Bike Ride

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Get Real,

Big things often have little beginnings and perhaps the real start of all this adventure for Thomas was when he went to visit a friend in his country town, Albany. She was watching a documentary that Monday morning about the Porongorup hills not far from Albany.

Helen was a muscular little woman with straight black hair and green eyes who had once stayed with Thomas and his wife, Mary, on their rural block, just outside of town. Thomas had been immediately attracted to the woman and they had become lovers and now she had her own house in town with her seven year old son. He would visit her and make love, usually on weekdays when the son was at school.

On this particular occasion they were both naked and in the living room, and Thomas was kneeling behind Helen who was on all fours as he slowly poked her. He was savouring the feel of her muscular little love tube, and she in turn was enjoying the reaming out she was getting with that big, rimmed glans. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, drooling, her tits swinging slowly in time to his pumping. But it had been a couple of weeks since they had last met, and he could no longer hold back. Suddenly he sped up, groaned, rammed in all the way, and shot his load into her. The woman made a disappointed sound but Thomas stayed in her and, leaning forward, began to tweak her large nipples and play with her breasts, so that she became silent, hopeful.

Just then he noticed the telly, which they had forgotten to switch off, though the sound was down. It was playing shots of hills to their north, and Thomas thought how nice it would be to go camping there. But now he forgot all about that for the woman in front of him was starting to get very excited. He himself began to move faster, feeling her start to contract down there.

“Ok, mate!” she moaned. “Just ram it in. I’m almost there!”

She opened her mouth and began to grunt in time to his pumping, then gave a long wail of climax as he spurted up her in a flurry of rapid thrusts. They lay collapsed on the floor, still embracing, still coupled, and Thomas thought again of the hills.

He therefore persuaded Mary, his wife, to come with him on a bike ride for a couple of days in the hills,camping out, having fun. She agreed but was clearly unenthusiastic.

It was a fine spring Saturday when they set out, round about ten o’clock.

On the morning of the second day, the Saturday, they rose somewhat cramped and stiff from their first night in the little dome tent, rode a few kilometres to the Narrikup roadhouse and, still somewhat chilled, had a pot of tea and raisin toast for two in the oiled wooden interior. The jolly Yorkshire woman in charge gave them an extra serving for free when she heard of their bicycle trip. She reminisced about the ones she had done in her youth on the Moors, and then asked where they were going.

“Just to the Porongurups,” said Thomas cheerfully. “Probably head back this afternoon. Short trip this time.”

The woman, whose name she said was Julie, had sat down at their table at this stage and though she and Thomas were talking and laughing about things, Mary seemed unwilling to join in. After a while she excused herself and went to the toilet, but neither Thomas nor the woman paid much attention. Thomas had been quietly sizing the woman up kaçak iddaa as they spoke. He saw that she was a plump, middle aged creature with curly brown hair, freckles and blue eyes that actually twinkled when she smiled. At this point she reached over and took his hand. She was wearing some kind of musky perfume that really turned Thomas on. Now that she was gently squeezing his hand, he flushed and started to lengthen. He noticed that her blouse had for some reason become unbuttoned half way down the front and he could see the freckled sides of her big breasts. She grinned at his interest, but made no comment.

Instead she said, blandly, “If you do happen to come back this afternoon, you can spend the night in our granny flat, out the back. I’m usually having a siesta there till about four, but don’t hesitate to knock me up, if you feel the need.” She gave a little shudder at the unconscious double entendre she had made.

“I’ll be alone,” she added.

“Thanks,” he said. She gravely gave his hand a squeeze and stood up, bent over to wipe a spill of milk on the table. In doing so she gave him a full view of her ripe tits. They were quite naked and unsupported and sagged down almost escaping her blouse. She stood and slowly buttoned up her front, her buttocks, tight in the black slacks, swinging teasingly.

Just then his wife returned and his erection began to subside.

They left and rode towards the long line of blue hills in the distance. An hour later the dirt road stopped in a little round clearing next to a brick barbecue and there they boiled the billy and had tea with their sandwiches.

Suddenly Thomas felt bored. He looked over at Mary who gazed back at him blankly. He needed a woman to fuck, he realised, after seeing Julie. It was however clear that he would get nowhere with the woman in front of him. He began to fantasise about the woman in the roadhouse and went off to have a leak. There in the privacy of the silent trees he pulled a few times on his half tumescent tool, thinking of those big tits, those swinging buttocks. Then he stopped. He had a better idea.

Making sure that Mary was not looking, he went over to the bikes and slipped a tiny stem of dry grass into one of Mary’s valves. The tyre quickly went flat.

Mary was disappointingly eager to head for home, but Thomas did not mind since Mary soon discovered the flat tyre. She however insisted that he ride on and get things ready for them. She would catch up walking, she said. Only a couple of hours.. In fact, she felt like walking.would like to spend some time alone.

Thomas shrugged and cycled off, reaching the roadhouse in half an hour. He noted that it was now closed and wheeled his bike round the back. He knocked on the door of the granny flat, a low unit under the trees and it opened almost immediately. The woman, Julie, was standing there bare footed, in a dressing gown and smiled at him.

“Hi,” she said. “Come on in. Where’s wifey?” He explained that Mary would be another hour or more because of the flat tyre, and the woman nodded. “Never mind. We can entertain each other till then.” She gave him a hug. “I’m glad to see you my friend.” She shut the door, leading him in by the hand. “George won’t be back till this evening,” she added, and Thomas supposed George was her better half.

The woman kaçak bahis faced him now, still holding his hand, and looked him in the eyes. Then she dropped his hand and was suddenly serious.

“We could, if you like, sit down in the cafe and have a cup of tea and talk a bit?” She paused. “Or we could do something a bit more interesting. What do you think?”

She said nothing more but merely looked at him as he reached out, slipped his hand inside her old checked dressing gown and held one of her breasts. It was answer enough and she closed her eyes and sighed. He knew now that he had to have her, to fuck her, to plumb her, and soon!

She opened her eyes, saw the raw lust in his face, and quickly pulled at the cord of her dressing gown. It fell open down the front, revealing that she was quite naked beneath the garment. He began to fondle her other breast as well.

“You’re really fuckable, did you know that?” he murmured.

Her heavily freckled breasts had large brown aureoles, thick nipples and hung down over her full belly. Her pubic hair was curly and black. Thomas, as in a dream, now began to stroke the nipples, making them stiff and upstanding and as thick as little thumbs. The woman moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes. Unable to stop himself, he stepped up to her and slid his arms under the dressing gown, getting even more aroused by the feel of her warm and naked flesh on his arms. He held her, kissed her, their tongues probing.

She shuddered and pulled away.

“Come on,” she whispered urgently. “Let’s get those clothes off.” She dropped her dressing gown to the floor and began undoing his belt. When he was naked, she pulled him onto the bed with her. There he lay beside her and began to fondle and excite her big piss flaps till they were fully engorged. Her mucus flowed copiously out of the eager slit.

Then, unable to contain himself, he fell on her as she lay spread on the bed. She parted her raised knees and he sank into her willing cunt and began to fuck her hard, filled with a strange hunger for her ripe body. He spent himself in minutes, but she skillfully played with him and sucked him till he was hard again. He stabbed into her again and this time they took much longer. Then she cried out in orgasm and spasmed about him, heaving her big thighs up at him, bringing him off in turn and milking him of his seed.

That night George, a thickset, hairy fellow with a tendency to grunt, was present and they all had tea together. Afterwards George insisted on playing his guitar and singing country and western songs, but Mary, herself somewhat of a musician, asked to try the guitar and soon the two of them were getting on famously. Thomas looked across at Julie and shrugged. She got up.

“If you two are going to make noises on that thing all night long, we’ll go and talk in peace and quiet in the shop,” she said, smiling and George waved them off with an impatient hand. He was, Thomas saw with a twinge of jealousy, sitting on a chair so close to Mary that their thighs were touching. George now reached round Mary and held her hands from behind, positioning them, showing her how to hold the thing, embracing her from behind.

Julie grabbed his hand and pulled him out the front to the darkened shop. They sat at one of the tables.

“It’s clear how that’s illegal bahis going to end,” said Julie gruffly. Then she grinned. “But I don’t care, dear. Let’s make the most of our time alone.” She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it apart, revealing her big tits. Thomas groaned with desire and reached out, squeezed a nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

They may have continued like this for some time, but then they noticed that the guitar had stopped.

“Come on,” said Julie, with a grin. “Bet I know where they are.”

She led him along a corridor then into the bathroom, locked the door, then, lit only by a street light outside, shining through the window, she went over to another window in one of the side walls and pulled the curtains carefully back.

“One way glass,” she said, in reassurance, for Thomas had stepped anxiously back. “Installed by the last owner. He used to take films of the couples that stayed here.” They were looking at a fully lit bedroom and there were George and Mary, embracing passionately as they stood beside the bed. George now began sliding his hand down inside the back of Mary’s slacks, squeezing her large naked bum. Mary said something and backed off, pulled down her slacks and undies, slipped out of her tee shirt and bra and stood naked in front of the man, her long goat tits moving gently up and down. From the state of her nipples she was getting very excited. The fellow must have noticed this, for he now grabbed her, groped her tits, her bum and kissed her nipples, sucked on them.

“Come on,” said Julie, and when Thomas turned she was casting off the last of her clothing. He stripped himself and then stood in front of her as she held him close, rubbed her large tits against him and cupped his balls, pulled on his now considerable erection.

“Do you want me now?” the woman whispered in his ear. “Come on then.Take me!”

The fellow in the other room, now naked, had Mary bent over the dressing table, hanging onto the top, her bum out for him. He wasted no time but began sliding again and again into her from behind. He was well endowed and Mary seemed to writhe in pain a little each time he sank down into her.

Meanwhile Julie had placed herself in front of Thomas, gripped the sill of the one way window, had bent over, and was presenting her cunt to him, the piss flaps glistening in the distant light. He slid into her and then began slowly to pump her. They both wanted to time themselves to come with the other couple and now in the other room Mary gave a distant cry and tossed up her head. The other fellow rammed in and came.

Thomas sped up. Julie began to grip him with her inner muscles, saying “Oh, yes, yes, yes! Do it man!Poke me hard!” He clenched his buttocks, thrust forward and released his spunk in several large gouts up her full woman’s cunt to her great wail of pleasure.

When it was clear that Mary had decided to spend the night with George, Julie bedded down with Thomas in the granny flat and they made love twice more before dawn found them sprawled, exhausted, on the bed.

Thomas never did return to the road house, but Julie often came to town to buy provisions and to spend many agreeable hours with Thomas in a motel room. Although Mary left him for George, shortly after these events, Thomas now spent his days servicing Helen and Julie separately at first, and even had threesomes with them, for the two women got on well. Eventually they all moved in together and formed a little menage a trois, but that is another story.

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