Breastfed by Becky

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Becky and her husband Mike moved into the house across the street when I was 18. Mike at 39 was much older than his new bride Becky which was only just 20. I am not sure what she saw in him other than maybe a father figure. It was easy to see what he saw in her. She was beautiful in everyway. Mostly innocent with just a hint of her wild side.

Mike was an over-the-road truck driver and would leave his new bride home alone for extended periods of time. He made good money so he bought her lots of presents and creature comforts for their house. After about 3 months he bought a hot-tub and had a new deck built on the back of their house. Since they had a fence around their backyard they had plenty of privacy. Their fence backed up to the alley so there wasn’t any neighbors directly behind them.

I was walking down the alley one evening and heard splashing and giggling. I quickly bent down and crouched next to the fence. I could see into their backyard through a small knot-hole in the fence. Mike and Becky were both in the hot-tub and Mike was tickling Becky. As she rose from the tub to get away from Mike I clearly saw that she was topless. Soon after she climbed completely out of the tub and ran toward the back fence to get away from Mike’s tickling. From my vantage point I could clearly enjoy the show as she came nearer and nearer. I now realized that they were both completely naked. Becky’s relatively small breasts (34b which I found out later) were bouncing as she ran and her dark pubic patch was trimmed and glistening with water from the hot-tub. Mike’s cock and balls swayed and bounced as he chased her.

I was hard as a rock from watching them run and play. I had to pull out my cock and masturbate right then and there. I continued to watch as they continued to play. A short time passed before they too were worked up and Mike laid Becky on their back deck and fucked her then and there. I say fucked because he was harsh about how he treated her. He wasn’t gentle or caring in any way. He just wanted to get his rocks off and when he finished dumping his load into her, he simply pulled out and walked into the house, leaving Becky laying on their back deck, frustrated and crying. I watched her until she finally stopped crying and rose to go into the house. I returned to the fence almost every night for the next month and only saw a repeat performance a couple of times. I did enjoy watching Becky lying out on their back deck in her bikini. I watched her for a while and decided to make my move.

I walked up to their front door and rang the bell. I was hoping that Becky would answer the door in her bikini. I was a little disappointed when she opened the door wearing a robe. She smiled and asked if she could help me. I replied that I noticed that her husband was a truck driver and was gone a lot. I asked her if she needed any help around the house such as mowing the lawn or anything else that I could do for her to help her out. She smiled and said the lawn could use a good mowing. She showed me to their storage shed where the lawn mower was kept. She asked me to start with the front yard first. I knew that she wanted to continue to sunbathe in the back for a bit longer. I mowed the front yard like I was in the Daytona 500. I finished it in record speed.

I quickly moved to the back esenyurt escort yard and found Becky sleeping on their deck in nothing but her bikini. She was laying face down. Her ass cheeks were separated by a tiny tight little thong bottom and her top was untied and laying beneath her. I watched for several minutes as her ass would rise and fall a little with each breath that she took. I now had the small problem of the tent in my shorts from my arousal. I tried to adjust it but it was useless. As I was fumbling with my shorts — Becky woke up and was watching me. She just smiled when I looked back to her. She asked me to tie her top back up, which I had mixed feeling about. Obviously I wanted to see her tits again but at the same time, any chance to touch her was even better. I tied her top and she rose long enough to turn over and lay on her back. She commented on how quickly I finished the front yard and said that she hoped that I didn’t finish everything so fast. I didn’t really understand what she meant at that time but I sure found out later. I mowed the back yard as she continued to sunbathe. When I finished she went in and grabbed me $10.00. I thanked her and returned their mower to the storage shed.

This went on for over two years with her little remarks and my constant staring at her every chance I got. I had a steady girlfriend that wasn’t willing to go all the way for fear of getting pregnant. I actually liked the idea of her getting pregnant as her breasts would swell with milk, although I never admitted it to her. That’s when I started noticing that Becky was starting to get a little belly. I was staring at it one day when she said that her secret must be out. I asked what she meant and she said that she was pregnant. I was surprised that they decided to have a baby with him on the road so much. She could sense that I had something on my mind. We had become quite close over the two years. I asked her why they wanted a baby if he was gone so much. She informed me that Mike didn’t want kids, but she thought that it might make their marriage stronger as she suspected that he was having affairs on the side. She broke down and started crying. I walked over to her and hugged her to consol her. She soon stopped crying and I went to mow the lawn.

Once I finished the lawn and put away the mower, I knocked on the door and waited for Becky to answer it. I waited for almost ten minutes before I decided to investigate. I entered the house and called for Becky. I didn’t get an answer and began to worry. I walked through the house looking for Becky. I had just entered what I discovered was the master bedroom when I heard water running. I slowly crept up to the bathroom door which was wide open. I peeked in and saw Becky in the shower. The glass provided some privacy but not much. I could clearly make out the shape of her breasts and ass as she washed herself. I was instantly hard. I watch for what seemed like hours which was actually only minutes.

I heard the water shut off and I scrambled to get out of the room before being discovered. I managed to get out of the house undetected. I again knocked on the back door. My heart was pounding in my chest and I still had a raging hard-on. Becky answered the door with a towel around her hair and one covering her body from just above her breasts zeytinburnu escort to just below her ass. She smiled and asked me in so that she could get the money from her purse. I watched as she wiggled her ass beneath the towel as she retrieved her purse. She bent over to grab the money out of her purse which allowed the towel to rise up and expose her ass and hairy little slit. God, was it pure perfection.

She turned and handed me the money and I started to leave when she grabbed my arm and commented on how big and strong I was becoming. I smiled and said that I didn’t think that she had noticed. She confirmed that she noticed as well as noticing me standing in her bedroom watching her bathe. I was busted and was terrified that she would tell Mike. She must have read my mind and told me not to worry, that she had no intention of telling him. Her only condition was that I stop sneaking around the alley watching her for the fear of someone calling the cops. She said that she enjoyed the idea of me watching her and if I was going to continue to do so that I should do so from the privacy of her backyard — not the alley. She handed me a key to the back gate and invited me to spy on her anytime I wanted, as long as Mike wasn’t home. I thanked her and started to leave when she kissed me on the lips and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced for awhile before she broke the kiss and walked me to the door. Mike was home later that night and of-course they were fighting again as usual. I snuck into the backyard through the gate and knelt down under their bedroom window.

I listened as he called her fat and said that he was disgusted by her belly. The guy was a major asshole. She was even more beautiful than ever before and his dumb ass just continued to put her down and insult her. It took everything that I had to control my temper and keep from storming in their and let him have it for the way he was treating her. I would have gotten my ass kicked but I didn’t care about that. That’s when I realized that I was falling in love with her. I trembled with the mixed emotions that I was feeling.

Every time that Mike left the house I was in her back yard either watching her sunbathe or making out with her. She would cry on my shoulder after every fight they had and every time he left. This continued for another month or so. That is until she started really showing the pregnancy and the fights increased.

The next time that Mike left on the road, I ran to their house and found Becky crying on the living room floor. I opened the front door and walked to her. She covered her face as I tried to comfort her. When I pulled her hands away to wipe away the tears I saw that she had a black eye and bruised cheek. I asked her what happened and she said that Mike hit her because she was getting fat and lazy. She had trouble doing some of her chores now that her belly was getting in the way.

I raised her chin and kissed her on the lips and whispered into her ear that she was even more beautiful than before. We continued kissing for a few minutes before she took my hand and lead me down the hall to the master bedroom. I stood at the foot of her bed as she stripped off her top and shorts. She was now naked except for a small pair of string bikini panties taksim escort bayan which soon followed. She walked to me kissed me on the lips and then lifted my shirt over my head. She grabbed my jeans and removed them quickly. I was nervous as hell and had a raging erection. Soon my boxers were on the floor and she led me to the bed by my cock.

I laid her on the bed and leaned over her to suck her now swollen tits. She moaned as I sucked and nibbled on her nipples. She begged me to eat her which I was dying to do. I slowly licked my way down her belly and around her inner thighs. I dove into her wet snatch. She moaned and thrashed about as I licked and sucked on her pussy lips. I ate her through a series of orgasms until I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to get inside her as soon as possible. She pulled me up her and we kissed as she guided me into her sopping wet snatch. I carefully entered her and started plowing her pussy while trying to be careful not to hurt her belly or the baby. She was soon begging me to pound her harder and faster. I was soon out of control, plowing her pussy for everything I was worth. I couldn’t hold out any longer as her pussy walls started milking my cock. I emptied my balls into her. She thrashed about as I filled her pussy. I slowly pulled out of her and laid next to her. Before I knew what was happening she turned and climbed up over me as she lowered her dripping pussy to my face and put my now deflated cock into her mouth. She soon had me rock hard again as I ate my load from her pussy. She swallowed my next load as I ate her to another orgasm. When she finally rolled off me we were both exhausted. We laid in each others arms and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up a few hours later I was in bed alone. I was worried that Becky had second thoughts about us or that I had let her down sexually. When I found her she was sitting naked in the nursery crying again. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her life was such a mess. Her baby was due in just over a month, her husband thought that she was fat and was repelled by the sight of her. She had just cheated on her husband with a younger guy. She was totally confused. I held her in my arms until she felt better.

I walked her to the bedroom and we laid down again. I caressed her body and rubbed her belly as I sucked her nipples. She was moaning as I started sucking harder. As I sucked I felt her nipple start secreting some milk. I sucked harder and she moaned louder. I sucked her through a series of small orgasms and drink her breast milk like a newborn baby. She climbed on me and mounted my hard-on and rode me like she was a cowboy and I was her bull. We continued this day in and day out until we heard Mike’s truck pull into the drive 3 weeks later. He was home for a few days and then gone again.

He was gone when she went into labor and I drove her to the hospital. I waited with her until she was in her room. I went to leave and she begged me to stay with her as she needed me. The doctors and nurses believed that I was the father and I was asked to cut the cord. I stayed with her during the hospital stay and drove her and her newborn daughter home.

When Mike returned home and discovered that Becky had given birth to a daughter, he packed his bags and left in his truck. I stayed with Becky almost day in and day out. She received papers from Mike’s lawyer a few weeks later. He had filed for divorce. I moved in and shared in Becky’s life with her beautiful daughter, Heather. Whenever Heather wasn’t breast-feeding, I was. This continues to this very day.

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