Big Superstar Ch. 04

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Huge thanks to Albaluna, who did an outstanding job of editing this chapter.

Here is the conclusion to the Big Superstar series. I hope you enjoy.


Charlotte sat in the bleachers with the other Badgers fans, looking down at the football game. She was feeling a mix of emotions; proud that her son Dustin was playing in the Texas high school state championship game; excited whenever her big superstar got the ball; and nervous that his team might lose the game. She also felt ashamed because of what she did before the game.

Anyone making a quick glance at Charlotte would see a woman, who appeared to be in her late 20s, with an attractive face. In reality, she was actually 40-years old, but blessed to look much younger than her age. People often assumed that she was Dustin’s older sister, not his mother.

Charlotte did her best to downplay her looks because her strict religious upbringing had taught her that only whores showed off their bodies. Her long, gorgeous blond hair was tucked up in a bun to keep it hidden. She didn’t wear any makeup, which diverted attention away from how beautiful her face was. Her baggy clothes concealed her knockout figure. She had a narrow waist, a thick ass, and an enormous set of tits.

“Defense! Defense! Defense!” Charlotte and the other Badgers fans excitedly cheered in unison, but it didn’t help. The Tornados running back burst into the end zone for another touchdown, silencing the crowd.

Charlotte cringed as she looked at the scoreboard. With that touchdown, the Tornados just took the lead, 38-35. It was the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Badgers still had time to come back, but she was nervous. They had never played a team even close to being this good before. As hard as it was for her to admit, the Tornados were clearly the better team. Their players were bigger, faster and seemed to be better coached.

The only reason the Badgers had been able to keep the game close was Dustin, the team’s star quarterback. Throughout the game, her son had played brilliantly. He had been great all season, but Charlotte had never seen him play this well before. He seemed completely unstoppable. At times, it felt like he was single-handedly taking on the opposing team.

As Charlotte was thinking about how well her big superstar was playing, she saw him trot out onto the field with the offense. Even with all his pads on, it was obvious he was in great shape.

Dustin is so sexy, she involuntarily thought. Then she immediately scolded herself. She could no longer look at him that way. Things needed to go back to normal between Dustin and her. As Charlotte resolved to put an end to the depravity she had engaged in with her son, she thought back to how it all started.

Dustin had a superstition. He was convinced that he could only do well in football if a woman sexually satisfied him before he played. He thought it was good luck, but Charlotte was sure it was really psychological. Regardless of the reason, they had both seen clear evidence that the superstition was real.

A few weeks ago, Dustin’s ex-girlfriend had dumped him, right before one of his games. Not seeing any better alternative, Charlotte had stepped in and pleasured her son. She was a deeply religious woman and knew that only sinful mothers engaged in sexual activity with their sons, but she also knew that an athletic scholarship was Dustin’s only chance of going to college. If she had not helped her son, she would have been turning her back on him in his time of need, and that would have been an even greater sin.

At first, she had masturbated him. Then she had satisfied Dustin with her breasts. This eventually escalated to her performing oral sex on him before last week’s game. Charlotte had tried to convince herself that she was only doing these things to support her big superstar, but she could only lie to herself for so long. She realized her good intentions had somehow become corrupted. She had turned into a sinful whore, who craved her own son’s penis.

Her actions had become even more wicked lately. She had anal sex with Dustin yesterday. Then she engaged in the ultimate sin. Just a few hours ago, she had… intercourse with her own son.

She tried her best to focus on the football game, but it was difficult to keep her mind off what she had done. Several times, she thought back on her sex session with Dustin, despite her best efforts not to. If she closed her eyes, she could remember his large member pounding her vagina like a jackhammer and the ecstasy of his hot semen flooding inside her.

Some of the Badgers fans around her started to cheer, pulling Charlotte from her memories. She realized she had become incredibly turned on by thinking of sex with Dustin. This only intensified her feelings of shame. She did her best to forget those concerns for a while by turning her attention back to the game.

Looking down at the field, she could see why the crowd was so bursa escort excited. Dustin had managed to slip past the defense on a quarterback keeper. He raced down the sideline and into the end zone for a touchdown. Charlotte and the other fans cheered. With the extra point, the Badgers were now winning again, 42-38. They were only a few minutes away from being state champs. She was so proud of her big superstar.

Her mood dampened a bit as she thought about the conversation she planned to have with him after the game. She would explain that they had to immediately cease all their sexual activities. Telling him this would likely make him upset, but it had to be done.

She could worry about that later though. Now she had to focus on the game. If the defense could hold the Tornados, the Badgers would win the state championship. Charlotte felt so excited.

That sense of excitement quickly turned to dread however, as the Tornados offense started to move the ball down the field. Play after play, the defense was unable to stop their bigger, stronger opponents. Charlotte and the other fans hoped for a turnover, but no such luck. There were groans and gasps on the Badgers sideline as the Tornados entered the end zone for a touchdown.

After the extra point, the Tornados were winning 45-42. To make matters worse, there was almost no time left on the clock. After a decent kickoff return, the Badgers still needed to go 60 yards, and they only had five seconds to do it. They would need a miracle to win now. There was only enough time for one more play. The entire stadium fell silent as the ball was hiked to Dustin.

He looked downfield for an open wide receiver. They were all in tight coverage. He briefly considered running the ball, but then a defensive end barreled through the left side of the offensive line, looking to sack him. Dustin scrambled to the right, trying to outrun the defender. It looked like he was going to get away, but a linebacker shed his blocker and started sprinting head-on at Dustin. With one defender coming from the front and another coming from the back, it looked like Dustin was in store for a brutal sack.

“Oh no!” Charlotte gasped in terror, as she prepared to see her big superstar get sandwiched between two giant defenders.

The linebacker and defensive end leapt at the same time from either side, looking to end the game and possibly send the Badgers star quarterback to the hospital. Just as they were about to collide with Dustin, he ducked. The two players violently crashed into each other above Dustin’s head, leaving him completely untouched.

He returned his attention downfield. By this point, one of his wide receivers had managed to get open. With no time left on the clock, Dustin threw the football as far as he could. Fans on both sides of the field let out an audible gasp. The ball soared downfield, landing right in the receiver’s hands as he entered the end zone. Touchdown!

Overcome with excitement, Charlotte and the other Badgers fans stormed the field. She and Dustin locked eyes and ran towards each other. Dustin took off his helmet right before his mother leapt into his arms. They looked into each other’s eyes passionately for a moment. He desperately wanted to kiss her and he had the feeling she wanted to do the same, but he knew she would be mortified to kiss her son in public. So, he pulled her in for a big hug instead.

“You’re a state champ now! Congratulations, my big superstar!” Charlotte said excitedly to her son.

“Thanks, Mom,” Dustin simply replied, as they continued their hug.

Charlotte was so happy for her son and felt content in his embrace. She wished this moment could last forever, but she knew in just a few moments, Dustin’s teammates would come drag him away to a party. He was a young man and he had just accomplished something amazing, so he was entitled to celebrate the victory. But there was a part of her that wanted him to stay with her tonight.

As if on cue, several of Dustin’s teammates gathered around. The wide receiver yelled, “We did it! That was the best pass I’ve ever seen. Come on, D-man. It’s time to party!”

To Charlotte’s surprise, Dustin looked at his teammates and said, “I will catch up with you guys tomorrow. I’m going to celebrate with my mom tonight.”

Charlotte started to protest a bit. She was happy that her son wanted to spend time with her, but she also didn’t want to hold him back from having fun with his friends. Dustin assured her that he really wanted to go home with her.

Dustin headed to the locker room where the coach gave the team a victory speech, and handed him the game ball. After a shower, he headed back out to his mom. On the drive home, Dustin and his mother excitedly discussed the game. They especially enjoyed recapping his big plays.

As soon as they walked inside their house, Dustin pulled his mother close to him and gave her a passionate kiss. Charlotte returned the kiss for a moment before bursa escort bayan regaining her composure. Then she pulled away from her son.

She didn’t want to be a wet blanket tonight. She had hoped that this conversation could wait until tomorrow, but they clearly had to have it now.

With some apprehensiveness, she said, “I’m glad I was able to help you over the past few weeks, my big superstar. But the football season is over now. We have to go back to being a normal mother and son. We can never do anything… sexual with each other again.” To her surprise, she felt sad to say these words to Dustin, as though part of her didn’t want to end things with her son. She did her best to push down these depraved feelings.

Dustin had been having the best day of his life, but after hearing his mother say this, he felt like he had just been punched in the stomach. She had previously told him that this would happen when the season was over, but he had hoped she had changed her mind after they had sex. Clearly upset, he said, “I don’t understand. We both enjoyed having sex. Why do we have to stop?”

It would make this easier if Charlotte could say that she only had sex with him for his benefit and that she had not enjoyed it, but they would both know that was a lie. “We can’t have sex with each other because the bible says it’s a sin.”

With obvious pain on his face, Dustin said, “But… but…” and then trailed off.

Charlotte could tell he had something else to say. She wanted to hear it now, rather than having him tell some therapist years from now. “What is it, my big superstar?” she asked.

He looked at her in anguish. Dustin did have something to say, but he knew it would likely change their relationship forever. It would make his mother terribly upset and might make her stop loving him. He could never intentionally do something that would give her so much heartache. He loved her too much for that.

“It’s nothing, Mom. You’re right; things have to go back to how they were,” Dustin said with great difficulty. A moment later, he said, “I changed my mind about tonight. I’m going to head over to the team’s party. I’m sorry.” He knew that leaving would make his mother upset, but he couldn’t bear to stay with her a second longer. It was just too painful for him. He hoped that it would get better in time. Then he walked out the door.

As soon as Dustin left, Charlotte fell to the floor and started crying uncontrollably. She had helped her son win the state championship and successfully convinced him that it was best for them to end their sexual relationship. Everything had gone as she had hoped. She should be happy, but she had never felt so sad in her whole life.

Dustin arrived at the party. His teammates were excited to see him. They tossed him up in the air and caught him a few times to celebrate the big win. His mind was still largely distracted by thoughts of his mother, but he did his best to ignore that pain for the night by having fun with the team. He wasn’t completely successful in forgetting his mother, but the alcohol helped.

After a long period of crying, Charlotte felt exhausted and fell asleep on the couch. A few hours later, she was woken up by a beeping sound. She got up to investigate where the noise was coming from. After a quick search, she found it was Dustin’s cell phone. He normally never left the house without it. He must have forgotten it when he rushed out the door. She picked it up, so she could turn down the ringer, but was shocked by what she saw on the screen.

‘1 new text message from Amy: I need you to fuck me tonight. Please! I’m begging you.’

Charlotte couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She unlocked Dustin’s phone and started reading through his text messages. She would normally never invade her son’s privacy like this, but there was something she had to see.

Another text message from Amy, this one made several days ago. “I want you.”

Julia texted him a few days ago. “My parents are out of town. You should come over.”

Ashley sent him a text two weeks ago. “We should go out to see a movie sometime.”

Some of the texts were more innocent than others, but Dustin clearly had at least ten girls interested in him. Most of the names she didn’t recognize, but she knew a few of them. Julia was a girl who Dustin had a crush on for years. He had told his mother many times that he thought Amy was the prettiest girl in school. He had been getting these text messages for weeks. They started almost immediately after he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend.

For the past couple of weeks, Charlotte had strongly encouraged Dustin to find a girlfriend to sexually please him, so that his mother wouldn’t have to do it. She had repeatedly asked him if any girls were interested in him, and he always told her no. Dustin had lied to her the entire time. She knew he was attracted to several of these girls, which made her even more confused.

He could escort bursa have had any one of these girls satisfy him instead of his mother. She had broken the rules of her faith by committing incest with her son, and it turns out, it had been completely unnecessary. Charlotte was very confused and very angry. She had never been this furious at her son before. She needed to speak with him now.

Dustin drove home from the party early in the morning after sobering up. He was surprised to find his mom sitting in the living room, with no lights on. He had no idea why, but she looked pissed.

“I know who Amy and Julia are, but who is Rebecca?” Charlotte calmly asked.

“Rebecca? She’s a girl in my class. Why?” Dustin asked, with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

She held up his phone and said in a heated tone, “Rebecca sent you a text message a week ago – ‘I want to suck your dick so bad.’ That doesn’t make any sense to me though because I’m sure you told me that same day that no girls were interested in you. Well it sounds like Rebecca was very interested in you. Would you care to explain why you lied to me?”

Dustin tried his best to defuse the situation. “It doesn’t matter anymore, Mom. We agreed last night that you and I would go back to being a normal mother and son. So, we should just put all this behind us.”

Now Charlotte started screaming. “No, it does matter! I need to know why my son has no respect for me. I need to know why my son manipulated me into committing a terrible sin when he had other options. I need to know why my son treated his own mother like a cheap whore.”

“That’s not true. That’s not why I lied to you,” Dustin pleaded.

“Then tell me why,” Charlotte roared.

The answer to her question was the same secret he had kept from her last night. He had previously decided not to tell her because he was worried she would get upset and might think less of him. But right now, she thought he was a heartless pervert and he had never seen her this upset before. So Dustin no longer had anything left to lose. He decided to tell her the truth.

“The reason I lied to you is that I love you,” Dustin confessed.

Still angry, Charlotte replied, “Don’t think you can weasel out of this by telling me you love me, to butter me up. Of course you love me. Every son should love his mother. That doesn’t answer my question.”

Dustin looked into his mother’s eyes and said, “No, I mean that I am in love with you. I like some of the girls who texted me, but nowhere near as much as I like you. I would much rather spend time with you than any other person in the world. Many of those girls are pretty, but they are not nearly as pretty as you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I felt awful every time I lied to you, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth because I knew it would end things romantically between us. I could have started dating any of those girls, but that idea felt so wrong and foolish to me when I had the woman of my dreams at home.”

Charlotte opened her mouth to say something, but Dustin gently pressed a finger against her lips. “Please let me finish,” he said. “I know the bible says it’s wrong for a mother and son to be together, but look in your heart. If you feel the same way I do, then you know there is nothing wrong with us loving each other. Your faith is a wonderful thing. It has helped shape you into the wonderful person you are, but isn’t it possible that it’s wrong in this one instance? Maybe we are the exception to the rule. My love for you is the purest and strongest feeling I have ever known. If you feel that way about me, then there is no way our love can be a sin.”

Dustin had just questioned his mother’s faith – the thing most dear to her in the world. He had just admitted lying to her, and allowing her to have sex with him under false pretenses. She was angry at him before, but she would likely hate him now. He removed his finger from her lips and prepared himself to be thrown out of the house and out of her life.

So, he was very surprised when his mother said, “I need you to fuck me.”

She took her shirt off and threw it across the room. Then she quickly pulled Dustin’s shirt off. Charlotte wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Every word he said had rung true to her. She had felt so much grief lately from trying to repress her feelings for her son, but couldn’t understand why. Having just listened to him confess his feelings, suddenly made everything so clear to her. She was in love with her son, just like he was in love with her. No matter what her religion said, she knew in her heart that it was wrong to deny true love.

While they passionately kissed each other, Dustin unhooked his mother’s bra, letting her massive melons spring free. He happily kneaded one breast, while he tweaked the nipple of the other. Their kissing continued until Dustin couldn’t wait any longer. He needed his mom’s fat tits in his mouth.

He ran his tongue all over her tits. Then he sucked on her big nipples, alternating between breasts. Dustin was obsessed with his mom’s huge mammaries. He would never get tired of licking and sucking them.

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