Body Mod Charity – Caty

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# This is part of the “Body Mod Charity” series. Read the first part for the setting.

Caty was a law student in her early 20th. She and her older brother Tim lived in a small house which they have inherited from their parents who died a few years ago. She had always dreamt of a career as an advocate, so her whole life was focused on this goal.

Tim was the complete opposite of her. He was keyboarder of an alternative band “The Dalmatians” which he has founded with two friends, Peter and Louis, back in school. Over the years the band has become somewhat famous in their hometown and has established a small, but enthusiastic fan base. They were still waiting for their national wide breakthrough, but at least the band made enough money so that they can live from it.

Tim had installed a studio in their house’s basement where the band was practicing. After a day of intensive learning, Caty was often hanging around with the boys. She knew them for years and she had become like the little sister of all of them. There were a lot of long evenings where they discussed new song texts, trying new tunes, and had a lot of fun, even if they constantly made jokes about little Caty as a future prosecutor.

Caty liked the boys, but in the last year she has had an eye on Peter. She still remembered him being a skinny boy at school – friendly, but totally unimpressive. But this has changed dramatically over the years. He started to work out and now he had the body of a bodybuilder with an ever growing collection of tattoos. He was still very cooperative, but also demanding, what Caty liked, even if she didn’t know why. Caty catched herself staring at his muscular body from time to time. She dreamt of dating him, but then realized that this was totally unrealistic. He was like a brother, and also they wouldn’t fit together: the frontmen of an alternative band and a future prosecutor. So they were all living their daily lives.

But then the pandemic changed everything. The university closed and all courses were held online. Caty was now all day at home, having one Zoom meeting after the other with her profs and her fellow students and learning from her books in the time between.

But it was even worse for the Dalmatians. When the number of infections rose, the city closed all clubs and bars. One gig after another was cancelled. First Tim and the band hoped that the lockdown wouldn’t last that long, but when the number of infections didn’t get down the lockdown was extended again and again.

The band tried anything to earn some money. They released some new songs online and made some online gigs, but after five months they had spent all their savings. Caty wanted to help them by giving them their savings for her study, but they refused to take money from their little sister.

One evening Caty and the boys were sitting in the living room, drinking beer and dreaming of a world without the pandemic. The mood was as bad as the last weeks, but the alcohol helped a bit. Tim was scrolling through one of his tattoo magazines – Caty couldn’t understand how he could spend money on them – when he came across an article about the tattoo charity. It explained the charity where people sacrifice their body for a charity. If enough money was raised, the volunteer would get a full body transformation, including tattoos, piercings and other mods, chosen by the tattoo studio. The magazin also contained several pictures of all the bizarrely transformed volunteers – before and after the charity.

Tim showed the article to the others and playfully suggested that someone from the band could volunteer for the charity to get money they needed. The others came closer and wondered how someone could do something like this voluntarily. They made jokes that nobody would spend money for a tattoo on ugly guys as they were. Then Louis speculated that only pretty girls would get a lot of money, especially if the transformation was extreme. Tim looked at Caty and suggested that she could volunteer for them – they all laughed at the joke.

But at that moment Caty noted that Peter stared at her for a few seconds in pure lust.

Later that evening Caty sat down beside Peter who was still studying the body mod charity article. She overlooked the pictures of the girls with the grotesque transformations. One of the girls was fully tattooed to look like a vixen, while another had her body tattooed in red and black, with devilish implanted horns and a black mohawk. Everybody who was volunteering for this must be insane, she thought. On the other hand she had to admit that the tattoos were indeed very professional and sexy,

After looking at the pictures with Peter for some minutes, she playfully asked him what he would do with her, if he could decide on a transformation. He smiled at her and said that he wasn’t sure. He stroked through her hair and told her that he would definitely shave it all off. Maybe he would make her permanently bald as he loved the look of a bald woman. Then he touched her başakşehir escort lips and said that he would tattoo them pitch black. She winkingly asked him if he would love to be sucked off by black lips and they both laughed. They were definitely drunk.

Then Peter stoke her arm and told her that he would cover all her body in stripes or spots. Caty had never been so close to Peter. She shivered when he touched her and also noticed his erect member. But she also got wet herself when thinking of getting Peter’s transformed plaything.

The next day when Caty was clearing up the mess of the evening before, she found the tattoo magazine. It was still open on the page with the body mod charity article. She thought of her conversation with Peter and a shiver ran down her spine. Then she saw the phone number of the tattoo studio at the end of the article. Without hesitation she took out her cell phone.

Some days later in the evening the door was ringing at Peter’s door. He couldn’t be more surprised when he opened it. Caty was standing there, just wearing a bathrobe and holding her handbag. Peter asked her if she and Time wanted to make a prank, but she just responded “no silly boy” and entered the room. Then she opened her bathrobe: She was only wearing a string tanga beneath it. Then she told him in her most sexy voice that her body now belongs to him. Puzzled, he stared right at her bare breasts.

So she told her that she volunteered for the body mod charity and that all the money will go to the band. Additionally, the tattoo studio agreed that exceptionally she could name someone to choose her transformation and that she had chosen him. With a smile she handed him the contract. “Now you can do whatever you like with my body.”.

Tim still stared in disbelief at her. “Are you serious?” he asked.

“Of course!” she replied. “And as a proof we can start right now.” Caty rummaged through her handbag and then handed him an electric razor and a small bottle. Then she told him that he can shave her right now and that the bottle contained hair remover. It will prevent her hair from growing for some months, but if he likes the tattoo studio can permanently remove her hair later by electrolysis. She handed Tim the razor and satisfiedly noted the bulge in his pants.

Tim couldn’t believe his luck. The band was safed, and even more better he could give his mark on Caty, the girl he long had an eye on. He really had liked her, but she was always a little bit boring, dressing conservative and she never showed any interest in tattoos or even piercings. But this contract changed everything.

He guided her to the bathroom in front of a huge mirror. After taking the razor, he turned it on and placed it at the middle of her forehead. “Are you sure?” he asked again and she just nodded. Slowly he moved the razor over her head, leaving a stripe of bald skin. He repeated the process, more hair was falling to the ground. Adrenaline shot through Caty’s veins and she started to breathe heavily.

A few minutes later Peter was done and stroked Caty’s bald scalp. He asked Caty to kneel down so that he could apply the depilation cream. She did as she was told and it was obvious that she enjoyed following his commands. Peter put on gloves while Caty unzipped his pants to get access to his erect member. While Peter rubbed in the creme to make her bald for the foreseeable future she wrapped her lips around his dick and started to suck. Peter couldn’t hold back for long and soon ejaculated into her mouth. He hadn’t had such an orgazm in years.

Caty licked his cum from her lips and said “This was fast. And you have just started with my transformation.” The 10 minutes they had to wait for the creme to do their work, she licked his dick clean which started to get hard again. Then they both went under the shower, kissing intensely and exploring each other’s body. After it they directly went to bed, followed by exhausting hours of sex.

When Tim heard what his sister had done he was shocked, but also happy that their financial problems might be solved. He proposed to do a video of her and the band to advertise the body mod charity and get more supporters and money.

The rest of the week Caty tried to continue her studies, wearing a wig during the Zoom meetings. Nobody seemed to notice anything, but she wasn’t able to concentrate. All the time her thoughts drifted away, daydreaming of the increadible sex with Peter.

Peter on the other hand had endless discussions with Mike and Jess from the tattoo studio about his ideas for Caty. They finally settled on a plan which made Peter horny every time he thought about it. During their sex sessions he started to enjoy Catys submissive side and loved to make her his submissive, modified sex toy. On the other hand his plan would perfectly fit with the band.

A month later Peter and Caty entered the tattoo studio. The charity was a huge success, the band was financed for the next two years and the charity kadıköy escort gave them a lot of attention. Mike and Jess were also happy to have some work. During the lockdown they had to close their shop, but Jess had contacts with local authorities that allowed them to open for the charity (some intimate pictures of the major and Lizzy the demon might have helped).

Mike welcomed them and told them that they were ready to start. The last weeks Peter had removed all hair from Caty’s body, including her pubic hair and eyebrows, and applied the depilation cream everywhere. Caty was now completely hairless. So Jess spent the first two hours making her baldness permanent by electrolysis. Then she guided Caty to a bathtub and put on gloves. She applied another chemically smelling solution on all of Catys body including her face and let it operate for an hour.

When she washed the solution aways, Caty’s skin was a shade whiter. Jess explained to her that the solution is a permanent bleach, which will permanently remove all color pigmentation from her skin. She had to repeat the process every day, each time her skin became whiter.

After a couple of days some of her fellow students asked her if she was ill and if she had got the virus, so she started to apply heavy makeup on her face before her Zoom meetings. But then she realized that this was silly and just turned off the camera. So in the end not being on the campus was an advantage for her. She worried a bit about the future reactions of other people, but then the thoughts about her time with Peter and the amazing sex with him dismissed her worries.

After two week the process was finished and the final result was amazing: her whole body was now clear white. None of her original pigmentation was visible anymore. Even her birthmark on her belly was gone. With her white, hairless body she now looked totally alien.

Mike explained to her that the next step will be a small operation, before they can start with the tattooing. He injected some sedative into her ears and then started to work on them with a scalpel. Caty knew that she was now at a point of no return, but she watched her transformation with growing fascination. When a drop a red blood ran down from her ear over her white neck looked so unreal, but also sexy.

An hour later Mike was done. Caty now spotted two pointed ears, the wounds sewed with a surgical yard. Mike explained that it will be removed in a week, but currently her ears looked like Frankenstein’s Monster with all the stitches of black yard on her white skin all the way up.

Caty examined her ears when she got distracted by a humming noise. She knew that the tattooing started. Peter insisted on starting with Caty’s face. Being hairless and all white it looked totally featureless. So Jess took the tattoo gun and started outlining her lips. In a mirror Caty could see that her new lip boundaries were far outside her original lip lines, making them much more bigger. At the sides her lips were extended by at least one centimeter, giving her a huge exaggerated and permanent smile.

Jess changed the needles of the tattoo gun and filled Caty’s lips pitch black. She opened her mouth to extend the black tattoo deep into her mouth. Then she started on Caty’s eyes, giving her heavy black eyeliners. Finally she started to tattoo high black eyebrows. Caty’s face wasn’t featureless anymore, but now she looked like a goth clown with huge lips. With this face she definitely couldn’t show up at the university she thought with a sigh.

Jess explained to her that they weren’t done with her face, but first she should have some days of rest, and then they would continue with other parts of her body. Back at Peter’s appartement, Caty examined her new face in the mirror. Her lips and eyes were still sore and swollen and also the anesthesia of her ears wore off. She was such a freak now, but Peter seemed to love it.

He approached her from behind and then put a thick black leather collar around her neck. It had a big O-ring on the front where Peter attached a short leash. He told her that he found it at an online shop for dogs and directly thought that it would perfectly fit his little bitch. Caty shivered when he called her bitch and realized that she would be his doggy girlfriend from now on.

Then he commanded her to undress and to to bend down. She did as ordered and suddenly felt a pain in her ass when he rammed his hard dick into her ass. She had never been taken analy, but she loved it so much. Her ass was so stiff, but she was sure that this will change over the next few weeks. Kneeling on the floor of the bathroom, fucked doggy style by her crush, collared and oddly deformed she had one orgasm after another. Finally, Peter also came and filled her ass with cum. But instead of letting her clean it, he pushed a tail butt plug into it.

He told her to never remove her collar by herself and that she was only allowed to remove her butt plug when she had to use the toilet or esenyurt escort bayan if he wanted to take her from behind. She nodded with pure joy in her eyes.

The next day Caty skipped her online courses. Was there any value in attending them anymore? The way she now looks like she will never get her law exam. But she had to admit that she was tired of studying anymore. Wasn’t it much better to live with Peter and to help out in the band? Instead, that morning she sorted her wardrobe. She threw away all her prizzy clothes and only kept anything sexy and more alternative ones. Then she cut holes into her remaining trousers and skirts to fit her new tail. She had to ask Peter to buy some new clothes online that fitted her more for her future self.

When Caty was back in the tattoo studio, Jess asked her to lay down on the tattoo table on her front. Jess smiled when she saw Caty’s butt plug and removed it. Then she tattooed her anus pitch black, before starting to work on Caty’s right butt. An hour later, she showed her the result in a mirror. In big red letters with black outlines it stated “Property of The Dalmatians”. Jess told her that this will be the only writing and the only colored tattoo on her. The rest of her art will be done in solid black. “We will make you now a full member of the dalmations.” said Jess with a grin.

The next hours Jess and Mike tattooed the back and butt with dozens of spots in different sizes and shapes. Soon Caty realized that she was getting the pattern of a dalmatian! Now the white made totally sense. She instantly loved the idea to become a dog of this breed. This is perfect for the band, she could be her mascot. And she would be Peter’s bitch.

The next tattoo appointment was three days later, so Caty had a lot of free time now that she has quit her studies. She started by cleaning up her cosmetic cabinet. Wondering about all the makeup she had collected in the last years, she realized that she now didn’t need to use it anymore. Then she found her old brushes. She had loved to brush her old hair, but now being permanently bald the brushes became useless. The same was true for her eyebrow tweezers.

She looked into the mirror, studying the strange face again. Her ears started to heal, and also her lips weren’t as swollen anymore. Would she ever get used to it? But Peter loved her new look, and she always got a little wet when thinking of what she was becoming. And she would save a lot of time as she would never have to do her makeup again, she thought and threw all the useless stuff away. The only thing she kept was a bottle of black nail polish. She didn’t remember why she had ever bought it and she never used it before, but now she was happy that she could dye her finger and toe nails in their appropriate color.

Next she cleaned up her room. All the law books could go away. But just throwing them away didn’t feel satisfying enough, she should celebrate her new life. She called the boys and they decided to do a special online gig of the Dalmatians where they introduce the new Caty as her new band pet and where they burn all the stuff from her former life. Peter also suggested that Caty should do a daily stream on the band’s website to show off the progress of her transformation. This would draw additional attention to the band.

A day later they performed the gig. The band played some of their songs, then Peter and Caty repeated the collaring ceremony which they have already done in private. They let her show her butt with the tail plug into the camera, presenting her fresh property tattoo which claimed her now as their official band bitch. After burning all of her old books, accompanied by a new song dedicated to their new mascot, Peter let Caty eat out of a dog bowl to show the world her future status.

The day after, Peter and Caty laid together in the bed, after another round of their daily sex, and scrolled through the comments of their video. As they had expected, some of their fans didn’t like what they did and turned their back on the band, but the huge majority loved it. Their channel even got thousands of new subscribers, the gig was a huge hit. The people commented that they loved what they were doing with Caty and her transformation. Someone started a discussion about how to further humiliate her and others jumped in to make more suggestions. Satisfied, Peter saw that Caty got more and more aroused by these comments.

The next day her tattooing continued. They extended the spots on her back over her sides to her front. Dozens of spots followed on her breasts and belly. Then Mike injected some collagen into her nipples to make them bigger and to look like being permanently erect. Then he tattooed then pitch black as well as her areolas. Over the next hours more dalmatian spots were added down her belly, until finally her cunt was tattooed black, too.

After a sleepless night, the tattooist continued to add spots on Caty’s legs and over her shoulders down her arms. After tattooing spots on Caty’s left hand, Jess turned it over and injected collagen into the tips of her fingers and on her palm. Then she tattooed the injected area black. Caty realized that she now had paw pads on her hand. Jess then added pads to her right hand and finally also to her feet.

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