Between Larissa’s Legs Ch. 01

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This story builds to a climax chapter by chapter. You will enjoy it much more and it will make more sense if you read them in sequence and save Chapter 5 for last.


Judy was shrieking with laughter while she did it! There were only the two of them left in the office so she didn’t have an audience except Larissa but Judy was acting like this was the funniest thing in the world. Like she was getting one up on their boss! It had been a really dumb Christmas party and certainly no substitute for a bonus this year. Judy and Larissa had every right to be disappointed, and it was mean of their boss to expect them to clean up after everyone had left, and alcohol had lowered her inhibitions but even with all there was no excuse for what Judy did.

There was not much that was funny about working in a bond investment office. Two high-spirited young women need to make their fun where and when they can.

“This is what I think of that skinflint bastard!” Judy yelled at the top of her lungs in the empty office. “He can kiss me where the sun don’t shine!” and with that she pushed the button, on the photocopier. The bright moving light illuminated her broad bottom. Larissa watched, disgusted by what Judy was doing, but worried that her unsteady and slightly chubby work chum might fall off the photocopier or that the glass on the machine would break. As it was, Judy stumbled and almost knocked over the shredder when she jumped, since her balance was off from the drinks. She was eager to look at the black and white copy of her derriere.

The truth is, it was a good likeness! Judy’s butt cheeks were pushed together in back so her asshole was not in the picture but her hairy pussy was quite visible, all the little folds and skin making an artsy image! Her blond, but abundant, pubic hair looked wispy in the picture, giving the picture a certain ethereal quality.

Larissa thought it was gross and a very immature thing to do! She thought that Judy was the kind of person who would moon someone, and she certainly had the butt for it. She desperately wanted Judy to put her panties back on and go home. She would gladly finish the cleanup alone if Judy would just go home and sleep it off. What a sloppy drunk, Larissa thought, and Judy hadn’t even had that much.

Larissa thought back to when Judy was sucking up to the middle-aged executive guy in the black suit, flirting and letting him look down her blouse, and realized that Judy had really been out of control all night. After groping Judy right in front of her boss and coworkers, the guy had just left her standing there with her blouse open and he left, going home, Larissa was sure, to his wife, who was going to get boned with extra enthusiasm tonight after the kids were sent to bed. Fortunately Judy was too smashed by then to be embarrassed but she wasn’t likely to get any promotions in the near future, like the next seventy years. It was a good thing she was a first-rate bond rater or her job would be down the toilet.

“Go ahead! You do it!” taunted Judy. “I’m going to take mine home and tease my boyfriend with it. Now you try it!” The way she said it, Larissa thought, Judy could mean she was taking the photocopy home or taking her butt home, both of which no doubt would be used güvenilir bahis to tease her boyfriend.

Larissa flatly refused to do it. There was nothing she wanted to do less than have her bottom photocopied! This was kid stuff and the two women were in their twenties and held responsible positions! Sort of. The front-office executives counted on the accuracy of their assessment of bond issues to rate investment bonds and rarely checked their work. Their jobs may have been low-paying and dead end and boring, but they had real responsibility and they should act mature. Judy could whine — and was whining – all she wanted but Larissa was not going to lower herself to this nonsense. Even though the boss of their company had made the two youngest, least-paid, and lowest-seniority employees, both female of course, get stuck with the cleanup work after the part. That was sexist. Well, even so, Larissa for one was not going to act unprofessional about it.

Judy, however, would not give it up. “C’mon! I dare you! I double-dog dare you! Just do it once so I can see how we look side by side!” Larissa stayed friends with Judy because she was the only employee at the firm her own age and she had nobody else to talk to. But Judy was a real pain in the butt sometimes.

Now she was being a pain about her butt. Not only was Judy not doing her share of the cleanup, she was not letting Larissa alone and Larissa wanted to get out of there at long last, after a miserable day, and go home. It was midnight already and they were still at the stupid office after that stupid party in the stupid conference room! (Their stupid boss wouldn’t even pay for a fun place to have the party!) Larissa just wanted to go home to her bed and her cat, with the alarm clock turned off.

The turning point came when Larissa was bent over to pick a metal spoon out of the trash can and Judy snuck up behind her. While Larissa was looking for other utensils that might have been carelessly thrown away, Judy reached under Larissa’s short skirt, which she had only reluctantly put on for the party in order to look festive for all those pasty-faced bond salesmen, and pulled down her panties!

“Judy, stop it!” Larissa yelled, really mad now. “You’re out of control!”

Judy just giggled. “Why’d you take your pantyhose off if you din’ want to show off?” She slurred her words.

“Judy — I’ve had enough out of you tonight! You know perfectly well that I didn’t take them off until everyone else left. We’re stuck here picking up after everyone else has gone home and I just wanted to be comfortable. This is impossible. You’re bugging me. Why don’t you just get a cab and go home and I’ll finish up,” she offered again. She knew that Judy’s car was on parking level 2 but Judy was in no condition to drive.

“Show your butt on the copy machine and I’ll go!” Judy dared her again. “What, are you ashamed of it?”

That was closer to the truth than Larissa cared to admit. Larissa thought of herself as fairly attractive — pretty face, medium tall, skinny, B-cup but well-shaped boobs, and brown hair down to her shoulders. But she did not like to see herself naked because she thought her pussy was gross looking and her legs were so pale. That’s what her sister always told her. güvenilir bahis siteleri Her sister’s pussy was small and tight but hers was big and her lips hung down. She did everything she could to hide it, always wearing panties that nobody could ever see through, even if they got wet. (Which they did sometimes, because Larissa easily got carried away with guys who paid any attention at all to her.) She even shaved most of her pubic hair in order to make it look neater in the mirror.

She would never, ever take a picture of her own bottom on the photocopier. Except this time she would. Finally, Judy had worn her down, and although she was not tipsy like Judy, her own inhibitions were also blunted by the drinks, fatigue, and the late hour.

Now Judy was going to see it, but she’d be the only one. She would probably keep quiet about it — she and Judy were the only young employees in this ridiculous old dull company — but even if she did blab all over the office, it wouldn’t matter. Nobody would believe her because Larissa just wouldn’t do this sort of thing. Except that she was about to.

“Look, Judy” Larissa spat out. “If I do it, just once, will you shut up and go home?”

Judy went into a pout but nodded her head. “You don’t need to yell at me. I’m your friend!”

Larissa restrained herself from reminding Judy that she had been yelling at Larissa all night about their boss. “I’m sorry. I’ll do it one time. But first we’ll call you a cab because it will take fifteen minutes to get here.” Larissa wanted to put it off and she certainly did not want Judy hanging around after she did it, getting into more trouble.

“I’m a cab.” Judy giggled.

Larissa called the cab company — it was going to take a half hour and they would call when the taxi was downstairs. Larissa sighed — she wasn’t going to be able to run out of time. She was going to have to go through with it. “Just one!” Larissa said firmly.

The two young women went back into the photocopier, fax and shipping room and Larissa pulled a full box of printer paper next to the photocopier. While she wasn’t looking, Judy hit the color copy button and the scan function. Larissa stepped onto the box, pulled her short skirt up in back, and sat down, but as she sat, she did something a little unusual. She reached around both cheeks of her butt with her hands and pulled on her sex, what her doctor called her vulva, from both sides. She didn’t need or want to say anything about it to Judy, but Larissa had learned from experience that her unusually long pussy lips sometimes got folded over or squished when she sat down quickly, forcing her to pull on her crotch, like a guy who sits wrong and finds that his pants are binding on his testicles. Squirming and adjusting herself like that looked funny for a girl so she liked to spread herself before she sat down bare-assed or when she was putting on her panty hose for the day.

Larissa’s bottom was splayed on the glass now. It suddenly dawned on Larissa that Judy might have left something behind on the glass! Could she catch a yeast infection this way? Judy wondered. Oh well, her private parts were spread out on the glass already — nothing she could do about it now.

Making a face at Judy to show her iddaa siteleri displeasure, she pushed the button. She felt the warmth and heard the sounds as the light moved across under her and her private parts were scanned into the machine. Then she clambered down, holding her skirt so Judy wouldn’t see the real thing.

Grossed out at the thought of germs, she grabbed a bottle of window cleaner and a tissue next to the machine and was cleaning off the glass, thoroughly and compulsively, when the photocopy slipped into the tray. Judy grabbed it and pranced into the other room, putting it under a desk lamp. Larissa ran out behind Judy to make sure that the photocopy wasn’t going anywhere.

Judy was staring at the image, almost reverentially. It was the most beautiful picture of a woman’s sex she had ever seen!

Larissa’s butt crack was slightly open, creating a bold, straight dark line pointing like an arrow to a complex image that looked like a delicate butterfly. Larissa’s extravagantly long, thin, dusky rose-colored pussy lips formed elegant triangular wings flanking a moist pink oval that was wide open to view, the complicated, beautiful folds of her vaginal entrance easy to see between them, with a dark, mysterious center leading to her depths. The front came to a sharp point (the fornix) over a pink knob that remarkably was still in sharp focus — her unusually large clitoris — and there was a hint of a dimple where her peehole should be. They were all healthy-looking and pink, arrayed artistically in a neat, symmetrical, and pleasing arrangement, looking like some mysterious formation of nature or an abstract painting. Surrounding it all and framing her sex were firm, impressively large outer lips the color of her flawless white thighs, and only her gorgeous labia spilled out of the borders of the sexy mound. Everything visible in the picture was bare because the little triangle of trimmed pubic hair was too high to be seen, out of focal length.

Larissa came up behind Judy. “OK now, are you satisfied? You dared me and I did it, so give it to me.”

Judy whimpered, “Larissa, this is beautiful! You should save it!” She wanted to keep looking at it.

That confirmed, in Larissa’s mind that Judy was a pervert, as well as immature and a cheap drunk.

“That ugly thing? I can look at it any time I want using a mirror but why would I ever want to? Give it here.” Before Judy could run away with it, Larissa snatched the photocopy and ran back to the photocopier, fax, and shipping room, where she fed it to the shredder. The shades of pink, rosy brown, flesh tones, and darkness made a pretty abstract design as the paper strips fell into the basket.

Just then the phone rang. It was Judy’s taxi.

“Now go home and sleep it off!” Larissa ordered. Judy forgot her panties and was gone before Larissa discovered them on the floor by the fax machine. She’d keep them over the weekend and give them back to Judy on Monday.

After Judy went downstairs to meet the taxi, stumbling a bit after she put her shoes back on, Larissa quickly finished the clean up, found her own panties and went home. Before she left, she put Judy’s panties in her purse, with her own pantyhose, and put her own panties back on. She had no interest in looking at herself or flashing her ugly bottom bits to anyone.

As Larissa got into her car a thought struck her. Was Judy really trying to come on to me?

Probably not, Larissa decided. She was just drunk and being silly.

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