Cocksucker: Business vs. Pleasure

19 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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As a newly promoted manager of a multi-national organization, I was very excited that I was selected to participate in a national convention that was being held in San Francisco. Apparently I was recognized as an expert in my field and this trip was a reward for a job well done. It was a week long convention with speakers and booths for each company. We had a booth that was manned by two lower level employees whom I barely knew. My presentation was scheduled for day 2 and subsequently I would be free the rest of the week to visit the various booths and to occasionally sit in on a competitor’s presentation. Basically it was turning out to be a most enjoyable respite. I was looking forward to doing a little sightseeing and socializing with my fellow colleagues from around the country.

I arrived early in San Francisco and checked into a hotel that was located close to the convention site. After checking in, I realized that I had the rest of the day to sightsee or whatever. I took an Uber to the city center and found a nice little Italian restaurant for an early dinner. While eating, my mind wandered to thoughts of sex. I was feeling horny but I was not sure exactly what kind of sex I was interested in. I considered myself a heterosexual man but for some odd reason, my mind focused on gay sex, specifically as a submissive bottom. What better city to possibly experiment than here. So after dinner, I strolled along the main avenue where the action was. Within a two block square, I observed a gay movie theater and several clubs. Since I knew no one here, I felt fairly comfortable in the knowledge that the chances of meeting someone from home was almost non existent.

A gay bar caught my eye. I entered and pushed my way to the bar. I had to stand up as no stools were available to sit on. The scene was almost chaotic as disco music was playing and couples were chatting. I ordered a beer and moved to a position away from the bar so I could breathe a little better. Before I knew it, I was approached by a rough looking man who did not look gay, at least in my mind.

“Mind if I stand next to you bud. The bar seems extra crowded tonight. By the way, my name is Rocco.”

“Hi Rocco, my name is Tony and it’s a pleasure meeting you.”

“I bet you’re here for the convention, right?”

“I am. Is it that obvious?”

“Believe it or not, I’m also here for the convention.”

Since we had much in common, we became fast friends. Apparently he was a competitor but I liked his style. He was, what I would consider, a macho guy who was sure of himself. For a moment, I forgot that we were in a gay bar but was soon brought back to reality when Rocco seemed to get closer to me.

“Hey Tony, since we are both staying at the same hotel, how about if we share a cab ride and meet in my room. I have a stash of booze and weed. We can mellow out a bit, okay?”

“Sure Rocco, let’s do it.” And so we left the bar, hailed a cab, and headed back to our hotel. I admit I was a bit excited at the prospect of possible gay sex, especially with a macho man such as Rocco. He was staying in a slightly better room than mine. He explained that while his company paid a stipend for a typical room, he put in the extra cash and allowed himself the luxury of much better accommodations. Once again, I was impressed with this handsome man. I found myself attracted to him. If he was gay, he definitely was a top. We took the elevator up to the 16th floor. My room was on the 10th floor. Anyway, I followed him and we entered his room. He told me to relax while he fixed us a drink. He sat down next to me on a spacious sofa and after some small talk, bonus veren siteler he spoke.

“Tony, I need to tell you that I find you very attractive and I hope the feeling is mutual.” There it was. I needed to make a decision right now as to what direction I was heading to. If I stayed, I would be admitting that I was gay. The decision was made.

“Rocco, it may sound crazy but the feeling is mutual so what happens now?” Rocco smiled and stood up. He slowly began to remove his clothing. My heart was beating very fast as he stripped and he was naked with a hard cock sticking out. I also stood up and began to undress until I was also naked.

“Tony, let’s get something straight right now. I consider myself a dominant top which means that as I suspected, you are a submissive bottom so get on your knees right now and start sucking my cock.” So this was the moment that I decided that I really was gay and that I was a submissive bottom. I lowered myself to my knees and prepared to suck a cock for the first time. But as I reached over to position my mouth on his cock, he pulled back and proceeded to slap my face very hard several times. What was happening? Was I in the hands of a maniac?

“Lay on your back on the bed with your ass in the air, bitch.” He slapped my ass and proceeded to move his cock into position in my ass. I was being bred by a master. He leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips while playing with my nipples. He was thrusting in and out of my man pussy faster and faster and finally he came hard in my body. He lifted himself out of my body. I lay on the bed totally satisfied but exhausted.

“Get your ass out of my room faggot. I’ll see you tomorrow on the convention floor. By the way, you belong to me now so when I feel the urge, I’ll call you and you will submit to me. One more thing also. You will address me as either master, daddy, or sir in private. I will refer to you with a variety of pet names such as faggot, cocksucker, queer boy and so on.”

What just happened? I should have been humiliated but I wasn’t. Rather, I finally felt liberated. I knew that I was gay but I also was not ready to come out. Yesterday I was questioning my sexuality and today I had just been used and abused by a dominant male who fucked the shit out of me and I loved it! I returned to my room, showered, and went to sleep. The next morning I dressed and was ready for my first day at the convention. After a hearty breakfast, I entered the main convention floor and mingled with some of my fellow attendees. Periodically I would look around to see if my daddy was there but I did not see him. In fact, I began to wonder if in fact he was a participant at the convention. Just then, someone tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned to look, there was daddy smiling at me.

“How are you Tony” It’s a pleasure seeing you again. Let’s get together for dinner. Two colleagues you may know will be joining us. I’ll pick you up at 7pm, okay?”

“Nice to see you too Rocco. Sounds like a plan. See you this evening.” And with that he walked away. I was kind of excited but a little hesitant since he mentioned two other men joining us for dinner. I didn’t want to sound paranoid so I continued to visit the various booths. Also, I was scheduled to give my presentation the next day so I would make sure that it would be an early evening. I needed to prepare and to get a good night’s sleep.

I was in my room ready to be picked up. The television was on and I paced back and forth. I needed to relax. I was too uptight. After all, according to Rocco, two colleagues were joining us for dinner so I bedava bahis felt confidant that there would be no extra curricular activity after dinner or so I thought. At precisely 7pm, the buzzer rang and I knew it was Rocco. I opened the door and he entered. There was no mention of the previous evening and so we left. The two other gentlemen met us in the lobby and after introductions, we caught a cab for the restaurant. To my surprise, the men who joined us were the two lower level employees in my firm who manned our booth. As the dinner progressed, I loosened up and felt more relaxed. Of course the wine helped. At the conclusion of the meal, we headed back to the hotel where it was decided by the group to head up to Rocco’s room. Although I was a bit concerned, I believed that there was nothing to worry about since I guessed that there was safety in numbers. Was I wrong! As soon as we entered his room, I was surrounded by the men.

“Okay cocksucker, now get naked and prepare to be fucked by real men.” I hesitated and was met with a number of slaps on my ass and on my face. I was afraid of being beaten by these men and so it was better to play along rather than resist.

“No problem men. Please don’t hit me anymore. Give me time to undress and I promise that you won’t be sorry.” This seemed to quiet them down and so I undressed and landed on my knees ready to suck them all.

“Hey Rocco, you were right. This bitch didn’t need much convincing. She’s a real cunt.” I listened to what he was saying and realized that he was right. I didn’t need much convincing. Here I was on my knees ready to suck cock. I wrapped my lips around one of the cocks and my hands held on to his butt cheeks. In the meantime my ass was slapped by one of the other men who then guided his cock into my ass. As degrading as it seemed, I truly enjoyed being the center of attention in this gang bang. Slowly but surely this gang bang was the ultimate gift for me. They fucked me every which way until I became inundated with cum all over my body.

It was well past midnight when it seemed that the party was over or so I thought. They lifted me up and threw me into the bathtub and then one by one they pissed on my body.

“Bitch, now open wide and swallow as much piss as possible.” I had reached rock bottom and so I just did what I was told to do. All of them left the room except of course Rocco. It was, after all, his room. He took pity on me, pulled me out of the tub and turned on the shower.

“Good job faggot! Now get the fuck out of my room. I’ll be in touch.” As degrading as this seemed, I felt satisfaction that I was able make my master happy. I returned to my room, undressed, fell asleep and woke up the next morning content.

I organized my presentation and practiced in the room before leaving for the grand presentation. However in my thoughts was my growing obsession to suck cocks and get fucked in my man pussy. But I had to concentrate on the presentation. A good review would mean more opportunities to continue my career upward mobility. Enough of these thoughts. I was ready to leave the room and head to the lecture hall where all the presentations were being given. I entered the lecture hall and waited at the podium while the room filled up. Just before I began my presentation, I looked at the audience and there in the first row were the two men who fucked me and my daddy. They all smiled at me and licked their lips. I smiled back and was happy to see them. It seemed that I was to be rewarded later. Anyway I made my presentation which, as I expected, was a big success. Before I left the podium, a number of deneme bonus colleagues approached to congratulate me on a job well done. I headed back to the room and as I entered, the phone rang.

“Good job cocksucker. Now we have the rest of the week to play. I’ll pick you up at 6pm sharp and get dressed real sexy. I have a nice surprise for you.” He hung up without giving me a chance to respond. I guess he knew that I could not resist him. I rested during the day and then I chose a hot sexy outfit that highlighted my body. While it wasn’t feminine, it was kind of gay. It consisted of hot pants, see through blouse, and sneakers, no socks. The outfit was completed with a pair of silk underwear. I was ready to party. He picked me up and we left in an Uber to the red light district.

“I’m taking you to a special club tonight faggot. You’ll be the guest of honor so behave yourself and do what I tell you to do.”

We arrived at the club. Apparently it catered to the rough biker leather crowd and when we walked in, all eyes were on me, at least I thought so. We walked up to the bar and daddy ordered a whiskey for him and a cosmopolitan for me. A leather man came up to daddy and spoke.

“Hey Rocco, you weren’t kidding. This faggot you brought with you is real cute.”

“Jim, I’ll leave him with you and will return later. He’s a willing cocksucker but he needs more training.”

Daddy left and I felt a little trepidation at the prospect of being ravaged by rough biker men. Jim held my hand and took me to a back room. When we entered, a group of bikers turned and smiled at me.

“Now be a good little faggot and take off your clothes and hop onto the pool table and give us a sexy dance. After all, we paid good money for you.” Obviously there was no room for compromise so I jumped to the task. Once naked, I hopped onto the pool table and began what I thought would be a sexy dance. Apparently the men enjoyed the show. The dance was short lived since I was ordered to get off the table. In a flash, all the bikers in the room stripped naked.

“On your knees faggot and begin sucking our cocks.” Once again I did as I was told and began to suck all the cocks in the room. Actually this was an enjoyable task although my mouth and jaw was getting a little sore. Thankfully I was lifted up and placed on the pool table. Two burly bikers jumped onto the table and proceeded to fuck my mouth and my ass. It was a classic spit roasting. Periodically my ass was slapped as the biker’s cock pushed in and out of my man pussy. The slapping enhanced my pleasure. The biker who was face fucking me also periodically slapped my face when he pulled out of my mouth. When they both came, they were replaced by other men. This went on for what seemed like hours. Finally they left and I found myself full of cum, exhausted but satisfied.

I heard the door to the back room open and in came my daddy.

“You cum slut! It seems like you really had a good time cocksucker. Ready to leave?”

After a quick cleaning in the bathroom, we left and returned to the hotel. I was very tired. The day had been exciting both professionally and personal. The question was could I live both realities. In the past two days I had become a cum slut whore and at the same time an up and coming executive. My daddy left me at my room so I took a nice hot shower. I was exhausted when I hit the bed and soundly slept until late morning. I woke to the sound of the telephone ringing. It was daddy.

“Wake up faggot. I have big plans for you for the rest of the week. Oh yes and when you return home, I’ll be in touch.”

And so my momentous week of self discovery ended on a high note. I obey my daddy in all things sexual while I do my best to portray myself as a hetero alpha male in my business life but when I finish the work day, I wait by the phone for my pimp daddy to call. All in all it’s a beautiful life.

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