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Kim was pissed off today.

She had been at this same company for over 5 yrs now and she was supposed to get a promotion at this company and the job went to another person and boy was she pissed.

Her boss Chris was the one she was totally pissed off at. She was so pissed off that she would love to have gotten revenge on her boss, but she needed her job and she did make a good salary.

Kim went into the bathroom and sat down.

In walked her friend Donna.

“What is the matter you look you lost your best friend” Donna asked as she sat next to Kim.

“Well, I was supposed to get this promotion today and that damn Chris gave it to somebody else and boy am I pissed I would love to get him back” Kim snarled.

“Well, I know of somebody who might be able to help” Donna said as she pulled out her cell phone and dialed up a number.

“Hi is Lisa there?” Donna asked and soon Donna was saying uh huh and yes as the other party did most of the talking.

About 5 minutes later Donna hung up the phone.

“Kim I think we have a way to take care of Chris as I just got some dirt on him from a girl I know who went out with him and boy girl do I have some nasty dirt on him” Donna purred as the 2 girls left the bathroom.

The next day

Donna and Kim had a long talk after work and Kim now had found out that her boss Chris loved feet esp dirty ones.

He loved high heels as well.

With this information Kim had went out and brought a nasty outfit she was going to wear to work on Fri and she and Donna had hoped she could gain a bit of revenge on her boss.

Thursday night

Fri couldn’t come fast enough for Kim.

That afternoon she went and got her toes and nails done.

She now sat on the edge of her bed painting her toes a wicked red to match her nails. She slowly let the red polish dry as she called Donna up and wanted her to be involved too.

She let her toes wiggle as she thought to herself how could a man be into feet so much, but she really didn’t give a shit as she was going to get a much needed measure of revenge on her boss.

He will pay for fucking with me Kim said to herself as she went to bed that night.


Kim woke up and was so excited she had to change her panties 2x before leaving the house.

Kim was dressed to kill today.

She had on a short black mini skirt, white blouse with 5 inch black strap on pumps, black stockings topped off with a gold ankle bracelet.

She looked hot as she pulled into the parking lot and went into work.

She spent the early part of the day away from Chris as she did her work at her desk.

Her pussy tingled with anticipation at what Chris would do when he saw her.

Around lunch time was when she saw Chris as she would have to work with him for the rest of the afternoons Kim usually stayed in her office for lunch but today she wanted to go out.

12:00 PM

Kim got up and grabbed her keys and began to walk out of the office to her car.

As she left her desk area she out of the corner of her eye saw her boss Chris. She pretended not to notice him, but he sure noticed her.

He about took a double take as she stared as the long legs in the black stockings began to walk out toward the front office doors.

Chris’s pants to rise a bit as he followed Kim out the front door.

She knew Chris was following her, but she didn’t turn around. She kept walking and as she got near the door she had a little surprise for Chris.

“This will get him started” Kim thought to herself as she looked around and nobody was in listening distance.

“I hope he hears me” Kim said to herself as she opened her purse up.

“Damn heels are killing me” Kim said out loud as she without turning around bent down giving Chris a real nice view of her ass and un buckled the strap to her left heel and kicked off the heel letting it fall to the ground with a thud.

Chris was now was about 15 yards away was in total awe. He watched as the heel fell off and just stood there with his mouth open in total shock.

Kim went over and un hooked the other black pump and put them both in her purse as she opened the front door and walked out to her car.

Chris then went up to the door and watched as Kim walked to her car in her black stockings.

The bulge that was in his pants was now way much bigger as Kim walking out to her car gave him a serious hard on.

Kim pulled out of the parking lot and in her rear view mirror saw Chris was looking.

She pulled away from the parking lot and slipped her heels back on. Wait till I get back to office you little weasel your mine Kim said to herself.

Kim pulled up to a gas station and strapped the heels back on.

She was so hot now knowing she gave Chris a quick little peek as she drove away.

Her pussy was soaked and she adjusted the straps on the heels and made sure the ankle bracelet was in place as she finished her lunch.

The rest of this day should be plenty anadolu yakası escort fun Kim said to herself as she went back to work.

Kim pulled up in the parking lot as Chris peeked out his window and boy was his dick throbbing.

Kim looked so hot today Chris thought to himself and he wanted to get close to those heels so he could go home and jerk off thinking about the heels.

Kim got out of her car and adjusted her skirt and strutted in the front door hoping Chris was looking at her.

Chris for sure was looking at her as she walked in and went to her desk. She quickly set down her purse and tried to figure out a way for her to get close to Chris and to tease him to death.

She then came up with a plan as she went got her friend donna to keep an eye on Chris.

Donna kept an eye on Chris from another room as Kim went to get a cup of coffee.

Kim had un buckled her heel straps before going to get some coffee and as she stood there pouring the coffee she lifted her feet off the ground one at a time like her feet were hurting her. She was hoping Chris would be watching her in his office and he was.

Chris’s cock was rock hard as he watched Kim stick a foot up in the air and twirl it around before setting it back onto the ground.

As Kim was doing this Chris was squirming as he was like damn her feet must hurt god I would take care of them.

Kim sipped on her coffee as she leaned against the desk and took the teasing one step farther as she leaned against the wall and with her back against Chris took a foot out of her heel and twirled it around in the air and then slide it back into her heel.

She did the same thing with her other foot.

Chris nearly passed out when the foot twirled around a 2nd time as Kim had a great pair of feet as far as he could see through the stockings.

Donna could hardly contain herself as she watched Chris from her view totally in awe of the little show he was getting.

Kim then slide her aching foot back into her heel and walked back toward her office.

Chris was totally dying inside as he heard the click clack of heels as Kim walked by his office.

Donna waited a few seconds and went into the room with Kim and she closed the door.

“Kim he was dying you should have seen his face when you put your foot out of your heel I though he was going to cum right there and then” Donna giggled as Kim had a huge smile on her face.

“Donna it is time to put the final phase of this program in action, I hope you brought along some toys” Kim smiled as she said these words as Donna nodded yes.


Kim gathered up her stuff as Donna had told her that Chris was getting ready to leave in a few seconds.

Kim quickly gets up and makes her way past Chris’s office and gets up a few feet a head and kicks off her pumps.

She slipped the pumps into her purse and went toward her car and began to walk all around wild like something was bothering her.

Chris exits his office and into the parking lot when he saw Kim walking around wildly.

His eyes quickly caught on that her heels were off and he nearly passed out from the mere sight of just that.

Donna who was in another office with the lights out just laughed inside as she saw Chris walk toward Kim.

“Kim what is the matter” Chris says as Kim notices his forehead is sweating.

“I lost my keys and I can’t find them any wear dammit. And my feet really hurt from these new heels, it has just been a terrible day, I just want to go home and soak my feet” Kim said as she continued to walk without missing a step her soft soles sliding all over the hot black tar of the parking lot.

Chris was about to die inside as he put his briefcase in front of his pants to hide the bulge.

Kim continued to pace around as her now black stockings were becoming ripped and torn.

“Maybe…maybe you left your keys in your office we could go look” Chris hammered out as Kim turned around and said that is a good idea as Chris turned around and un locked the office as they went back to Kim’s office.

On the way back Kim find a nice little oil patch and stepped in it and wiggled her little tootsies in it as Chris had his back turned.

Kim and Chris go back to her office as Kim slips her purse off and pretends to look around the room. She through the purse down with force hoping the heels would fall out and they did.

Kim sat down in her chair frustrated as she pulled her keys out from the floor under her desk.

“Thank god I found these” Kim says as she rubs her feet under the desk. She quickly picks up a high heel pump and exclaims how much these heels hurt today and how she can’t wait to soak her feet.

Kim crossed her feet across the ankles and Donna watched from inside the bathroom as Chris turned around and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Kim’s feet.

They were so beautiful even more beautiful then he ever could have thought even though they ankara anal escort were covered up by the black stockings.

Chris tried to look away but the feet were a mere 2-3 feet away from him.

Kim wiggled her toes and then leaned over and began to rub her feet a bit as she sat back in her chair.

“God my feet hurt from me wearing these” Kim said as she pulled out her high heels and threw them in Chris’s lap.

Chris’s face turned red as he held one heel and then put them on the desk.

“It is these damn heels” Kim said as she picked up a heel and began to rub it like a little baby.

“You guys are lucky you don’t have to wear heels” Kim said as she rubbed her feet.

“And look I had to slip off these heels cause my feet hurt so bad and I walked all around the parking lot and I ruined a new pair of stockings” Kim said as she took a long red fingernail and began to rub it all over her toes.

“Chris look at my stockings they are ruined from the black pavement out there and all because of these damn heels” Kim squealed as she kept rubbing her toes.

“I bet my feet got all dirty and grimy” Kim purred.

And it was that comment that had Chris’s cock beginning to grow real big.

Kim could see the fire in Chris’s eyes as she knew she had Chris right where she wanted him and now was prepared to move in for the kill.

“Chris what is wrong you are starting to sweat I hope my feet don’t smell and that they aren’t bothering you” Kim asked very innocently.

“Ah no, they aren’t bothering me” Chris managed to mutter.

“Are you sure…real sure” Kim purred as she re crossed her feet and the dirty foot aroma was killing Chris right now.

“Chris some men think my legs aren’t very nice, I think they are what do you think?” Kim asked as she leaned forward.

“Oh I think your legs are very nice” Chris replied.

“Chris maybe you could do me a favor, could you be a good boy and maybe give my tired toes a massage that is if my feet don’t smell too bad, why don’t you give them a whiff to see” Kim purred in a real sexy voice.

Chris leaned over and gave Kim’s feet a real big inhale as Kim licked her lips and winked at Donna.

“No, they don’t smell at all” Chris said as his face at this point was beat red.

“Well if your going to massage my feet i guess i should take these stockings off” Kim replied as she lifted a foot high in the air and reached into her skirt and began to put a red fingernail inside her stockings and ever so slowly rolled down the stocking from her tanned thighs down to her knees and past her super calves and onto the tip of her toes and let the stocking fall to the floor.

She lifted up her other leg and without missing a beat and looking directly at Chris rolled the other stocking down paying esp attention not to mess up her ankle bracelet and let the stocking fall to the floor.

She grabbed the stockings and flew them to the floor.

Kim kept her feet under the desk not letting Chris see them just yet as she told Chris to close his eyes for a second. Kim got up and began to massage Chris on his shoulders.

Chris began to really relax and Kim asked him if he liked what she was doing.

“Why don’t you lay down Chris you look like you had a long day” Kim suggested as Chris layed down and Kim began to rub him very gently.

Kim took her fingernails and began to rub Chris’s cheeks and then worked her way around to his lips. She took 2 fingers and opened his mouth and twirled her fingers around his open lips.

With his mouth wide open and his eyes closed Donna who had snuck in the room picked up the discarded stockings and had them in a ball and Kim said she had a surprise and before Chris could open his eyes Donna had squeezed the stockings tight as could be and the dirt, sweat and oil stains fell from the stockings and into it’s new home:

Chris’s mouth and tongue.

“Drink it down” Donna ordered as after the last drips as sweat fell from the stockings and Kim closed Chris’s mouth.

“Good boy” Kim said as she saw Chris gulp down her sweat.

Kim took her long red nails and rubbed them all over Chris’s lips.

“Mmmmm,” you were a good boy drinking my sweat I hope your mega thirsty cause we have lots of things for you to drink and eat” Kim said as she laughed and leaned back in her chair.

She slipped up her 2 gorgeous feet and put them up on the desk and crossed them at the ankles as the ankle bracelet hung from the ankle as it jiggled.

Kim looked at Chris as his eyes nearly popped out of his head when the feet came into view.

Donna really got into the game as she leaned over and began to talk in Chris’s ear as Kim took her fingers and began to massage the balls of her feet and in between each toe.

“Chris look at Kim’s feet they hurt so much she had slip off her heels and she walked all over that nasty parking lot and her bottoms got filthy dirty, look at the black dirt encased on those soles, god it makes your ankara anal yapan escort mouth water just looking at them doesn’t it big boy” Donna whispered as Kim massaged the middle of her feet.

“Look at the soft toes and the paint on the toes, I bet you would love to wrap your lips around those toes huh” Donna teased as she could see the bulge in Chris’s pants grow more with each word.

Finally Kim moved her chair up closer so that now Chris’s nose and mouth were a mere inches from her.

“God I bet that foot aroma is over powering” Kim said as she rubbed her foot all over Chris’s face.

“Don’t you dare stick your tongue out or kiss her feet or there will be hell to pay” Donna warned.

“Hey Kim I want to see Chris suck on something” Donna purred as she picked up a high heel and handed it to Kim.

“Open wide get your present” Kim teased.

“Payback is a bitch isn’t it Chris” Kim snarled as she watched the heel of her shoe go into Chris’s mouth and began to deep throat the heel up and down.

“Look at him suck on that heel, a natural born cock sucker” Donna laughed as Kim moved the heel up and down.

“That is it suck the whole thing, deep throat my heel suck it like a cock my little foot slave, suck it deep take the whole thing, god I’m getting wet” Kim said as she saw Donna begin to slip off her clothes.

“Now clean my heel, suck off all the dirt from the bottom, suck the tip part of the heel pretend my toes are in them” Kim ordered as Donna went over to the drawer and pulled out something.

“Ok that is enough of my heel I want you to suck something else” Kim ordered as she made Chris close his eyes.

“Open your mouth real wide you bastard” Kim said as she forced Chris’s mouth open and stuck the tip of a 8 inch pink dildo in his mouth.

“Suck my cock” Kim ordered as the little strap on was around her tanned hips as Donna and her watched the dildo disappear into Chris’s mouth.

“Oh yeah suck her cock” Donna groaned as this was really turning on her and Donna watching a man suck a dildo.

“Suck the entire length just licked you want us females to suck cock well now your sucking mine baby” Kim groaned as this was really getting her pussy wet.

Donna also noticed it and she went around and began to kiss Kim’s legs.

“Oh yes Donna lick me” Kim moaned as Donna did just that as she moved her way up toward Kim’s thighs.

Donna stuck her tongue out as Kim watched her and began to slurp up the pussy juice that was running down Kim’s legs.

Donna took the juice in her mouth and spit it in Kim’s mouth and she tasted and drank down her own juice as she then moved Chris out of the way.

She made Chris stand in front of her as she wanted to fuck him as Donna ate her out.

Kim looked over Chris’s ass as she got the dildo ready as Donna peppered her ass with little kisses.

“I think your gonna like this Chris, I think your gonna like it a lot” Kim said as she slipped the dildo around Chris’s asshole.

Kim moved the dildo up and down Chris’s ass.

“Do it Kim I want to see it goes in his ass” Donna purred as she leaned over and wanted to get a good view of this.

“Here I come loverboy” Kim snarled as she let the head of the dildo against Chris’s asshole and she ever so slowly as Donna watched with her mouth open and Kim looked down too as Chris’s asshole opened and the tip of the dildo found it’s way into it’s new home.

Chris groaned as the whole head of the dildo disappeared much to the 2 girls delight.

“Mmmmmm about time a man knows what it feels like to fucked in the ass huh Chris” Donna said as the head of the dildo popped back out and Kim quickly shoved it back in only this time it went in nice and easy.

“Mmmmmmm Donna look at him take it” Kim said as with each little thrust the dildo went in farther and farther.

Donna bended over and went down below and took Chris’s limp dick in her mouth and began to suck on it her eyes only inches from the dildo now as she watched Chris’s asshole expand even more to take his new friend.

Chris was loving every minute as this was one of his fantasies.

“Fuck me harder…Kim ram me…fuck me hard bitch” Chris screamed as Kim was up to the task.

She grabbed his hair.

“You little bastard I’ll fuck you hard” Kim screamed as she slammed the length of the dildo all the way in with one thrust.

“Is this want you wanted” Kim snarled as she lifted Chris’s ass up in the air and began to fuck him hard her balls slamming into Chris’s with force.

Donna continued to suck on Chris’s cock getting him hard and applying pressure but when she could feel him building up to cum she slowed down and teased him onward with her sucking.

Kim continued to ram the dildo into Chris’s asshole as she pounded him into submission.

Donna stopped her sucking and moved back up to watch Kim continue to fuck Chris as Kim pulled the dildo out and slid it back in numerous times as the girls laughed.

Kim finally pulled out the dildo on last time and un hooked the dildo and let it fall to the floor.

As Chris was there helpless the girls grabbed him and tied him to the desk.

Kim went over and grabbed her stockings as Donna picked up the dildo.

“Kim should we make Chris clean this” Donna teased as Kim nodded her head yes.

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