Brooke Ch. 02

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“Traci, I’m so confused.”

Brooke sat in my office with the door closed. The forty-year-old paralegal looked truly flustered and had no idea how much that turned me on. She already knew I loved attractive, older women like herself. Now she was driving me crazy with her expression of helplessness.

“Why’s that, Brooke?”

She fiddled with the hem of her short skirt after crossing her legs.

“I really did like what we did the other night,” she confessed. “You warned me the sex would be better than it is with Bob. But I had no idea it would be THAT good.”

I shrugged and said, “I tried to tell you. Men in general, and husbands in particular, have no idea what a woman wants or needs. So, why are you confused?”

The distress on her face was obvious when she finally said, “I have no intention of ever leaving Bob. I think I told you that already. But how can I ever have sex with him again and not be thinking of you the entire time. It will just be the same old boring sex we’ve always had and I’ll be thinking of how you made me feel. Eventually he’ll notice that I’m not into it and that will be the end of it. Traci, I want you but I also want him. Help me.”

My objective had never been to break up Brooke’s marriage. I simply found her athletic body, cute face, and short hair extremely sexy and I wanted to have sex with her…on a regular basis. Having broken the ice at Brooke’s house the week before and hearing now that she had, in fact, enjoyed it, I saw an opportunity to fulfill another of my life-long fantasies.

“Let’s look at this from Bob’s perspective for a moment,” I said. “What do men like even better than sex with their wife?”

“Sex with somebody else’s wife?” Brooke asked.

“You’re on the right track, Brooke. I would argue that it’s sex with their wife and another woman.”

After a short pause, she said, “At the same time?”

“Of course. Or sex with another woman while the wife watches. That can be very erotic, too, you know.”

It was obvious to her at that point, I think, where I was going. Before she had a chance to discard the notion immediately, I added, “What we need to do is have him see you in another way sexually. We need to liven it up in your bedroom, Brooke, and then he’ll want you day and night.”


I gave her a disgusted look and said, “Well, how many other women do you know that you could invite over to make a threesome?”

“Not many.”

“Exactly. I’m volunteering.”

Brooke said, “But I thought you were…well, you know…into women.”

“I’ve had boyfriends before. I like sex with guys. I just like sex with women better.”

“So you want me to invite you over some night, with Bob there, and we all have sex with each other. How, exactly, do you suggest I propose this to him?”

I smiled and said, “First of all, I think he’d agree before you even finished the sentence. Secondly, I suggest you don’t mention anything about sex. You let me handle that end of it. If it goes as I envision it, the sex will take care of itself and your marriage will never be the same.”

“That’s an understatement,” Brooke replied. “I hope I still have one.”

“Trust me on this one, Brooke. You can thank me later.”

I’m a thirty-year-old woman in decent shape and am considered fairly attractive by both men and women. My self-confidence is higher than most people’s and there was no doubt in my mind I could talk Bob into doing this, even having never met him before. I was doing this for Brooke and I was bound and determined to make it work.

I let Brooke determine the date and time that we would get together. When she told me at work one day that it was all set the following Friday evening, I asked her how her husband took it.

“Oh, he’s not the most sociable person in the world,” she moaned. “I’m sure he’s kind of dreading it so anything you can do to keep him interested from the beginning will help.”

I said, “I won’t wait long before I talk to him. Which reminds me…I need to be alone with him for a few minutes when that happens. So, if you see me wander off to wherever he is, leave us alone. You have to turn off your possessiveness impulse during this whole thing. OK?”

“Whatever you say, Traci. But…oh well, it might work.”

“Might work?” I exclaimed. “It’s going to be the best damned night of your life, Brooke!”

When Friday night arrived, I did feel a little pressure to pull this off. However, my attitude had been all along: ‘What could go wrong?’ Assuming Bob was your average male, he was about to live a fantasy that he thought only happened in movies.

Brooke met me at the door and we walked into the family room together. I had to admit, I was a bit taken back when I saw the man sitting there. Brooke introduced her husband, who was undoubtedly the best looking man I’d ever met in person. He was Brooke’s age, with thick hair and a body to kill for. I stammered my way through the initial conversation, trying to get my mind off what this guy looked Ankara escort like naked. How could any woman not want to do anything humanly possible to stay married to him? And have sex with him every waking moment?

I wore a t-shirt with a neckline that I knew was more than a little bit revealing, so I left the bra at home. My jeans were a bit tight, but Brooke liked my ass so I presumed Bob would, too. Watching his eyes those first few minutes after we met confirmed to me that my casual outfit met with his approval.

Nothing occurred in the first half hour that would indicate Bob and Brooke weren’t the most typical American couple you ever met. I didn’t detect any tension between them and my hopes grew as we approached the time I thought it would be appropriate to get Bob to myself for a little chat.

When he walked into the kitchen, I looked over at Brooke, nodded, and then joined Bob. We were out of sight of the family room and Brooke could not hear us.

Bob saw me walk in and said, “Brooke talks about you all the time, Traci. I’m glad I got to meet you.”

He was getting a drink and asked me, “Need a refill?”

“Yes. Thanks,” I told him. “I hope she hasn’t told you everything she knows about me.”

He smiled and said, “Oh, you have secrets?”

“Don’t we all?”

He handed me my drink and replied, “I suppose. Tell me one of yours.”

I was really beginning to like this guy. I imagined he and I playing all kinds of mind games with each other if we were together. Brooke was much too reserved for that. I’d have to talk to her about it.

“I like older men,” I finally said.

Bob replied, “Well, you should love me, then. I’m at least ten years older than you.”

“Actually, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you alone, Bob,” I said, setting my glass on the counter.

I stepped closer until we were touching. I said, “Brooke and I have a little surprise for you tonight.”

I was standing at his side when I put my hand on his crotch. It was just a light touch, but I let my hand linger there and watched his expression. He didn’t flinch.

“A surprise?” he asked.

I pressed harder and felt his cock.

“Yes. We want to put on a show and I need to ask a favor of you to make this even better,” I said. “We’ll only go as far as you want, but you need to let me know if you like it or not.”

I felt him starting to stiffen and I rubbed a little harder.

“The only way I’ll know if you are enjoying it is if you get hard, Bob,” I told him. “The only way I’ll know if you get hard is if you pull out your cock. When the time is right…and you’ll know when that is…let me see your hard cock. Don’t be bashful. There’s a reward for you in the end if you play along. OK?”

I could feel the outline of his hardening cock already and could only imagine what it would be like after Brooke and I were through.

“I don’t know why I trust you, Traci, but I do,” he said.

“So, tell me one of your secrets,” I said.

“I love younger women.”

“We’re going to get along just fine, Bob.”

We walked back into the family room together, but I never sat down. I went over to Brooke and reached out my hands to pull her up. We were maybe ten feet in front of Bob’s chair as I put my arm around Brooke and kissed her on the cheek.

“I said we had a surprise for you,” I said to Bob. “Here it is.”

I moved behind Brooke and kissed her on the neck and ear. She wore a long sleeve top that had a couple buttons at the top. I opened them while watching Brooke watch Bob. Her expression was one of anticipation and maybe a little fright. That was good for our purposes. When I had the buttons open, I slid a few fingers inside her shirt and onto the top of her tits. After a few seconds, I reached down and took off the shirt.

I kissed her shoulders and, at the same time, inched the straps of her bra a little lower. The cups hung loosely and began to reveal her beautiful tits. I unhooked the bra in the back and held it in place for just a moment before pulling it away. Only then did Bob show signs of following my instructions by placing his hand on top of his jeans and rubbing his cock. This shouldn’t take long, I thought to myself.

Who knows what either of them were thinking when my hands enclosed Brooke’s tits in a tight grip. When I let go, I pulled on the nipples a little and felt Brooke take in a quick, deep breath. I slowly moved around and bent just enough to be able to kiss her right nipple. Then my tongue slid across it. I made sure I wasn’t blocking Bob’s view when I finally put the tit in my mouth. For a couple minutes I sucked on one tit and then the other, watching the nipples grow to twice their original size.

I unbuttoned Brooke’s pants and slid down the zipper. I helped her out of the jeans before circling around until I was behind her again. The bulge in Bob’s pants was plainly visible now and I was getting desperate to see his cock. I slid a hand inside the front of Brooke’s panties and felt Ankara escort bayan her warm, wet pussy.

That’s what it took for Bob to finally open his jeans and pull out his massive erection. I didn’t say a word as it stood like a pole rising from his lap. I just rubbed Brooke’s clit harder and faster, causing her to gasp and arch her back. Bob took the cock in his hand and very slowly stroked it for us.

I hated to rush things, but I took off Brooke’s panties in eagerness to move along. As often as Bob had seen his wife naked, I was quite certain it had never been under these circumstances and his cock was evidence of that fact. Nor did I believe he had ever seen a woman kneel in front of Brooke and lick her pussy the way I did next. When I stood again and glanced at Bob, I’m not sure how I refrained from going to him and taking care of that cock.

But Brooke had work to do. She had to undress me, which she did lovingly and with equal attention to my tits and pussy. If either of us had a fear of Bob somehow protesting the sight of his wife with another woman, he dispelled it immediately by continuing to stroke his thick cock.

“Now, I think you have figured out that Brooke and I love each other very much,” I said to Bob. “But she assures me she loves you just as much, or more. We want to show you just how much. Together.”

I looked at Brooke with a grin and said, “Can I see him naked?”

“I’d love that.”

“Can you strip him for me?” I asked her.

I stood and watched Brooke go to the chair and take off her husband’s clothes. He had the typical forty-year-old bulges, but was in much better shape than most men his age. And that cock. Oh God, that great cock.

When she was done, I joined Brooke and we got on our knees on either side of his crotch. She was first to run her tongue up the length of his shaft, but I quickly joined her. I could feel the blood surging through him and the head of his cock was a bright pink. It was fun feeling Brooke’s tongue collide with mine as we battled for space. Then I let her take him into her mouth, as long as I had equal time afterwards. I wasn’t used to anything that long and thick, but I managed to get most of it in and let my lips and tongue do the rest.

Although Bob might have been happy if we just kept that up all night, I had other plans.

“Brooke, one of us needs to make him cum and I nominate you,” I told her.

“But you’re our guest,” she answered.

“I insist. Get up there and let him fuck you while I watch,” I said. “I might even help.”

The smile on Brooke’s face as she climbed onto Bob’s lap was one of pure delight. I really did hope that they were reconnecting in a way they once had, earlier in their marriage. At the same time, I wanted Brooke to understand that it was OK for me to be a part of this and to enhance her enjoyment of the sex. I wasn’t going to give her up without a fight.

It was great watching her slowly settle down on top of Bob’s cock. I pondered what it felt like having something that big gradually penetrate my pussy. Only when she was firmly in place did I lean in and begin to lick on her tit. Soon I was sucking on it while they fucked.

Bob reached up and took my tit in his hand. He pinched the nipple and I moaned my approval. Brooke took it all in stride, undoubtedly fully focused on riding her husband’s cock until they both came. Then I moved over and kissed Bob. A few seconds later, he had one of my tits in his mouth. Through it all, he kept pounding his cock into Brooke’s pussy.

“I’m going to cum watching you two,” Brooke warned us.

“That’s the idea,” I replied. “I want to hear it when you do.”

“Oh, you will.”

I alternated between the two of them, doing what I could to get them closer. I was attending to Brooke’s tits when I felt Bob’s hand on my pussy. He found my clit and my body twitched at his touch.

Then Brooke cried out, “Yes. I’m so close!”

The chair creaked as the pace of their fucking increased. I bit one of Brooke’s nipples.

“Oh my God! Yes! Yes!”

She was holding my head with both hands.

“Ohhhh! Bob, fuck me harder. Please!”

I was sucking her tit when she came. Over and over she cried out as her orgasm built to a climax. Then we heard Bob groan and mumble something inaudible, followed by a fierce thrust of his cock upward, followed by another. Each one deposited a new stream of cum inside Brooke as they came together. I could only stand back and watch as their orgasms went on and on.

Finally, Brooke fell forward into Bob’s arms and they held each other, his cock still inside her. It really was a wonderful sight…and I was so horny I could explode.

I let them rest for a moment, and then said, “OK, now that the preliminaries are over, I think it’s time to get serious. Do we all agree that we’re pretty comfortable with each other?”

Brooke separated herself from Bob, but remained seated in her husband’s lap with his arm around her.

She said, “I’m fine. How Escort Ankara about you, Bob?”

“That was fantastic,” he agreed. “But Traci still needs to cum.”

“That’s where the comfort with each other is going to enter the picture,” I explained, “because I’m not leaving this house until Bob’s cock is inside me. Brooke can help, but I have to have that cock. We’ll give you a few minutes to rest up, Bob, and then it’s my turn.”

We remained naked while refreshing our drinks and that only made me even more desperate as I watched two beautiful people strut around. I would have been very happy with Brooke’s face between my legs, but each time I glanced at Bob’s cock I wanted it more. I teased him with endless views of my pussy and ass, which might explain why he never actually got completely limp.

Another thirty minutes passed before Brooke said, “I can’t wait any longer, guys. I want to watch this.”

I said to Bob, “It’s your choice this time. As you can tell, Brooke and I will agree to anything.”

You could almost see the wheels turning inside his head, but I also figured he must have been thinking about this since the first session ended. He told me, “I think I’d like to see you eating Brooke while she sits on the couch. I’ll be behind you. The rest should be obvious.”

It was and Brooke readily took her place on the couch. She spread her legs and I got into place. It was nice to taste her sweet pussy once again, just like when she and I were together for the first time. Only on this occasion I heard Bob move up behind me. Then I felt his hands on my ass, caressing my cheeks and massaging the skin. I drove my tongue deep inside Brooke and felt Bob’s cock resting on top of my ass. Without seeing it, I had the impression it was once again rock hard.

I was licking Brooke’s clit when I first felt the cock at the entrance to my pussy. I spread my legs a little bit farther apart. The head of his cock split me open and I prepared myself for the penetration. However, nothing prepared me for the incredible sensation of Bob’s cock entering me like a log, forcing apart my pussy and filling my body.

I moaned out loud, my face buried between Brooke’s legs. Bob pulled back, but not completely out. He thrust into me again and I used my arms as shock absorbers. Then he was fucking me and I had his wife’s clit in my mouth.

God, that was the best sex had ever felt to me. A huge cock inside me and a juicy clit between my lips. Then Bob reached under me and took my tits in his hands. I was in heaven. His pace picked up when I also reached up and put my hands on Brooke’s breasts. Whatever Bob did to mine, I did to hers. Meanwhile, the room was filled with the sound of Bob’s body smacking into my ass each time he pushed forward.

Before I lost all of my senses, I looked back and told Bob, “Cum wherever you want. I’m not picky.”

It was a good thing I got that out of the way, because as soon as he put his hand on my clit, I was ready to cum. Brooke also seemed close, with her body quivering harder and harder the more I sucked on her clit.

Almost without warning, my orgasm started. I shouted out as my body released wave after wave of ecstasy. I clutched at the edge of the couch, resting my head on Brooke’s inner thigh. I could feel the muscles in my pussy grip Bob even harder. He never slowed down and I came several times in succession.

The moment I licked Brooke again, she had her orgasm. At least now I could hold myself in place a little better to make sure she finished. When she did, Bob pulled out and told me to face him.

He was masturbating and I barely got turned before shot after shot of his cum struck me in the face and chest. I loved the feeling of it and I licked as much as I could from around my mouth. It dripped onto my tits and stomach and Bob spread it around with his cock. Jesus, that man could cum.

So, now that we knew Bob was buying into the ‘Brooke is bi and I love her even more because of it’ reality, it was a matter of expanding on what we had started. Brooke’s goal was to improve her marriage. My goal was to turn Bob into a sexual machine that either of us could use at any time. I didn’t get a chance to discuss it at length with Brooke until we had lunch a few days later.

“What do you think ought to be our next step with Bob?” I asked Brooke.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” she admitted between bites of her salad. “But most of my ideas centered around what I would want. Like, having him watch you and me or listening to you cum while he fucked me. But I know you are better at guessing what HE would want most. Do you have any ideas?”

“Please don’t get upset at this, Brooke, but I believe he wants both of us equally,” I said. “Remember what I said before. Better sex with you is great, but being able to fuck somebody besides his wife is every man’s dream, especially if the wife knows and is OK with it. In my opinion, we need to present him with a scenario where he’s allowed to ‘cheat’ with me and then combine that with sex with you.”

I could see Brooke thinking that over, followed by a slight nodding of her head.

“Yeah, that might be a possibility. I sure wish I could see the cheating part, though,” she said with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32