Class Monitor Gets to Cane

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Anne Smithers, who had taught English for a few years, was slightly surprised when the young principal at St Kendras Finishing School called her in to discuss a new idea Miss Crawford had. Anne liked Penny Crawford, who shared Anne’s own ideas on maintaining as strict discipline as possible without being able to touch the pupils.

Penny told her that she thought it would improve behavior among the 20-year-old girls at the all-girls collegiate school if teachers like Anne had 18-year-olds serve as monitors in the senior English classes. “I’ve been interviewing a few of the more assertive sophomores in Judy Keane’s classes,” she said to Anne, “and I’m planning on sending two to you to try out.”

Anne was surprised but sort of liked the idea. Judy Keane was a very tough teacher who specialized in terrorizing the girls who just started at St Kendras in the sophomore year. Miss Crawford went on to explain how the system would work.

“We will place the monitors at two desks in the far corners of your classroom,” she began. “Their job is to watch for any misbehavior so you can concentrate on teaching. So anytime one of these seniors chatters to her friend or sends a note or anything like that,” she went on, “the monitor will mark it down on her chart. You will get the chart at the end of each class and can review the marks and transfer them to your grade book at your discretion,” Miss Crawford said.

“Moreover, you won’t need to proctor your exams any more,” she said with a smile, as Anne looked up, surprised for a moment. “That will be the task of your monitors. And to make them really effective, you will tell the class that when the monitors are proctoring your exam, they will have your grade book and will enter any misbehavior notes right in the grade book for you. They will warn the seniors that if anyone is caught cheating, the monitor is empowered to enter a grade of zero in the grade book for the exam, subject of course to your review of the situation.”

Anne smiled, as she had noted the rather wayward attitude of seniors and had hoped to be able to take some action like this. She also secretly agreed with what Penny was saying, about the perceived humiliation of having a sophomore place a bad mark in the grade book for a senior girl!


Miss Smithers was beginning to conduct her 2 P.M. English class when two young women entered the classroom who looked very sophisticated but not quite as old as Miss Smithers’ class of seniors. The auburn-haired instructor noticed them entering and asked the young women to come up to her desk.

“Class,” Miss Smithers announced, “this is Laura Harding and Barbara Boyd. They are sophomores in Miss Keane’s sophomore English class and I have asked them to join us today because Miss Crawford and I have decided that monitors are necessary for this class. Laura and Barbara will be sitting at desks at the rear corners of the room and they will note anyone who is talking to their neighbor or otherwise not paying attention in class. When I am called away, I will ask one of them, on an alternating basis, to come up front and take charge of the class during my absence.”

Miss Smithers saw Karen Anthony raise her hand. “Yes, Karen,” the teacher said, “What is it?”

“Well, Miss Smithers,” Karen began slowly, “do you mean to give this girl who is younger than we are the authority to report on us to you? That does seem a bit strange.”

“Karen, and all of you, I have been very dissatisfied with the conduct of the girls in this class. In order for me to teach the class properly, I need someone to take care of discipline. Laura and Barbara will take notes on behavior, and then report to me. When I am away, one of them will be in charge. That means that she also will have my grade book and may put down in the book appropriate entries or deductions for misbehavior and also will be given my thin cane to discipline anyone who needs ankara escort it. That they are younger than you are should encourage you all to behave well.”

“That seems very unfair, Miss,” Karen replied. “I can’t believe you want these girls to sit up there and if they see someone talking, to be able to put a zero down in the grade book, much less take over the responsibility of…caning us.”

“That is exactly my intention,” Miss Smithers said, sharply. “I am instructing Laura and Barbara to be very exacting in her managing this class when I am absent. I expect them to note in the grade book whenever anyone misbehaves. And if she tells you to come to the front, lift your skirt, lower your panties, and bend over for the cane, you had better obey her if you want to pass this course.

Then she stiffened her gaze and added, for good measure, “Anyone who does not obey any direction they receive from one of the monitors will be awarded a zero in Conduct for the marking period,” Miss Smithers said with emphasis.

The monitors” mettle soon would be tested. Laura and Barbara had remained calm and smiling as they stood in front of the senior girls, mere sophomores but with an assurance that belied their being younger. Laura had lovely long blonde hair, flashing blue eyes, and a sweet-shaped mouth that could turn stern very readily. Barbara, by contrast, had flaming red hair she wore long, with a dynamic figure that belied her age.

“I am going to be away for a few minutes at the department office,” Miss Smithers continued. “So I’m leaving Laura in charge while you read the next installment in your poetry assignment. Laura, come here and sit behind my desk and here is the grade book. My cane is in the right top drawer,” Miss Smithers added, with effect.

The blonde sophomore took the chair behind the teacher’s desk as the room became quite still after the teacher’s departure. It was Nancy Hartley, a cheerleader and very spirited senior, who tested the monitor first. She raised her hand, was told to step forward (so as not to disturb the reading), and stood in front of Laura seated at the desk in front of the room.

With very little deference to the monitor’s status, Nancy said, “I need to use the rest room so I’d like to be able to go now if that is all right.” Her mouth curled in a sneer that belied her low view of the girl to whom she was speaking. “Miss Smithers has asked us to restrict anyone leaving for at least the first twenty minutes,” Laura said blandly but with some steel in her voice, “as pupils are expected to use the facilities before coming to class and she does not want a steady procession of girls leaving the room. I suggest you sit down and I will let you know when it’s time for you to be allowed to leave the room.”

Nancy’s face turned red, as she really did need to use the rest room very badly, having forgotten to stop off after spending her lunchtime locked in her football captain boyfriend’s arms. “You bitch,” she sputtered, turning away from Laura, who, allowing no moment to pass, snapped loudly, “Come right back here and tell me you apologize for that remark.”

Nancy was shocked, first that she had lost her cool with this mere sophomore, and second, that she was getting herself in trouble. She turned and stepped back and, with a slight tick in her throat, said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, but I really…do need to go.”

“You are getting a conduct mark in the book for what you said,” Laura replied with a slight smile. “Now go back to your seat and do the reading Miss Smithers assigned. Because of what you said, you may have to wait longer and not be the first one allowed out of the room.”

Nancy grimaced as she felt her impending need in her bladder become ever more urgent. She said, “I apologize. I hope you’ll reconsider the Conduct mark. I wasn’t expecting this kind of system and again, I’m sorry for what ankara genç escort I said.”

Laura sat behind the desk coolly and watched her return to her seat. Katherine Wilson and Andrea Devons sat in the front and had heard Nancy being humbled by this brash sophomore. “I don’t think she should be able to treat a senior that way, Andrea, do you?” Katherine asked Andrea in a voice clear enough for even Barbara to hear in the back of the room.

Laura heard it first and said in a clear tone, “Talking is not allowed. Katherine and Andrea, both of you come up and stand in front of my desk NOW.”

The surprised seniors looked at each other and realized that they were dealing with someone who knew what she was about. They slowly stood up and walked up to stand before their diminutive but assertive superior.

“I’m going to give each of you two Conduct marks in the grade book, one for talking and two for challenging our authority. Do either of you have anything to say?” she said, almost with a sneer.

Katherine demurred but Andrea, who was one of the brightest girls in the class, snapped at Laura, “You go ahead and do that to us and just wait until you run into a few seniors, girlie.”

Laura stared her in the face and told to her to stop that kind of talk right now. Andrea had lost control of herself and looked as if she was about to punch Laura. Laura quickly stood and motioned to Katherine to take her seat and summoned Barbara, her red-haired colleague, from the rear.

“Barbara,” she began, as if Andrea were not present, “this girl has threatened me and even seemed about to hit me when I told her she was getting Conduct marks. I think this is the kind of situation where Miss Smithers expects us to use her cane.”

Andrea blanched and said, still with an edge, “You are going to cane me?”

“That’s exactly what’s going to happen,” Laura said, “to any of you who misbehave to the degree that you have already.” She looked at Barbara to assist her if necessary as Laura took the thin crook-handled cane from Miss Smithers’ desk drawer.

Laura looked both powerful and somewhat sexy as she held the cane out in her right hand. She said to Andrea without missing a beat, “You will lift your skirt above your waist, lower your panties to your knees, and bend across the desk.” In that position, everyone in the room would have a full view of Andrea’s broad bared bottom.

Andrea now was frightened and did not want a caning. But Laura had been told not to back off when discipline had been ordered. “Miss, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were serious about this,” she pleaded.

“Bend over now,” Laura ordered in a firm tone, “or I shall ask my fellow monitor to assist me in preparing you for your punishment.”

Andrea proceeded to lift her stylish skirt and lower her pale blue hicut panties to her knees as Barbara had moved toward her to accomplish her disrobing if she had resisted any more.

Now, aware that her bare bottom was on view to all, she bent over the teacher’s desk and put her head in her hands with shame. Laura came around to the front and laid the cane across the senior’s bare white bottom.

“You will receive six with the cane and you will count them, thank me and ask for another after each stroke,” she said in a direct quotation of the instructions she had heard all too often from her mentor, the fierce Miss Keane. She slowly drew back the cane and with some competence, flicked her wrist to apply a stinging first stroke across Andrea’s bottom, watching the thin red tramlines characteristic of a cane stroke slowly appear.

Andrea was unable to control her pain and screamed at the stroke. Slowly she recalled the instructions and quickly said, “One, thank you miss, and give me another, please.”

“Very well,” Laura said, following this time-worn script, “you shall have another.” She applied a antalya escort stinging stroke right in the girl’s crease between her bottom and her thighs.

“Yoowwwwwww,” Andrea cried. She started to say, “Two, thank you, miss—”when Laura, who had been waiting for some time, applied the third stroke and Andrea whimpered, “I’m sorry Miss, please give me another. I hope you won’t start over.”

Laura smiled now that she had the girl scared that the punishment, as was traditional when the response was late or not given, would begin again with the first stroke. “No, Andrea,” she said, “I will spare you that this one time, but if you miss again, I will recommence the punishment with the first stroke.”

Andrea cringed in embarrassment and now hunkered down. Laura administered the next two strokes and Andrea gave the required response without missing. Now Laura fired a very strong stroke with her wrist that cut across the earlier strokes in a criss-cross.

Andrea again screamed and then began to cry as she managed somehow to count the fifth stroke, thank her punisher, and ask for another. Laura looked down, grinned, and saw that the frightened Andrea had lost control of her bladder on that fierce stroke and had let out a small puddle of yellow urine on the wood floor.

Not content to keep the embarrassment a secret, Laura summoned Barbara and announced, “Andrea has lost control and peed on the floor, Barbara. That means two extra strokes, does it not?” Barbara rather solemnly nodded her head and said, “Yes, Laura.”

Andrea kept her head down, took the next and sixth stroke, thanked Laura and said, “I will need those two extra strokes now, Miss.”

Her humiliation was complete. Laura said, “I will oblige you now with the two extras. You need not count.” She flicked her cane across the bottom two swift times.

Now she handed Andrea some tissue. “You will bend down and clean your mess before you get to pull up your panties,” she said, confirming the humiliation of the pretty and bright senior.

Andrea bent down, her panties hanging at her knees, and wiped the floor and threw the tissue in the trashcan. “Now,” Laura said, “you will keep your skirt up and panties down and proceed to stand with your face in that corner.” She indicated the corner next to Barbara’s monitor desk in the rear.

Andrea was still sobbing and shuffled off to the corner with her skirt up and everyone able to see her prominent dark pubic bush as she walked to the corner and ignominiously leaned into it with her nose on the corner wall.

* * *

It was now halfway through the class period and Miss Smithers returned. Laura stood and gave her a full report of what had occurred and handed her the grade book, showing where she had entered bad Conduct marks and noted the caning of Andrea Devons.

She also told her about Nancy’s request and its denial, and the bad Conduct mark that Nancy had earned for her nasty remark to Laura.

Miss Smithers summoned Nancy to the desk. “I’m surprised at you, Nancy,” she said. “You’re a leader and I’d hoped you would set a better example for the others.” Then to Nancy’s shock, Miss Smithers opened her desk drawer and removed a small pair of what looked to be girl’s panties with ducks or cartoon characters on them.

“Remove your panties and hand them to me,” she ordered. “You will wear these for the rest of the school day to remind you of your need to follow my instructions.” Nancy grimly handed the teacher her rather stylish pink Victoria’s Secret bikini and took back the shameful girl’s panties which she also had to put on in front of everyone and pull up, which was difficult because of their small size and tightness.

She finally finished getting them up. “Miss,” she asked with a pleading note, “I do really need to go now, may I have permission to go to the…girls’ room?” she asked.

Miss Smithers smiled and said, “I’m afraid that you will have to wait a bit longer because of your behavior, Nancy. But if you should lose control, those little panties have a plastic lining,” she said, assuringly, to the horror-stricken girl who almost feared she was about to lose total control and pee in the panties.”

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