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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


Chapter 34 � Truth be Told  

I let the water wash over my head and run down my back as I pondered the predicament. Joey and Alex have both asked us, on several occasions, to join them in their sex play. But it”s wrong. Why is it wrong? Because society says it is. But didn”t I want the same thing from my dad when I was their age? I did, more than anything else, I wanted him to love me like that. Why didn”t I just ask him for it? Because I knew it would be a waste of time and he”d probably beat me senseless asking for such a faggot thing. Did the twins really know what they were asking for? Again, if I knew at eight, there”s no doubt in my mind they know. So, why not? Because if anybody ever found out, I”d be in jail, or worse. Besides, it”s wrong.


But don”t I just love the feeling of those hard, little peckers sliding all over my wet body? You bet your sweet ass I do. And such beautiful little rods, too. Just about three inches long, a little thicker than my middle finger, sweet pink helmet heads, Joey”s curving to the right, Alex”s to the left as they stood up towards their belly-buttons. Hey, there”s another way to tell them apart. And those sweet little balls, my god, absolute perfection. Just a bit bigger than a marble, swaddled in their tight, wrinkled sacks. And hairless, just like me. Maybe that”s where that particular kink in my brain comes from. I secretly want to look at naked young boys and their hair-free bodies, so I make mine look like theirs. I wonder what those sweet lads taste like. Do they taste like Tom, or do they have their own special flavor? Will I ever be able to get the answer to that question?


But it”s wrong, dammit! But, why? Sure, if you force someone to do something they don”t want, it”s wrong. Absolutely. But what if they want it, is it still wrong? And those two have made it clear they both want it. I”m not so sure it”s so wrong anymore. I used to be, but I don”t know what to think anymore. Do they want just me, just Tom, or both of us? Does that matter if you continue to deny their advances? No, I guess not. If they want just one of us, will the other get upset or jealous? Will they continue pushing for it if we keep saying no or will they just push harder? Oh, yes, please, push it in me harder. Wait, where the fuck did that come from? Knowing those two, they”ll push more. Should I deny them the love they desire because most of the world says it”s wrong? I don”t have the answer to that question. My dad didn”t really deny me, but then I never gave him that chance since I never asked him for it. Maybe I should have, and maybe we”d be closer now. Providing he didn”t kill me for asking.


God, I can”t believe I”m even considering this. I open my eyes and see my cock is as hard as it”s ever been and oozing pre-cum freely. I reach down, wrap a hand around it and start to slowly stroke myself. I wonder what it would feel like to have Joey”s hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it like I”m doing right now, while Alex laps at the tip with his tongue before taking my helmet head inside his warm, wet mouth and swirling his tongue around it. Oh, my god, is that Joey sticking a finger up my ass, oh, yeah, go for it, son. Turn around here Alex, let me take your sweet little cocklet in my mouth. Holy fuck, Alex, your little pecker tastes so sweet, yeah Joey, stroke me faster and push that finger deeper in my ass to find that magic spot. Oh, my god, Alex, your mouth feels so good wrapped around my cock, take me just a little deeper into that sweet mouth of yours. Dammit, Joey”s taken his finger out of my ass and stopped stroking my cock. What the hell is he doing down there? I can”t see with Alex”s body blocking my view.


Wait, he”s pushing my legs up. Guess he wants better access to my ass, okay, there you go buddy. Wait, what”s that, that doesn”t feel like a finger. Holy fuck, he”s sticking his dick in my ass. God, that feels so good. Not as filling as the dildo Tom used on me, but it still feels better, more natural. Alex has my dick fully engulfed in his mouth and I”m tickling the back of his throat now. What a glorious feeling, I can tell this sweet young lad has had some serious practice sucking dick. I lift my head just a little so I can suck his hairless marbles into my mouth along with his pecker. Joey”s got a smooth, easy rhythm going now as he fucks me up the ass and every stroke is intensifying the pleasure I”m feeling. Alex has started bobbing his head up and down on my cock to the same tempo his brother has going in my ass and I am in heaven. Faster, Joey, fuck me harder, pound that ass, make me feel it, pull on my balls, Alex, suck me deeper. Yeah, that”s it, boys. Make daddy happy.


Suddenly, I feel Joey”s little cock stretch my sphincter just a bit more as he shoves it in as deep as he can and he holds his position as it starts to jerk and twitch in my ass. That triggers something in me and I start pumping shot after shot of cum deep down Alex”s throat and he swallows each one. That kicks Alex in the balls and his cock starts pulsing and twitching in my mouth as he hits his dry orgasmic peak. With all three of us spent, Alex collapses on top of me and Joey falls onto Alex to form a delicious Alex sandwich. As we recover from our carnal bliss, Joey slides off to my right and Alex to my left. Alex then turns around and my young sons lay their heads on my shoulders and I wrap both in my arms and pull them closer so their soft little peckers are squished against my pelvis. Joey reaches down and cups my now empty balls in his hand while Alex wraps a hand around my flagging penis and we lay together for several minutes before I can recover enough to say, `I love you both so much” and they answer me with, `we love you, too, dad”.


I slowly open my eyes and find myself laying on the shower floor, legs pulled up to my chest, a finger shoved deep in my ass, my other hand wrapped around my now lifeless cock and my chest is covered with cum. As I slowly become more aware of my surroundings, I hear clapping from outside the shower. I let go of my cock, pull the finger from my ass and stand to see who”s there. Through the fog on the glass, I can make out Tom”s figure sitting on the sink cabinet. Oh, fuck, how am I going to explain this?


“That was quite a show you put on there, lover. You should sell tickets to that shit. You could get rich. Again.”


“Dammit, Tom, how long have you been here?”


“Long enough. So, if I deciphered your mumblings properly, Joey was fucking you in the ass while Alex was sucking your dick and you were sucking his. Sounds like quite the sexy three-way. Hope I get to join in someday and we can make it a four-way.”


“Oh, fuck, it”s not what it sounds like. I just got carried away.”


“You sure as hell did. You”ve been in here almost 45 minutes. Hope you like high water bills.”


“Crap! What are the boys doing?”


“Eatin” supper. They couldn”t wait for you so I tossed some corn dogs in the oven. If I hadn”t, they”d be starving to death waiting, while you”re in here, getting your rocks off.”


“Thanks, Tom. I”m sorry I took so long.” I had washed the cum off my chest and turned off the water while he was giving me grief. I opened the shower door and asked, “Toss me a towel, please.”


“You want to talk about it?”


“Later, after the boys are in bed.”


“I”m gonna” hold you to that.”


I got dried off and we joined the boys in the kitchen so Tom and I could eat. Thankfully, he”d baked enough extra corn dogs that the boys had actually left a few for us. I popped them in the microwave to warm them up just a bit before we sat to eat. “What”s on the schedule for tonight guys?” I asked.


“How about the next Star Wars movie?” T.J. asked.


“Why not? I can always watch a movie.”


“Why were you in the shower for so long, dad?” Alex asked.


“I was feeling a little stressed after seeing mom and dad and the hot water felt so good, I didn”t want to get out,” I lied while Tom sat there with a knowing grin gracing his mug. “I”m feeling more relaxed now.”


“I should hope so,” Tom laughed. I shot him a glance to try to shut him down and it caused him to laugh even louder.


“I”m glad it was your parents. I was worried it might have been something else,” Joey said glumly.


“We”re good, Joey.” The twins shared a quick glance that could be best described as hopeful.


Once Tom and I had finished our supper, the boys rinsed and stacked the dishes in the sink as they always do and headed to the theater to get ready for the movie. All except for Joey. He hung around with a worried look on his face.


“What”s up, buddy?” I asked.


“Can we talk a minute, dad?”


“Sure, just you and me or is Tom included, also? And here or in the study?”


“Uncle Tom should be there, too. And can we go to the study? I don”t want the others to hear this.”


The three of us headed to the study and I closed the door once we were all inside. We took our seats and I asked, “What”s up, Joey?”


“I wanted to say I”m sorry,” Joey started, while looking at the floor.


“For what?”


“For what I did in the pool. I know I shouldn”t do things like that, but I kinda lost control.” Tom raised an eyebrow at me, asking what happened. I mouthed `later” to him and he nodded in understanding.


“I”m glad you apologized. I need you, and Alex, to understand that that type of behavior and contact between us could kill any chances of the adoption actually happening.”


“I know, dad, but Alex and I both know that we”re gay, there”s no doubt in our minds about that, and even though we know we shouldn”t, we both want to play with you and Uncle Tom the way we do with each other.” Tom”s grin grew even wider and he wiggled his eyebrows at me after Joey”s pronouncement.


“I understand that, Joey. You two are very much like me when I was your age. I wanted my own dad to love me the same way when I was your age but I also knew that it would never happen.” Tom and Joey”s eyes opened wide in surprise.


“Really? You wanted your dad like that, too?”


“I did, but you saw what he”s like today, how do you think it would have turned out?”


“Not too good, I guess. But, he”s not gay like you and Uncle Tom, so we were hoping you”d think about it.”


“I”m sorry son, it”s just too risky, if word got out…”


“But, dad, we”d never say anything about it to anybody.”


“Kinda like not saying anything about us being nudists? How”d that work out for ya”, young man?”


“That was all Alex”s fault. And it just slipped out. Besides, it turned out okay, didn”t it? Mark, Billy and Andy were cool with it and they swore they wouldn”t tell no one.”


“You guys made the same promise to us, and yet look at what happened. Besides, they conned you into keeping the news a secret by saying they would keep quiet only if we all got nude, didn”t they?”


“Yeah, I guess. But what about Aunt Lee and Uncle Carl? They know and you don”t think they”re gonna tell someone.”


“I don”t think it, Joey, I know it. And they”re different, in this respect, young man. First, they”re family and we need to trust our family. Second, Lee and Carl have known about me being a nudist for years and they”ve never said a word about it to anyone, not even our mom and dad. I trust them with my life.”


“Wait, Mama and Papa don”t know you spend your days naked?”


“No, they don”t, and they don”t need to. They”re already convinced I”m a child molester simply because I”m gay. And now, not only am I gay, I”m also adopting the four of you, which just adds fuel to that fire. Imagine what they”d do if they knew we were nude almost all the time we”re at home.”


“I could see it getting pretty ugly.”


“Exactly. Do you understand the importance of keeping certain things quiet, now?”


“Yeah, but that doesn”t mean we don”t still want to play with you and Uncle Tom. I swear, we won”t never say nothin” to nobody?”


“I don”t think it”s a risk we can take. The damage that could be done would be irreparable.”


“Okay,” Joey said glumly. “If you say so.”


“Good, now let”s join the others and watch our movie, okay?”


The three of us headed to theater, stopping in the kitchen to get doughnuts and drinks for everyone. I pulled the box from Krispy Kreme out of the burdur escort pantry and set it on the counter.


“Whoa, you got doughnuts today? You didn”t tell me `bout them,” Tom said with glee in his voice.


“We sure did. It was Andy”s idea, so make sure you tell him thanks.”


Tom and Joey carried the drinks in while I started to put doughnuts on separate plates for everyone. Tom then came back to help carry them to the boys.


“What the hell was that talk all about?” Tom asked when he returned.


“Like I said after my `shower”, we”ll talk about it after the boys are in bed.”


“If you say so, but I”m feeling left out of something important.”


“It”s important, all right, but at the moment, I would like to keep the other three out of this discussion and we can”t do that when they”re out of bed.”


With doughnuts on plates for everyone and napkins to wipe hands, we returned to the theater to join them and enjoy the movie. The boys were really liking the Return of the Jedi and absolutely loved the Ewoks. I was kinda partial to the furry little critters myself. When the movie was over, I told the boys it was time to get into bed since they had school in the morning and I wanted them to have a good night”s sleep. They took off to their rooms to brush teeth while Tom and I took care of the plates and glasses from the movie snack. With the dishwasher loaded and set on a timer to run in a couple hours, we headed to their rooms to say our goodnights.


T.J., Mike and Andy were just crawling in their bed when we entered their room. Tom and I got them tucked in, gave kisses and said I love you to each lad after we helped pull the covers over their lovely naked forms. Next was Alex and Joey and I almost dreaded what we might find. When we got there, we found Joey curled in a ball in the middle of the bed, his head in Alex”s lap, and they were both crying. Fearing one or both had been hurt, I ran to the bed to see had happened.


“What”s going on boys, who got hurt?” I asked as I sat on the edge of the bed.


“We”re not hurt, dad,” Alex said as he looked up at me with tears running down his face. “Not physically, anyway.”


“Then why are you crying? What”s wrong?”


“You don”t love us, you were just lying to us. You need to call Carol tomorrow and tell her to find us somewhere else to live.”


“Wait a minute, where”s this coming from? What makes you think we don”t love you?”


“Joey told me what you said when he talked to you. We don”t keep secrets from each other. You said that you don”t want to play with us like someone who really loves us.”


“Alex, that is not what I said. I never said I don”t want to, I just said it”s not a good idea.” Wait, what the fuck did I just say? “Besides, there are many kinds of love that don”t involve sex.”


“But, dad, as much we love each other, we love you and Uncle Tom, too. And we want to show you both how much we love you.”


I crawled onto the bed and crossed my legs, then patted my thighs and said, “Come here, you two.” Joey slowly uncurled himself and they both crawled into my lap while Tom sat on the edge of the next to me. I wrapped both in my arms and hugged them tightly. “You two should know that we both love you more than we can every truly show you. There are just some things than men and boys aren”t supposed to do together.”


“Why not,” Joey whimpered.


“Because, most of the world frowns on it and if anyone ever found out about it, Tom and I would go to jail and you five would be sent to new homes.”


“But, dad,” Alex started, “what if the boys want to do it, anyway. You wouldn”t be forcing us into anything. Doesn”t that make it okay?”


“As much as I”d like to say yes (dammit, there I go again), it”s not up to me. Since you two are so young, it wouldn”t make any difference whether you wanted it to happen or not, it”s still against the law.”


“How old do we have to be before it would be okay?”


“17 or 18, I think.”


“That”s too long to wait. You might as well send us back to the Mueller”s right now. If we can”t show our own dads how much we love them, we might as well be living with them. At least I don”t want to fuck him,” Joey said.


“Listen you two, we love you both very much and we”d love to show you just how much (I have to quit saying shit like that), but that”s just not possible. Come on, let”s table this discussion for now and get some sleep. You”ll feel better about things in the morning.” They crawled off my lap and Tom and I got off the bed so we could pull down the covers. Both sweethearts laid down holding each other and we pulled the cover back up. When we leaned in to give them their goodnight kisses and say I love you, they pulled the cover up over their heads, so Tom and I kissed the cover and still told them we loved them. We turned out the light as we left their room and headed to our bedroom in silence.


I closed the door and sat in one of the chairs, holding my aching head in my hands while my elbows rested on my knees. Tom pulled the other chair over so we were sitting knee to knee like we had the other night. “Will you please tell me what”s going on?”


“You remember that talk we had the other night? You know, the one about resisting temptation with the boys?”


“Yeah, what about it?”


I proceeded to tell him what had happened in the pool with Joey and what he said to me as he held on to my neck. I held my hand up and, while holding my thumb and forefinger up with about a quarter inch gap between them, I added “I was this close to saying fuck it all, lifting him completely out of the water and taking his sweet, beautiful, hard pecker into my mouth and sucking him off right there. It took every ounce of will-power in my body and mind to peel him off me and head for deeper waters.”


“Max, Max, Max, my poor, sweet, confused, lover. I thought you said you didn”t have those impulses.”


“I don”t! I didn”t. I never have before. What the hell is going on with me?” And why the hell is Tom grinning at me like that? What the fuck does that mean?


“It looks to me like another part of who you are is starting to express itself.”


“What the fuck are you talking about, Tom?”


“Okay, it”s time for some truth, lover boy. First, I want you to know that I truly love you and I would whether the boys were here or not. I don”t want you freaking out with what I”m about to tell you.”


“And I love you, too, but what do the boys have to with that? And why the hell would I freak out?”


“I wasn”t entirely truthful with you the other night when we talked.”




“I told you, when we met on the Mueller”s front porch, that something just clicked between us.”


“Yeah, it did with me, too.”


“I think, now, it goes well beyond both of us just being gay, for why we clicked. One of the reasons I followed you home Saturday was to meet the four boys you”re adopting. I fell in love with all four of them as soon I saw them. And after everybody else left and they asked if they could take their clothes off, I was in heaven. God, they”re so fuckin” cute. Then when you started to strip right there in the kitchen, too, I decided, fuck it, why look a gift horse in the mouth.”


“What the hell are getting at, Tom?”


“Max, lover, sweetheart, I”m a boylover. And I think you”re slowly discovering you are, too.”


“What the hell are you talking about?”


“Max, I care deeply for the boys. So deeply, in fact, that if I were to act on my impulses the way I really want to, I”d go to prison for a very long time. Well, actually, it would probably be a short time. Folks in prisons don”t much like cops and they absolutely hate guys who love young kids. I”d probably get shanked my first week inside.”


“Oh, my god, what have I done?”


“You didn”t do anything, Max. I”ve known my true nature from when I first started playing around with my friends at 11 and 12. I told you some of this the other night, but not all of it. I didn”t care if they were gay, straight, purple, whatever, if they had a dick, I wanted it either in my mouth or my ass. And at that age, even the straight dudes didn”t care whose lips were wrapped around their cock or whose ass they were pounding, as long they got their rocks off. The one thing that did change as I got older was that the ages of my suck and fuck buddies didn”t. In fact, if anything, they got younger. By the time I was 16 or 17, my buddies were nine and ten-year old kids in the neighborhood. When I turned 18 and became an `adult”, I quit that shit entirely over the fear of going to jail.”


“Holy shit, Tom. That”s a lot to take in. Why didn”t you tell me all this the other night?”


“Honestly, I didn”t know how. Guys like me, maybe us, live a very lonely life, knowing that we can never enjoy the thrill of giving the people of our affection the love we so desperately want to share with them. And I do mean share. I used to absolutely love feeling my buds writhe in pleasure and knowing that I was doing that to them. I never forced any of them to do anything they didn”t want. If they didn”t want to suck me off, that was fine with me. And I certainly never fucked any of them, not after my dick grew up, anyway. I didn”t want to hurt anybody and god knows I would have with my size. I still don”t want to fuck them, but I do want to give them the pleasure they deserve and if they want to return it, I”ll let them. Boys are sexual creatures, with needs and wants, just like us. Why do you think Joey and Alex are so involved with each other? They know what they want and they”re willing to share it with each other. And, apparently, us.”


“I don”t know, Tom, this is all too bizarre for me to deal with right now. You say you love me and you say you also love the boys. I get that, I really do, because I love every one of you, too. But you”re also telling me you not only want to have sex with me, but with the boys, too?”


“Only if they want to. I will never, ever force anybody to do anything they don”t want to do.”


“And you also think that, deep down, I want to have sex with the boys, too?”


“I don”t know, Max, but from what I”ve seen so far, and what I saw and heard during your shower, I thinks it”s a possibility you need to consider. I mean, think about it, every time they attack you in the pool, you get hard. Every time you find them in their beds pleasuring each other, you get hard. You”re thinking about them right now and you”re hard.” I looked down at my lap, saw he was telling the truth and I shook my head in disgust. “Now, just because we have these feelings doesn”t mean we have to act on them. I”ve kept it under control with some serious fantasies for almost ten years now. It hasn”t been easy, but when I remind myself the alternative is prison and what would happen to me there, it”s the only logical choice. I rather be free, frustrated and getting by with my fantasies, than tossed somewhere I probably wouldn”t last a week.”


“So, where do we go from here?”


“That”s entirely up to you. I truly love you and really do want to marry you. I can”t imagine ever finding another man I want to share the rest of my life with. I also love those boys with all my heart, too, but if you say nothing happens between them and us, then nothing happens. Just being here, with you, with them, helping out and watching them grow into men who know who they are and fully accept themselves, that will make me a very happy man. The ball”s in your court, Max. You hold all the cards and I”ll accept whatever decisions you make.”


“I need to think about this, Tom.”


“I know that.”


“In less than a week, you”ve helped me see and know things about myself and feel things I never thought I would. And now, to find out that I may love those boys in a way I never dreamed, it”s a shock to my system and what I”ve believed for 30 some-odd years. Don”t get me wrong, I”ve known I”m gay for a long time, but the thought of doing anything with those boys is startling. On one hand, I know it”s wrong to even think things like that, but I can”t seem to help myself. On the other hand, I keep thinking, would it really be that wrong.”


“Keep going, Max. You need to figure this out yourself.”


“Okay, when I was the twin”s age, I so badly wanted my dad to love me in that way, but I also knew he would have no part of it. But still, I wanted to take him in my mouth and suck him off. I wanted him to stick his big hairy cock up my ass and fuck me until he came inside me. But I also knew that it would never happen and if I”d tried, he probably would”ve cut my nuts off and I sure as hell didn”t want that. I”d even thought about hanging around bathrooms in the mall and other public places to see if I could find a man who would let me suck him off and wanted to fuck my ass, but I was too scared of who I might find to actually do it. Some parts of my brain were working properly, but others weren”t.


“I also desperately wanted to get with my friend David and explore the feelings I was having for him and see if he was feeling the same things, but I never had the balls to do that either. As much as I wanted my dad, I wanted David even more. Now, it kinda makes sense why. It”s because he was younger. Even as I got older and realized that I couldn”t act on my feelings with another person, I was still looking at cute boys, checking them out, wondering what they”d look like naked and hard, how it would feel to wrap a hand around their cock and what it would feel like to have their hand wrapped around mine, what their cocks would taste like and how they”d feel stuck in my ass. Even at 15, 16, I was scoping out kids who were probably eight to thirteen.


“By the time I was out of high school and going off to college, I knew that I could never have what I wanted, so I buried it, deep, hoping to forget it and move on with my life, whatever it was gonna” be. I guess it finally started to resurface when I met with James, my attorney, and he asked me what age kid I wanted to adopt. I hadn”t bursa escort thought too much about that yet, and after a moment”s consideration, I told him someone in the six to ten-year-old range. Even when he asked if I wanted to adopt a boy or girl, I guess I was subconsciously pushing for a boy, my rationale being that I wouldn”t deal well with girls. When, really, it looks like maybe I was angling towards finding someone who was like me when I was first figuring out who I was.


“And now, what have I done? I have five boys living under the same roof as two fucked up, perverted, bastard child molesters.”


“Whoa, Nellie, back the truck up, bubba. I may be fucked up, I may be perverted, but I have never, ever molested a child. I have had sex with boys, but only when I was still a boy myself. When I became an adult, all that stopped. Not for lack of desire or want, mind you, but it stopped. And for the record, I”m not a bastard, either, I know who my daddy is,” he chuckled.


“Okay, I haven”t either, but I can feel us sliding down the slippery slope to becoming molesters, can”t you?”


“It”s my opinion, Max, twisted though it may be, that if the child is a willing participant and not forced into anything they don”t want, you”re not molesting them, you”re loving them to the fullest extent of yours and their desires. No more, no less.”


“I suppose you could rationalize it that way. You almost make it sound logical, but it still doesn”t make it right.”


“Right for who? For us, for the boys, for the rest of the fucking world? It”s painfully obvious to me that Joey and Alex, at a minimum, would love to jump into bed with us. They”ve asked both of us to join them on several different occasions. So far, we”ve maintained our cools and declined. But like I said, it”s entirely up to you. Whatever you decide, I”ll accept it. I may not like it much, but I”ll live with it.”


“Thanks, Tom, but I still need to do some more thinking on this.”


“Of course, you do. Let me leave you with one last thing to think about while you”re ruminating on the rest of it. If you ultimately decide that there is to be no sexual contact between us and the boys, just remember that you will be denying them exactly what you most wanted at their age and what they”ve already asked for several times. Is that fair? To them, or you?”


“Dammit, Tom, will you please quit being Spock and trying to use logic on me. The brain in the little head doesn”t know what logic is. Hell, right now, I”m not even sure the brain in the big head knows.”


“Live long and prosper, Max.”


“Very funny, clown. We better get to bed and get some sleep. The alarm goes off awfully early.”


“What do you suggest we do about our dripping cocks.”


“Well, damn, guess there”s another reason to sit on towels. Keeps those stains off the furniture.”


“I”m gonna” hop in the shower and jerk off until I spray the wall with my cum. Wanna” join me?” Tom asked as he stood and winked at me.


“Best offer I”ve had all day, let”s go.”


“Actually, it”s the second-best offer, but you turned Joey down, remember?”


“God, I”m marrying a monster.”


“No, just a horny motherfucker with a monster cock,” he snickered. I followed Tom to the bathroom, and true to his word, he did indeed jerk off until he sprayed his cum on the shower wall. I was right behind him and added my own deposit to the mural on the glass. We quickly rinsed off, keeping the water off his head, dried ourselves, then climbed in bed, curling up with each other.


“What are we gonna” do, Tom?”


“Oh, no you don”t, this is your decision. I”ve told you my feelings, things I”ve never told anyone else. Honestly, I never thought I”d have the chance to have that discussion outside my own head. You need to figure this out by yourself. You”d have to deal with the issue even if I weren”t here, so think about how you”d handle the situation if it was just you, then add me to the equation and see if you arrive at the same conclusion.”


“Well, the twins have shown multiple times they want more than they are getting from just themselves. God knows they didn”t get much love from the Mueller”s and I”m sure they”re starving for it. T.J. and Mike haven”t asked for that, yet, though they may at some time. And Andy could only be here a short time. I think whatever I decide, those three should be left out of it, at least for now.”


“I think that”s reasonable. Especially with Andy, though he is a cute little fucker with a sweet little dick I desperately want to wrap my lips around. Of course, that”s true of all of them.”


“Tom, please, you”re not making this any easier. But, I guess, if I”m to be honest with myself, I want to do the same. But as wrong as it feels to do anything with any of them, I really think T.J., Mike and Andy are too young for that. The twins, however, I guess I could see something happening with them. We just have to make sure they understand, if it happens, it doesn”t leave this house.”


“That goes without saying, Max. Like I said earlier, I don”t want to go to jail.”


“Well, let me do some more thinking on this and we”ll see what happens.”


Finally, we both fell asleep, though mine was rather a restless sleep. I wasn”t feeling very well rested when the alarm went off at 6:00 telling me it was time to start a new day. I left Tom snoozing while I headed to the boys” rooms to wake them up and get them moving in the right direction. T.J., Mike and Andy were curled together as usual and shaking T.J.”s shoulder started the process of getting them moving. I headed next to roust Joey and Alex and found them twisted in their regular pretzel, covers kicked to the foot of the bed and their beautiful young bodies exposed. Knowing the other three would be busy in the bathroom and couldn”t hear me, I sat on the twins” bed and gently shook both boys.


When they opened their eyes, I put a finger to my lips asking them to be quiet. “Good morning, boys, I hope you slept well.” My greeting was met with frowns of silence. “Okay, I can see you”re both still unhappy about our talks last night.” I received an emphatic single nod from both. “Well, I need to tell you something that I think will cheer you up a bit.” I received puzzled, but hopeful, looks from them. “Tom and I talked a lot last night after you were in bed and I”ve done a lot of thinking about our discussions.” Grins started spreading across their faces. “I understand where you”re coming from because I was there at one time myself. And I also know exactly what you”re asking for.” The grins got even wider and eyes wilder in anticipation. I held a finger to my lips again, reminding them to be quiet. “I”m not saying yes to what you want.” The grins quickly disappeared and very severe looks returned to their faces. “But I”m also not saying no, either. Not just yet, anyway. I still need to do some more thinking on it and we need to talk some more. So, for right now, I”m saying maybe. Can you two live with that and be patient with me while I figure this all out?” They both nodded their heads so hard I thought they might fly off. “Good, now come give me a hug, then get your skinny little asses out of bed and get ready for school.”


I received my hugs, both boys burying their hard, little peckers in my belly while they each whispered, `I love you, dad” in my ears. I broke the hug, swatted each on the behind and said, “Good, I love you, too. Now, GO! I”ll meet y”all in the kitchen for some breakfast shortly.”


I returned to our bedroom to wake Tom and get him moving. He was half-covered and I pulled the cover just a bit lower to expose his beautiful half-hard penis. While giving him a light kiss on the lips, I gently stroked him to a fully erect state. His eyes fluttered open and when they were focusing on me, I asked, “How”s your head this morning?”


“Um, which one?” he purred.


“The one with the bald spot and a big gash.”


“Think you could narrow it down a little more. Both could fit that description right now.”


“How about the one with all the stitches? I”m feeling the other one right now and it seems to be just fine.”


“Oh, that one. Not too bad, the ache is almost entirely gone and so is that damn itching.”


“Good. Is your brain in gear yet? I need to tell you something.”


“Can I pee first?”


“Sure, I”ll pull on some sweats while I wait.”


I was sitting on the bed when he came back into the bedroom. “You”ll want to pull on some sweats for the morning, too. John is going to be here to pour the shelter slab at the end of the drive and when he”s done out there, he”s coming up to the house to look at the bedroom to redo for Alex and Joey.”


“So, they”ve decided they don”t want to move after all,” he said as he dug in the dresser for some pants.


“Not after what I told them when I went to wake them.”


“And what was that?”


“I told them `maybe”, they just need to be a little patient with me while I thought more about it and we talked some more.”


“And which direction are you leaning, yes or no?”


“At this moment, yes.” Tom gave me a wide grin in agreement. “Yeah, I knew you”d like that. After everything we talked about last night, I realize that I”m just like you. I had just buried it so deep, it took a firm kick in my ass to dislodge it from its grave. Thanks for that, by the way, I think. I do love the boys and I think I”m almost ready to share that love completely with Joey and Alex. And you.”


“I”m glad to hear it, Max. I”ve waited years to find someone who shares my mindset. I think this really proves the point that we should be together.”


“My biggest concern is that one of them will let it slip out to somebody like what happened with the nudity thing. To us, neither should be a big deal, but you know how it would look to others. And I hate to say this out loud, but one of the main reasons I”m thinking about going ahead with it is to try and avoid situations like we had with Dylan last week. I”m hoping if the twins are having their curiosities and desires fulfilled by us, then maybe they won”t go around grabbing other guys like they did with him. He dealt with it okay and saw the humor in it, but can you imagine the stink that would have happened if they”d done that to Carl?”


“No, it wouldn”t have pretty, that”s for sure.”


“Exactly. I know it”s a weak excuse for giving them what they want, but I guess it”s better that it”s us and not someone else who won”t be as understanding as Dylan. And I sure as hell don”t want them staking out bathrooms for the obvious reasons. Those two are persistent enough that if they can”t get what they want at home, I have no doubt they”d go somewhere else to fulfill their needs.”


“You got that right, Max. Despite this being one of the hardest things you”ve had to deal with, I think you”re making the right decision. And I”m not saying that just because I want to suck those pretty little peckers.”


“Yeah, right. Come on, we need to feed five boys and get them out to meet the bus.” We headed to the kitchen where the boys were ready and waiting for us and we set them up with cereal and toast while Tom and I enjoyed a couple English muffins.


“You guys ready for a fun-filled Monday at school?” I asked.


“Not really, dad, but it”s not like we have a say in it, do we?”


“Not really, Alex. Sorry, buddy. Andy, how you doin” this morning?”


“I”m okay, Uncle Max. I”m worried about mom, but I can”t really do nothin” about it, either.”


“I”m sorry, Andy. We”ll try to find out what”s going on with her later. You”re welcome to stay here as long you need to.”


“Thanks, Uncle Max.”


With the feeding frenzy over, the boys headed to get their backpacks and coats and met me in the garage for the trip to the end of the drive. When we got there, John was there and inspecting his guys work. I got out to talk to him a minute while we waited for the bus to arrive. When the bus appeared, the boys hopped out of the car and ran to join the other riders. When I turned to wave goodbye, I saw Carl was stepping off the bus and heading towards me.


“Morning, Carl, what”s up?” I asked.


“Just wanted to come over and personally say thanks and shake your hand,” he answered as he extended his hand.


“What”d I do?” I asked as I shook his hand.


“You managed to accomplish something we been tryin” to do for years.”


I shook my head and asked, “What the heck are you talking about?”


“Getting rid of Valerie, of course. Nobody ever liked her and we”re all happy she”s finally gone. Just wanted to say thanks.”


“Carl, she did it to herself. My involvement was minimal.”


“That may be, but you pushed back and won. And we all thank you for it.” With that, he hopped back on the bus and took off with a final wave in my direction.


I turned back to John, “So, when”s the truck showing up?”


“Supposed to be here about 8:00. Won”t take long to pour this and give it a quick float and trowel. Once that”s done, I”ll come on in to the house so we can look at what you want done there.”


“Sounds good, John, see you in a few.” I drove back to the house and found Tom sitting by the fireplace reading. “I see you”ve found something to read.”


“Oh, yeah, I could read for years with what you already have in the study.”


“Good, I know I have. How does it feel to be free from being a cop?”


“Honestly, a little weird. I”ve done it for so long, it”ll take a while to get used to not pulling on my vest and strapping on a gun before leaving the house.”


“You”re keeping the gun, though, aren”t you?”


“For sure. I”ll make sure it”s secured so the boys can”t get to it.”


“Oh hell, I hadn”t even thought about that.”


“Our first lesson on gun safety is to always assume a gun is loaded, even when you know it isn”t. The second is safe storage at home. The department doesn”t want to be responsible for some kid accidentally çanakkale escort shooting someone because the gun wasn”t properly stored in a locked box, locker or safe.”


“Where do you plan to store it? Have you found a good location?”


“I gonna” keep it in the lockbox I already have and I”ll put that on the top shelf in the closet. Is that gonna” be okay, or you got something safer in mind?”


“Come with me,” I said as I stood and wiggled my finger for him to follow. When we got to the bedroom, I opened the closet and stepped in with Tom right behind me. I spread a section of my clothes out to create a two-foot-wide gap in the middle of the wall, exposing the wall safe that was installed when the house was built. “Will this work? It uses a fingerprint to open.” I demonstrated, using the middle finger on my left hand to unlock the door. “We can program your fingerprint to open it also.”


“Well, hell, you”re just full of surprises. That”s perfect, Max. Funny that you used your middle finger.”


“I just wanted to be less obvious than you would normally expect. I”ll have to find the manual to refresh my brain on programming your print, but we”ll get it done. No chance of the boys getting it if we keep it here.”


“I agree. When it gets warmer, maybe we could do some shooting and I can teach the boys about gun safety.”


“That”d probably be a good idea since we”ll have one in the house. Next question for ya”?”


“Shoot. Not literally, of course.”


“Have you given any thought about what you want to do for office space for your new agency?”


“Not too much, really. This is all happening so fast and I haven”t had much time to sit and think about it. I was thinking I”d rent a small space in town. Why, you got something better in mind?”


“Follow me again, I might have the solution for ya”.” I led Tom to the storage room across the hall from the boys” bedrooms and opened the door. “How `bout this room? Think it would be big enough for you?”


“Well, hell, I hadn”t even looked in here yet. How big is it?”


“About 12″ by 14″.”


“That”s plenty big. Course, we”d have to move all this crap out of here,” he laughed as he ducked the punch I had aimed for his shoulder. “No, seriously, all I”ll need is a desk and chair, a bookshelf, file cabinet, phone and a computer with internet access. If I get busy enough, we could always add another desk.”


“Good, we”ll have John check this room out when he comes to the house.”


“Excellent. Thanks for helping make this happen, Max. I wondered how I was going to get things going. This will make it a lot easier to get set up. Plus, I have the added benefit of working nude at the office. Not many people can make that claim.”


“Nor would they want to. I”m happy to do it for you, Tom, for us. Now, one more thing to deal with,” I said as I turned back to the living and we sat by the fireplace again.


“Oh, lord, now what?”


“Your apartment. Do you still want us to take care of it or is it okay if I call a mover to do it for us?”


“As much as I”d like to deal with it ourselves, I think you”re right about having movers do it. The whole one trip thing makes a lot more sense than us struggling with more than one trip and moving the furniture down the stairs. There”s that, plus the fact I really don”t think I”ll be up to dealing with hauling a bunch of shit down stairs before this weekend. I”m feeling better, but I don”t want to push my luck.”


“Good, I”ll make some calls after we”re done with John this morning. I”m sure I”ll be able to find someone who can take care of it for us this week. Oh, that reminds me, I need to call Carol at some point and check into what”s going to happen with Andy. Think you could check with Dylan and see if he has any news on his mom?”


“Sure, I”ll do that now.” Tom made the call and, after getting Dylan on the line, he asked what was happening with Andy”s mom and listened to Dylan”s answer for a few minutes, then said, “Thanks for the info, Dylan,” nodded and hung up. “You can scratch her from being a free human. After they got her into interrogation, she finally crumbled and told them she was in on everything. Russ was the main man, but she and Cal were reaping the benefits and involved in everything. She spilled it on the promise of a lighter sentence for testifying against Russ, but it looks like she”s still gonna go away for quite a while.”


“Good, now I can call Carol and see if she has any alternatives for Andy or if he”s going to be staying with us. Hand me the phone, would ya”?” I dialed the agency”s number and when Marcy answered the phone, I asked for Carol.


“Carol Ward, how can I help you?”


“Good morning, Carol, how are you this bright and beautiful Monday?”


“Just lovely, Max, how are you guys doing out there? And how”s Tom doing?”


“Couldn”t be better. Tom”s healing nicely and the boys are off to school.”


“That”s great, Max. So, what can I do for you today.”


“More like I”m going to do for you, Carol. Tom just got off the phone with Dylan and found out that Andy”s mom is going to be going to jail for quite a while. I wanted to let you know that as soon as I could so you could take it into account as you work on finding a more permanent placement for Andy.”


“Well, that certainly changes what I have to do. I had hoped that I could work with his mom to get the house cleaned up so Andy could go back home, but if she”s not gonna” be around, I guess that plan”s gone right out the window. Not sure what I”ll do now. Let make some phone calls and get back to you this afternoon, will that be okay?”


“That”s fine, Carol. I”d hate for the little guy to have to move somewhere that would have him change schools and lose his friends, but if that”s what has to happen, I”ll help in way I can. You know that.”


“I know you will, Max, and we thank you for that. Let me get busy and I”ll get back to you later. Thanks for calling.”


“We”ll be here, Carol. Thanks, and have a great day.” I hung up and looked to Tom, “Well, that sucks. Carol”s not sure where Andy”s going to go now that his mom is out of the picture.”


“We knew that was a possibility, Max. That”s always a risk when dealing with foster care and kids with problems like his.”


“I know that, but knowing it doesn”t make it suck any less.” The doorbell rang at that moment, so I got up and opened the door to greet John. “Good morning, again, John. All done with the shelter slab?”


“For now, I”ll stop on my way out and give it little more troweling before I cover it up. So, where”s the rooms we”re going to be working on?”


“In a minute, John, I have someone you need to meet.” I led John to the living room where Tom was still sitting by the fireplace. “John, I”d like you to meet my fianc�, Tom Wright, Tom, this is John Hasara, my contractor and all-around good guy.” Tom stood and they shook hands.


“Nice to meet you, John.”


“Good to meet you, too, Tom. Max might be exaggerating with `all-around good guy” crap, but I try. Hope you don”t mind me asking, but what the hell happened to your head?” Tom and I chuckled as we told of Saturday”s events. “You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch, Tom. First you hook up with Max and then you dodge a bullet. You should start buying lottery tickets.”


“My bullet dodging skills must have been on vacation Saturday, John. That little fucker still got me, despite my best efforts” Tom laughed.


John turned back to me and asked, “Did I hear you right? You two getting married? When did that happen?”


“Saturday morning, just before he went off and got shot. Makes me wonder if he was serious when he said `yes”,” I grinned.


“Well, congrats, you two. When”s the big day?”


“Not a clue John, but I”ll make sure you”re on the list of folks we plan to invite.”


“Look forward to it, Max. Now, let”s see these rooms you want me to work on.”


I led the way to the unused bedroom. When I opened the door, I suddenly realized I was supposed to have it empty this morning. “Dammit.”


“What”s wrong,” Tom asked.


“I forgot I meant to have this room emptied out for John this morning. With everything else that happened this weekend, it completely slipped my mind.”


“Don”t worry about it, Max. I can still get the measurements I need.” And he proceeded to do just that.


“16” by 18″, pretty good sized bedroom, Max. Now, what are we doing?”


“This is going to be the twins” bedroom when it”s done. They said they wanted separate areas so they could get away from each other for homework, reading or whatever. I was thinking about maybe putting a divider of some type coming into the room from the exterior wall, just like six feet or so, and then having a desk area with storage underneath and shelves on top of the desk to the bottom of the windows. They want to keep the king-sized bed though.”


“So, one big bed and separate areas? The closet”s okay as it is?”


“Actually, we might want to lower the shelf a little so it”s easier for them to reach to hang stuff up and get it down. We might also want to consider putting drawers in the closet for folded clothes, that way we can get rid of the dresser and make some more room out in the main area. What do you think, Tom?”


“That”s a good idea. I don”t see any of the boys needing a lot of hanging space, so it would be a good idea to change that around.”


“Okay, redoing the closet is added to the list. What about wiring, Max?” John asked. “That adds to the difficulty of whatever we”re going to do.”


“I think we should be good in that respect, John. There”s plenty of outlets along the wall where the desks will be, and if we need lights there, we can just get some small desk lamps.”


“What about paint? Will we be adding some color?”


“I”m sure the boys will want something other than the white it is now. I”d like to keep the ceiling white, but I don”t know what they”ll want for the walls, so why don”t you bring a bunch of those little color samples with you when you come back?”


“No problem. I have one of those flip books from Sherwin-Williams. If they can”t find something they like in there, it doesn”t exist. Any changes to make in the bathroom?”


“No, I think it”s fine, John.”


“Good, I didn”t want to have mess with that if we didn”t have to. Okay, what”s next?”


I led him to the storage room across the hall. “We also need to turn this room into an office for Tom for the new investigation agency he”s starting.”


“You”re gonna have to get all this crap outta” here, Max, before I can do anything.”


“Funny you should say that, John. I said the same thing just a few minutes ago,” Tom laughed.


“Fine, you two. When I find the movers to get Tom”s stuff from his apartment, I”ll have them deal with these two rooms at the same time. Good thing I have plenty of room in my storage building.”


Tom looked at me, surprised, “Wait, you”ve got another building out here I haven”t seen?”


“Yeah, I had it built several years ago, back in the trees a little bit so you couldn”t see it from the house.”


“Guess that”s a good thing seeing as we”re going to have lots of stuff to stash for a while.”


“Now, back to you, John, any problems here?”


“Shouldn”t be. Is any of this going to stay here or will it all go?”


“We”ll move it all out.” I turned to Tom, “You want any paint or anything else done?”


“I think some color would be nice. Nothing wild, mind you, but something that”s not white. And maybe a ceiling fan with a light to replace the light that”s there now?”


“The fan”s a good idea, Tom. Since I planned this as a storage room only, I didn”t have one installed when the house was built. We can check out office furniture another day. If we can get that selected and delivered, maybe we can talk John and his guys into putting it together for us.”


“Be happy to do it, Max. Tom can look at paint colors when I come back with some ideas for the boy”s room. We can get all the paint at one time that way.”


“Sounds like a plan to me, John. You got everything you need at the moment?”


“I think so, let me get back to my office and get some things drawn up for you to see before we start any work. I”ll be back late this afternoon so we can sit down with your boys and they can see what we”re planning. Sound okay?”


“Perfect, John. How”s the bus shelter coming along?”


“Real close. The walls are built, insulated, and ready to set on the slab. The inside sheathing is painted and ready to attach to the walls once they”re anchored to the slab. I have the door and hardware already, along with the window. The heater, solar panel and battery should be delivered by the end of the week.”


“Good, the boys are driving me nuts with questions about what”s happening out there. I don”t know how much longer I can keep it a secret.”


“Well, there won”t be any more changes out there until we come back to set up the shelter. We should be able to complete it while they”re gone to school one day next week.”


“That”s perfect, John. Thanks for coming out today and we”ll see you later. You got anything special you want for your office, Tom?”


“Can”t think of anything at the moment. But I probably will before you come back, John.”


“Just let me know and I”ll take care of it.”


We followed John to the front door, said goodbye and closed the door as he backed out of the drive. As soon as the door closed, Tom turned me around, wrapped me in a bear hug and his tongue invaded my mouth. When we finally broke for air, I asked, “What was that for?”


“Just to remind you know how much I love you. Got any plans?”


“No, what”s on your mind?”


“This is the first time we”ve been alone since last weekend with almost unlimited time to ourselves and I intend to take advantage of it.”


“You sure you”re up to it?”


“In more ways than one,” he grinned. “Come on, lover.” As he stepped back and took my hand, I could tell from the obscene bulge in his sweatpants that he was definitely up for it and I eagerly followed his lead.


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