Bros Before Hoes

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It was midafternoon when Dylan got back to the house. He had just finished up his last class before spring break and was excited to have a week to relax and catch up on sleep, although he wasn’t looking forward to the loneliness. Because he decided to attend university thousands of miles from home, plane tickets were just too expensive to travel for the break. Not to mention how much it costs to spend the week partying at some shitty beach in Florida. To Dylan, time spent playing video games and sleeping in until noon was good enough.

He grimaced as he walked up the stairs to his house. In all honestly, Dylan hated that he lived in a Frat house, and he resented his dad for pressuring him to join the brotherhood. Sure, being in a fraternity was good for bonding with brothers (and also meeting girls), but nothing was worth living in a literal pigsty. After making his way through the maze of sticky floors and empty beer cans, Dylan got to his room and flopped down on the bed. He scrolled through Instagram, only to see photos of his friends already hammered in Fort Lauderdale. He was jealous that they got to spend their break at the beach on Daddy’s dime, and he could only imagine the chicks they would fuck while there. Bitterly, Dylan dozed off for a nap.

3 hours later, he woke up with a rock-hard erection. Upon realizing that he still had the house to himself, Dylan decided he might as well make the most of his alone time. His roommate, Peter, went home for break so this was a rare opportunity for Dylan to get off without worrying about getting caught. As he began stroking his cock, Dylan audibly moaned. It had been a long time since he had allowed himself to come without guilt, and within seconds he was throbbing.

From the time Dylan began masturbating in middle school, he had never needed porn. This time, he closed his eyes and thought of the girl he fucked last month. güvenilir bahis Well, to be honest, they didn’t really fuck. Dylan just couldn’t get hard despite the fact that the girl had sucked his dick for 10 minutes. Eventually, he blamed his performance on booze even though he really only had a couple of beers. Still now, as he thought about the girl’s bouncing breasts, he was getting nowhere. Instead, his mind drifted to his friends having fun without him in Florida.

Suddenly, Dylan felt arousal surge through him again. He couldn’t help but picture the swim trunks clinging to their wet bodies, and the outline of their bulging cocks. Without realizing what he was imagining, Dylan sprayed cum all over his stomach and chest. At that very moment, his bedroom door swung open and Peter entered.

“Oh my god, fuck! Sorry dude.”

“Peter! What are you doing here, man?”

Peter was stunned, unable to move. He just stood there staring at Dylan’s naked body covered in cum. “Um… my car had a flat tire. I decided I’m just gonna avoid the hassle and stay here for the break”

Dylan’s cheeks were burning with shame. “Oh… um, got it. Sorry that I uh…” He couldn’t think straight with the way Peter was looking at him.

Peter smirked “It’s cool, bro. Apologies for interrupting. Want me to grab you a towel?”

Normally, this sort of favor would be wildly inappropriate for two straight guys, but for some reason, Dylan didn’t care.

“Sure. Grab the one on the hook over there.”

Dylan was expecting Peter to toss it to him, but instead, he started to walk over.

“Damn, man. I can’t remember the last time I came that much” Peter’s eyes traced the trail of cum down Dylan’s toned abs until they reached his cock. He had seen it many times when Dylan was changing, but never like this… or when it was so hard.

“Yeah, uh. I guess it has been a while for me.” Dylan güvenilir bahis siteleri noticed Peter’s eyes on his dick and before he could think, the heat left his cheeks began rising in his groin instead. Within an instant, Dylan was even harder than before as Peter took a step closer with the towel. Dylan had never seen him act like this before, and frankly, it was sort of intriguing.

Peter reached the side of Dylan’s bed with the towel. “Geez, man. Again already?” Dylan was too mortified to speak. His head was buzzing with embarrassment, and he was shocked to see that the crotch of Peter’s pants was becoming taut. A look came over Peter’s face “Want to race to see who can come first?”

Almost everything in Dylan was telling him this was wrong. Peter was his roommate… who has a girlfriend. Jacking off in the same room as a dude was a cardinal sin for a frat guy. The last thing you wanted was for someone in the brotherhood to think you’re gay. At the same time, Dylan couldn’t remember the last time he was this turned on. The thought of watching Peter stroke himself just a bed away was making him ache with desire.

“Yeah… Sure. I think I read about a game like that on Urban Dictionary.”

Not even 5 seconds later, Peter’s cock was out. “You’re SO gonna lose, dude. I’ve been mega horny all week” To Dylan’s surprise, Peter sat on his bed with him.

The two boys were furiously rubbing their dicks with feverish desire. Dylan couldn’t keep his eyes off of Peter’s rigid manhood. It was larger than he remembered, and now it was just inches away from his own.

Just as Dylan was getting close to finishing, he heard Peter moan.

“Fuck dude. Oh my god. FUCK!”

Peter made no effort to shift the direction of his load, and it shot all over Dylan’s own hands and shaft. Dylan looked up at Peter’s face in shock and realized his roommate was staring into his iddaa siteleri eyes.

“Beat you, loser! Now you’re literally dripping in my victory.”

Dylan had stopped stroking himself, but he felt his urge intensify with Peter’s words.

“Well, are you going to finish? Or are you just gonna sit there with your dick in your hands?”

Dylan looked up to meet Peter’s eyes again. He felt like he was frozen in time. Part of him wanted to run out of the room in shame… but the other part wanted Peter to watch him finish.

Without breaking the thick silence between them, Peter inched closer. His eyes had a hunger about them that Dylan had never seen before. Still, without speaking, Peter crept closer and closer until Dylan could feel his breath on his face. Just when Dylan thought Peter might kiss him, his head dipped and started inching towards his throbbing flesh. Dylan watched as Peter’s lips pressed against the head of his cock, and he let a moan escape his lips.

“You like that?” Peter teased without looking up. “I’ve always wanted to know what you taste like.”

Before Dylan could register what Peter was admitting to, his shaft was fully submerged in his mouth, and he could feel his tip pressing against the back of Peter’s throat.

Peter’s head bobbed up and down on Dylan’s erection, and his tongue swirled around the head. It was the best blowjob Dylan had ever received, and soon he was moments away from ending it. Despite his every desire to make it last, Dylan exploded down Peter’s throat without warning. His body jerked without control as his second orgasm subsided. Eventually, Peter lifted his mouth off of Dylan and sat up.

“That was fucking hot” Peter whispered.

Dylan was too stunned to reply. He just came into his roommate’s mouth. His fraternity brother roommate’s mouth. Peter gave him a sly smile and stood up.

“I’ve gotta go deal with my flat tire but I’ll see you later tonight, man. Happy Spring Break.” Peter winked and was out of the room as suddenly as he had entered. At that moment, Dylan realized that his break was about to be way more fun than he anticipated.

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