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Mr. Warren’s class, he is a easy teacher to get along with but you can’t really understand a word her says somethings. Anyway one day in his Chem class, it was the start of a new semester and that means that we get new seat in his class. Well me and my friend Sanky looked at the seat chart and found our new seats. Then across the table from us a cute girl named Michelle sat down. Michelle is a cute girl with a smile that could light up a room. She was asian, about 5 foot 2 with black hair and tan.We said hi to each other and shook hands. While we were shaking hands another girl by the name of Nat. Nat was also not to bad of looking girl. She had big boobs for a 16 year old and she didn’t know how to cover them up. She was 5 foot even, tan, asian and about a hundred pounds. Mr. Warren was off talking to the class while the four of us talked, me, Nat, Michelle and sanky. we talked about music and all the normal teenage stuff.
Then MR. WARREN left us to our work and we were doing a lab that day. It was all the Normal shit in Chem with things exploding and breaking but it was a pretty fun lab. The period was over and Nat and Michelle still didn’t have all the data and i thought and said ” if we can go my house we could work on it together so you can get it right.” Sanky and I when to football. Star back-up QB for our High School and the coach doesn’t like me much because I was always a smart ass to him. Needless to say he sent me to the looker room escort early again, but I least I got a big laugh out of the other coaches. Got dressed and they were both by me truck in the parking lot.
We all got into the truck and started to head to my house and then I remembered my cousins were at my house and always ruined everything for me. So Nat, came up with the plan that we go to her house since it would quiet and her her parents wouldn’t be home till late. I drove up her long driveway and we all exited the truck. To the speed the story up we finished the work we had to do and I was going to take it over to sanky’s house.
Well I just about to leave and then Michelle came out of the room off the living room Completely NAKED. She looked great, I dropped my backpack and just stared for awhile looking at her beautiful tits and her completely bald pussy. Just them Nat surprised me from the side and started to kiss me. Michelle came over and started at my belt, unbuckling my belt pulling my pants down along with my boxers. Nat reached down and started to pull on my dick and Michelle started to suck, I WAS IN HEAVEN. Nat stated to take off her top exposing her healthy tits and then in she let me pull down her white short shorts and underneath was a bright pink thong, Michelle took care of that with her teeth.
Now all three of us where all naked and really ready to FUCK. Nat and Michelle were kissing, I slip my cock into Nat’s moist and tanned pussy.I picked izmit escort bayan her up and threw her on the couch and started to fuck the shit out of her. Michelle took the position out Nat, with her ass in my face and started to french Nat.
I was pumping Nat hard until I came right into her. While I was fucking Nat Michelle kept on begging me to FUCK HER IN THE ASS. I just basically pulled me cock out of Nat and just put into the ass of Michelle.Started to hump and Fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I quickly came into her and she was screaming like a bat out of hell. Just once I wish I could hear her scream again. I fuck her for a few seconds after I fucked her and when my cock came out of Michelle’s ass it went right into Nat’s mouth and she got me hard again. Michelle and Nat changed positions so Nat was on top and Michelle was on the bottom. Nat wanted it in her ass and I complied with a very hard and fast placed ass fucking.
I came again into Nat and then this position with Nat on top put me in the best position for my cock just to go right into Michelle’s pussy. Again with her I started slow and then just pounded her as fast and hard as I could. While I was fucking her pussy both girls were busy by kissing each other. I finally came into Michelle and they both got into their stomachs and started to suck my cock again. I came again in which this time I came on their faces.
After all that happened, we sat down izmit sınırsız escort on the couch, all of us still naked, just sat there and watched TV. All of a sudden Nat gets on top on me, with her back to me and starts to pee on me. I was mad but too tired to act. Just then Michelle whispered into my ear. She had a great idea. Michelle got up and left and came back about two minutes later with on of Nat’s little brother’s diapers. I grabbed Nat, which gave Michelle the chance to put the diaper on her. (she was actually small enough that she fit into a 18 months old diaper) To us it was funny, but to Nat it wasn’t and then Michelle surprised me if which she took a picture with my camera.She must of grabbed it from my truck I guess when we left it.
Nat then got up and Michelle and I followed her and then realized where she was going. I grabbed her from behind and Michelle ran in front of us and locked the bathroom door. Nat was not to pleased and pleaded with us to let her go the bathroom.
Then the noise of peeing and pooping on a disposable diaper. Michelle was nice though and did help her clean up but she took pics while she did. I had to go, so I gave the girls a kiss on the cheek and I left. With a little blood from both of their hymens I had broke with my cock.Michelle still had my camera and I didn’t get it back til the next day.There were some great pics on there let me tell you.
The Rest of the year we had moments, like foot jobs underneath the table and fingers put into pussies. It was fun in that class.

First story please be kind. IF YOU LIKE IT THERE IS MORE FROM THIS TO COME.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32