kitchen, her mom just nodded in response as Lana went to her bedroom. She’d moved back in when she’d found out she was pregnant, she’d been considering it when she found out that Dave had died, and the baby had just been the lynch pin.

Lana stripped her jogging pants off and then pulled the covers back, crawling under them and snuggling into her pillows. She had always liked to have a lot of pillows when she slept, Dave had made her get rid of most of them when they’d shared a bed, but now that she was alone in bed again, she’d gone back to stockpiling them. She really did try and fall asleep first, but eventually she just gave into her desires.

She rolled onto her side, ever since she’d really started showing she’d found that if she laid on her side it was much easier to reach her pussy. Her hand slid down between her legs, her arm laying against the side of her belly, she rubbed herself through her panties, fingers pressing into the little nub of pleasure at the top of her dripping slit.

Lana rubbed there for awhile, but it wasn’t doing it for her, she was getting close, especially with the thoughts in her head, but she needed something more. She rolled over and dug into her purse on the night table.

What at first glance looked like a tube of nail polish was soon vibrating as she slid it under the blankets and pressed it against her clit again. She could just barely hear the whirring of her toy through all of her blankets.

She buried her face in a pillow and a few minutes later was whimpering her pleasure into it, her body shaking and arching into the vibrator. Wishing so bad that it was Nora’s hand guiding it. She shut it off as she realized who she was fantasizing about, tucking it away and burying her head in her pillow again. Lana had been so lost in her orgasm that she hadn’t even realized who she was fantasizing about there at the end, but the two men who had been fucking Nora in her day dream had disappeared, and it had just been Nora.

Nora stared up at the ceiling, her fingers digging into the bed. Her back hurt in this position, but she could deal with it long enough to get off, and Zane was working quite hard to give her just that. Nora let out a few faint moans as his fingers worked their way into her, his tongue darting over her clit. She could feel her orgasm building deep inside of her, and she started to make louder moaning noises.

Zane knew what they meant and began to finger her faster, his tongue pressing into her clit firmly and rolling around.

Nora shuddered, a soft whimper escaping her lips as she began to push Zane’s head away, her orgasm riding through her and his continued attention causing her to feel almost uncomfortable with pleasure. He wouldn’t be pushed away though, and she whimpered until he finally pulled his head away, moving up and helping her roll so that she was more comfortable, pressing his lips to hers. Nora could taste her juices on his lips and in his mouth. She had always enjoyed tasting herself on his mouth.

“Thanks,” Nora said with a wink and a smile, curling up into his arms and resting her head on his shoulder.

“You’re welcome, love,” they were both quiet for a time after that, just basking in the closeness, in the touch of each others bodies.

“So he really just pushed you up against the wall and blew you on your lunch break?” Nora finally asked, they had begun discussing it earlier, but after he’d told her about it, she’d had to give his erection some attention of her own. She had wondered if the dried remnants of Tristan’s saliva had been there on her husbands cock as she had devoured it. That had led to her own orgasm, which she had no complaints about.

“Yea, I went to the bathroom and when I opened the door to exit there he was, just pushed me back into the bathroom, locked the door and sucked me off. It was pretty hot, the thrill and such. Do you think we should invite him over again sometime?”

“I don’t know, does he want me?” Zane could sense the hesitance in her voice, the doubt. He could almost hear her thoughts. ‘Did Tristan really want me, or was this all to get in my husband’s pants.’

“He does baby, just because he wants me as well doesn’t mean he isn’t turned on by you. When I first brought up the idea of you, he didn’t even know I might be interested in men as well. At least not for sure, we talked a bit after lunch and he said he was hoping that he might get another chance to see you. He thought cumming on your belly was one of the hottest things he had ever done.”

“Well, then perhaps he should get to do it again,” Nora was blushing at his words, maybe Tristan really did want to fuck her. He had been attractive and she was getting wetter thinking about him and Zane going at it for her pleasure, of having them both inside her at the same time, and any number of other dirty ideas that she could imagine.

“Alright, I will talk to him about it at work, maybe we can get together this weekend. I can cook for the three of us, and we can watch a movie and maybe do some other things.”

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