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After I posted “My French maid Debbie” on nifty, I got an email from Chele who asked me to write a story for her. I had no clue how she looked like and the only thing she mentioned in her email was that she was into humiliation, submission and role-playing.

I sat down and started to think about it, but frankly I had run out of ideas. With such limited information I couldn’t make up anything as I must have a clear image of whom I’m writing for; let alone her fantasies and likings.

I got mad at myself really quick for not being able to be up to the situation and I was ready to give up, when all of sudden a brilliant idea struck me. What if I called her on the phone and asked her address? I would pay her a visit and from there I would let my imagination to take over.

So did I. I called her and she gladly gave me her address. I was supposed to visit her at 8:00pm sharp. She gave me a description of herself which was quite interesting. She said she was 30 years old, 5’6″ tall, 34 C full cup size, 130 pounds and very horny.

Her voice was warm and melodious like a nightingale’s erotic calling and she had been giggling all the time, during our conversation, like a naughty schoolgirl. I would lie if I told you that I didn’t get aroused just by listening to that magnificent voice. I was hoping that the rest of the ‘package’ would be equally good as well.

The time was flying like a tsunami wave and I hadn’t decided what I should wear in order to give her a ‘good run for her money’. I had been trying “this” and “that” and then back again, when I got pissed off. I decided that ‘the lesser, the better’ was quite appropriate.

So I chose a black thong with a hole on the crotch and another one in the back. That way I would have my slit and ass exposed for any ‘fitting purposes’ without having to rid of my pants. I wore my latest purchase (I had to pay through my nose in order to buy them) which was a pair of black leather boots, middle of thighs high, with stiletto heels.

And who needs a bra, anyway? Not me! That’s for sure. In order to cover my nakedness I took my long raincoat and the next thing I had to decide was what kind of ‘toys’ I should take with me.

DAMN!!! I couldn’t make up my mind. That’s why life is difficult. You have to decide for each and every thing you come across even if it’s the most trifle of ALL! You are always finding yourself in front of crossroads. I’ll have to think about it, I guess… BUT NOT NOW!… later.

I opened my drawer and grabbed everything my hand could catch. As it turned out later it was a chain with metallic clips on both ends and a 7 inches strap on black dildo. I put them in my bag and off I went. I stopped a cab, gave Chele’s address to the driver and sat down on the back seat. Due to my rush I had forgotten to button my raincoat up to the neck and I guess my cleavage was there for everyone to peer.

I caught the taxi driver looking at my breasts through his mirror and I yelled to him.

“What are you looking at? You’d better watch out the traffic, I have an important meeting to attend. I don’t want to be late.”

Scumbag! I always attract men’s attention like honey does to bees. Sometimes I wish I could be transformed into an ugly bitch so that no one could pay any attention to my appearance.

Anyway, we got to her home; I paid the driver and got out from the taxi. I rang the door bell and a nice voice asked who I was. I said “It’s Christy” and she opened the door.

“Wow Christy is this really you? You seem so young and beautiful” said Chele.

“I told you Chele that I’m only 19 years old and I’m turning 20 this February. Will you leave me standing here?”

“Oh ankara escort bayan please come in. I didn’t mean to be rude, I just wanted to say how lovely you are.”

“Good, step back and let me in.”

She did as she was told and I entered her house. I closed the door behind me and I stood there. Oh boy! That girl knew exactly how to dress herself. She wore a pink see-through baby doll which covered only her pelvis. She was naked under it and the only thing that covered her mound was a white g-string. A pair of black high heels completed her outfit.

Her dirty-blonde hair was caught behind her head in a long ponytail and her green eyes were sparkling like sapphires. She had fleshy and succulent lips and her nose was elegant and very delicate. I could see her breasts struggling to tear apart the thin fabric of her baby doll with her hard pink nipples being in charge. Full hips, awesome thighs and long legs were the “cherry on the cake”. She was really stunning and my heart started to pound faster.

Mostly by instinct rather than thought I placed my hands behind her head and I pulled her closer to my face. I pressed my lips on her’s and I stuck out my tongue. Obediently she opened her mouth and I plunged my tongue inside her warm nest. I found her tongue and I started twisting and turning mine along her’s. My right hand was massaging her left earlobe as our tongues were dancing and battling for total domination. Unfortunately in this kind of game there can be no winner so I let her sucking my tongue with her lips because I took it as a sign of submission.

I tossed my bag away and cupped her breasts. They were firm and full and I squeezed her nipples hard. She moaned inside my mouth and I sucked her sigh into my throat.

I pressed her head down with my hands and she knelt before me. I unbuttoned my raincoat and opened it, exposing my naked body. I parted my legs and I grabbed her ponytail with my right hand. I led her head on my slit and she immediately wrapped my calves with her hands.

She gave me a half-hearted lap on my pussy as if she had been afraid of something. I pressed my slit on her mouth more as I wanted her to make full use of that wonderful tongue.

“Come on baby, my pussy is clean and nice, what are you afraid of? Work your little tongue inside me. I know that you love it.”

“Oh yes miss, I love your pussy” she said with a big smile on her face.

She started lapping at my pussy fast and furiously as she wanted to show me that she hadn’t any reservations left. With big strokes of her tongue she was covering all my slit from top to bottom, making sure to hit my clit every time she was getting upwards. I felt her velvet tongue whipping my clit merciless and I moaned loud. I raised my left leg, passed it over her right shoulder and rested my thigh there. My rose petals parted wide open and she immediately buried her tongue inside my dark pink depths. She was drilling and exploring my slippery tunnel in search of fabulous riches while I was moving my loins back and forth fucking that versatile tongue back. She did hit my g-spot a couple of times because my body immediately jerked and then stiffened like a steel bar.

Her head was completely lost between my thighs and her nose was covered by my thick silky dark fur. She was looking straight into my eyes while I was grinding my pussy on her mouth and nose.

She hit my g-spot again with her tongue…This was the third and the last time. The rippled attack of my climax hit my whole body like supersonic wave. My orgasm shattered my body into millions of pieces and sent my whole existence sprawling into oblivion.

I’m not sure mersin escort bayan whether I screamed or not but I do remember feeling my neck sore afterwards. It wasn’t easy to quench her thirst for my burning pussy as she kept lapping and slurping my nectar fluids for several minutes after I had had that mind blowing orgasm.

My clit became hypersensitive and I had to push her face away from my labia.

I lifted my bag from the floor and I went straight to the sofa. I sat there and I gave her a signal to come over. She crawled along the floor and she finally sat on the floor near my left leg. She curled up at my feet and put her right cheek on the leather fabric of my boot.

“I know that you have been very naughty lately, young lady. Am I right?”

“Oh no miss I haven’t” she answered.

“Don’t lie to me; I know exactly what you are doing. You are showing off your cotton knickers every time you have the chance. Every time you see a girl or a boy you are bending over slightly and you are lifting your skirt inch by inch. I have seen you many times sitting on the bench with wide opened legs, showing off the white of your pants.”

“Oh no miss it must have been by accident”

I slapped her hard on the left cheek and her head bounced on my leg.

“Don’t lie to me bitch!” I yelled.

“Ooouchhh!!!… I’m sorry miss… yes its true…”

“Tell me exactly what you are doing.”

“When I want to drink water in the college I bend over more than it’s allowed, so everyone can see the color of my pants. Sometimes if I see a ladder I would climb it to the top just to make my bum visible to anyone. I always linger when I cross and uncross my legs and I do enjoy seeing my teachers taking glimpses of my crotch.”

“Is that all you have to say?” I asked her with an ironic smile.

“Yes miss that’s all, I swear” she said nervously.

I grabbed her ponytail with my right hand and I gave her a thunderous smack, with the left, that shook her entire being to the bones.

“I know what you are doing in the ladies room” I grinned at her.

“Aaaaaach… How?… This is impossible!!!…” she stammered, rubbing at the same time her sore cheek.

“TELL ME!!!” I demanded.

“Oohh… okay… okay. I go to the ladies room and I wait for someone to come in. I enter the cubicle next to her, I climb to the top of the separating wall and then I peer down to see how she pees. If she is younger than me I ask her if she needs any assistance and I enter her cubicle. I let her finish her peeing and then I offer to lick her pussy dry. They let me do as I wish because I’m older and they respect me. I lick their asses and suck their pussies as much as I want.”

“What happens if an older girl than you enters the cubicle?”

“I tell them that they can pee on me if they like. I have never encountered anyone who didn’t want to do that on me. I get on my knees and I open my mouth as much as I can. They direct the flow of their stream inside my throat, using their fingers, but sometimes they miss the target and they hit my eyes, nose or chin instead. I then suck their pussies until they cum inside my mouth and that’s it.”

“Tell me about the headmistress.”

“One day the headmistress of my school caught me sucking a 19 years old pussy inside a cubicle. She scolded her hard and let her go. Then she entered the cubicle and demanded to be told everything. I told her all and ever since she has been using me.”

“I need more details.”

“Besides having me sucking her pussy daily she demands more. Sometimes she orders me to lie on the floor and she straddles my face. She pees inside my mouth and then I have izle to lick her asshole. Other times I lick her asshole while she pees on my breasts when I’m still on the floor. Her favorite thing is to force me to get on my knees and suckle my thumb. She then gets closer and pees on my face and hair. When she finishes she uses my hair to clean her pussy and ass. The only thing that bothers me is that she never shaves her pussy fur and her hair has become so coarse and rough that it always hurts my lips and tongue when I lick her.”

I had never met such an abomination in my whole life and I knew that I had to teach her a lesson of discipline. I ordered her to take off her baby doll and I opened my bag. I took the chain with the metallic clips on the edges and I caught her right nipple with one clip… She screamed… I passed the chain behind her back and I caught her left nipple with the other clip… She cursed… her fate.

I strapped my rubber dildo around my thighs and waist and I made her to bend over. She supported herself on her hands on the sofa and I positioned myself behind her. I parted her legs and I rubbed my dildo on her pussylips and clit for sometime in order to smear it with her juices. I put it then in the entrance of her asshole.

“Oh… Nooo, miss. Please DON’T…” she pleaded.

“Shut up!! I am going to teach you a nice lesson” I said.

“Nooo, miss. I will be a good girl from now on. I swear God. Please, don’t hurt my bum. I’m so tight and I have never had anything inside there before. Your girly cock is so big and long. I’m afraid that it will damage my ass!!”

“You should have thought of it long time ago. Before having all those girls peeing on you” I replied with anger.

I tried to insert the head inside her rim hole but she was too tight for it. I parted her asscheeks and I spit in her hole. I licked around her puckered hole and I shoved my tongue inside her anus. I teased it in order to relax the muscles around it and I lapped on her hole more. Stiffening my tongue and using it as a little dick in and out inside her backdoor made her shivering in delight.

I stood up and I pressed the head of my dildo in her ass once more. I lunched forward and I managed to pass the head through her sphincter. She squirmed and groaned with pain.

“Ooooooooooo… MISS!!!… you are hurting me!!! Please STOP!!!… I can’t take it anymore… PLEEEEASEEE!!!… IT’S SOOOO BIG!!!!… YOU ARE STRETCHING MY ASS WALLSSS… TOO MUCHHH!!!”

I ignored her puny efforts of trying to rid of me and I pushed more. Having buried half of my dildo inside her I started to move my hips back and forth. I picked up a steady pace and I proceeded in fucking her ass without any caution.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh… you are filling my butt… Oooooooo… GOD!!! You are hurting me so much!!!… I can feel it inside my bowels… I feel it so hard inside me… MY ASS IS ON FIRE!!… AAAhhhhhhhh… I’m bleeding… I KNOW I’M BLEEDING!!!… FUCKKKKKKK!!!… I’M GOING TO CUMMMM… YESSSSS… IM SO CLOSEEE…”

I leaned forward and I grabbed the metallic chain with my teeth. I pulled my head back as much as I could. Her nipples almost reached her back and then with a final push I shoved my dildo up to the hilt in her ass.

She squirmed and floundered like a fish out of the sea. Her screams must have been heard ten blocks away! The gushing spring of her inner lust exploded; covering her milky thighs with her delicious cum. She collapsed on the sofa like a puppet whose strings had been cut off abruptly and she covered her head with her hands. She caught her breath and then she looked at me.

“Oh miss that was great!!! I wish you could fill my ass with your girly cock’s sticky cum.”

“You know I can’t do that honey but I was wondering where I could pee…” END.


Written by Christy Mars Copyright © 2006

Especially made for 30 years old Chele from USA.

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