Colorado and Tim Pt. 01

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I retired from the Air Force and was bumming around Montana and getting bored. The jobs in the area were not much to brag about either. One day I was reading an article in the paper about how the economy was read hot in Colorado at the time and jobs in the city area were paying big money and they couldn’t get enough people. This resulted in the ski areas, with their very low wages and higher cost of living not being able to get workers.

I had always wanted to ski Colorado and having nothing better to do I made a few internet applications via a public library computer. I closed out and went home and my phone was ringing. In minutes I had a job at Winter Park Colorado. I packed what I needed and stored the rest at a friend’s place and headed for Colorado.

I liked it all just fine, I enjoyed my job, the skiing, and beautiful countryside. Only thing I wasn’t enjoying was the lack of human touch. I was quite a bit older than most of the crowd in the area. Unattached women my age were rare and men as well. Going to my usual gay internet meet up sites did not provide one person.

I did meet on line a few guys from the Denver area. This was Ok but, it was a considerable drive to Denver and at times storms closed the highway plus, I had to work the weekends. I also had two roommates that really were not gay friendly.

After some time though I did manage to meet Tim. We chatted via the net and after some nice conversations he asked me to meet him at a hot springs place that was between our towns.

When we met he matched his description and seemed very nice.

Inside it was unique. Very old and tunnels had been hand dug long ago back into the mountain and pools dug to collect the hot water. But, the place was divided and men and women were separated and swim suits were not allowed for some reason in the tunnel pools. Now nudity does not bother me a bit, in fact I enjoy it.

What I didn’t like were istanbul escort all the signs around the men’s tunnels saying “Inappropriate conduct will result in police being called and violators being banned from the property.” Well, last thing I wanted was to be arrested and I was a bit nervous doing anything. By now I was use to sucking cock and being sucked and had done it in bedrooms, living rooms, a vehicles, and ABS booths. But, this was different.

Well, we tried to play in the tunnels but, there were just to many guys walking in and out and sitting in our pool. Later Tim and I went back to the locker room area to cool down. There were a few benches just outside the door and Tim sat on an upper bench and I the lower. We were covered with towels but, Tim was growing hard and it was difficult to hide.

At one point he whispered “please suck me” and he had peeled back his towel and his cock was just inches from my face. I couldn’t help myself and wrapped my lips around it and moved it back and forth in my mouth. I can’t say however than I was enjoying because I was so worried about getting caught.

To reinforce that Tim tapped me on the shoulder and I got off his cock and sat down and Tim covered up. Just as the door opened from the tunnels and a guy walked out. Tim spotted him through the fogged up window coming towards us. After a few minutes I started sucking him again but, not very much and I stopped an again sat down. Two seconds later someone we didn’t know was there came around the corner. I told Tim I just couldn’t do it there and he agreed we should stop.

The dumb thing was in the parking lot I said to Tim “Shame they don’t have private steam rooms.” Tim said, “Oh they have them, I didn’t think you would want to rent one.” I had to laugh and get mad but, I let it go. We agreed to try and meet up again soon.

Soon was a few months later. It was my Saturday and Tim just happened to have rus escort the day off and his wife was working in Denver. Tim invited me to his house, the roads were clear, it was sunny, and off I went.

Getting to his house Tim invited me upstairs to his office. As of late we had been chatting on the net about a gay web site that streamed live guys having sex, now this wasn’t one of those pay to watch pros do it. This was regular guys that linked in. He was showing me this on his puter as he sat in a chair and after a few minutes I was rubbing my cock through my pants just a few inches from his face.

He was nice enough to reach over, unzip my pants and reach in and pull out my cock and give it a few courtesy sucks. He didn’t do it long, just enough to get my hard. Then he asked “want to put on a show?” and he clicked some things on the site and next thing I know I was looking at the two of us on his computer screen. There was a side bar saying how many people were watching us.

We both quickly stripped and I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I had seen and sucked enough cocks to not have that impression of it being 10 inches long and three inches thick. Tim sure wasn’t that but, as someone said “it look like a big limb on a small tree.” Tim was about 5′ 10″ and very thin, I won’t guess his weight. His cock just seemed really long.

As I sucked him I would glance out the corner of my eye and look at the screen at what we were doing. Now, this was when streaming was a bit new and the images did move smoothly but, in sort of skipping motion and seemed to be five seconds behind.

I have to admit it was a real turn on to look out the corner of my eye and see Tim’s cock in my mouth. Just to give everyone a good show I took him all the way down and held it for a few seconds. Then slowly worked it back out. I even took my time sticking my tongue way out and ran it up the şişli escort bottom of his cock. Even stopping and holding it so it wouldn’t appeared blurry to everyone watching.

This went on for a while me putting on a show for those watching at home. But, after some time I got down to business on Tim. I ran my tongue around the head, even made Tim jump when I nibbled the very head just for the fun of it and I deep throated him a few times too.

All this time I was nude on my knees and jerking my cock. Tim noticed and began to talk dirty to me. He was the first and most aggressive and it really turned me on. “Yeah, jerk that cock you fucking slut” Tim said and several other nice dirty things.

I wasn’t close to ready but, it was all too much for Tim and he grunted a few times and I felt his cock swell and I got my salty reward! I even managed to even pull my mouth back and let the last squirt hit my face for all the people that were watching us.

Tim was a bit spent for the moment and he announced “it is your turn” and I rose. Just as I got to my feet the phone rang. Tim looked at the caller I.D. and picked it up and said “hello honey” so, I knew it was most likely his wife.

He hung up and said “that was my wife, she got off early and is heading home. She will be here in about twenty.” That often seemed to be our rotten luck. We had two meetings stopped by blizzards and now a wife that gets off early.

As I dressed I asked how many people had watched us. I forget the number but it was over a thousand.

We talked for a few minutes but, I couldn’t hang around long. We agreed to try and meet up again some time, some place.

I had not cum and it was long drive back to Winter Park with my balls aching. I got home and I had a few hours before the roommates wouldn’t be in for a few hours.

I needed release and laid backed and jerked off thinking of Tim and all the guys that had watched me suck his cock online. I managed to paint the wall behind my head board I came so hard.

I would meet up with Tim again and it would be more successful.

The writer is a bi-sexual want to be author. He appreciates constructive criticism.

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