Car Trouble

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It was after Holiday break and I was driving back to school from a family reunion in Tyler, TX. I had been driving about ten hours straight. I had decided to arrive at school a day early by not stopping to get a motel midway. I was on an old two lane short cut instead of using the Interstate to save a few hours driving. I love to wear a tight revealing sheer low-cut blouse, a hip- hugging miniskirt, and spiked high heels (with no bra or panties) when I drive for long periods of time. Dressed like this I was always able to give all the truckers a show and turn them on whenever I pass them on the road, when I stop at a truck stop to get gas, or when I pull over at a rest stop for a short break.

I was driving in a heavy snowstorm in Georgia down a long canyon when suddenly my lights started to dim and the engine soon started running rough. Next my lights went out and within ten minutes the engine died as I coasted to the shoulder of the road. I got out and opened the hood of the car but could see nothing as it was 6 pm and, in January, it was dark already. There was no traffic at all either direction for almost two hours since I unfortunately picked the wrong time to get off the Interstate. I was getting very cold and I was trembling badly when I spotted headlights coming down the canyon and I decided I had to stop them any way I could.

I got out wearing only my sheer blouse, tight miniskirt, and spiked high heels and stood in the middle of the road, waving my arms wildly. It was an RV with six men in their 30’s returning from a hunting trip. They stopped and all of them jumped out of the RV with genuine concern in their eyes. I explained what had happened and the many hours I had been sitting there. They told me that we were in the middle of a major storm and many roads were closed. They had foolishly decided to ignore the road closure warnings and had set out for home themselves. They promptly rushed me into their RV so I could get warm and two guys said they would check out the car to see if they could figure out the problem. The driver pulled the RV onto the shoulder in front of my car while he waited for the other two to check out my vehicle.

As I walked onto their RV, Matt, the driver said, “Hon, you look like you need a strong drink and a nice hot shower to get rid of the chill.”

I agreed and took several shots of straight Cabo Wabo tequila and one guy then led me back to ataköy escort the shower in the R.V. I was left alone, I quickly undressed, and entered the shower, feeling the hot water chase the chill out of my bones. As I cleansed myselfand slowly warmed up, I remembered the long lusty looks all six men had given me when I first stepped into their RV. As I started to feel like my hot-blooded self again in the hot

shower, I started to fantasize about having sex with all of them while I started fingering myself.

Obviously I did not realize that I was moaning a little too loud because, as I neared my climax, I heard a voice say, “You don’t really need to do that yourself, you know!”

In the throes of my much-needed orgasm, I felt someone start to eat me out which only revved me up for another climax. I opened my eyes to see Robert’s head between my legs while the other five guys hungrily stared at me through the open bathroom door.

Matt’s voice asked, “Would you like all of us to suck your pussy, sweetcakes?”

All I could manage to gasp out as I came again was,”Yes!”

Robert got up and two guys carried me to the back bed which was larger than the rest. Then Sam kneeled down and started licking my swollen clit. As he was sucking and licking me, Sam crawled onto the bed and situated his dick right over my mouth and I started sucking it mightily in a HOT 69. We sucked and licked each other for about ten minutes when he rolled off and Jon assumed the position. His was a monster dick at nine inches! Eventually Jason, Doug, Matt, and Robert all 69’ed with me for ten minutes each, but, during this whole time, no one came except me. I must have cum at least eight times during the next hour, but none of them did.

Then Robert climbed on top of me and sucked my now rock hard sensitive nipples as he was sliding his hard cock into my very wet throbbing cunt. He sensuously and slowly fucked me for ten minutes without cumming. He withdrew and Sam got on top of me and massaged my tits and French-kissed me as he slipped his hard pecker inside my hot snatch! There was now music playing in the background and the other guys were sitting around drinking and cheering while I was being fucked silly!

In the same order as before when they ate me out, Jon, Jason, Doug, and Matt subsequently fucked me missionary style while sucking on my nipples, massaging avcılar escort my tits, and French-kissing me. Again I was the only one to cum over the next hour! These guys were damn good lovers with amazing self-control and I came a whole fucking lot!!

Next, after Matt pulled his big sausage out of me, they lifted me up and put me on all fours on the bed and Robert started fucking me from behind. He was gripping my hips and burying his manhood deep into me, on almost every thrust to the hilt! I could tell he was enjoying himself immensely from the animalistic grunts I heard from back there and the way he was grabbing my boobs.

I was yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as Matt shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked it down full length, feeling its deliciously hard tip touch the back of my throat.

They took turns fucking me from behind and from in front over the next hour and a half! I was loving it, having a rock hard dick in my pussy and a raging boner in my mouth at the same time! I had always fantasized about having two guys at once and now it has come true! However, this reality with six guys was even more fucking awesome! Amazingly, again no one came into my cunt or mouth as each guy took a turn in my cunt, took a rest, then fucked my mouth until all six of them had done me to their heart’s desire! I came time after time, so much so that I lost count of how many times I actually came!

The cycle started again with Robert entering my waiting dripping cunt. I felt him spread some

lubrication on my ass and then he started to slide a finger into my waiting and willing asshole. Then while still giving me a nice slow deep fuck that was driving me insane with desire, he added more lubrication and inserted a second finger into my ass. He continued to deftly twist his fingers in my ass as he purposefully fucked my very heated cunt. I was slowly being overcome by pure lust and desire!

The need of nonstop cocks screwing me and the feeling of his fingers in my ass were absolutely incredible and overwhelming! When I felt him add a lot of lubrication and insert a third finger, my entire body shook as waves after waves of an earth-shattering orgasm slammed into me! From that moment on everything became a blur and I started cumming nonstop over the next hour as each in turn did the same as Robert until all six guys had fucked my cunt repeatedly to orgasm beylikdüzü escort while fingering my sweet ass.

Next Robert laid me at the edge of the bed and lifted my legs high above his shoulders and one guy on each side of him held my legs out in a wide V. Then he slowly slid his rock hard prick into my wet asshole and proceeded to force his cock into my ass inch by inch. I let out a loud scream of pleasure as he took it all the way out and slammed it all the way back in! He fucked my ass hard for ten minutes and finally, with a ferocious howl, he shot a huge load of sweet cum in my ass.

As Robert pulled out, Sam quickly replaced the empty feeling I had with his stone schlong and started to ram my asshole. He began slowly but promptly built up speed until he was speed fucking me like a jackhammer. Within ten minutes Sam had emptied his sac into my waiting ass. When he pulled out, cum oozed out of my asshole. Next, Jon bust his nut in my ass, followed by Jason, Doug, and Matt, all unloading large amounts of sticky white jism in my ass. While each guy was fucking my ass, the others would be sucking my nipples or sticking their stiff manmeat in my mouth! I was feeling like such a SLUT and I was absolutely LOVING it!!

Now that they each had cum once in my ass, each guy felt free to cum again and again, so they came on my face, my tits, my ass, and my stomach! They also shot hot sweet sticky gooey cum in my mouth and down my throat! Mmmmmm! Yummy! Each time one of them would tense up and shoot a load in my ass it would send me into a major mind blowing orgasm! By the time the guys were completely satisfied, my ass was filled with cum and my stomach, ass, pussy, face, tits, and hair were drenched in sweat and cum!

It was now 2 am in the morning and I was flushed with all the fucking and sucking that we had been doing for the last five hours! The guys knew I was exhausted, so they let me sleep in the back bed. They parked their RV and, since they were also spent from all the night’s sexcapades, they slept there until the next morning when the storm finally let up and the roads were cleared again for travel.

Apparently, Doug and Jason figured out that I had a loose battery cable and they fixed it for me. I gave each guy a warm hug and a deep French-kiss and, in return, each guy grabbed my ass tightly and squeezed my tits firmly. I got in my car, waved goodbye, and continued on my way back to school. I had the biggest grin on my face as well as a worn out pussy and a very sore ass, but what a memory! Trust me, I will never forget the night that a loose battery cable gave me the best and the most orgasms I have ever had in my entire life!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32