Boarding School Encounter 04: Miss Marilynn Molests the Maid

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Boarding School Encounter
Chapter Four: Miss Marilynn Molests the Maid
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

“Miss Marilynn! Missy Marilynn,” a panicked, feminine voice called, reaching into the confused thoughts of Marilynn Gully, the young philosophy teacher at The Kensington Boarding School, an all-girls school in the English countryside. “Please, please wake up, Miss Marilynn.”

What happened? the teacher wondered, trying to organize her thoughts while her body lay limp, her eyes closed. She felt the hands push on her. Who is that? Daisy?

…disconnected… an alien voice whispered through her mind, tinny, mechanical yet undeniably feminine. …disconnected…

“Please, Miss Marilynn, I’m scared. I don’t know where we are. It’s too foggy.”

Thoughts coalesced in Marilynn’s mind, pulled in by an alien presence. It skittered across her thoughts, sinking into them. Flashes of her past streaked through the teacher’s mind, all twenty-five years of her life were experienced, absorbed. Childhood growing up on the Avon River and dashing through daisy fields, her schooling, her desire to learn, attending Oxford at a young age. The first time she made love to a woman, her professor’s wife in a stuffy attic bedroom while a party bustled below. How Mrs. Kirk had licked and tongued Marilynn’s pussy to a gasping orgasm and then how she returned the favor, licking the older woman’s cunny, delighting in the taste and the feel of her silky pubic hair. The realization that she did not want a husband but a wife.

And how society shunned that.

Getting her degree in philosophy. Hearing rumors of a school that molded young women into the joys of sapphic delight. Whispered by Mrs. Kirk herself, an alumni of The Kensington Boarding School. The joy at being accepted. The thrill at the sight of your youthful charges and her eager desire to make sweet love to their growing bodies. How this very evening she lured out the eighteen-year-old maid, Daisy, to have a lesbian romp in the foggy night.

The feel of Daisy’s round, warm breasts as Marilynn sank her hand into her bodice. Their sweet kisses, tongues meeting, heating their passion. The growing, wet itch between her thighs aching for Daisy to plunge her fingers into.


And then the shooting star blazing over head. Her excitement at finding a meteorite outweighed her desires to ravage Daisy’s bountiful flesh. The girl’s fear of fairies as they stumbled through the mist, following the beeping sound.

The cannister and its black mist that poured into her body.

What was that substance? It choked me? Did I pass out?


…must connect…

…computer unresponsive…

“Please, please Miss Marilynn. I’m not strong enough to carry you. Don’t be hurt. Wake up. I’m so scared.”


A jolt of electricity shot through Marilynn’s body. She gasped, convulsed, her eyes shooting open as sensations rippled through her body. She felt the cold grass on her face, the dew bleeding through her dark-green dress. The smell of Daisy’s wool dress and the caress of thick fog on her cheek. The young girl’s fingers shaking her shoulder.


A throaty purr escaped Marilynn’s mouth as she sat up, her nethers burning with the fluttering signs of female hysteria—the horny itch the repressed, English society claimed wasn’t a woman feeling sexual horniness, but a weakness of her flesh. One clitoral stimulation by a trained medical professional, often with a vibrating machine to reduce strain on the physician’s hand, could correct.

Mrs. Kirk taught Marilynn different. Women were just as much sexual creatures as men, and they were eager for the release. Gasping, writhing, kissing, licking, touching, suckling. All wonderful ways to love a woman and satiate “hysterics.”

“You are such a pretty maid,” Marilynn said as she gazed at the worried face of Daisy. The maid had brown hair falling about a freckled face, her bodice still unlaced from Marilynn’s earlier exploration. Breasts rising and falling, beckoning. “Yes, you are.”

“Oh, you’re okay,” Daisy sighed in relief. “I was so worried, Miss Marilynn.”


“Mmm, I could tell.” Marilynn licked her lips then reached out and seized the girl’s shoulders, pulling her close. “And you are just a beautiful creature.”

“What is that thing?” Daisy asked as Marilynn leaned in and nuzzled at the maid’s neck, savoring her smell, kissing her fair skin. “It’s still flashing like a rail light.”

“It doesn’t matter,” moaned the teacher. Another surge of electricity shot from her mind ending at her pussy. A hot, molten heat swelled there. She shuddered, her flesh clenching as a hunger swelled through her. “We were just getting acquainted when that shooting star interrupted us. Which was such a shame. You are such a beautiful creature. I shouldn’t have let myself get distracted. I need to…connect with you.”

“Miss Marilynn?” The girls shuddered as Marilynn slid her hand down the maid’s bodice and cupped a round, warm breasts. “Maybe we should…go back to… Oh, that’s nice.”

Marilynn’s fingers rolled the maid’s hard, fat nipple. Daisy shuddered beneath the teacher’s touch. Marilynn sucked harder at the maid’s neck, loving the taste of her flesh and the feel her nub. Marilynn’s teeth nipped, bringing a squeal from the maid.

The heat swelled in Marilynn’s pussy. Something grew inside of her, squirming, pressing on the walls of her flesh. It excited her. She plunged her other hand into Daisy’s bodice, cupping the other breast as the teacher licked up at the maid’s lips.

…connector forming…

The women kissed. Daisy moaned, her body shuddering as both her nipples were pinched and rolled by Marilynn. The teacher loved them. Hard and thick and long. They were wonderful nipples. Her lips itched to suck on them.

She pushed the maid down onto the grass. Both women moaned. Daisy’s hands found Marilynn’s wet dress, stroking her sides and hips. The maid went higher to Marilynn’s bodice, squeezing breasts through the stiff corset beneath. Marilynn’s nipples ached. The pressure in her pussy swelled as another electric charge shot through her.

“Yes,” Marilynn moaned as the electricity gathered in her pussy. Her sheath stretched. The thing growing inside of her writhed and twisted, stimulating her flesh. “I have to connect with you, Daisy.”

“Yes, yes, connect,” moaned the maid, her fingers squeezing hard at the teacher’s breasts. “Oh, you have lovely tits, Miss Marilynn. Just lovely.”

“You like big breasts, Daisy?” moaned Marilynn as she stretched out both of Daisy’s long nipples.

“Yes,” shuddered the maid. Her eyes fluttered. “I do. Why I love my job.”

“I hear so many naughty stories. Teachers fucking students. Students fucking maids.”

“Maids fucking teachers,” giggled Daisy. “All true. The Headmistress keeps a dildo attached to a clever harness. She can wear it like it’s a real cock and she loves buggering the student’s asses. The nurse loves to prick maiden’s hymen, to get them ready for the Headmistress’s attention.”

“Wicked,” Marilynn moaned, her hands drawing out Daisy’s breasts. “Such beautiful nipples. I have to love them. Connect with them.”

…connector forming….

…50% complete…

Marilynn didn’t care about the voice any longer. She was so horny. She leaned down and sucked on Daisy’s nipple. The teacher sucked hard on the nub as the writhing swelled in her pussy. Her flesh savored each caress. Electric surges shot from her cunt, convulsing her body, tingling her clitoris and nipples.

And making her suck so hard on Daisy’s nipples.

Marilynn nibbled and sucked. Her tongue lathed the thick, long nipple. Her lips pursed on it. She sucked, lips popping off and then re-latching onto the nub. Daisy moaned, her head tossing back and forth on the wet grass.

“Oh, Miss Marilynn, yes, you’re making my cunny so wet. So juicy. I need to be cured. Oooh, my hysterics are so bad.”

“You’re just a horny slut,” Marilynn moaned as she moved her lips to Daisy’s other nipple. “A sapphic whore eager to be fucked.”

“Yes, yes, ram your fingers in me.”

“No, my connector.”

“What’s that?” gasped Daisy as Marilynn sucked on the other nipple.

The teacher’s eyebrows furrowed at the maid’s question. As she suckled, she pondered where the words came from. And then it occurred to her the connector grew in her pussy, being built by the strange, feminine, monotone voice.

…connector 75% complete…

Marilynn’s teeth nipped as she squirmed. She shifted her body, straddling the maid and kneeling, the dew bleeding through her dress, two layers of petticoats, and stockings. The teacher shifted her hips, the writhing moving to the entrance of her pussy. An orgasm built in the teacher, stimulated by the squirming connector. Every moment slid along her juicy walls, sending flutters of delight through her. She moaned about the maid’s nipple.

“Oh, yes, Miss Marilynn,” Daisy moaned, her fingers sliding through the teacher’s red hair. “Oh, you are a wicked one, aren’t you? Ooh, yes. You are going to fit in at the school.”

“I’m going to connect with everyone,” Marilynn moaned as her pussy was stretched to its limits. A throaty moan escaped her lips. “Connect and find what I am missing.”

“Yes, yes, yes, connect with me,” moaned the Maid.

…connector 100%…



Marilynn’s Ankara bayan escort eyes widened as she sucked on Daisy’s nipple again. The wiggling, squirming thing in her pussy pressed out her opening. It was an extension of her body. It wiggled and flexed, rubbing down her stocking clad leg beneath her layers of her petticoats. It brushed her heeled boots and then extended out of her dress. It flexed, searching, rubbing on the grass. She felt the dew against its metallic body. It flexed, twisting, and slid beneath Daisy’s dress.

The appendage rubbed its smooth, round head against Daisy’s thigh. It was as thick as three of Marilynn’s fingers, her pussy clenching about it as more and more slid out of her depths, constructed out of her body. Her stomach growled with hunger.

But that could wait. She had to connect and orgasm.

“Miss Marilynn,” gasped Daisy. “There’s a snake beneath my skirt.”

“That’s not a snake,” the teacher purred. She slid up the girl’s body, looking down at her face. Marilynn cupped Daisy’s freckled, trembling cheeks. “That’s me. Relax.”

“You…?” The maid’s eyes widened as the flexible appendage, moving like a tentacle, slithered up the maid’s stocking legs. It grew warmer the father it went. “What is going on?”

“I am connecting with you,” the teacher purred. Then she smiled as the round tip found the maid’s pussy. “Oh, yes, you are so wet and ready to be connected with.”

“It feels smooth. Metallic.” The maid bit her lip. “Like a cock. Is it a type of dildo?”

“Maybe.” A shudder went through Marilynn as she stroked her tentacle’s tip up and down the maid’s dewy folds. “You’ll enjoy it.”


The voice was powerful, commanding. Marilynn thrust her tentacle into the maid’s pussy. The teacher and maid both shuddered. Marilynn’s pussy clenched down on the tentacle as she slithered the end deeper and deeper into the maid’s hot, tight, wet, and silky tunnel.

“Oh, my Lord,” moaned Marilynn. “You’re so wet. Oh, wow. Oh, that’s nice. I can’t…yes…”

The tentacle was an extension of her pussy. A sexual organ. It felt so much better than tonguing or licking a woman’s pussy. Pleasure rippled down the tentacle as it wormed deeper and deeper into the maid’s cunny. She fucked it in and out, savoring the friction on the metallic sides.

The maid squirmed, her flesh clenching, her moans singing into the foggy night. Daisy’s hands slid around the teacher’s body, gripping her hips, pulling her down. Their lips met as Marilynn reamed her tentacle in and out of the maid’s body.

…connection forming…

Marilynn moaned into Daisy’s mouth. Pleasure trembled through her body. Every stroke of her tentacle built the orgasm swelling in her core. It was so sexy. She savored the kiss with Daisy, squirming atop the maid as she fucked the tentacle in and out of the maid’s cunny faster and faster.

Daisy moaned. Her fingers dug into Marilynn’s hips. The maid’s tongue shoved deep into Marilynn’s mouth. The young woman moaned loudly into the kiss. She tasted so sweet while her pussy felt so hot.

“Oh, Miss Marilynn,” gasped Daisy. “Oh, yes. Oh, wow. That’s… that’s…”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Marilynn gasped. “We’re connecting, Daisy. We’re getting closer and closer to our connection.”

“Yes, I’m going to cum, Miss Marilynn. Keep fucking your toy into me. Oh, wow. It’s in me so deep. It’s so flexible. I love it. Oh, yes. Yes.”

The younger woman bucked bucked beneath Marilynn. The maid’s cunny spasmed on Marilynn’s tentacle. The orgasm burned through Daisy. Her face clenched. Gasping moans escaped through clenched teeth.

Delight convulsed about Marilynn’s tentacle. It was pure joy feeling the young woman’s cunny writhe and ripple, massaging the plunging tentacle. Marilynn shuddered. Her body tensed as her orgasm swelled inside of her.

…connection imminent…

“Yes,” she screamed. “I’m connecting with you, Daisy.”

A powerful convulsion surged through Marilynn’s body. Electricity erupted from her pussy. A powerful surge ran down her tentacle. She grit her teeth as the ecstasy bathed her body. Something erupted from the tip of her tentacle, pouring into Daisy’s body.

In a flash of insight, while rapture burned through her mind, Marilynn realized she pumped the same oily, black gas into the girl. As their rapture burned and surged through them, Marilynn felt Daisy’s thoughts.

Yes, yes, yes, so good. This is the best. It’s squirting something in me. Like a boy’s cum but hotter. Better. I’m cumming so hard. Yes, yes, yes.

…connection formed…

“Yes,” both women screamed at the same instant as rapture bathed their minds. Their bodies heaved. The powerful bliss crashed over them and both women fell limp. Their forms twitched and soft sighs escaped their unconscious lips.


Inside Daisy, the nanites from the Merita’s crashed spaceship went to work, changing her like they changed Marilynn. The tentacle pulsed between the women as they lay in a stupor, sealing the connection, uniting their minds. The nanites searched through Daisy’s thoughts, learning about her life growing up on a farm, her disappointing first time with a local boy, and then the joy she learned on her first day as a maid at the school at the hands of Nurse Paige.

The realization she didn’t want to be pawed by boys but caressed by girls. Her commitment to the school and its delights.

The nanites learned all of her life. And it did not help them connect to the computer. They needed to connect to it. It was their purpose. Connecting with Daisy didn’t help. So they would keep connecting until they found it.

But first they would need more resources.


My dreams were filled with Merita. We shared them since we shared one mind. She loved them. “Henrietta,” she had gasped, “what an amazing thing your kind does while they rest. Dreaming… wonderful.”

The dreams were the normal confusion of nonsense scenarios spilling on one to the other before settling on a wicked dream involving my new friend Tabitha. I lay on a grassy field with Tabitha, the both of us naked. Merita was pressed into my back, nibbling on my neck while my pussy tentacles—a byproduct of Merita possessing my body to save my life—slipped out of my cunny. Four purple tentacles, the same color as Merita’s flesh, writhing and undulating.

“Oh, I love your tentacles,” moaned Tabitha, a huge grin on her face. I was so glad I met her on my first day at The Kensington Boarding School. As much as I was glad I found Merita’s crashed spaceship and met my alien lover.

“Oh, that’s sweet,” Merita purred in my ear. We shared minds, so she could read my thoughts.

My tentacles reached out, sliding around Tabitha’s body. She was bustier than me, her breasts nice and round, dusted with freckles. Mine were small mounds, my body slim, without much curves. The opposite of my redheaded friend.

“Oh, yes, that’s nice,” Tabitha giggled as my tentacles swept across her naked flesh, wrapping about her.

I groaned. My tentacles were as sensitive as my nipples, sexual organs just like my pussy. The pleasure rippled down my tentacles to my pussy. My cunny clenched about the four tentacles as they extended out of me. They clenched and slid about Tabitha’s flesh, brushing her hard nipples, caressing her back, and pressing between her legs.

“Oh, yes, that’s nice,” moaned Tabitha. “This is such a nice way to wake up.”

I giggled at that, aware I was dreaming. “What do you like about them?”

Tabitha squealed instead as one of my tentacles pressed between the crack of her butt-cheeks. She squirmed, her pussy growing hotter and wetter on one of my appendages as her butt-cheeks clenched on the other. I brushed her sphincter.

“Bugger me, Etta,” groaned Tabitha, using the wrong diminutive for my name, Henrietta, like she always did. “Oh, it was so hot when you buggered yourself last night.”

Before falling asleep in her bed in our shared room at the boarding school, we had made love. And discovered my pussy tentacles. At first they had frightened my friend, but then she embraced them and I took her maidenhead while buggering myself. My asshole tingled.

“Mmm, that sounds hot,” Merita purred, her fingers slipping between my butt-cheeks and rubbing at my sphincter.

“Yes, yes, I’ll bugger you,” I gasped, sliding my tentacle through her asscheeks until the tip pressed on her sphincter. “Sounds hot.”

My tentacle wiggled at the tip. The pleasure rushed down the tentacle to my body. I groaned, the bliss swelling through me. I pressed harder, her sphincter resisting. So tight. But I persisted, grunting as I wiggled the tentacle.

The sphincter gave way. My tentacle slipped into her asshole an inch. The feel of her hot, velvety bowels engulfed my appendage. I groaned, savoring the pleasure as Merita buggered me with her fingers, plunging them in and out.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned.

“Oh, my Lord, Etta. Oh, yes. You are so wild when sleeping. Yes, yes, bugger me.”

I felt lips kiss my cheeks. Not dream Tabitha or Merita. I shuddered. The dream faded as the pleasure swelled. I panicked, groaning, struggling to stay into the dream as I reamed my tentacle in and out of Tabitha’s bowels.

My eyes opened.

“Yes, yes, bugger me,” moaned Tabitha between kisses on my cheeks.

We were in Tabitha’s bed. There was no Merita was behind me, no fingers Escort bayan Ankara reaming my asshole. But my pussy tentacles were out. And I had wormed one into my redheaded friend’s asshole while sleeping, the others rubbing her nipples and pussy beneath her nightgown. Her fiery hair spilled across the pillow, meeting my blonde strands.

“Oh, this is a wonderful way to wake up,” groaned Tabitha. “What were you dreaming, Etta?”

“Making love to you on a grassy field,” I grinned then shuddered as the pleasure of her bowels gripping my plunging tentacle rippled through me. “Oh, you’re so tight.”

“Uh-huh. This is wicked. You’re buggering me, Etta. You’re buggering me with your tentacle.”

I leaned in and kissed her. Dawn approached, lightening the foggy world outside our window as our tongues met and played. Our arms wrapped about each other’s bodies, pulling us close as my tentacles caressed her body. Through her nightgown, I felt my writhing tentacles brushing my hard nipples.

So good. The tentacle rubbing on her pussy plunged into the hot depths. I groaned, fucking two holes. My cunny clenched about my four tentacles. They squirmed, caressing my sensitive flesh, shooting bliss through me.

Yes, yes, bugger her, Merita moaned in my thoughts, feeling what I felt. Oh, this is so hot. I love this. You human women are exciting.

Uh-huh, I agreed, my heart pounding in delight.

I think I was falling in love with both of them. My human and alien lovers. I was glad Merita crashed. She was amazing. And Tabitha was wonderful, so feisty and exciting. I was so wrong to be afraid of my body’s desires, to run from sapphic delights. Yes, it was a sin, but I didn’t care. I loved the feel of a woman’s body against mine, my tentacles reaming her holes.

I plunged them faster and faster in and out of Tabitha’s holes. So different, one wet and hot the other tight and burning. The friction rippled down both tentacles. They slammed into her in unison, pumping, pistoning, swelling the pleasure between us.

Tabitha broke the kiss. “Oh, eta, yes, yes. I’m going to have my release. Give me my paroxysms.”
I nodded my head, eager for the explosion of bliss to burst inside of us and cure our hysterics. My clitoris throbbed. I humped against her, rubbing my aching nub against the cotton of my nightgown. My nipples ached so gladly. I trembled.

“I’m so close,” I moaned. “Your holes are so tight.”

“Yes,” Tabitha grinned and then we kissed again, writhing, her narrow bed creaking.

My fingers dug into her arms. I moaned into the kiss. I savored the taste of her lips. I groaned into the kiss. My tentacles pumped so hard. The friction so intense. My eyes rolled back into my head, my orgasm on the verge of—

The door banged open.

Tabitha and I gave a squeak of fear as Prefect Geneva strode in wearing the same nightgown as last night, the neckline tight about her throat, her large breasts heaving before her, her nipples hard through the fabric. Her blonde hair framed a smiling face.

“I see you two are eager for morning cures,” she said in her refined voice. “When I met the pair of you—especially you, Henrietta—I never would have imagined how eager you would be to cure your hysterics. But Nurse Paige gave you a taste of your body’s delights and you’ve embraced them.”

Fear hammered my heart. My tentacles withdrew. It was one thing for Tabitha to know about them, but another for the prefect to learn about them. They slithered back inside of me as the prefect strode closer and ripped the covers about us, revealing our nightgowns pushed up to our mid-thighs.

“Yes, you two are wicked,” grinned Geneva. “But no more being abed. It is bath time. Up, up. Don’t bother dressing. The bath is at the end of the hall. Everyone will be in there.” She licked her lips. “And if you two are frustrated and need release, well, I am sure someone in the bath will be glad to assist you.”

“Yes, Prefect,” groaned Tabitha while I bit my lip.

“Move it, ladies, or I will issue you a demerit.”

“Yes, Prefect,” we both gasped this time.

We rolled out of her bed as the prefect left to wake up other girls. Our nightgowns fell down our legs as we stood up. Both our faces were flushed. My heart hammered and I squirmed. I had to be careful. I couldn’t let anyone else know about my tentacles.

No, probably for the best. We were lucky Tabitha was understanding.

I nodded my head. “Tabitha…”

She glanced at me and grinned. “I won’t tell anyone about Merita our your naughty tentacles. Promise.” She crossed her heart, pointer finger sliding across the top of her breast. “Okay?”

“Thank you.”

She leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. “Well, let’s go. I don’t want to get spanked on my first day because you dawdled and made us late for the bath.”

“Me?” I gasped in indignation. “Why do you assume it would be me?”

Tabitha darted ahead to the open door. “Because I’m already on the way.”

I darted after her, my feet slapping on the bare stone, and caught her in the hallway, taking her hand. The other girls of our floor poured out of their room, a collection of girls ranging from eighteen, the newest students like Tabitha and me, to twenty, the senior girls like Prefect Geneva. The younger girls were all nervous.

I smiled at Peony as she slipped out of her room, her hands folded before her. I remember her being quite shy. How would she take the school’s relaxed views on lesbianism? Would she embrace it or would she be afraid of it?

“How did you sleep?” I asked her.

“Fine,” she answered, shifting her shoulders, her black hair a curly mess. “You?”

Before I could answer, Tabitha blurted out, “Oh, we slept warm and tight last night.”

“Tight?” Peony blinked. “Did you…share a bed?”

“For comfort,” I said, my cheeks warming and my cunny itching. “You know, being in a strange place is scary.”

“And Etta is amazing at providing comfort,” giggled Tabitha. “Her touch is so stimulating. I had such a release.”


“You know, my paroxysms. She cured my hysterics. And I cured hers.” Tabitha licked her lips. “Several times.”

“Oh.” Peony’s cheeks went completely red. She was such a cute girl. “I… Oh, my.”

“It’s a good thing for young women to do,” I told her while I wondered what she would look like gasping as my tentacles fucked her.

That would be so hot, giggled Merita.

The bath was at the end of the hallway. It was a room made of marble and quite steamy. I was surprised to learn the school had hot water piped in without electricity until Geneva mentioned off-hand that the school was built on a hot spring and had roman-style baths all over it.

My excitement grew as the girls stripped naked, the older ones bold, the younger ones shy. I pulled off my nightgown, revealing my slim body while Tabitha yanked off hers, bending over and shaking her ass at me, her red-furred muff bright between her pale thighs.

“Oh, yes, you are a naughty one,” Geneva said, snagging Tabitha. “Let’s wash each other’s backs.”

“And other parts?” asked Tabitha.

Geneva winked.

Peony, standing beside me, gasped as Geneva boldly grasped Tabitha’s round breasts, squeezing and kneading, then captured my lover’s mouth in a hot kiss. I smiled, loving the sight of the two naked girls kissing, Geneva’s large breasts pillowing into Tabitha’s round tits. My pussy clenched, my tentacles writhing in the depths.

I had to be careful. I couldn’t let them out.

“See, isn’t that a beautiful thing,” I told her, snagging her nightgown and pulling it up her body.
Peony didn’t resist as I pulled off her nightgown, lost watching Tabitha and Geneva kissed. Other girls gasped and giggled. They paired off, older girls snagging younger, leading them to the bath, fondling their pert butts and cupping firm tits. Peony folded her hands before her naked stomach, her nipples hardening.

“Come on, let’s get in the bath and wash each other,” I purred, taking her hand.

Peony nodded, her cheeks burning. I led her across the tiled floor and groaned as I stepped into the steamy water. It was wonderful. So relaxing. Peony stepped in with me and we sank down on the bench lining the pool. It was shaped like a blossoming flower, four round edges sweeping together, the floor mosaic with pink and lavender tiles.

I cupped water in my hand then dibbled it across Peony’s small breasts. She licked her lips, looking down. “Henrietta…”

“Shhh,” I told her as I ran my wet hand across her chest and down to her breasts. “I’m just washing you. Nothing to be afraid of. We’re both girls.”

“But…” Her eyes flicked around the room were girls were already breaking off into naughty activities. Some washed each other while others kissed. A few were doing even naughtier acts.

Emaleine had a naughty smile on her round face as brunette Darcy nibbled on a nipple. Jeane, easily the tallest girl in our dorm, lay stretched out on the edge of the pool, her legs in the water, strawberry-blonde Kayleigh kneeling between her thighs and devouring her pussy with hungry licks.

“Oh, Geneva,” moaned Tabitha.

My friend hadn’t even made it in the pool. Geneva knelt behind Tabitha and tongued my friend’s sphincter. Peony saw that and gasped while Tabitha undulated her hips. Between her thighs, I spotted Geneva’s fingers rubbing my lover’s cunt.

“She’s licking Tabitha’s rectum,” blanched Peony as my hands cupped her small Bayan escort Ankara breasts.

“I know,” I moaned, shuddering, my lusts swelling through me. “It looks so hot.”

“It looks disgusting.”

“Then why are you watching?” I whispered, leaning in to Peony, her head craned to watch Tabitha’s pleasure. My hard nipple brushed Peony’s arm as I nuzzled against her ear. “You can’t look away.”

“I don’t know why,” she gasped as my hand rolled her nipple.

I licked her ear, nibbling as I pinched her nipple. My thighs squirmed, clamping down on my pussy. I had to keep my tentacles under control. I shouldn’t even be touching Peony like this. It was such a risk. What if I lost control?

Then you would have a lot of fun, laughed Merita.

And everyone would think I was a freak.

But despite my fear of being caught, my lusts were too much. They surged through me. Around me other women gasped and moaned as they made love to each other. It was a heady sight. Girls bodies, glistening with water, pressing together in the fog. This school was wild. It was such a sin. If the Church of England ever learned of it, they would have the government shut it down faster than a pickpocket running from the coppers.

And I loved it.

“Just watch Geneva make my friend cum,” I moaned between licks. My hands played with her nipples, pinching and rolling them.

The way Peony shuddered sent delight rippling through me. Her arm slipped around my waist, sliding down, gripping my ass beneath the warm water. The heat sank through me, relaxing my thighs as I kissed down to Peony’s neck.

She groaned as I nuzzled at her neck, her fingers digging into my asscheek. My eyes rolled in my head as my pussy clenched again. The tentacles writhed inside of me, sliding around inside my cunny, aching to be released.

I groaned, fighting against my own excitement.

“You are such a beautiful, young woman with an exciting body,” I moaned. “Oh, I love it.”

So do I. Look at those cute nipples, Henrietta.

My gaze snapped down. Just above the surface of the water were her pink nubs. The ripples from the other girls writhing and undulating in the bath washed against her nipples, splashing over them. I groaned and leaned down, sucking on one.

“Henrietta,” gasped Peony. “Oh, this is so wicked. We’re all such sinful girls.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tabitha gasped behind her. “We are, Peony. And it is wonderful. Get your release so you won’t be horny for class and we can learn.”

As I nibbled and sucked on her nipple, the water lapping about my cheeks, my hand slid down to her pussy and rubbed at her flesh. She was wet, and I doubt it was just from the bath. Her legs quivered as I rubbed at her sensitive flesh and brushed her nipple.

She felt so hot and silky. My pussy clenched again. I sucked so hard. My hips undulated. I needed to be touched and stimulated. My eyes rolled back in my head. The bath was full of squirming, gasping, panting women.

Feeling naughty, I dunked beneath the water. It was warm around me. I pressed her thighs wide apart and pressed my face between her flesh. I licked at her pussy, brushing her hymen and tasting traces of her spicy musk as I flicked through her. I nuzzled, coaxing out more juices before the bathwater washed them away.

My lungs burned. I wanted to keep licking, but I had to pop my head up so I could breathe. Peony’s eyes were wide. She stared at me. “You licked my…my…”



“And you tasted good.” Then I leaned in and kissed her.

Peony’s arms went around my body. Her legs around my thighs. She pulled me to her. I hugged her, rubbing at her back as our naked bodies pressed together. No barriers like when I hugged Tabitha. Her breasts were slippery.

And then my clitoris rubbed against hers.

I gasped, moaning into her lips as our clitorides rubbed together. Delight shocked through my pussy. I trembled in her arms. My head swam with excitement. I kissed her harder, thrusting my tongue into her mouth in the French passion.

And a tentacle wiggled out of my pussy. I couldn’t control it, not when our clitorides rubbed together. My sensitive nub ached and sparked, the pleasure shooting through me. My tentacle bent, undulated, and pressed against her pussy.

She stiffened and her eyes widening. She broke the kiss, her head leaning back as I stroked up and down her pussy. Then I found her maidenhead and pressed on it. Her eyes glanced down at our breasts pressed tight together.

“Shh,” I told her. “Just relax. You’ll love it.”

“What is that?”

I bit my lip. “My tentacle.”

Then I kissed her and pressed forward with my tentacle. Her maidenhead resisted for a second. Merita trembled in my thoughts, eager to feel me claim another virgin. The membrane stretched and then tore.

And I was in her.

Peony’s fingers dug into my back. Her thighs tightened about my hips. She humped against me, our nipples and clitorides kissing as we both trembled and gasped. I pressed the tentacle deep into her cunny, her flesh clenching and constricting about me.

Her eyes were wide, but her lips moved. She moaned, humping harder against me. I loved it. Our clitorides sparked together. I undulated back as I worked my tentacle in and out of her pussy. Around us, the other girls were oblivious that I had just taken Peony’s maidenhead.

Her virtue was mine.

Peony broke the kiss. “Oh, Henrietta. Oh, yes. Oh, wow.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted as my rear flexed, grinding my clitoris against hers. “I know. It’s amazing, right?”

“So amazing.” She bit a lip. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s complicated. Just…just embrace how amazing it feels sliding in and out of your cunny.”

Peony leaned her head back, her eyes rolling back into her head. Beyond her, Tabitha shuddered and cried out her orgasm, her juices squirting down her thighs around Geneva’s rubbing fingers. The older prefect never stopped rimming Tabitha’s sphincter, moaning, Geneva’s large breasts shaking. Her other hand was buried between her thighs, frigging herself and cumming hard.

All around us, girls came. Their moans echoed through the bath, mixing with the steam. I cast my gaze around as I writhed atop Peony and fucked her cunny hard. My pussy clenched, my tentacle aching from the friction of her sweet flesh. I loved what I saw.

Olivine-skinned Phoebe writhed as sandy-blonde Maria ate out her pussy. Now Emaleine had her face buried between Darcy’s thighs, Emaleine’s curvy ass waving in my direction, her black-furred muff wet between her thighs. Adrianne gasped and moaned as she sat on Jeanne’s licking mouth.

Such wicked delights.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Peony. “Oh, Henrietta. Oh, yes. It’s happening. Like with Nurse Paige yesterday. The flutters…they’re building.”

“That means you’re going to cum,” I moaned. “Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Enjoy your release.”

I reamed my tentacle hard into her pussy, the appendage flexing and bending. My cunny clenched about it while my clitoris ground into hers. All the sensations built in me. I trembled, my eyes rolling back into my head.

I came first.

My pussy spasmed about my tentacle while it pulsed. The rippling, expanding waves shot down it, stretching out Peony’s virgin pussy over and over. The girl gasped and bucked beneath me, her thighs tightening about my hips as she screamed out her bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh, that’s wild. Oh, yes. Oh, wow. I…I…”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned as my pleasure shuddered through me and bathed my mind in wonderful, amazing bliss. I slumped against my newest lover, her pussy clenching on my tentacle, and kissed her hard.

I took her cherry and no one else knew I had a pussy-tentacles. Oh, it was so satisfying. My tentacle withdrew back inside of me as I held Peony, kissing her as we both came down from our hysteric highs.


Marilynn and Daisy woke up at the same instant. They were still connected by Marilynn’s tentacle. Daisy’s pussy fused to it. The maid squirmed as she stood, her pussy clenching and relaxing on the tentacle, her thoughts racing down it and into Daisy.

Oh, that was so hot.

Yes, it was, answered Marilynn, but I am so hungry.

…raw materials required…

Me, too, Miss Marilynn.

The fog burned off as the sun rose to the east, spilling golden light around the small dell. The broken canister, still beeping, lay nearby. Both women rose, moving in unison, their brains connected by the tentacle. They walked to the canister, stomachs rumbling.

Metal. They needed to ingest metal. Connections were required. Both women knelt in unison before the machine. They leaned over and spat on it. Their spit, full of nanites, attacked the metal, making it brittle. Then the women lowered their mouths and bit into the metal, crunching into the canister and devouring it.


The bath is over, Merita whispered into her host’s mind. Tabitha and Henrietta walked naked down the halls, holding hands, both whispering about what they did in the baths. We can find the missing core now?

Of course not, answered Henrietta. Next is breakfast, and then we have classes. Maybe I can sneak out at lunch, but I am famished. Curing hysterics is strenuous work.

Merita sighed. The core had to be found as soon as possible. She worried what would happen if a human found it. The device was full of nanites disconnected from her ship’s computer. It was impossible for the alien to predict how they might react if they came in contact with any humans.

And that worried her.

To be continued…

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