Bottomless Brunch

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Ben walked sleepily along the coast road, the morning sun bothering his bleary eyes. In spite of a shower and fresh clothes he was still only half-awake after a late Friday night, and here he was, going morning drinking with his girls.

“His girls.” That’s how he thought of them. Annie, Sarah and Sheena, friends since college and still in touch. They’d been inseparable back then, and now they were pushing thirty they didn’t see each other as often as they liked, but they remained close. To be honest, that was how he liked it. It was… awkward being around them. They didn’t seem to notice, but the three girls — women, he mentally corrected himself, they weren’t teenagers anymore — they were all stunningly gorgeous. He’d had a crush on all three of them since he’d met them, but they’d never seen him as anything more than a good friend.

He didn’t like terms like “friendzoned” – he wasn’t a dickhead, he knew he wasn’t entitled to anything — but he wished that just one of them had seen him like he saw them. But he’d always been just “one of the girls” – Annie had actually used that phrase, unaware of how it stung. He’d been a skinny, gawky teen, and while he liked to think he’d aged up pretty well, he knew none of them saw him as anything other than the same little guy he’d been then.

He hadn’t caught up with them the last time they’d been in town. He’d had a girlfriend then, and she was weird about him hanging out with his three gorgeous friends, which, on reflection, was probably fair enough. Eight months later they were down for a summer weekend catch-up, and he was single again. He’d caught up with Annie last night. The slim, beautiful brunette had taken him out clubbing — never really his thing, but he’d go anywhere with her. In the occasional quiet moments when they could actually hear each other speak, they chatted about old times, about her career as a dancer, and about seeing Sheena and Sarah tomorrow for Bottomless Brunch.

That had been Sarah’s idea. She’d always liked to eat, and liked to drink even more, although not as much as Annie, who had gotten absolutely hammered last night. Sarah had booked a private dining room at one of the fancy hotels on the front for a buffet brunch with, supposedly, as much Prosecco and cocktails as they could drink, although Ben thought the hotel might be underestimating how much the four of them could knock back. The term “bottomless” had sent the drunken Annie into paroxisms of laughter. She’d still been giggling when he wished her good night, when the club had kicked them out at three in the morning. She wanted to carry on partying, but he needed sleep if he was going to function at all the next day.

“OK,” she’d said. “I’m going to find somewhere else.”

“Just be careful, alright?” he’d said to her, concerned about how much she’d had to drink. “Look after yourself, and no going off with strange men, OK?”

“Who, me?” she laughed. He looked at her, in her tight black leggings and black crop-top under a short, sparkly jacket. There was no chance a man wouldn’t make a bee-line for her now she was out on her own.

“Be sensible,” he warned her, both concerned and a little pre-envious.

“OK boss,” she said, and leaned forward to give him a hug, almost toppling over. He caught her and hugged her back, but as he released her, she landed a smooch on his lips.

“See you tomorrow!” she laughed, dashing off into the night.

“Today!” he called after her.

He’d watched her tight, pert arse retreat away, stunned by the kiss. It had been sloppy and obviously hadn’t meant anything, but hell, it had made his night.

Now it was eleven, he’d had about five hours sleep but could have done with at least five more, and was having second thoughts about morning booze, although he could definitely nail the breakfast. He entered the hotel, made the front desk aware he was there, and in short order was shown to a small but terribly fancy dining room.

He was, of course, the first one there, keen to see his girls. He sat at the single dining table, slipped off his jacket onto the back of the chair, and slumped forward in his shirt and jeans. He wished he hadn’t worn the jeans — they were too tight, but his butt was his best feature and he kind of wanted the girls to know that. There was piping hot tea and coffee laid out; he reached for the tea, then thought better of it and opted for a black coffee with plenty of sugar to jolt himself awake.

The jolt he needed was provided when Sarah entered the room. She looked incredible. She’d always been curvy, and over the years had put on some weight, but it only made her look better. She wore a jacket over a sleek black dress, not caring about the bulges around her middle, proudly emphasising her huge but perfectly shaped backside. The dress was low-cut, showing off a good three-quarters of her gigantic breasts.

Ben tried to mentally quash the erection that was building in his pants, standing up as soon as he thought it was safe.

“Hey Sarah,” he said, stepping over bahis şirketleri to her.

“Hey babe,” she smiled, embracing him and kissing him gently on the cheek. Her huge tits pressed into his chest. He held onto her for a moment too long, not wanting to let her go.

“Sheena and Jo will be here soon,” said Sarah as they separated.

“Jo?” he asked, confused, as they sat down, only then noticing there were five places set.

“Oh, didn’t I mention?” she replied, slipping her jacket off and taking a seat. “Sheena’s girlfriend. They’ve only been seeing each other a little while but she’s really into her, so I thought it would be cool for her to come. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Course not,” he replied. Inwardly, he was a little put-out, but knew he couldn’t really expect to have his girls all to himself. Plus, he wanted to see what sort of woman Sheena would go for. She’d been openly bi since they were at college, but he’d rarely actually seen her with anyone, male or female. He bet she was gorgeous.

As they helped themselves to more coffee, they made idle chat about their lives. Ben asked Sarah if she was seeing anyone.

“Nope, not for a while. Just Sheena I think.”

“Yeah, Annie’s single too. On the prowl last night.”

“I bet,” laughed Sarah. “Although, to be honest, I should do the same. It’s been months since I had a good seeing-to.”

Ben’s cock twitched again. Sarah was always like this. If any of the girls knew how he felt, it was her. She was forever teasing him like that.

“Ugh, I know what you mean,” he said.

“Don’t tell me no one’s after that nice little tush,” smiled Sarah. Ben stared back at her, momentarily lost for words. “Oh, come on, you always wear tight trousers like that so you can show it off. Don’t think I hadn’t noticed.”

“Oh, you can talk,” he answered back, gesturing at her outfit.

“Fair point,” she said, with a wink. “Seriously, though, what about that sexy thing you were seeing before? Kate?”

“Kat,” he corrected. “She was a bit of a jealous type. Didn’t work out.”

“Jealous? How so?”

“Well, for one thing, she didn’t like me meeting you girls. She thought you were all after me.” Fat chance, he thought to himself.

“Women can always tell,” smiled Sarah.

“What do you mean?”

“Ben, you’re so oblivious. We all fancy you, you idiot. We always have done.”

This news hit him like a drink thrown in the face.



“I don’t believe you. Why did none of you say anything?”

“Well, because we were all friends. It was kind of an unspoken agreement — you were off-limits. And you never asked any of us out, even though you obviously fancied us.”

Ben wasn’t sure what to say to this. Thankfully, the tension was broken when Sheena and her girlfriend walked in. Sheena was as stunning as ever. Dark chocolate skin, cropped black hair, she wore a sleek green dress and high heels which increased her already impressive height. Her curves weren’t as prodigious as Sarah’s, but she still had a hell of a pair of tits and a perfect round arse. Jo, in comparison, was more boyish, with short, naturally red hair, dressed in jeans and a loose checked shirt, the buttons of which were far enough apart to allow just a glimpse of her breasts.

They swapped all the necessary greetings and introductions. Sheena swept Ben up in a hug, her height pressing her tits right against his face. He rapidly sat down again before his dick made itself too obvious. To make matters worse, when Jo and Sarah hugged, the redhead gave the brunette’s butt a cheeky squeeze.

Sheena noticed the look he gave them.

“Jo just loves a big bum,” she said quietly. “Can’t help herself.”

“I know how she feels,” he muttered, earning a broad, beautiful smile from Sheena.

Shortly, a waiter entered the dining room with a trolley, loaded to the edge with plates of eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns, toast, fried bread — the works. Another followed behind with a trolley carrying six bottles of Prosecco. Ben noticed Sarah and Sheena looking intently at the gent with the drinks — was it the wine they were checking out, or the admittedly handsome, Mediterranean-looking waiter? The first gent laid out the food on the table, explaining they could call for more at any time using the phone on the wall by the door, as well as more Prosecco, or to order a cocktail off the menus he handed out. They then left the group to themselves.

In spite of his delicate state, once he’d eaten and the drink was flowing, Ben was knocking wine back as eagerly as the girls. He felt a lot more relaxed once he’d had a couple, but caught himself staring too long at each of the women more than once and made himself look away.

“When’s Annie getting here?” asked Sheena.

“Don’t know,” answered Sarah between mouthfuls of wine. “Haven’t heard from her.”

“She was pretty far gone when I left her last night,” said Ben, “or rather, this morning.”

“Do you think she’s OK?” asked Jo.

“Oh, Annie bahis firmaları can take care of herself,” said Sarah. “She’ll turn up eventually.”

“Yeah,” said Ben, standing up and grabbing another bottle of Prosecco. “She’d not going to miss this much booze.”

They happily chatted amongst themselves for another fifteen minutes or so, the alcohol loosening their lips. Sarah, predictably, turned the conversation to sex.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked,” she lamented into her wine.

“Don’t worry,” said Jo, placing her hand on her broad thigh, “you’ll find someone soon enough. You’re gorgeous.”

“Thank you babe,” replied Sarah. “You’re gorgeous too.”

“You could always try finding a girlfriend,” said Sheena.

“I’d be up for that,” said Sarah, not taking her eyes off Jo.

“I didn’t know you were into girls,” said Ben, surprised.

“I’m not *not* into girls,” she replied.

“Bi is the best way to be,” said Sheena. “You can enjoy pussy and cock!”

“Sorry I can only give you one,” said Jo, pouting.

“Oh, don’t be silly, I love you — and your pussy.” The partners leaned in for a passionate kiss.

“You’re both so gorgeous,” said Sarah, watching them.

“Yeah,” said Sheena, looking down at herself once they broke apart. “If I had a dick, I’d fuck myself.”

“You can borrow mine,” said Ben, which brought on a big laugh from the girls.

“Changing the subject,” said Sheena, “how’s — “

At that moment, the doors burst open and Annie stumbled in. She wore a long, grey coat that covered her from her neck to her toes.

“Hey guys!” she cried, still clearly drunk.

“You made it!” shouted Sarah happily.

“Where did you get that coat?” asked Ben.

“Some bloke gave it to me ‘cos I was cold. I haven’t been back to my Air B’n’B yet.”

“You dirty stop-out!” laughed Sheena.

“Hugs everyone!” said Annie, flinging off her coat.

The four or them sat staring at her. She still had on her crop-top and sparkly jacket, and her black high heels, but nothing else. She was naked from the waist down to her ankles. All four of them stared at her, seemingly unconcerned that she was showing off her perfectly shaven pussy.

“… the fuck?” Jo managed to say.

“What?” laughed Annie. “This is a Bottomless Brunch, right?” She did a twirl, giving the group a look at her small, round ass, almost falling over in the process.

“You need to go put some clothes on,” said Ben, standing up and reaching for her coat.

“Why? This is a private room, right? No one will come in unless we call them. And anyway, do any of you really want me to put my clothes back on?”

The silence that followed answered that one.

“I thought so,” she smiled. “Now where are my hugs?” She grabbed Ben as the nearest one, embracing him and wrapping her naked legs around his.

“Ooh, your jeans feel nice,” she whispered in his ear.

She broke away and embraced the other women in turn, and it didn’t escape Ben’s notice that Jo snuck a quick grab of her butt.

The next half hour went surprisingly normally, Annie eating and drinking and the rest just drinking. Still steaming, Annie cried out “Cocktails!” and Sarah placed an order through the phone, everyone somehow forgetting in the moment about Annie’s butt-nakedness.

Finishing her food, Annie leant back in her chair with a glass of Prosecco in her hand. She relaxed, opening her legs absently. Ben stared at her, his jaw hanging open.

“Babe,” said Sarah, nodding at her in a vain attempt to subtly let her know what she was doing. Ben managed to tear his gaze away, and noticed that Jo and Sheena were looking at her just the same way.

“What?” said Annie, before taking a long drink of wine. It finally clicked and she looked down. “Oh, right. Does that offend you?” she said, teasingly.

“Not at all, babe,” said Sarah, “just thinking of you.”

“I’m not embarrassed, if that’s what you mean. I think I’ve got a beautiful pussy. Don’t you like it?”

Ben stared at Annie’s naked crotch. She was right — it was a perfect innie with thick, pale outer lips and tiny pink inner lips peeking out. A cute button of a clit looked back at him.

“I love it,” he said. His cock was now rock-hard in his pants, straining against his jeans.

Just then, the door opened. Annie snapped her legs shut, and Sarah chucked a napkin onto her lap to cover her modesty. They all looked at the door, Annie craning her neck round as she was facing away. It was the handsome waiter again.

“Your cocktails, ladies, sir,” he said smoothly, striding over. At the nod of each diner, he placed a mojito in front of Sarah, two espresso martinis in front of Sheena and Jo, a whiskey sour in front of Ben, and finally a pornstar martini in front of Annie. He did the tiniest, briefest of double takes as he noticed she was wearing nothing but a tiny napkin on her bottom half, before turning to leave.

“If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to call,” he said, before leaving kaçak bahis siteleri and firmly shutting the door behind him.

“Shiiiiit!” said Sheena, while Ben realised he was holding his breath. Annie burst into laughter again.

“Ooh, I can think of something he can bring me,” she said, grabbing her cocktail.

“Fucking hell Annie,” said Sarah in disbelief, “Aren’t you even slightly bothered by that?”

“Nope,” she said. “Look, the door’s lockable. If you’re that worried about someone coming in and seeing this gorgeous body, I’ll lock it.” She got up and walked to the door, an exaggerated sway to her hips. Trying to turn the ornate key with one hand, she managed to pull it out of the lock and drop it. “Shit,” she muttered, bending over to pick it up, treating the rest to an unobstructed rear view of her cunt and arsehole.

“Fuck,” whispered Ben and Sheena in unison. Ben’s cock felt like it was about to burst through his trousers.

Annie managed to get the key back in and the door locked without spilling her cocktail, which she then downed anyway, making the whole faff a bit pointless. She collapsed back down in the chair with a slap, her legs wide open again.

“I want another cocktail,” she pouted.

“Have mine,” said Ben, passing over his whiskey sour, his eyes fixed on her tantalising pussy. She smiled, and took it from him.

“I’d prefer a pornstar, but thanks.”

“Yes, that cocktail suits you,” said Jo with a little venom, although she too couldn’t take her eyes off Annie’s cunt.

“Hey, this is a Bottomless Brunch!” announced Annie, after knocking back most of Ben’s drink. “Why am I the only one with no bottoms on?”

“Because no one’s as drunk as you?” suggested Sheena.

“I don’t know, I’m pretty far gone,” said Sarah, standing up a little unsteadily. “Shit, I’m wearing a dress. That doesn’t work.”

“You’ve got a bra on right?” said Annie. “You must do with those massive jugs!”

“Oh yeah!” smiled Sarah, hiking her dress over her head and onto the floor. Gleefully unconcerned about her nudity and admirably unconscious of her large belly, she slipped off her knickers, leaving her standing in just a black bra. The dark hair of her pussy formed a neat triangle beneath the overhang of her belly.

“Sarah!” gasped Sheena.

“What?” she said, grabbing the last bottle of Prosecco. “The door’s locked and we’ve got the room to ourselves for another…” she glanced at her watch, “… two hours yet. Anyway, it’s fun!”

Sheena turned to her girlfriend, who was staring with undisguised lust at Sarah’s round, fat arse. She grabbed her face and turned her back to face her.

“Um, yes?” mumbled Jo.

“I was going to ask if you’re OK with this, but you certainly look like you are.”

“Come on, like you haven’t been ogling Annie’s pussy for ages.”

Sheena sighed. “Fair enough. But really, are you OK with this?”

Realisation hit Jo’s features.

“You mean, do I want to…” She thought for a moment. “I’m game if you are.”

“Fuck it,” said Sheena, standing up, pulling her own dress over her head and onto the floor. Jo helped remove her thong, sensually caressing her partner’s thighs and ass as she did so. Jo then took her turn, wriggling out of her jeans, shoes and socks, finally removing her lacy red knickers. She passed them to Sheena, who pressed them to her face, inhaling.

“I love you,” she said to Jo.

“I love you too, baby,” she replied. They kissed, long and hard, their hands clamped around each others bare bottoms.

Ben sat there, gobsmacked. Three women he had lusted after for years, and a beautiful newcomer, were standing in front of him in only their tops or their bras. He looked between their legs, each in turn: Annie’s shaven mound, Sarah’s dark patch of hair, Sheena’s brown, shaven flesh and Jo’s enticing patch of red curls.

“Come on Ben,” said Annie, “your turn.”

“I, I’m not sure,” stuttered Ben, overwhelmed.

“Oh, go on!” said Sheena. “You can’t expect us to get our kits off and you still sit there just watching.”

“Yeah, no fair!” said Sarah. “Come on Ben. I’ve always wanted to see that cock.”

“Really?” gasped Ben, shocked.

“Really,” said Sarah. “Tell you what, if you get your pants off, I’ll bend over just like Annie did.”

That clinched it. “Deal,” he said, standing up and unbuckling his belt.

“Out from the table,” said Annie. “We want to get a proper look.” She sat with her legs still open, enticing him.

He did as he was told, stepping into clear view of the four women. He kicked off shoes and socks, and dropped his jeans and underpants, stepping out of them. His cock, hard and desperate, stood proudly. He’d always been pretty happy with his cock, almost eight inches long and thick with it. Sheena looked at it with a smile, while Annie started absently touching herself, her delicate fingers rubbing her clit. Sarah looked at it lustily.

“Fuck,” she said, “that’s better than I expected.”

“What did you expect?” asked Ben, uncertainly.

“Nothing bad!” she said quickly. “But that… that is a gorgeous cock Ben.”

“Perfect,” agreed Sheena.

“Who’d have though little Benny would be so big?” said Annie, sliding a finger into her wet hole.

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