Candy Finds Her Son Handy , Dandy

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will be exterminated with extreme preditorial!

The Risqué Writer’s Rule

Some may decry the confections,
That are my tales for heads and hearts;
Yet despite their imperfections,
They also affect the lower parts;
Remember it’s just erotica,
Never meant to be fine arts!

8==3~ {sign of the cumming cock }

[Have you read my thread?]

Like the name of Madame DeVille’s moniker, Cruella, some names fit the personality they are bestowed upon. Disney came up with that evil woman’s apropos handle. My mother’s folks named their only child, a daughter, Candy. This was shortly before the infamous 1968 movie was out. Though there were aspects of mom that paralleled the character that Ewa Aulin portrayed, she was named because my maternal grandparents thought her sweet.

She is. Think of the nicest and happiest and most giving gal you ever saw. Like the wife in the new movie “UP”, or some ideal beautiful and loving lady that is so darling and perfect. The sort of female that is always happy and perky, never down and wants to help others, she is an inspiration. That lovely woman is sexy in a natural way, with an attraction that stems from her intelligence as well as her physical charms. You’d want her for your girlfriend, you’d marry her in an instant, if she would have you; you would be proud to bed her and hope to keep her. Take her home to the meet your family; everyone would say how lucky you are to have such a special partner.

That would be the rare female indeed who could be all that. She was almost fictional, an angel on earth, but earthy enough to get dirty in the boudoir. One in a million, even a billion; the pearl that you would give your fortune to possess, though if she loved you, it wouldn’t matter if you were impoverished. Fortunately, my dad married the miracle that was mom, and we were nicely middle-class as it turned out. Unfortunately, while mother lived up to the nearly ideal perfection of what I described, she was my mom. Which meant that, while she was loved devotedly by me, yet my desire for her sexually was blocked by the incest taboo.

Thus at the age of my majority, twenty-one, when others of my age-bracket were far afield looking for their perfect mates, I had found mine at home. The problem of course was she was already married, to the man I love most, dad. Now my father was less than perfect, though a very good fellow in every way; handsome, a good provider, kind, courteous, considerate, or else he never would have won my mother’s hand. ‘I want a gal, just like the gal, that married dear old dad’, in fact I wanted the very one. I knew that I could never marry her, but I could dream of having her – in bed. For sure, I frequently masturbated with thoughts of her curvaceous body coupling with mine.

Now my mom had perceived this fixation of mine and she didn’t mind! She understood, even if nothing was ever overtly stated between the two of us. But by the look in her eyes, when she read my loving puppy-dog expression (and lusting look, tongue all but hanging out of my mouth like some cartoon wolf panting and drooling about the yummy lamb he wants to eat, the sexual symbolism lost on youngsters but not to their folks) mom knew of my yearnings for her in a carnal way, and she sympathized for me, perhaps even empathized. It didn’t upset her; almost nothing did, except cruelty in any form. It was okay that her only child, her grown son, had feelings for her in that area.

It would be out of character of her total sweetness to resent what I could not help. I was like all other males who met her, who wanted to be her friend, protector and hero, and lover if possible. Like the best and favorite candy you craved as a kid, so as a man would you desire this wonderful woman named Candy. Since she had dealt with those reactions from guys all her life, she was understanding of her son being as the rest of the masculine half of humanity. But that didn’t mean she loved me any less, nor allowed me any liberties, any more than she would any other man than her husband. Now I know that in these kinds of stories often the pattern is to get the father-figure out of the way. Oedipus inadvertently kills his pop on the road that takes him to wed his mother.

But that was not the case in my tale. Dad was always there, just not always there for mom, at least when it came to satisfying her physical needs in the bedroom. Like most middle-age men his libido slowed and his dick was limper, and his pill supply included the modern prescribed male-enhancement medicines. But also like most successful middle managers, his job took up a great deal of his time and energy, even his presence at home suffered because of extended business trips. The combination of factors mentioned, to say nothing of the slide into routine rather than romance; left his Candy often unwrapped, much less lacking in licking, nor much sucked and hardly enough fucked.

That’s where I come in – or came in; I mean of course, fit in, fuckin’, and bursa escort cum in. Came in Candy, creamed in my sweet mom, just like those confections with the white centers surrounded by the caramel, you know which ones I mean! To paraphrase Ogden Nash, ‘Candy is dandy, but lick her is quicker to stick her’. Mom loved cunnilingus, and indeed could not resist it as a seduction method. She had to have cock after her cunt was eaten. I am a little ashamed to speak of my dearest mother in such crude terms and so boldly and bawdily, but those are the facts of how I got to bang her butt. And if you think my language is blunt, you ought to hear what she sounds like when we are in the midst of passion. I meant it when I said she was earthy, that in the sheets she’s downright dirty!

Now remember I mentioned that she was born shortly before the namesake film debuted? Well, she had seen it once on video, when she was about my age. Nowadays it is available on DVD, but you won’t see it at Blockbuster, you need to order it special through the mail services on line. I had never watched it, but I was intrigued, if only because family lore was that the actress and mom did bear a striking resemblance. Mom was that kind of a doll and she retained her pretty girl looks even into her mid forties presently. So of course I rented it. It arrived the day after my father left for a two week trip to Europe. So I guess, in a way the pater was put out of the picture after all, for purposes of the action that followed after he left. But I wasn’t to blame for his absence at least.

I invited mom to watch the movie with me in the family rec room. She thought that would be nice, it was a Friday, there was nothing else going on. We ordered in Chinese and brought out a six pack for the dinner and stuck in a bottle of Rhine wine for later. I put in the disk and we were off on a rather weird trip. You can Google the synopsis, but I won’t bore you with the details of a sixties movie that is still odd and off-beat. The one thing you need to know is that at the end of the film, when Candy is finally fucking the last guy, she is surprised at learning his true identity. She says one word that gives the twist away, and gives a twirling spin to the whole plot in retrospect, and turns that twinkling instant into the last mind blowing sexual kinkiness.

“Daddy!” Cried Candy on the screen, in astonishment as she both orgasms and comes to the realization of who is screwing her, even as she is cumming. I heard mom say it too, but that did not register in my consciousness immediately, due to the shock of the incestuous implications that revelation produced in my brain.

“What?” I cried and hit the jump-back control that replayed the last minute of the cinematic climatic moment. This time when the dialog was confirmed, the echo from next to me also was repeated, and now I replayed the memory in my head and sure enough, though mom had been quiet for a while before that, she had chorused the line. Sure she had seen the scene before. But she had chimed in with her celluloid doppelganger, the second time too, “Daddy!” Her tone however was wistful and poignant. I wondered what had prompted her to speak and so pensively. I looked at her. She turned her head and blushed. Then her expression became clearly both vexed and amused at the same time.

“Oh don’t look so shocked. It’s not like you don’t have a yen for me! What? – girls can’t have a thing for their daddies too?”

My mouth flapped air a few times before the cogs kicked in and cognition cranked out the words I blurted, “You had a thing for grandpa?”

“I’m not the one that rented the dirty movie and got his mom to watch it with him!”

“It’s not that dirty, especially by today’s standards. You see more on the television in prime time, or soap-operas. And you’re changing the subject.”

“Well, yes; it’s not exactly ‘Taboo’, is it? Pour me another glass of wine.”

“How do you know about ‘Taboo’? Did you ever watch that film? That was a dirty movie!” This was an interesting topic if she wanted to change the subject away from her and her own father; she had picked one that captured my interest even more. Moreover, she had finally verbally acknowledged the unspoken matter of my incestuous feelings for her.

“No I never saw it, did you? I bet you have, on the Internet or something. I heard about it from my brother, when it came out. All the guys had the hots for that brunette, what’s her face.”

“Kay Parker.”

“So you have seen it, haven’t you?”

“Uh, well yeah. It’s a classic.” I poured more wine for me, I needed a drink!

Mom took a big sip and licked her lips, “Well, do you prefer brunette moms or blond moms?”

“I prefer you, mom. You looked like the gal in this movie, when you were my age. That’s what grandpa said, and he was right, I’ve seen the old family photo albums. He didn’t say the film was so . . uh . . erotic though.”

“Did you find the movie a turn on?”

“Not so much, though it was interesting to see the old fashion perspective bursa escort bayan from when the sexual revolution was beginning.”

“Honey, every generation thinks it discovered sex. The difference back then was that they finally had an effective birth-control – the pill, along with being able to cure VD or what we call STDs now days and it was before AIDS. So the youth went wild and that was what the movie we just viewed was illuminating. It was the quest for sexual freedom in a society that had the traditional barriers removed, finally freed from the fears of the consequences of uninhibited immorality. But that was my parent’s generation. Your grandpa was a little bit of a libertine in his youth actually; mostly it was grandma that tamed him. Mostly tamed, but not all together.”

“So, why did you say, ‘Daddy’, when the girl in the movie said it? Was there something between the two of you?”

“You and your dirty little mind, you! I’m tired and I’ve had plenty of wine. I’m going to bed. See you in the morning!” She avoided my question, and my eyes, and headed upstairs to her room. I finished the wine as I re-watched some of the movie, and tried to understand the implications of the last word, the cinema Candy had said, which my (sinning?) ma Candy had echoed.

What I came away with was that John Astin, who played the father, and also ‘Uncle’ Jack in the film, was a dirty old man, in the flick at least. Movie buffs will also realize that that era was the time of “Last Tango In Paris” also, and Marlon Brando, who was featured in “Candy”, the iconic star from “On the Water Front” and “The Wild Ones” was still a sex symbol back then, before becoming the older Don who was in “Godfather”; not to mention that the director of “Candy” was a very close friend of Brando’s.

So it was in a little while that I followed mom upstairs to my own bedroom. In the hall I was startled to hear her voice. Mother was not asleep yet. Her whimpers and gasps were clearly her throes of ecstasy and when she cried out at the peak of her climax – yes, I stopped and listened, you know I have an Oedipus complex – as she was climaxing I heard, quite distinctly, “Daddy!” I had to retreat to my own bed then and my own call at cumming was “Mommy!”

Now wouldn’t it be a nice little plot device if the next day, mom rented, or perhaps downloaded “Taboo” and suggested that we watched it together? I’ve read incest stories that used that exact thing to get the mother and son in bed together, but that was fiction and this was real life. She didn’t. However, she did ask me to sit with her on the deck and talk after our lunch out there. The weather was wonderful and the beer cold and I was ever happy to spend time with the dream woman that I lived with.

“Sweetie, I wanted to ask you about something.”

“Sure, mom.”

“Well, not to press you, but some of your friends are getting married and you don’t even have a girlfriend at the moment.” I began to protest that between work and living at home, instead of going off to a different town for college that I had not as much social life as when I was in high school. But mom put her hand up to stop me and continued speaking. “I’m concerned that maybe the . . thing . . you have for your mother is stopping you from looking for a gal to have of your own. Frankly, I want to be a grandma myself someday, though not necessarily right away. You understand what I am saying?”

“You’re worried that my incestuous lust for you is stymieing my search for a mate, that it?”

“Mmm . .well, I wouldn’t want your – infatuation with your mom to lead you into idealizing me as the woman that you want, and keep you from finding a perfectly marvelous lady that would make you very happy and satisfied, and make a terrific wife . . . and mother of my grandkids. More like that, though you put more bluntly, that’s the general idea, yeah.”

“What about you and grandpa?”

“What do you mean?”

You had a thing, infatuation? Attraction? Yen? Yearning? Lust even? For your father and yet you married dad and seem happy with him.”

“Just because I said ‘Daddy’ last night during that last scene . .”

“And when you came, masturbating last night as well. I wasn’t ease-dropping, but I couldn’t help inadvertently overhearing though.”

“Hoisted on my own petard. Okay, since we are being adult and speaking plainly about desires for parents and such. Yeah, I did have a hankering to have my pop in the sack for a screw, just to see what mom was screaming about when she was having sex with him. You think I’m vocal, when I cum!”

“And did you – have daddy, Candy?”

Silence. More silence. Mom blinked first. “Yes, once, and you can’t tell anybody, ever. The only reason I’m telling you is so that you’ll know I have some idea what you are going through with your wanting me. But that is a very naughty thing to do. Dangerous, because it could wreck the family if it got out. Even now, so you don’t dare even hint that you know.”

“Dad doesn’t know, grandma doesn’t know?”

“Grandma escort bursa doesn’t, your dad does. It sorta slipped out the first time . . oh God I can’t believe we are having this conversation! . . the first time he . . ate me. UHH Jeez! I just love to be gone down on, see, and that’s what gave grandma such loud climaxes, when grandpa would tongue her. Anyway, the first time your father did it to me I came really hard, ’cause it had been a while, and I just let out with the word you heard last night, ‘Daddy’. So then I had to explain why I had called it out, but your dad forgave me and thought it was a turn on. I told him it was only once and that I would never cheat on him. And I haven’t either, not ever.”

“Wow, mom that is some confession!”

“Yeah, but you can’t tell that I told you all that.”

“You really like to be eaten?”

“I love cunnilingus, and I would have to fuck any man that gave me head, ’cause I get so desperate when I cum that way, I just have to have a penis up me. That is my one weakness. I don’t know why I’m telling you that, seeing how that you would love to seduce me.”

“Mom I wouldn’t use that knowledge to seduce you or ever do anything that would make you feel threatened by me, or ask you to do anything that you wouldn’t want to do! I love you too much to ever harm or hurt you in any way!” I declared.

“I know, Sweetie. But you have to get over me, so that you can get on with your life. I’m already married, taken, spoken for. Not that I’m not horny for all of being hitched.” she added for some reason. WAS there hope of our having our own one time, like her and grandpa? Wow! What about that? Mom having incest, such a stunning revelation! And what of all the information she had provided about her sexual proclivities and her being horny. Was she giving me ‘ammunition’ for a reason, either consciously or otherwise? I was intrigued, to say the least, by everything she was divulging. Was all this converging on a conjugal coupling?

“Uh . . mom, perhaps you might . . uhmm . . blunt the edge of my interest if I had – some kind of . . say reality check on my fantasy.”

“Like what, seeing me in my undies?”

“Well, I’ve seen you in your bikini, and you looked good, by the way, but what if you were – – in the nude?”



She thought for a long moment. “What of instead of blunting your edge, that whets it instead?”

I took a chance and asked, “What did that one time with grandpa do? Make you more or less lusting for sex with him?”

More thinking, then she said, “Grab a couple more beers and meet me in the rec room, make sure the curtains are closed.”

Nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers, or perhaps as a virgin in a cat-house might be more like it, though I was no virgin. Still the enervating nerves were alternating with the energy which was zinging through me, as I anticipated seeing my mother naked on display before me, for the first time. Not counting when I walked in on her once, as she was dressing. But I never forgot that view. This one I would remember for as long as I live as well!

Mom came into the rec room in her robe. She grabbed a beer off the table and chugged a big swallow. Then put it down. I held my breath. She opened the robe, smiled at me as I saw her nipples and bush then dropped the gown and just stood there. I drank in the sight and drank a gulp of brew. I didn’t trust myself to speak, I would have squeaked – my voice box was so tight – I just made a twirling motion with my finger and she slowly turned around to allow me to see her back-side as well. Then, looking over her shoulder, with a naughty smirky smile, she bent and with her legs slightly spread and with her hands spread her ass-cheeks showed me the sight of her pussy. I was fully erect by now.

She noticed. I was wearing only sports-shorts and a tee-shirt. “You too.” I didn’t catch on immediately, my brain was benumbed, and I was bedumbed. “Sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose too,” she paraphrased, “you got an ogle at me, now I want to look you too!” I never got out of my clothes so quick. Thank heavens I was only in flip-flops. Now we were both standing and looking at each other’s bare bodies. She made the turn-around gesture and I complied. You could have hung an anvil from my dick. Mom sat abruptly on the over-stuffed easy chair, without putting her robe back on, and picked up her beer. “So?” she asked, “have I whetted your appetite for mama, or blunted the point of your lust. I see your lance is blunt, but pointed in my direction. There’s a little wetness on its tip too!” She gave a slight laugh at her word play and my obvious arousal.

“Well, frankly mom . .”

“Yeah, you have got a big frank, or is that a hot-dog?”

“Well, you’ve got the buns!” I could play verbal games also.

“What kind of sauce does the guy who’s taking a gander at my muff-in, want on his wiener?”

“Hot-sauce from your honey-pot.’

“My honey is sweet and spicy.”

“Sweet as Candy, and spicy like a taco sauce?”

“Would you like to taste it and see?” Would she let me!?!?! I remembered all she had said about a guy giving her a licking. I was ready to go a lap or two, if she would let me on the track, so to speak.

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