Broke Oak: Cousin Sarah Ch. 02

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{Note: Please read Broke Oak: Cousin Sarah Ch.1 first for this to make sense. These stories are from my experiences and I have changed names and obscured some descriptions, but what you read is real.}

My cousin Sarah called out of the blue. She wanted to come and visit during one of her mom’s trips abroad. School was out (like her mom, she teaches high school); her recent divorce was final and the dust settling; and, we had not seen each other in about 10 years. This is more of the account of her visit.

Sarah had arrived and she and I had crossed that first hurdle of being nude in front of each other. In our younger days, we had been as close as siblings, but it had been years now since we had seen each other, and suddenly here we were, both over sixty, and we were nude with each other and walking around Broke Oak introducing her to friends and showing her the pool, showers, hot tub, social hall, etc.

Like all good nudists, we carried our towels, but I noticed that Sarah seldom held hers in front of her as though for modesty. I was truly impressed with how she adapted to public nudism.

We met probably a dozen of the residents as we walked around, mostly couples, but not all. We took a dip in the pool and I explained that the pool and hot tub were the two places where nudity was not optional, but mandatory. As the rules direct, we showered in the co-ed shower before hitting the pool. I saw that Sarah watched with interest out of the corner of her eye just how people showered, what they touched – or didn’t – and how.

We finished our showers and visited the pool where we lounged for a couple of hours and met the various folks that came and went. Several times I looked over at her and admired her courage to dive in so completely and so fast.

As supper approached we went back to the trailer, stopping to shower again along the way. When we got in and closed the door, Sarah suddenly hugged me, kissed my cheek and thanked me for being understanding and supportive. I felt myself pudge up just a bit in response to the closeness, but I hugged back and said that I was so pleased we were renewing relations.

We grilled some burgers and made salad for supper then cleaned up the kitchen. When we finished, we sat down and watched an HBO movie, knowing Sarah would be tired and need to go to bed early. The only event of that evening was when the main actors in the movie got into a steamy sex scene. I started to swell and grow. By habit, I reached to pull my towel across my Ankara bayan escort lap and Sarah surprised me by saying “Don’t you dare, it is normal, natural, it is you, and I enjoy the natural you!”

“As you wish, … ” I answered and just let it be as it was. The movie eventually ended, and I had long since softened, so it was truly no big deal. We stood, I led her to her room (well, mine, but hers for her visit) and asked if she had any questions about what was what, gave her a hug and headed out to the couch. As I settled down I realized that, like me, she slept with the door open and we settled in for a needed sleep.

The night flew by, I slept reasonably well for sleeping on the couch and I awoke to the feeling I wasn’t alone, sure enough, Sarah was sitting in the easy chair with the newspaper.

When Sarah saw me stir she said “Good morning, I saw your neighbor put the paper on the front deck and went out to pick it up.”

As I started to get up, I realized I had my usual morning hard-on and almost stopped, but when I remembered the previous evening, I figured things would be fine and stood. Sarah looked, of course, but she simply smiled and turned back to the paper.

After a first cup of coffee, I told her my morning routine – alternating between breakfasts at the café or morning coffee with the ‘Posse’, and today was a breakfast day. So, we grabbed towels and headed to the café. Mostly we saw the same folks as the prevous day, but there were a couple of resident neighbors we hadn’t greeted yet and a new couple that was visiting the resort. You could tell the visitors because they had white skinned butts – known as ‘cottontails’ to fulltime nudists – the same as Sarah.

After a good breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee, quality time with the newspaper makes for a great start to any day. And we used the rest of the day to do exactly like the day before, relax and enjoy. Lunch and our afternoon were uneventful. For supper we mixed up some stir-fry, then turned on HBO again before bedtime.

At bedtime Sarah turned to me “Gus, I don’t want to argue and I don’t want to fight. You are sleeping in the bed tonight. I’ll be there, too. We walk around naked all day together. I’ve seen you hard and soft. We have been nude together in front of dozens of other people … we can certainly share the bed and get a good night’s sleep. Besides, I think both of us are a little lonely and we’ll enjoy the presence of someone we love.”

“Sarah, I’m not against Escort bayan Ankara it, I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable, if you are sure, I will – but you need to promise to let me know if it does get uncomfortable and let me go back to the couch with no hard feelings?”

Sarah sealed the bargain with “Deal!” and once again, she hugged me and kissed my cheek. Once again, I swelled up and hugged back, this time knowing that she could feel the swelling and I enjoyed knowing that it was ok.

We slept together, slept wonderfully and when I woke up, just as the previous morning, Sarah was already up, had retrieved the paper that my neighbor Millie had placed on my deck and she had also started a pot of coffee. My morning hard-on was of course visible and taken for granted as it had been the day before.

Normally, this would be my Posse day, but instead I took Sarah by the shower stall where Posse meetings take place, introduced her to the guys, and proceeded to the cafe for breakfast again. Sarah was certainly fitting into the routine and the routine of relaxing seemed to suit her well. Again, we spent the day doing the resort things like previous days. One difference was that in the evening, instead of HBO, we took a bottle of wine to the hot tub and enjoyed the starry night. My neighbor Millie and her husband Jack happened by and since they had their wine, we visited as a foursome and drained the bottles before heading back to our trailers.

When we got back, I told Sarah that Millie might be feeling cheated just a bit because she always watches from her kitchen window while I go out for the newspaper. Since it is right there and I always have a morning hard-on, she gets to see it from their breakfast nook because Jack always sleeps in. Sarah laughed and said she did feel like she was being watched in the mornings, but figured it was just newbie-nudist-paranoia.

So we headed to bed after our now habitual goodnight hug.

In the near darkness, Sarah whispered “Gus, I know that you must be behind on taking care of yourself. Don’t you normally masturbate?”

“Of course, but I can wait, I’ll find some way to get privacy for long enough when I need it.”

“No, I want you to do it right now. It is normal, it is natural, and it is not healthy for you to go without.” she countered.

“I will if you will.” I offered.

“Okay, but you first, though.” she insisted.

There was enough ambient light to actually see pretty well. I pushed the sheet down Bayan escort Ankara and it was clear that hugging earlier and the present topic had made me quite hard. I expected no response, but said “If you are sure … ” and I reached and grasped my cock. It felt so good to gently pump myself while being watched. After three days of not cumming, it was feeling fantastic that I had been given this opportunity! As I stroked, I thought of our ‘smoothie’ team, Hank and Kacey. I thought about Millie next door sneaking peeks at my morning wood when I fetched the newspaper. But what really worked to get me off was thinking of Sarah beside me watching my actions. I sped up and arched my back. As I passed the point of no return, I held my breath and shot a couple of streams up to my chest and then began a soft flow over my hand and down my shaft as I relaxed my frame and came back down to reality. I was spent, but felt so energized in the effort. For several seconds I was silent, then I turned toward Sarah and thanked her for her idea and her gentle support.

Sarah smiled. She smiled so wide I could almost hear the smile! She stroked my forehead once and then whispered “My turn.”

I turned and watched as Sarah pushed the sheet off of her. She spread her legs and ran her hands up and down each inner thigh. This lasted a good fifteen seconds when she suddenly ended one stroke by running both hands onto her mound, squeezing her thighs over her hands and then opening her legs again. She left her right hand on her mound and began to circle her outer lips, concentrating on the very top of her slit. Every pass over her clit caused her to press downward quite hard, I thought it must almost hurt, but she continued. Then, in ever smaller circles, her first three fingers of her right hand drew closer and closer to her clit until they were incessantly circling that magic button. Her left hand had then moved between her legs as well and her middle finger was tickling her labia and just barely invading her hole as her clit got more and more pressure directly on it.

Sarah’s breathing grew more desperate and shallow. Her circling became firmer and faster. And, her invading finger went deeper until it lingered directly on her G-spot. Time stood still as Sarah’s hands refused to stop and with a sudden intake of breath, she gasped and moaned, hit by her orgasm. Suddenly she completely stopped and held herself still until her body’s spasms receded.

I returned her gentle gesture by stroking her forehead and cheek. With all the tenderness I have, I thanked her for sharing such an intimate time together and thanked her for being her.

“I love you.” I promised as I leaned toward her and held her until she fell asleep. And I repeated softly “I love you.”

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