Cherry Blossoms

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Big Tits

This story involves Sex Workers, so it may be hard to find any romance in this one. There are scenes of bondage and the portrayal of a rape that was a painful memory for one of the sex workers. These are all things that happen every day, but my story is a fantasy in which everyone is over 18.

Cherry Blossoms

“Fuck this place and everyone in it!” I screamed as I slammed the door shut behind my childhood!

I could no longer put up with Dad’s puritan ways, or Mom’s insistence that I get a job like her at the local diner or dollar store. I had all I needed in my backpack, and almost two hundred dollars in my wallet. What else would a healthy 18 year old need to survive on the streets?

I had been thinking about my future for a while. I didn’t like the idea of working as a clerk or a maid, which is about all that I qualify for. Billy and Gary were the only guys I let get to second base, and that was only a brief touch of my nipple! They said I could get waitress work that paid better than our local diner could offer. They had seen girls going topless in Las Vegas, and they made a lot of tip money, and they thought I had the best rack that they had ever NOT seen.

Well, I was ready to be an adult woman, and share my spectacular tits with anyone that was willing to pay!

I only had to walk to the interstate, and my thumb wasn’t out ten seconds before a trucker threw on his air brakes, bringing his big rig to a noisy stop. I ran to the cab, and threw my pack up ahead of myself before I jumped onto the passenger deck, and tugged the door open.

The guy inside was big, and hairy and the whole inside stunk of body odor, but I had my resolve, so I pulled my pack inside with me. I was going wherever this truck was going.

“Hi,” I said.

Mom always said I was a yacker, but now I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“So, are you a big girl running away from home?” the deep voiced man asked me.

“Um, uh, I guess I am. My name is Heather.” I was not sure what he wanted to hear.

“I am the Captain of this vessel, so you can only stay if you follow my commands,” he insisted.

I just nodded my head, not wanting to say yes out loud, thinking that it would bind me to him in some way.

“Lock the door, and make yourself comfortable,” he said, and he actually smiled. I was instantly relieved.

His name was Simon, but I wasn’t to call him Simple Simon. He asked me to clean up his bunk a bit while he drove, so I set into it, like I had a job to do.

“We will be eating in Roseville, if you’re hungry,” he explained soon after revealing his name.

Simon Rundle from Akron Ohio.

“I could eat, but I don’t have much money,” I responded.

“Well, if you do my laundry while I have a shower and shave at the truck stop, I’ll pay for your dinner,” Simon offered, and I accepted before he could take it back. He didn’t have more than one load of laundry, and he had, maybe ten dollars in quarters for the machine.

I didn’t want to lose his laundry, so I stayed right at the machine, while Simon had a shower. Other truckers were coming in for the same thing, and I told a few of them that I would move their stuff from the washer to the dryer, if they left me with their change. They both gave me an extra dollar for my efforts.

The first man to come out of the shower, with no towel or anything was a big surprise to me, but I guess the rest of the world sees that every day. He didn’t seem bothered about me sitting ten feet away. He just dried himself and got dressed. He winked at me when he left, but that’s all. I had never seen a naked man, except in the movies, but I didn’t look away like a child.

The next guy taught me the difference between limp and hard as a rock.

I don’t think that he expected me to be sitting there, cause he jumped when he first saw me. I noticed right away that he had a very large penis, but I couldn’t believe it when it started to stiffen up right away. He didn’t even touch it, and it went from hanging along his leg, to peeking at me from as high as his belly button!

He started pulling on it with his hand. I couldn’t look away! I just stared while he started yanking faster and faster. I’ve had health class, so I knew what was going to happen, but it was still surprising how far and thick he could shoot out. Maybe he hadn’t done that for a very long time, but it sprayed close to me. He squeezed out everything that he could, then he got dressed.

He was leaving just as Simon came out of the shower. He had a towel around his waist, but he wasn’t really careful with it. He dried himself quickly and with modesty. Then he dressed in clothes that I had set out for him. Next he used an electric razor to trim his beard down to a well cropped and stylish beard. He turned and smiled to encourage me. The smile meant a lot to me.

“Let’s get some food in your belly,” he said, picking up the laundry basket. I grabbed my purse and the extra soap and dryer sheets that the other drivers had left me with.

I was pitching in! I felt like I deserved kaçak iddaa a pleasant meal and titillating conversation. Like adults do every day.

We dropped off the basket and Simon suggested leaving my purse, which made me even more sure that Simon was paying! Yeah. This was like my first date! Simon was probably my dad’s age, but I didn’t see a ring or pictures of brats, so maybe he would be my first boyfriend? I would prefer him fully shaved, but maybe he would do that for me?

Simon took my hand and we waited in line with the other mom’s and dad’s with their one and a half kids. That’s what Papa always said when he described the average American household.

We got a table, away from other families. The waitresses here knew what kind of tramps these truckers often bring into their family restaurants. Drug use was a regular concern, and they had a security guard, who spent a lot of his time picking up discarded needles and pipes.

Simon was unmarried, and not looking. My mom said that all guys say that, when they’re not married.

“But they are always looking for a grab of your tit or a feel of your ass!” she would say.

Simon hadn’t tried to touch me yet, and I was thinking that I might like it if he tried.

We got back in the rig and we soon had her buzzing down the highway. The view was great from the high seat.

Just outside of Sacramento we pulled into a truck stop. There was no hotel for this hard worker.

“Okay, time for you to pay for your keep girl,” Simon explained with a smile.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling just a little uncomfortable.

“You need to strip before we get in the bunk. There isn’t enough room in there for both of us to be able to strip, but don’t worry, there will be enough room for some fun,” he explained with his expansive smile.

I was a little shocked. He could have set those conditions before I was in the middle of no-where.

“I’ve never done this before,” I explained.

“Well, it’s just like getting undressed, then you climb in, and the rest is like it was in the backseat of the car with your boyfriend, you know,” he explained.

“I am a virgin Simon,” I proudly confessed.

There was a long pause.

“You’re serious. Really. No, really, I mean, a rack like that…This is America! There is no way that someone let you get to be 18 and still a virgin,” Simon was just amazed.

“Show me!” He insisted.

I had no idea what he expected.

“Show you what?” I asked sarcastically.

“Show me that you still have your hymen attached,” he said.

“My what?” I had no idea what he was talking about. I took a health class. I have my period and I know how to use a condom, though that is still more of a theoretical knowledge, I figure the guy will know how it works.

“Strip! Now!” He ordered.

I was prepared to show him my tits. I really did expect that to be enough, and he did look at them for a long while. I really liked how much he liked looking at them.

“Pull the panties off too Heather.” He commanded.

I only paused a second, then I pulled my Walmart undies to the floor of the cab.

“Sit,” he ordered, and I did.

“Lift up your legs so I can see into your snatch,” he insisted.

“What the fuck!” I swore for the first time in a very long time.

“Let me see the inside of your pussy girl. If you are a virgin you might have a hymen, so I need to see it,” he insisted.

I was very much under his control, and naked, so I lifted my legs and he took an ankle in each hand and raised them hi and apart, then he knelt between my legs and came up with a small flashlight.

“This will let me see inside, don’t let it frighten you,” he explained.

I leaned back, giving myself to him. I felt totally humiliated.

“I need you to spread yourself wide, so I can see. Go ahead, use your fingers Heather,” he insisted.

It’s like I was in a daze. I reached down with both hands and spread my labia wide, letting my vagina lips part with them as I spread my legs as wide as I could.

“Hold it like that… yes… hold” I realized that he was taking pictures, but it was too late.

“Wow. Just, Wow!” Simon was struck for words. “You really are a virgin, and there’s a million dollar flap of skin there that says you’re going to stay that way,” he crowed about some good fortune. His joy was contagious though.

“Can I get dressed now,” I asked my happy truck driver.

“That’s going to be a hard no,” he said, and his attitude was no longer very friendly.

“I won’t be fucking that pussy of yours, but you still have to pay for your meal toots, so, come on…up you go,” he indicated the bunk, and he was ready to help me up there.

What would Jesus do?

Okay, I did not think that, but I really didn’t have much of a thought process to go through. I was naked. I was at a truck stop in the middle of no-where.

I let him help me into his bunk, and said a little prayer while he stripped for the night.

I learned a lot about pleasing a man that night. Without using my pussy, kaçak bahis I mean.

He pushed his meat into my mouth and I tried to keep my lips on him while he pumped in and out, but it was just a messy blob in the end. Simon was happy about it though, so I guess it was a success.

We did it in the morning light too, but this time he left it in my mouth when he blasted his cream. It was not pleasant, but I’m not used to a lot of things yet. Even coffee wasn’t that good the first time, and I still don’t really like beer!

We grabbed breakfast on the go, and I was happy to help Simon eat and drive at the same time. He held me close with one arm while he drove with the other. He fondled my tit a little, so I pulled my top over my head so he could have a good look in the daylight.

They are pretty amazing. God did some good work on my ladies, the way they stay up high, with small nipples and long nibs that get really plump if I think sexy thoughts.

“I sent some pictures to the Chicken Ranch, and they want to see you this afternoon,” Simon told me, as we crossed into Nevada.

“Do you have identification that will confirm your age,” he wondered.

“Well, yeah. I have my drivers license, and my library card and my health insurance card, but that’s expired,” I explained. “Why are we going to a chicken ranch? You aren’t hauling chickens are you? Chicken feed?” I was confused.

“Let me get a snap of your face and jugs too,” he suggested. “They will be happy about the whole package,” he explained, but I was still unsure of where this was going. Were we getting jobs at the ranch?

“I’m not sure I want to work at a Chicken Ranch,” I confessed as we put miles behind us in the hot Nevada wasteland.

“Oh, but it’s your destiny, Heather. And if you don’t like it at first, we can just take the big payday, and scoot on outta there!” Simon jubilantly explained. I saw that he was a man with a plan.

As we got closer to the Ranch it became obvious just what the World Famous Chicken Ranch really was, and they didn’t fry chickens.

“I was only going to do topless waitressing,” I confessed to Simon. “I don’t know anything about sex, I just gave my first blow job last night! Oh, I did think it was lovely, and you have a nice penis Simon, but I am not a whore,” I patiently explained.

“Just talk to the people at the Ranch, Heather,” Simon insisted. “They will explain everything much better than I can.”

I was pretty quiet the rest of the way, thinking of the funny things that I’ve had to do over the last 24 hours. I gave my first blow job, and I let a man have a good look at my sex, and now we were talking about selling my hymen! What were they going to do with it? I can see it with a mirror, and it doesn’t mean a thing, but Simon seemed to think it could be worth a couple thousand dollars!? Sex can’t be that important, can it? I mean, dogs do it? You can watch a Pornographic video any time you want. What is so special about some flap of skin? And what’s the big deal about being a virgin? Everyone is, until they’re not! That doesn’t sound so special to me.

The signage as we approached the Chicken Ranch announced new girls and the best sex in Nevada, but the signs looked older than me. The girls they were talking about would be grandmothers by now.

Simon parked his big rig in the back of the lot, but there were only a half dozen cars in the lot.

They were nice looking cars though, I could see as we walked past them to the front doors.

Double doors, with giant knockers!

There was an outer room that you didn’t get past, unless you were buzzed in. Simon was expected, and we both passed through and were herded into a dank office, with deep leather chairs.

“Sit, and Mr. Chambers will be right with you,” the square shouldered and square jawed man had given us no name but led us to the office.

We didn’t wait more than 5 minutes, when a man came in the room fast. He quickly moved to the desk and dropped into the big chair behind it, as the obvious owner of the desk and thereby, the office.

“So, we have a Miss…” he started snapping his fingers like it was almost in his thoughts.

“Jennings, Sir,” I said. “Heather Jennings, Sir,” I smiled and stood briefly then I sat back down.

The man finally looked up, and a smile came over his face.

“I suppose you have proof that you are Heather Jennings, and you are over 18,” he asked me, and looked me straight in the eyes.

He didn’t stray down to my breasts at all, so I knew that I was with a gentleman, and probably a Christian too.

“I have my driver’s license, and my library card has a picture of me, though it’s 4 years old, I don’t think that it expires,” I offered him my wallet, so he could decide what he needed.

He took my wallet with a smile and started looking through it.

“You have a signed chastity card in here from when you were Baptized, Heather. Now that is a precious thing,” the man said while smiling like a car salesman. “Have you ever been married, Heather,” he asked with that big illegal bahis smile.

“I was only 15 when I signed that, I’m a woman now,” I declared with a look of certainty. “No, I haven’t even had a boyfriend until I met Simon.”

“They call me Mr. Chambers here,” the man was just talking to me now. It was like Simon didn’t exist.

“We have seen the picture of your beautiful womanhood, Heather, and please let me assure you that we kept them in the strictest privacy,” he nodded in such an understanding way.

“We will have to confirm it ourselves, of course, and check the rest of the package for infection and such, but if all appears to be the original equipment, and Miss Jennings is in fact a vaginal virgin, then we will get people, men specifically, to bid on the right to deflower you.” he said quite rapidly, but I understood what he was saying.

“How much might I get for that, and how much of it do you keep,” I asked, and Mr Chambers’ smile got even bigger.

“Well, that’s a real good question Missy! Ha Ha, A real good question that we need to answer!” he declared. “Let’s head for the bar, and see what the rest of the crew think,” he announced while jumping to his feet.

“Follow me Heather,” he jumped out the door and turned into the interior of the building.

We passed through a room with a pool table, and a room with a big fireplace, but there was no fire, then into a dimly lit room with overstuffed leather chairs, and a haze of smoke. I knew the smell of pot, having tried it with my cousins, but it just made me cough.

“We got a new baby! Mr. Chambers announced to a room filled with bald men and beautiful women.

“Nice. I’d fuck her,” one geezer rudely announced.

“Well of course you would Jester. You fucked my purse last week,” one gorgeous woman announced.

I just stood there with my mouth open and gawked at the women. They were wearing sexy evening wear, but nothing covered their nipples or their crotches! I could see their vaginas glistening in the light! I saw that there was something shiny on their nipples, which explained why my eye went to them so easily. I had never seen a woman dressed like that.

“Miss Heather Jennings is an 18 year old virgin,” Mr. Chambers announced.

“Like fuck,” one Geezer cried.

“I told you I’d fuck her,” Jester cried.

“I’ll need to see for myself, ” another Geezer suggested with a smile.

The young woman just looked, and remembered when…

“Who thinks we can get $20,000 for her flower,” Mr. Chambers asked and I jumped at the sound of 20 thousand!

“Well, she looks young, and I assume you have proof, down there,” one of the Ladies began.

“Yep, and oh yeah,” the Boss explained with a smile. He pulled out his phone and brought up a close up of my muffin, and passed it around the room.

“But there is more,” he announced, and I could hear a drum roll building.

He pulled out my Certificate from the Christian Young People’s Association.

“She has her signed chastity letter!” He announced as he held it high.

It took a second to sink in.

“Maybe 30 if you get the right people bidding,” one Geezer finally said.

Wow.,, But of course I had no idea how much I would get out of the deal. If I got anything.

“Who is this other guy,” One of the other ladies asked. “Is he looking for a good time?”

“Does he look like he can afford you Jezzy?” The guy next to her asked, but he was just bald, not ancient, I could see now. He wasn’t fat either. Probably some of the hired muscle. They had to have muscle all of the time I figured.

“Simon Rundle, we don’t need you any more my friend, your services are no longer needed,” Mr. Chambers announced.

“No, she is with me,” Simon exclaimed, jumping to his feet. I hadn’t even noticed him follow us through to the bar.

“So, you drove your regular route, and got a blowjob or was it two,” he looked at me and I nodded. “You got two blowjobs, for driving your regular route and helping out this gorgeous young lady,” Mr. Chambers mused, while rubbing his goatee. “So state your claim, and we will see if it floats,” the Boss finished and glowered at Simon.

“He did help me get here,” I offered in support of my friend.

“What do you charge for two blowjobs Jezzy?” Jester asked.

“That’s at least $600 on a slow night,” Jezzy pondered and blew a bubble with her gum.

“Was she any good?” Jester asked.

“Well, not really, but she is young and has a lot to learn,” Simon was kind in his observations, I thought.

“Okay, I don’t think that Heather should have to give you a cut from giving her virginity away,” Mr. Chambers decided. But the house will give you two more blowjobs, so you don’t feel totally screwed.”

“The Boss has spoken!” Jester announced. “And so it will be,” the other’s rang in with what they had obviously done many times before.

“Wait! Who has to give this guy a hummer?” Jezzy asked, as she realized that the Boss wasn’t going to purse his lips.

“Thanks for offering Jezzy,” Jester piped up. $300 off your weekly stake?” he asked.

“I’ll pay the tip too,” the Boss went into his pocket and pulled out a thick stack of bills and he peeled off a hundred, pushing it into the center of the bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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