Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 10

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Tim slid from between Alice’s thighs, and she looked down at the faint pink mark at the centre of a wet patch on the sheet. “All I seem to be doing is making things messy,” she sighed. Then she gave a quiet squeak. “Oh no…”

“What?” I queried. “Oh, don’t worry.”

Some of Tim’s stuff had slipped back out of her, creamy blobs sliding to add stickiness to the wet patch. “Tim can sleep in that bit,” I smirked.

Tim wrapped his arms around Alice. “Thank you,” he murmured, “I’m really grateful you shared that with me.”

She hugged him in turn. “It’s OK.”

Her still-flushed cheeks turned pinker. “I didn’t know I was going to – you know, again.”

“Biggest compliment a girl can pay a guy,” I chuckled.

Alice looked across at me. “Beth – I’m sorry – you still didn’t -“

I shook my head, smiling. “It’s fine. Let me get in there with you, and we can cuddle, and sooner or later I’m sure somehow it’ll happen.”

Alice watched as I shed my clothes, then walked over to the bed. “Now, which side,” I puzzled.

“With me,” grinned Alice. “I want a cuddle from both of you.”

I slid in beside her, and she turned to face me, our breasts pressing deliciously together as I wrapped my arms around her. Tim spooned against her back, letting us both pillow our heads on his arm, his other hand reaching across Alice to caress my hip. “Mmm,” breathed Alice, “this is heavenly.”

I must have dozed for a while, and when I opened my eyes again, Alice was looking at me, a distinct twinkle in her eye. “You going to drop off on me again?”

Before I could answer, she kissed me lightly on the lips. “Now, it’s definitely your turn. Do you want Tim to help?”

I started to reply, then my eyes widened at the implication of her words. “You – you know?”

Alice chuckled. “I was in the top set at school, remember. I wondered as soon as you talked about knowing maybe more than you should, but not everyone would approve. And you did drop some hints.”

She glanced over at Tim, apparently sleeping. “But what made me certain was when you got into bed, and he touched you, and you just accepted it as totally natural.”

“And you don’t mind?” I asked, holding my breath.

Alice shook her head. “What moral high ground am I supposed to be standing on, exactly? Anyway, you two have really helped me.”

She kissed me again. “Which brings me back to, would you like it if I helped your lover to please you?”

“God, Alice, that sounds amazing,” I breathed.

“Definitely does,” I heard Tim’s voice, and I nudged him playfully. “Exactly how long have you been awake?”

“Long enough to work out that Alice knows our little secret, anyway.”

He sat up. “Alice, you can tell me exactly what you want me to do to her.”

“But you know -” began Alice, then nodded. “OK.”

She smiled at me. “I think… you ought to be kneeling.”

I complied, and Alice moved behind me. “Tim, you go in front, touch Beth’s breasts the way she likes it.”

Tim started to caress me, and I closed my eyes, tilting my head back. “Mmm.”

I felt Alice’s hands stroking my sides, then sliding to cup my breasts. “Hey,” protested Tim mildly, “I thought that was my job.”

“Couldn’t resist,” I heard Alice’s chuckle as she pressed her breasts deliciously against my back. “OK, all yours again.”

This time Tim bursa escort began to place soft kisses on my breasts, circling my nipples but not touching them, and I gasped in frustration. “Alice, tell him – he knows what I want.”

A smile in her voice. “Oh, I think he’s doing it right – not everything straight away, right, Tim?”

I felt Alice’s fingertips drifting down my spine, her hands cupping my bottom. “You are a gorgeous shape,” she whispered. Then fingers so gently brushing, exploring my entrance from behind, a fingertip slipping inside. “Has he ever taken you this way?” Alice whispered softly in my ear. “Not exactly like this -” I began, then gasped as one finger was replaced with two deep inside me. “God, Alice, that feels a lot like he’s in me, though.”

“Good,” she chuckled softly. “That’s the idea. And this?”

Her other hand slid round to touch me from the front, fingers tugging at my fur then fingertips seeking my nub. “Mm,” I moaned, “yes…”

Tim chose that moment finally to take my nipple into his mouth, suckling softly, then moving to the other one to do the same, his fingers taking the place of his lips. “Oh god -” I gasped, “all that feels so intense, I’m pretty close…”

Alice paused, kissing my hair. “Tim – can Beth come more than once when you’re making love?”

I could have told her exactly which night Tim was remembering. “Mm, yes,” he nodded.

“I’m glad,” smiled Alice, “because I really couldn’t decide which way I want her to finish.”

She moved her fingers inside me, pressing in, withdrawing a little, while her fingertips touched my nub, circling then brushing over the tip. Tim’s mouth was back on my breasts, and I gasped as he gently nipped at me with his teeth, his fingertips pressing together around my nipple. “Oh – yes – don’t stop – I’m -“

My entire body tensed, and I cried out, fleetingly hoping I wasn’t loud enough for Tim’s neighbours to hear, then deciding I didn’t care. I felt myself tighten around Alice’s still-penetrating fingers, my nipples hardening almost painfully between Tim’s lips, and – oh! – a spurt, two, of warmth over Alice’s hand, a second wet patch on the sheets. “Oh, mmm, enough…”

Alice carefully withdrew from me, wrapping her arms around my waist, and Tim did the same from my front. “Wow…”

Alice drew me down onto the bed. “Your turn to go between us, have a cuddle.”

She grinned. “Try not to go to sleep again.”

I enjoyed the sensation of her breasts against me on one side, Tim’s smooth chest flattening my other breast, his arm across my stomach. “Mm.”

“So how long have you two, you know…” queried Alice, letting her question hang in the air.

“Couple of weeks,” Tim ventured, and I nodded. “Feels like we’ve been together for ages, though.”

“I think it’s sweet,” Alice smiled. “And you have a place together, and Beth’s course.”

I glanced at Tim. “We need to tell Alice about Paul.”

Alice looked blank. “Who’s that?”

“Nobody.” I explained the subterfuge we’d created for our parents, and Alice nodded understanding. “I see.”

“We thought we were going to use Paul for imagining, fantasies,” Tim reflected, “but we don’t seem to have got round to it.”

Alice raised an eyebrow. “Sounds like the real thing has been quite enough for you two, without you needing to imagine anything.”

Her bursa escort bayan expression turned curious. “You said Tim didn’t guess your fantasy right, Beth – am I allowed to know what he should have said?”

I glanced at Tim, and he grinned. “Sure, you can tell everything.”

I leaned to kiss Alice. “So, a girl has more places where a guy can put his thing, right?”

Her eyes flared, her lips parting. “Oh!”

She hesitated. “So you like to use your mouth on him, and…”

“And – ” I breathed in, my breasts lifting – “I love it when he puts it in that place, too.”

Alice shivered deliciously. “I think I’d like to watch… and maybe…”

Her fingertips stroked my stomach, not quite tickling. “You feeling a little ready again, B?”

I threw Tim a grin. “Think Alice has guessed my nickname too. And – oh god yes, Alice.”

Without waiting for my answer, she’d moved her fingers down, exploring, a fingertip brushing my nub. I raised my hips to her, and she smiled. “Tim?”

“Tell me,” he chuckled. “I don’t mind at all if I end up at the beck and call of two beautiful women.”

Alice’s expression softened. “That definitely gets you in my good books. So, Beth, move down the bed a little so Tim can go above you.”

I shifted down, and Tim knelt at the head of the bed. “Do I need to tell you what to do next?” Alice teased gently.

Tim leaned down, lips on my breasts. “Mm,” I breathed, “nice.”

Of course his chest was in reach of my mouth too, and my tongue brushed his nipple. “Tim’s favourite,” I heard the smile in Alice’s voice.

She let us pleasure one another for a few moments, then I felt her lips brushing softly against the triangle of fur between my thighs. I opened for her, feeling her warm breath, then her tongue on my nub. “Ohh…”

Alice’s fingertips explored me, and I flexed my hips upwards again. “Oh, I’m nearly there, it’s so good on my breasts, and your mouth, Alice…”

Her tongue flickered more rapidly, and I felt her hand slide up my stomach, cup a breast, then fingers stroking toward my nipple. “Oh – oh god – yes, pinch it – ohhhh!”

I heard Alice’s delighted gasp as I tensed, arched, a spurt of clear liquid wetting her lips. “Mm,” she breathed, “nice – not quite as dramatic as before, but I really felt that with you.”

She moved up to wrap her arms around me, and Tim joined us. “Mm, this is a lovely way to finish the day.”

“Who says we’re finished?” I heard the amusement in Alice’s voice. “Tim, you must be at least a bit recovered by now, especially with what Beth was doing.”

“Er -” he ventured. “Sure. But… you want -?”

She shook her head. “But what I’d really like is to watch while you do to Beth what she says is her favourite – that OK?”

My eyes widened with pleasure. “God, Alice, that’d be amazing.”

Tim held up his hands. “I know,” he grinned. “Beck and call, whatever you say…”

I grinned at Tim, raising my eyebrows. “So, lover, which way do you want me?”

Alice breathed in slowly. “What are the choices?”

“Well,” Tim watched her expression, “I really like when Beth lies face down, and I put a pillow under her hips so she’s lifted a little, thighs spread, I can see everything, maybe I use my tongue a little, then I go into her there, rest my weight on her, no escape…”

Alice seemed mesmerised, escort bursa moist lips slightly apart, nostrils flared. “Wow. Or…?”

Tim described the second way we’d tried of him entering me there. “We couldn’t even find a name for it in the book we bought,” he chuckled. “Oh, and we used Beth’s toy to help that time.”

“Toys,” mused Alice. “I’ll definitely have to visit that online store.”

“You can share mine,” I offered and her eyes widened. “Mm, yes.”

A flush crept into her skin. “Beth?”


“I – I know you’ve not had – well, you know. But – could I borrow Tim again? Talking about doing it that way – “

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. “I really want to find out what it’s like.”

I stroked her back softly. “Of course, love.”

I grinned at Tim. “There’s always tomorrow.”

“So – how do we -?” Alice began hesitantly.

Tim took charge. “Kneel up,” he instructed, and Alice complied. “Beth, go in front, you can help if you feel like it.”

I watched as Tim reached across for the bottle on the bedside table – vanilla, I remembered. He made sure his hardness was slippery, then moved behind Alice, pouring a little more into his palm, letting it warm. His fingers moved down, tipping the liquid down the cleft of her bottom, following it with fingertips, brushing softly over her pink star.

I saw her tense a little, then relax. “Oh, god, Tim, that feels incredible.”

I wet my fingers with my tongue and reached to touch her nipples softly. “And this?”

“Ohh…” was the only reply she could manage, then a gasp as Tim pressed his tip into the centre of her star. I saw the concentration on her face as she forced herself to relax, then her mouth formed an O as Tim’s tip slid inside her. “Oh god. That’s so good, and kind of naughty, right?”

Tim’s hands slid round to cup her breasts, his fingers still vanilla-slippery, and Alice moaned softly. “Mmm… can you feel how hard my nipples are?”

No longer able to pleasure her there, I moved my hand down between her thighs, cupping her, fingers splaying around Tim’s hardness in her, and I heard him gasp. “God, Beth, I can feel you…”

I shifted to focus a fingertip on Alice’s nub, and I couldn’t resist putting my other hand between my own thighs, starting to touch myself. I leaned forward a little, and gasped as my nipples brushed against the backs of Tim’s hands as he continued to please Alice’s breasts. “Oh – perfect.”

Over Alice’s shoulder I could see Tim’s face, and I could read his approaching climax in his expression. “Alice – do you want Tim to come inside you, or…?”

Her lips formed an O again. “Mm – what do you like, Beth?”

I chuckled. “My favourite is when he comes, but then spurts his stuff on me, I can feel it running down, maybe I use my fingers to spread it all over…”

Alice nodded breathlessly. “Oh, yes, that…”

My fingers moved more insistently on her and at the same time on myself, and we watched each other’s faces. “Are you -?” Alice breathed.


She leaned closer to kiss me, but as our lips touched she lost control, moaning against my mouth as her hips flexed on my fingers. I tipped over the edge of my own climax, my body tensing, pushing against hers, and somewhere in the fog of pleasure I heard Tim’s quiet gasp, felt Alice move in response to his last urgent thrusts, then a murmur of utter satisfaction as he spurted, warmth sliding into Alice’s cleft. She gasped again, and I felt a splash of liquid on my fingers, dripping to mingle with Tim’s creamy blobs. “Mmm…”

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