Best Friends Become Lovers

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This is a totally true story of my youthful experiences with my friend, and lover, Wayne. Wayne was my first, and my last, male lover and even though I’ve had no same sex relationships with anyone but him I still consider myself to be bisexual. This is my first submission, and I expect to follow it with many others as I fondly remember, and chronicle, my relationship with Wayne.


The year was 1975 and I was on a trip to Yosemite National Park trip with the performing groups from our local community college. The groups made an annual trip to the park for several days of performances in an outdoor amphitheater. As this was my freshman year, this was my first trip with the group and I was a bit anxious as I’d heard some rather wild stories about the experience of past members. While there we stayed in tent cabins at the Curry Village complex. Room assignments were by gender and instrument section. There were at least four of us assigned to each cabin. As there were two double beds in our assigned cabin we each had to share a bed with another guy.

My bunkmate for the trip was my friend Wayne who is a year older than I. I had known Wayne since we were pre-teens and, though our mutual interest in music, and the fact that he lived just a few blocks away, we had been best friends for many years. As he had introduced me to mutual masturbation many years before, Wayne was my regular jerk off buddy. We both also had girlfriends with whom we were sexually active. Our girls were also in the orchestra and both were along on this trip. The trip organizers knew there were many couples, boyfriends and girlfriends, who would be together on this trip but, in spite of the fact that we were all young adults, had made it clear that no sexual contact would be allowed. To ensure against this, there were numerous faculty members and parent volunteers along as chaperones.

Wayne, at 6’ 1” was a few inches taller than I. He was smooth, and slightly built, with lean but muscular shoulders and pectoral muscles from participation on the swim team. As the drummer in a light rock band, he wore his sandy blond hair in a layered look like so many rock stars of that era. It was amply feathered and, as I always felt it looked a bit effeminate, made Wayne’s boyish face look even younger. His looks were always very pleasing to my eye and I’ve never felt that way about another man, before or since. As for me, I was 5’ 11”, lean but muscular, with a barrel chest and tight legs and buns from many years of long distance running. I was, and still am, amply covered with reddish brown body hair. I guess you could say I’ve been a bear since adolescence. I also played in a rock band but, as my band played heavier “metal” music than Wayne’s, I wore my auburn hair straight and long. It reached to the small of my back and the girls would swoon when I’d toss it around as I played my drums. My face was framed with thick, full, “mutton chop” type auburn sideburns that extended to the bottom of my jaw.

Wayne had turned me out, and introduced me to male on male sex, in the form of mutual masturbation, when we were in our young teens and I always felt a bit giddy around him. Just being in his company would often give me a hard on and leave me with a little wet spot in my shorts as I anticipated what might happen. We often slept over at each other’s houses where we would mess around once the lights were out. He was always the aggressor, and it was he who always initiated sex play when we were together, but I’ve got to admit that I was always ready for it and anxiously anticipating his touch. Throughout our youth, and into college, our parents just thought we were great buddies, with a mutual interest in music, and never knew that there was so much more between us. Even though we’d been messing around together for many years, at this point in our relationship, we had not yet had oral or anal sex and our experience was still limited to jerking each other off. Over the years, however, our sexual experimentation had become bolder and bolder, and we were now to the point where we often shot our loads on each other

In one of our favorite sexual activities, Wayne would sit straddling my legs, while I lay on my back, and we would both start to jerk off. He would often slide forward, so our genitals were together, and he would grip both of our penises in one hand so he could stroke them simultaneously and rub them against each other. He would spit on them to make them both slippery. Once we were both sufficiently aroused our pre-cum would mix making them more slippery still. When one of us came he would grip the head of the ejaculating penis tightly so the cum would fill his palm with the warm slippery liquid and he’d continue to stroke rubbing the warm juice all over our dicks. This usually brought the other one off quickly and he would continue to rub our dicks gently together, mixing our ejaculate, till our dicks became flaccid. On other occasions, after starting out as before, he would move forward so he was sitting astride my chest while he continued to stroke himself. As he was so close to my face while doing this, güvenilir bahis I think he was always hopeful that I would make the move and start to suck him, but it never happened (at least not in that way). When he was in this position, I could smell the musky scent of his genitals, and though it intoxicated me, and tempted me to move my face closer for a taste, I was always afraid to as I was, admittedly, and in spite of my obvious desires, a bit homophobic. As a result he would just continue to beat off till he came on my chest and neck, which usually pushed me over the edge and I would cum on my stomach with much of it often reaching his back and buns. At this point in our lives, I don’t think he wanted to ask me to suck him, nor did I want to offer, lest we perceive ourselves as having crossed some line to being “gay”.

On the first night of our trip, after riding for hours in a bus, and having a brief break for dinner, we set up the chairs, music stands, and instruments, and then did an evening performance. We then had to take everything down and put it in secure storage. When we were through we were all pretty tired. As a result we spent just a little time with our girlfriends, under the watchful eyes of chaperones, before everyone decided to retire to the cabins.

When we had first arrived, we were given our room assignments and took our stuff to our rooms. Once there, and seeing the sleeping arrangements, we had decided who would sleep where, and that Wayne and I would be sharing one of the beds with the other two guys, Jim and Stan, sharing the other. Wayne had given me his sly “knowing” look at that time but I was a bit skeptical that we’d be able to “mess around” because of the two other guys in the room. Now, as we prepared for bed, I was admittedly a bit turned on, in fact my dick was hard as a rock, but I didn’t feel Wayne would be bold enough to try anything in a cabin shared with two other young men. As we undressed for bed, I was making an effort to hide my excitement, but I’m sure Wayne noticed. After turning off the light, the cabin was very dark with just a hint of light filtering in through the thick canvas tent fabric. As we both climbed under the covers I was anxious, and horny, but resigned to the fact that we wouldn’t be able to do anything together. After some small talk with the other boys, I merely rolled over, my back to Wayne, and expected to go to sleep.

A short time later, as I was nearly asleep, and I think after he felt the other two guys were asleep, Wayne slid over to me in the “spoons” position, started rubbing his groin against my backside, and reached around to rub my penis through my underpants. I was so turned on that I let out a gasp and just melted at his touch.

I wanted this so badly, I was so comfortable in bed with him, and my head just swam in reverie. I rolled my head around to look at him and ask if we should really do this in a room with the other two guys. Instead, unexpectedly, before I could say a word, I found his tongue in my mouth. I think we were both surprised. We had never kissed before, as I think we both had previously felt that would be too “gay”, but the moment seemed to have gotten to us.

We continued to kiss deeply and passionately, our tongues dancing with each other, as he rubbed my penis and tugged at my underpants. I was extremely turned on as I’d been anticipating, hoping for, but not really expecting, something like this all day. When I slid my underpants off, I realized that he was naked as his hard penis, the tip already wet with precum, was rubbing against my buns. He started to reach around and stroke my penis but I waved his hand off, as I was so excited that I was about to cum and I wanted this to last. I rolled over to face him and we kissed, even more passionately, while I stroked his penis.

I then began to nibble down his neck and found myself sucking and biting his nipples while I continued to jerk his cock. He muttered “Wow,” and literally moaned my name, as this was a first for us as well. I rolled back over into the spoons position and guided his dick into my ass crack. We had never had anal sex before and I wanted him in me badly. Though I’d never been butt fucked before, my ass wasn’t virgin, as I had often messed around with my oldest sister’s dildos and a few improvised butt toys. I can’t remember exactly how, or when, I had discovered that I could receive pleasure through my anus but, somehow, it seemed like I had always considered it to be a sexual organ.

As we had no lube, he wet his cock with spit and attempted to push it past my sphincter. I was too tight, and too dry, and we couldn’t make it work succeeding in only getting his glans partly into my hole. Still, it felt glorious to me. As a result, Wayne contended himself by rubbing his penis up and down my ass crack, from my butt hole to my balls, occasionally poking his glans into my hole. All the while, he was reaching around and playing with my rigid cock. I would occasionally clinch my butt cheeks together, entrapping his dick. It felt warm and luscious to me and he would occasionally moan. We continued like güvenilir bahis siteleri this for a while, his dick sliding up and down in my ass crack occasionally pausing to push slightly into my hole, until, with a gasp, he started jetting hot semen into my crack. Wanting to feel it for all it worth, I pushed back against his cock as he came and he pushed forcefully against my butt hole. With just his glans buried in my anus, the intensity of his orgasm forced some of his slippery cum deeper into my rectum and, unexpectedly to both of us, his glans slipped past my sphincter and into my rectum. It hurt a little at first, as he is well hung, but then began to feel so good!!! As he continued to cum he moved in and out of my butt, working his dick and the slippery cum deeper into me with each thrust, till he was buried to the hilt.

I thought I would pass out as my total consciousness was focused on the intense pleasure I was feeling in my ass. Almost simultaneously, I came into his hand which he clinched tightly around the head of my dick catching most of the cum in his palm. We lay there, gasping, while he gently continued to rub my dick, which was now slippery with cum, and I gently undulated against his still hard cock buried in my ass. I turned my head to look at him, we both glanced at the other two sleeping boys, and we began to uncontrollably giggle, each trying to quiet the other. After he grew soft and slid out of me, we half heartedly cleaned up with our underwear, and fell asleep, naked, in each other’s arms.

The next morning our wake up call came in the guise of our music director, Mr. Hansen, who was banging on our cabin door. He and several orchestra players were making the rounds, waking the occupants of every tent, and telling everyone we had thirty minutes to bathe and get to breakfast. They wouldn’t leave until someone opened the door and acknowledged that we were up. I stumbled out of bed half asleep, forgetting that I was naked, and opened the door. Even after the previous night’s sexual release, I still had “morning wood” and my cock was involuntarily standing at attention. Mr. Hansen glanced at me for a second, his eyes momentarily focusing on my cock, and with an almost “knowing look” then, with a half smile, merely said that we needed to be in the dining hall in thirty minutes for breakfast. He then walked away.

What you need to know about Mr. Hansen, and his reaction to seeing me nude that morning, is that it was common knowledge that he was bisexual. We all knew that while he dated his buxom secretary, he also made regular trips to the San Francisco Bay area. On two consecutive years, when our band made trips to San Francisco for competitions, he even took some of us down to eat in the Castro district. It was apparent to all of us that he had intimate knowledge of certain areas of San Francisco that went far beyond that of your common tourist. We used to say his motto was “any port in a storm.” Though I didn’t participate (I was never asked…sigh), and have no first hand knowledge, it was widely rumored that he had messed around with several of his male students.

As I turned from the door and went back to my bed area in the room, I realized that the other two boys in the room were glancing at my friend and I and our nakedness. I think something in their heads was telling them,

“They had clothing on when they went to bed and they are now naked….I wonder??”

Wayne and I hurriedly put on some clothes, gathered our toiletries, and went to the showers. The showers were already full of other guys, and campers not affiliated with our group so, even though we wanted to, we couldn’t mess around. As I soaped up and scrubbed my ass, I looked at Wayne and we both grinned, kind of chuckling at the knowledge that my rectum was full of his cum. This caused my cock to twitch a little and I had to hurry through my shower as seeing Wayne wet and naked, remembering the events of the previous night, and feeling the warm glow I had in my anus, was making me get hard.

I quickly got dressed, returned my toiletries to our room, and went to the dining hall. Wayne followed a few minutes later, sat down next to me, and asked,

“Why did you leave in such a hurry?”

I discreetly whispered in his ear,

“Seeing you wet, and lathered up in the shower, was turning me on so much that I getting a hard on. I had to leave before someone else saw what was going on.”

He gave me as satisfied grin as if to say that it pleased him to have such an effect on me. He then reached under the table and momentarily groped my genitals, causing my already excited cock to become further engorged.

While we sat there, our girlfriends came in and sat next to us. We gave them just a little peck of a kiss and surreptitiously held hands with them under the table.

It had been made clear in the rules of the trip that “open signs of affection,” or any kind of sexual contact, would not be tolerated between boys and girls while we were at the park. There were numerous chaperones, both teachers and volunteer parents, to keep an eye on us. As it was pretty iddaa siteleri well common knowledge which of us were “couples” before the trip, they knew whom to watch. They especially made sure that boys and girls didn’t go into the cabins together. In the early 70’s, I guess it never occurred to them that there might be “same sex” relations going on between young adult teens as well. We ate our breakfast and were briefed on the day’s schedule while holding hands and playing footsy with our girlfriends under the table. If only they knew.

For the next several hours, before lunch and our afternoon performance, we were free to explore the park and see the sights. We rode the trams and took several hikes to some of the scenic and historical features of the park. Ever on the lookout for chaperones, we also looked for discreet places where we “made out” with our girlfriends. Let’s face it, we were young men, always horny, and “young, dumb, and full of cum” as they say. We took one hike into a meadow, with deep grass, where we laid down and engaged in some heavy petting. We never had the opportunity to fuck, only getting a bit of a feel and the “stinky finger”, as we were too paranoid about getting caught making it in public.

When we went into the stores and gift shops, and assuming Wayne and I would mess around again that night, I was constantly on the lookout for something we could use as lube. Remember, this was the 70’s and you couldn’t buy KY, AstroGlide, ID, or other personal lubricants at every corner store as you can now. As we were just inexperienced novices, we didn’t really know any better, and I was just looking for plain old Vaseline. Then, in one shop, I spotted a jar of Albolene. It immediately rang a bell as, for the last several months, I had been jerking off to pictures in a gay porn mag in which a jar of it was visible, on the nightstand or in the bed, in almost every picture. I had purchased this magazine a few days after my eighteenth birthday on my first trip to an adult bookstore. I knew this was what I wanted but didn’t know how to buy it without inciting questions from the girls. I took a mental note of where it was and decided I’d have to come back later if I had the chance.

We went back to the dining hall at the village, ate lunch, and got into our uniforms for the afternoon concert. For my roommate and I this meant donning our kilts and full regalia as we were in both the orchestra and the school’s bagpipe band. Yes, before you ask, we went “regimental” which means we wore nothing under our kilts. Having nothing on under our kilts just served to heighten the sexual tension between us and to keep us primed for later activities. I was so turned on that I had the proverbial, “Tilt in my kilt.” Setting up, tuning, putting on a concert with orchestra and pipe band, and breaking everything back down, took over three hours and took us into the early evening and dinner hour.

After changing, and eating dinner, the girls decided they wanted to go run around with some of their friends. This was fine with us as we had other plans. We took the tram into the commercial area with the other two guys from our room, “Jim and Stan”, tagging along with us. While I went to one store to buy the Albolene I’d seen earlier, Wayne and the other two hung around outside the grocery/liquor store to see if they could find someone to buy us some beer. Of course, though we were young adults, we weren’t yet of legal age to drink in California. When I came out, the Albolene hidden under a few other items in my bag, they had four six packs hidden under some “munchies” in a couple of grocery bags. Wayne told me that he’d given some pot to some older guys in exchange for them buying the beer for us. Now, the only trick was riding the public tram back to our village and to get the beer back to our cabin without getting caught by a chaperone. This turned out to be easier than we thought as when we got back there wasn’t a chaperone in sight.

We turned up the oil fired furnace to take the chill off the room, turned on the portable radio I had brought with me, and the four of us started in on the beer. Wayne and I wanted to smoke some pot but didn’t want to risk having someone smell it while passing our cabin. As a result, we wandered off into the woods taking a few beers and Jim with us. The fourth cabin mate, Stan, a notoriously serious cynic, said,

“I don’t want to smoke any of that shit,”

Always a bit of a drinker, he seemed content to stay behind nursing a few beers.

We smoked a couple of joints of some bad ass Sensimilla pot, aka “The Kind”, and when we stumbled back to the room I was feeling extremely mellow, so high that my head was spinning, and without the slightest hint of inhibitions. As the furnace was manually controlled, having no thermostat, the room had gotten quite hot while we were gone. Between the beer, which we were sucking back like water, the pot, and the heat in the room, I was feeling very horny, and didn’t care if it showed. I made some comment about the heat and stripped down to my t-shirt and underpants. Wayne followed suit and we both sat down, cross-legged, on our bed. The other two boys sat on their bed that was only a few feet away from ours. Jim, the one who had also smoked the pot with us had also stripped down to his underwear while his bunkmate Stan remained fully clothed.

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