College Days Ch. 01

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I arrived at college a naive and sheltered kid. Eight years of Catholic grammar school in the ‘burbs of the Connecticut shore followed by a Catholic all boys’ high school never prepared me for being on my own. A Catholic college seemed like a logical place. Close to home but far enough away that I lived on campus. It was 1979 when I moved in the New York City.

At 18, I stood 5’9″ with 185 solid pounds. Never really a ladies’ man and usually more studious, the previous summer’s construction job had developed my legs, arms and chest. The summer sun and salt water had left my hair more blonde than brown. That summer I splurged and switched my glasses for contacts that revealed my green eyes.

For the first time, I was without my life-long friend Bob. Bob was more adventurous, a bit of partier, always better with the ladies, and had struck out west for school. 5’8′, 155, blue eyed, black haired fair-skinned Irish. Unfortunately, our friendship was strained just before we both headed off to school.

A week before school, Bob and I got drunk when my parents were away for the night. After too many Rum & Tonics and as the evening wound down, we ended up in my parent’s pool. After the normal towel snapping and rough housing, we headed to the pool house to shower.

The “pool house” was a glorified expanded shed my dad had outfitted with changing room and shower. I used it as an oasis. Hidden the rafters were the few Gent, Penthouse and Playboy magazines I had managed to squirrel away. Bob and I pulled them out and began to flip through the pages. Soon, I was sporting a nice hard istanbul escort on. My cock I thought was rather average circumcised about 7 inches, thickand was now tenting my shorts at this point. I said I needed a shower and slipped in to the curtained shower. I stripped off my bathing suit, and soaped my body. Many a day I would shower and masturbate in here after viewing my stash. I tugged at cock but stopped for fear of being heard by Bob. Despite my best efforts, the shower did not reduce my hard on.

I turned off the shower, quickly wrapped a towel around me and grabbed my suit holding it in front to disguise my still erect cock. I pulled back the curtain and saw Bob. His bathing suit was on the floor. He was intently eyeing one of the magazines, flipping the pages with one hand and furiously pumping his cock with the other. I had seen Bob in the shower at school. He seemed about the same size, thinner than me but right now his was fully erect with a big purplish mushroom head.

I guess he saw the surprised look on my face, because he stopped and quickly covered up. “Sorry, got a bit carried away.” I stuttered “no problem” in reply. I looked over and saw he had been fixated on a series of pictures of busty blond sucking a very well endowed black man. “I wonder what a blow job feels like,” he said. “Me too,” I said I responded dejectedly. “The picture got me so hot, sorry if I embarrassed you.” “Hey, its okay,” I said. “Yeah, I guess we all do it.” I embarrassedly admitted, “Yeah.” I guess that was the opening he was hoping for. He dropped his shorts and began stroking again. I was fascinated. avrupa yakası escort I sat down and grabbed a magazine. I watched him as much as I looked at the pictures. I slowly fisted my own cock in sync with him. He then caught me watching. He returned the gaze and then shifted closer to me. Soon we were both mesmerized by watching each other masturbate.

The sight of his cock head slipping in and out of his hand seemed to hypnotize me. Bob then reached over with his other hand and grabbed my balls. I gasped. He slid his hand up pushing mine aside and grasped my cock. I was in shock but the feeling of someone other than myself holding my cock was intoxicating. He slowly stroked my cock as I leaned back and enjoyed.

As I became more comfortable with him stoking me, I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall. Between the pleasure of him stroking me and the booze, I was light headed. I did not notice him move but suddenly I moaned with pleasure has his hand was replaced by his mouth. The warm wetness surrounding my hot hard cock felt unbelievable. I opened my eyes and looked down at him as he slid my cock in and out of his mouth. I could bearly breathe I was so exicted. He continued to slowly stroke his cock as he devoured mine.

I do not know what came over me. I pushed Bob back on the floor and dove into his lap. Like the girl in the pictures, I fondled his balls with one hand, wrapped my other hand around his shaft and began to lick his cock head. The sticky precum tasted strange but inviting. I quickly tried to take as much of his cosk bahçelievler escort as I could in mouth. I mimicked the motions Bob had performed on me and had covered his shaft with my spit. Bob pulled me off and slid around so he could suck me as well. I cannot describe the unimaginable pleasure of feeling him suck my cock while I sucked him. I was not long before I was ready to cum.

Bob furiously slid my cock in and out of his mouth. He turned his attention to my cock head and soon had me on the edge. I had to stop sucking him to catch my breath. I continued to stroke his cock wet with my saliva and his precum. I rolled back and Bob rolled on top of me. I felt my cum swelling up as I warned him. Bob did not stop and sucked harder on my cock head while his tongue circled it. I could not hold out and soon began spewing cum. Bob took the first burst in his mouth and the rest splattered him in the face and chest. At the same time, he came covering my chin and neck. In my heavy breathing, some of his cum hit my mouth. I licked my lips to taste him.

He rolled off me and lay on the floor. I grabbed the towel and headed back to the shower. As I stood, so did Bob. I could see my cum on his face, hair, neck and chest. He pulled me close and began to kiss me. He then proceeded to lick his cum from my neck. I became lost in his caresses as my cock began to stir. I followed suit and soon tasted my own cum for the first time as I licked it from his face a neck.

The next morning, a bit hung over, I guess we were both embarrassed. We did not talk about it and had trouble for the first time talking with each other. The tension eased somewhat over the next few days, but we never discussed that night before we left for school.

Now I was sitting alone in my new dorm room and desperately wanted to call him and be with him. My melancholia was interrupted when my new roommate arrived.

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