Camping with Uncle Dan

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The time was the early 1970s. I was on the verge of turning 20, but was having a rough time of it personally. My mother had caught me in bed with her boyfriend (an experience detailed in my earlier story “Mom’s Boyfriend”) one evening when I had come home under the influence and had been taken by him.

While I had done the same thing with Joe earlier, somehow getting caught by your mother – me face down on the bed and drunk, and him taking my ass – was an whole different thing.

I had been depressed after that, and Mom tried her best to help, arranging for me to go camping with my Uncle Dan. What could possibly happen there?


Chapter 1: Me and Dan.

I had only vague memories of my Uncle Dan, but I recognized him right away as I pulled in front of the cabin at the end of the bumpiest dirt road imaginable.

A rough looking guy with his now-gray hair still in a crew cut just like back when he was in the Navy, he still looked fit and trim despite his age, which I guessed to be about mid-50’s.

He was shirtless and wore only a pair of khaki shorts and sandals as he waved to me while coming down the steps of the rustic old cabin. Deeply tanned, his chest and forearms were covered with a mat of gray fur, although his legs were relatively hairless.

“Timmy my boy!” Uncle Dan growled in his gruffest voice, his smile giving away his pleasure at seeing me again. “Boy, have you changed! Become quite a big fellow, haven’t you?”

“I guess,” I admitted, now looking at him for the first time at eye level after having to look up in my younger years.

We were both about 5’9″ or so, and while I might outweigh him by a few pounds, there was not a great deal of difference in us besides age.

I grabbed my bag and carried it in to the cabin, following Dan up the steps. Dan’s back was broad and sported a couple of tattoos, as did his arms. Souvenirs of his service days, I assumed, and vaguely remembered him telling me years ago the stories behind each of them.

“It ain’t much, but it’s what I call home during the summer,” Dan said, waving his arm around the small one-room cabin.

“It’s really neat,” I said, looking at the small kitchen area on the one side of the room, and the bed and dresser on the other side of the room, with a round table and chairs in between. A fireplace took up much of the wall behind the table.

“It’s got all I need,” he added. “Got a little generator that keeps the fridge and a light going, and that’s about the extent of my modern living.”

One bed would be all that a divorced man would likely need.

Chapter 2: Telling tales.

Uncle Dan grabbed a six pack of Rolling Rock out of the refrigerator and invited me to take the grand tour with him. I nodded when he offered me a can, and that made him chuckle.

“Time flies, don’t it?” he said as we went back outside and around the back. “Seems like yesterday that you were a chubby little kid, and now look at you! Must hit the weights a lot, judging by your build.”

“Some,” I admitted, having shed the baby fat that I had carried with me during my teenage years.

“Remember when we used to arm wrestle at your folks’ kitchen table?” Uncle Dan recalled.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, suddenly remembering those epic battles, when he would pretend to have to struggle to beat me. “You would always make me think that I had a chance to beat you.”

“You used to get distracted by her,” Dan mentioned, pointing to the now-faded tattoo of a mermaid on his still-prominent bicep.

“That’s right! You used to flex your muscle and make her wiggle around, and I would start laughing, and the next thing I would know, the game was over. Not that I had a chance in the world of winning anyway,” I added.

“I think the outcome might be different these days, judging by the arms you’ve got on you,” Dan opined.

“I kinda doubt it.”

“Maybe we’ll wrestle later,” Dan suggested, cuffing me on the shoulder while leading me down the path in the woods behind his cabin.

Chapter 3: Wrestling later?

A shiver went down my spine as my Uncle Dan said that. I had begun to develop a sense about people around that time; a sense that I had defined to a science in later years. Something in the way that he looked at me – nothing specific but more just a general feeling that he wasn’t looking at me as a kid relative.

I also realized that I was looking at him a lot differently now as well. Instead of being the wide-eyed kid looking up at grown-ups, I was now looking at Uncle Dan as a man, and checking him out like I would anyone else. Admiring the broad and hairy chest and the well defined arms, and wondering about what was going on under those baggy shorts. In a way I was ashamed about what I was thinking, but not enough so that I stopped.

We followed the path down to where it ended on the tiny beach of a little pond, where there was a rowboat tied to a tree. Cutest little pond imaginable; not more than a half mile across, with a little island in the middle.

“This is beautiful!” fatih escort I exclaimed as I admired the view. “Is this all yours?”

“Well, I guess it’s the property of the state, but there’s only a couple other cabins around here – back over around that bunch of trees at the other end, and no way for public access yet, so I guess it’s as much mine as anybodies.”

“Do you get a lot of fish out of it?”

“Pretty much a dead pond now,” Dan said. “Guess acid rain has pretty much killed everything off, although once in a while I’ll pull out something. Mostly I just swim.”

“I’m glad I brought my trunks,” I said, thinking that on a hot day like today, jumping in the pond would be a welcome treat.

“Trunks?” Uncle Dan chortled. “No need for trunks out here. Come in! The water’s fine.”

With that, Uncle Dan kicked off his sandals and dropped his shorts.

Chapter 4: Awkward moments.

Uncle Dan was wearing nothing underneath the shorts, and as he walked into the water he turned around to wave me on in. As he did, I tried not to look. I swear I did. The problem was that more I tried not to look, the dumber I must have seemed.

“No need to be shy or ashamed out here, Timmy!” Dan said.

“Easy for you to say,” I mumbled under my breath as I slowly began taking off my shirt.

It was easy for Uncle Dan to say for two reasons. The first reason was hanging between his legs; a absurdly long and thick penis that rolled lazily from side to side as he waded knee-deep in the pond. Uncircumcised and as bronzed as the rest of his body, the flaccid tool was framed by a silver gray bush above and a sizable pair of balls that dangled loosely in their wrinkled sac.

The second reason was that I was not built like my Uncle Dan, or most other men. If you’ve read my other stories, you’ve heard the description. I was the boy that puberty forgot, pretty much.

Puberty started – a little late for me but still and all it started – and then abruptly stopped. “Is that all there is?” was a Peggy Lee song that was popular back in the 60’s, and that pretty much summed up my reaction to my “Wonder Years”.

In the end, I was left with a small dick – I used to claim it to be about five inches, but that was probably measured by my jamming the ruler into my intestines. Four inches erect is about right, and the lack of length was not compensated for by thickness either. Combine that with balls the size of cherry tomatoes, and an almost complete absence of body hair, and that’s me.

This was a source of embarrassment for my during my teenage years, culminating in having my first and only girlfriend laugh at what she pulled out. This led to me crawling into a shell and hiding, until a kindly older man helped me discover that I wasn’t worthless after all. Not only that, but there were a lot of men who did not find me unattractive at all. Just the opposite, and that gave me a whole new lease on life.

I had overcome my overt modesty, and had even taken to almost flaunting my shortcomings on occasion in locker rooms and the like, but this was different. This was my Uncle Dan, for crying out loud. Uncle Dan, who stood there waiting patiently as I undressed as slowly as possible.

Off came my shirt, and then my shorts, and I took as long as I could to take my sneakers and socks off as well.

“I guess you don’t wear trunks,” I said, trying to divert attention from my unveiling. “You’ve got an even tan.”

Uncle Dan smiled, spreading his arms wide.

“No tan lines!” he announced, and I sensed that he knew that I was stalling, so he looked away for a second as I tugged off my underwear and tossed them on the heap of clothes.

I gave my limp noodle a couple of quick tugs, trying to make it appear less pitiful that it was. Because I was so nervous it seemed to have shrunk, like it was trying to hide from sight.

It was my intention to walk right into the water as fast as I could, so with one hand down pretending not to be trying to obstruct the view of my privates, I walked in quickly.

“YOW!” I yelled, as the cold water sent shock waves through my body.

The frigid water took my mind off my nudity for a moment, and when I looked over at Uncle Dan, he was not looking away any longer, but his eyes were focused on one area. At this point, I let my hand move out of the way, and prayed that I wouldn’t hear a roar of laughter as I slowly went deeper into the water.

Chapter 5: The laughter.

The laughter never came from Uncle Dan – and to be honest, it very rarely did from anyone, although I was always expecting it. There were usually two different reactions; either indifference or something else altogether. From Uncle Dan, I got the something else.

It wasn’t anything obvious, but I had seen it several times from other men in my life, and to my surprise I was now seeing it in my Uncle Dan. The look – a look that says they are seeing something unusual, and they are aroused by it, and sometimes ashamed by it. I had spoken to a couple of men about it, and etiler escort they freely admitted what it was that excited them.

It just wasn’t something I was expecting from Uncle Dan. The fact that he wasn’t married any longer, and the initial look he gave me, led me to believe that he might be gay, or at least bisexual, but I wouldn’t have thought that a grizzled and tough guy like him would find me interesting. Then again, I had been trying not to stare at his cock for the last few minutes, so who knows what and why we get turned on?

“Once you get used to it, you’ll love it!” Dan yelled and then strode right in, his still-firm bronze buttocks disappearing under the chilly water.

I followed as quickly as I could, almost losing my breath as my balls went underwater, and finally just dunked my entire self in, jumping right back up and letting out a little yelp.

“You okay?” Uncle Dan asked, coming over to my side.

“Sure!” I assured him. “Wakes you up, doesn’t it?”

“That’s for sure. Almost every morning I come out here and jump right in. Wakes you up alright, but makes some other things shrivel up, if you know what I mean,” Uncle Dan said with a wink.

“Wish I could blame that,” I noted dryly, resisting the urge to comment that it didn’t seem to make anything of his shrink, and was glad when he smiled at that, cuffing me on the shoulder before swimming away.

We swam for almost a half hour, and after we got out of the water, I wasn’t nearly as self-conscious as I was before. Uncle Dan seemed happy about that, and I pretended not to notice as his eyes examined me thoroughly.

I picked up my clothes and followed Uncle Dan back to the cabin, where we pulled a couple of towels off of the clothesline and dried ourselves. My hair was rather long at the time, and as I vigorously rubbed the towel through my scalp, I saw Uncle Dan’s eyes go from my wiggling little pecker to my hairless armpits, which seemed to interest him a great deal.

“What grade are you going into this fall, Timmy?” he asked.

“Going to be a sophomore, Uncle Dan,” I said.

“Any idea what’s in your future?”

“I’m majoring in Criminal Justice,” I told him, and after he nodded, he did a double take.

“You – You’re in college? A sophomore in college?”

“Yeah, “I know I don’t look it,” I shrugged.

“No Timmy, that’s not it at all,” Dan said. “It’s just that – well, you’ll find out when you get older. Time has a way of flying by as you get ancient like me.”

“You don’t look old,” I told him. “You look the same as you always did to me.”

“Not bad for almost 60,” Dan said. “That means that you’re…”


Chapter 6: Dinner and drinks.

We had burgers out on the picnic table, and watched the sun go down from the porch. We were well into the second six-pack of Rolling Rocks by then, and I had become acquainted with the bathroom facilities, which was a outdoor privy.

“If I didn’t have company here I’d be whizzing over the side by now,” Dan cackled after returning from a trip to the outhouse.

After darkness set in, we stayed outside until the bugs started swarming, at which point we went into the cabin and sat at the table. Uncle Dan started a small fire, more for atmosphere than for heat, and we played a few hands of cards while we talked.

“Just like old times,” I commented.

“Hey, let’s have a rematch,” Dan exclaimed. “Arm wrestling.

“You know you’re going to win,” I protested, but he was insistent, and so we pushed the cards aside and lined up our arms.

“Ready?” he asked, and when I nodded, we began to arm wrestle.

We started out slowly, but then when I began to try, so did he. Soon we were both straining; his neck and shoulder muscles bulging as he tried to put me down, and I countered with all my might.

“Look!” Dan said, nodding down to the old mermaid, which he was making dance for my benefit.

“Not fair,” I grunted, smiling at the gyrations of the tattoo, and the battle went on.

Well over a minute later, and we were still locked up. My bicep was as defined as it had ever been, which got Uncle Dan’s attention.

It was at this point that I eased up a little bit. I think I could have pinned him, but that wouldn’t have been right. The natural order of things meant that I had to lose. Uncle Dan should be the dominant force.

“Told you!” I exclaimed after Dan slowly brought my hand down to the table.

“I think I smell a rat,” Dan said, looking at me with a twinkle in his eye as our sweaty hands disengaged.

“The better man won,” I declared. “Just like old times.”

Chapter 7: Confessions.

“The girls must be all over you,” Dan suggested as we had the last two beers.

“Not too lucky in that department,” I replied. “I like them but they don’t feel the same about me.”

“Ah, we all hit rough patches,” Dan said with a wave. “They come and they go.”

“I guess,” I agreed.

“Can I be honest with you, Timmy?” Dan suddenly asked, and I gestured in beşiktaş escort the affirmative.

“This has got to be between me and you – man to man – okay? Confidential.”


“Your Mom. She told me about what happened between you and that guy she was seeing. Joe – wasn’t it?”

“Oh,” I answered quietly, feeling my face flush with embarrassment.

“Please don’t tell her I said anything about it to you. She feels horrible about it and blames herself for it all.”

“What did she tell you?” I wondered aloud.

“She told me that the man she brought into the house went into your room and violated you – raped you. Took you anally.”

“Uh – we’re being honest here and confidential and all, right? Well, that’s not exactly true. I mean it is as far as it goes, but that’s not all of the story.”

“How so?” Uncle Dan asked.

“The night that Mom gave into the room, he was taking advantage of my condition. I was drunk and he just came in and did it, but that wasn’t the first time.”

“What do you mean?”

“We had been having sex before that. Several times.”

“Did he force you?” Dan asked, and I shook my head no.

As I shook my head, I heard Dan’s breath catch in his throat, and he swallowed hard.

“You’ve had sex with men before? Men and women?”

“Just with guys,” I admitted. “I wanted to with a girl once, but – it didn’t work out.”

“Your Mom said – she said that this Joe fellow was a big man,” Dan asked delicately.

“Yes, he was,” I agreed, and then after a pause, added, “A lot like you.”

Chapter 8: More confessions.

I wasn’t sure what Uncle Dan had meant about Joe being a big man, but Joe was big indeed, in all ways. Bigger than Uncle Dan in stature, but not in the other area, where they seemed pretty equal, and the fact that I had said that certainly did not unnoticed.

“I see,” Dan said, and I noticed that Dan was glistening with sweat. Droplets of perspiration were all over his upper torso, clinging to his chest hairs and running down the insides of his arms. “Is that – uh – something that you enjoy?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I seem to be attracted to men who are the exact opposite of me. Older men who are aggressive. Hairy men. Well endowed men. Do you know of any men who might fit that description?”

Uncle Dan’s entire body shuddered, and he tried to cover it up as he moved around in his chair. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand as he struggled for words.

“Look,” Dan said nervously. “This is very difficult for me. I don’t much like telling stories out of school, but when you first arrived today, I couldn’t get over how much you look like your father did at your age.”


“Very much so,” he related to me. “He wasn’t nearly as muscular as you are, but you look so similar in many other ways that it was shocking to me.”

“I guess there’s a resemblance.”

“I also know that your father must never have told your mother about a lot of things,” Uncle Dan said. “If he had, then she would never have called to suggest you spend time with me.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Let’s just say that when I got divorced from your Aunt Sylvia, there was a reason. A very good reason.”

“Mom never said anything bad about you. Dad either.”

“No, your mother is a very sweet and naive woman, and your Dad is a very good man. We were very close in our younger days.”

Chapter 9: Good night.

That last sentence hung in the air for the longest time, and I chose not to think about whether there was a double meaning to that. The silence was deafening, and was only broken when Uncle Dan finally cleared his throat and spoke.

“Today – down by the pond – when you got undressed,” Uncle Dan stammered. “Maybe it was for all the wrong reasons, but when I saw you naked, I got very – aroused. Hadn’t seen a man that looked like you in a long time, and I really got excited. Hope that doesn’t bother you – my saying that.”

“Of course not,” I replied.

“Not good at this stuff – never was. Fact is, I love you Timmy, and I don’t want to destroy the wonderful relationship and memories we have had together. I’ve only got one bed, and I – I mean, I have a sleeping bag that I was planning on using, if you would rather – you know.”

Uncle Dan stood up, and the outrageous bulge that stretched the front right side of his shorts left no doubt as to his feelings.

“Good night Timmy,” Uncle Dan said, walking over to the bed and pulling the sheet down.

I watched as he pulled down his shorts and slid into the bed, pulling the sheet up to his chest. Unsure of how to turn off the light, and not really wanting to, I got up myself and walked deliberately over to the side of the bed where Dan was.

Reaching down, I took the sheet and pulled it down and off of his body. His cock was curled up against his belly, the bulbous head struggling to slide out of his foreskin. I was about to climb into the bed when Uncle Dan spun up to a sitting position in front of me.

My erection was pointing at him through the cotton fabric, and when he pulled the shorts down, my twig and berries sprang right up into his face.

“Timmy!” he gasped, lunging forward and taking my whole package into his mouth with one gulp.

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