Coming Home

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A/N — Hello all! To those who have followed me whether before or are new, this was originally called ‘Return of the Son’ but I thought that title was a bit meh, so changed it. Other than that, I’ve reviewed and edited as best I can. Hopefully anyone who reads this does enjoy it. Feedback and comments appreciated as always. I’d reply to every comment if possible but it’s not easy to do as there isn’t an actual ‘reply’ button!


Chapter 1

“Homeward bound, Andy?” asked David, my best friend at university, as I placed the last of the clothes in my bag.

“Yep. Already been accepted into a job close enough to home that mum pretty much insisted that I move back in.” I shrugged. “I don’t mind. I don’t think she would be lonely, but she would be living alone.”

“No plans to go out into the big wide world?” wondered Brian, my soon to be ex-roommate, busy packing his own things away.

“Not at the moment. The job I’ve got is going to be incredibly well-paid considering I’m stepping into it straight out of university. I know my mother probably helped me get a foot in the door at the same time, but I know my marks and the thesis I presented surely must have helped.”

“So you’ll be living and working with your mum? Bit of a drag,” David stated.

“I have no doubt she’ll be working in a different department. No doubt my first few weeks and months will be spent pushing paper around and being utterly bored out of my mind. But it’s an opportunity I can’t turn down. Global company and leading advancements in all sorts of sciences. It’s win-win. What about you, Brian?”

“Heading to the big city. Got a job at one of those big financial institutions. Lot like you, though. Probably a lot of bullshit to start off with.”

“Kinda glad I’ve got that football contract myself,” David stated, “Who wants to do the nine to five grind?”

“Moving to England, though. Bad food. Bad weather. Some of the women are alright if you like big tits,” I stated.

“True, but Europe is barely a hop, skip and jump away,” he retorted, “Gonna find myself one of those hot eastern European chicks. A Svetlana or something like that.”

“You’ll end up jerking off in your bedroom alone!” Brian joked.

“Fuck off. Got laid more than you during our time here anyway,” Dave stated, flipping him the bird.

“Yeah, but both of us more than him,” Brian added, pointing at me.

“Don’t drag me into your bullshit, dick swinging contests. And I got laid enough to at least empty my balls every so often. But you know I had to concentrate on my work. It was pass or get kicked out.”

“Just yanking your chain, Andy,” Dave stated.

I cracked him on the shoulder. “I know. Just don’t be a cunt.”

I’d already boxed up and despatched anything I wanted to send home a couple of weeks earlier. The large bag was full of everything else I had required until leaving the dorm. A smaller bag contained my laptop and reading tablet. After one last lengthy check that we’d packed up everything, we wandered out of the room, dropping our keys at the reception before leaving the campus for the final time. The three of us shared handshakes and bro-hugs before each of us getting into our taxi. I was heading straight to the airport as I was flying to the other end of the country. David lived only a few miles from the university while Brian was not flying out until the next day.

I scored at check-in as I found myself bumped up to business class. I don’t think I was flirting with the girl behind the desk but she asked where I was heading, had I been at the local university, what had I studied and all sorts of other personal questions and, bingo, upgrade. I thanked her profusely and, for some reason, she handed me a second blank boarding pass with her number on it. I kept it though figured it was pointless considering I was leaving.

The flight would take a couple of hours so I settled back in the relative comfort of business class, enjoying the space and attention from the stewards, constantly asking if I was hungry, thirsty or required anything. With plenty of time, I enjoyed the ambience and found my mind wandering to thoughts of home and the future.

Not to gloat but I am a rather intelligent young man, though I can say that thanks to a certain pair of genes, those being from my mother, Susan. Or Sue. Sometimes even Susie. To me, she was just Mum. She did make a ‘mistake’ by falling pregnant with me at a young age, before she’d even graduated high school. The man who fathered me showed no interest and quickly disappeared from the scene, but that didn’t stop her from giving birth to me, completing her studies and graduating with high marks before obtaining a scholarship to university. Despite being a young mother, she managed to juggle motherhood and her class work, and though she split each year by doing six months’ full time and six months’ part time, she graduated only a year later than anyone she may have started with.

Mum tempobet giriş noticed my intelligence at an early age and did everything possible to ensure I was always learning. She pushed me and, while annoying at times, I understood why. She wanted me to be the best I can be and not to waste any gifts I may have. I graduated primary school quicker than the other children of a similar age before graduating high school by the time I was sixteen. A number of universities clamoured for my signature and I eventually agreed to what I considered the best.

After only four years of hard graft and solid work, I graduated near enough to top of the class, with honours, and with a number of companies offering me contracts for work. I spoke to Mum about it and she suggested I move home and work for her company, explaining the benefits of why that would be a good choice. Considering she’d never steered me wrong before, I chose her company and would return home once I’d graduated.

I’d seen my mother at graduation, but wasn’t surprised that she had to rush home and back to work, though I knew she’d be at the airport to meet me. I’ll admit I was looking forward to returning home. I enjoyed living at the dormitory, but I found that, apart from my close friends, I had little in common with many of my fellow students. I know I spent a lot of my time studying, and while I tried to socialise, I’ll also admit that it wasn’t my forte.

Once we’d landed and I’d grabbed my bag, I wandered out into the departure lounge, looking for the blonde hair of my mum. I was about six-foot-tall, so could see over most of the crowd, but couldn’t see her anywhere. Then I heard someone shout my name and noticed a red haired woman make her way through the crowd. Mum? It was her as the voice gave it away. And, once she appeared, my jaw dropped. She looked… stunning. Not just the hair but what she was wearing. She always dressed smartly but… Well, I’d always thought my mother was a beautiful young woman, no problem with that. But a simple change of hair and a different wardrobe caused some rather uncomfortable feelings because she didn’t look like my mum.

“Andrew!” she yelled before wrapping her arms around me. Mum always called me Andrew. I didn’t mind.

I completed the hug. “Hello, Mum.”

I felt her squeeze me hard, not surprising as I know she had missed me. I’d missed her too. “It’s good to see you.”

I couldn’t help the chuckle. “You saw me a couple of weeks ago.”

She released me and looked up at me from her height of five and a half feet, if she was lucky. “I saw you and perhaps spent a couple of minutes talking to you.” My face must have fallen. “Don’t worry, I understand. It was a big day in your life.” She grabbed my hand. “Grab your bag and we’ll get out of here.”

I did as she requested as we weaved through the crowds out into the car park. I wasn’t surprised to see that she had the latest sports car as her mode of transportation. After placing my bag in the boot, she made sure to pop the top down, placing on a pair of sunglasses before she floored it once we’d gone through the barriers.

“Nice car,” I shouted over the wind.

“I know. The engine purrs when stopped but the growl it makes when you put your foot down,” doing what she’d just said as an example, “Certainly gets the blood pumping.”

I looked at her as she drove and she glanced towards me, just smiling away. What’s making her so happy? I couldn’t help but run an eye down her, thankful for my own sunglasses. Despite approaching forty, her breasts were full and I think gravity hadn’t taken hold just yet. Maybe she wears good bras. She’d always taken care of herself, eating right and exercising, so she was slim, my eyes crawling down over her body to her shapely legs. She may have been shorter than me, but she’d always had good legs.


“Huh?” I stuttered, blinking rapidly, thankful again for the sunglasses.

“What are you looking at?” I felt heat rise into my cheeks and knew I was blushing. “Were you checking out your own mother?”

I shrugged. “You look good, Mum. I couldn’t help it.”

She gently clasped my knee. “You sure know how to make a woman approaching forty feel good.”

“You’ve got a couple of years yet, Mum. Anyway, don’t they always say life begins at forty?”

“My life resumes now that my boy has come home. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

“Miss me, eh?” I asked, knowing I was teasing.

She looked right at me. “More than you could imagine. But, yes, I’ve missed you the past few years. I’m glad you’ve come home.”

I wondered what she meant by that but she pulled off the freeway and I left her to concentrate on driving as the traffic increased. As we approached the suburbs and what I knew to be home, our conversation resumed.

“What’s with the hair?” I asked.

She raised a hand, running it through. “Do you like it?”

“I didn’t recognise you. Like a new woman. But, tempobet yeni giriş yeah, I like it. No… I love it. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re gorgeous.”

“Not your mother?”

Shrugging, I said, “If I didn’t know it was you, I’d have certainly checked you out.” I shrugged again. “I’ll admit I kinda did anyway. It was unexpected. But, I’ll be honest, Mum, you’re gorgeous.”

She gently squeezed my knee again. “You’re a real sweetie. I’m glad you approve.”

Mum, some of the thoughts I’ve had since greeting you at the airport would certainly not be appropriate for sharing. We continued to chit chat until we arrived home. The house hadn’t changed at least, or it hadn’t on the outside. Inside, Mum had certainly decorated and it was a far more pleasant household than the one I’d left four years earlier. I had to mention my approval, once again to the delight of my mum. It was quite pathetic how a simple smile on her face caused me to fall weak at the knees.

My bedroom had changed slightly. It had been cleaned up, with a new double bed, new wardrobes but many of the bits and pieces I’d gathered as hobbies had been kept and placed on new shelves. Mum stood in the doorway as I dumped my bag on the bed. “You’ll find your porno mags in your bedside table.” I know I flinched, the laughter of my mother echoing in the silence. “I didn’t care, Andrew. Though I’ll admit your interests were… amusing.”

I turned and sat on the bed. “How so?” I wondered.

“Well, I noticed a theme regarding most of your magazines.”

“You should see the video collection on my laptop,” I retorted.

“Interesting…” she stated before trailing off, then clapped her hands. “Right, I’m just going to have a shower and get changed. We’re going out for dinner then a few drinks to celebrate your new job and the fact my boy is once again home.”

“Cool,” I said, checking my watch I asked, “What time?”

“We’ll head out around eight-thirty, so a few hours from now. But there’s no rush. We’ll go out when we’re ready.”

I spent some time in my room, finding the magazines pointed out by my mother. So I like older women and MILFs. What’s wrong with that? Plenty of young men do. After enjoying a hot shower, thanks to an all new system, I checked myself out in the mirror. As I said, I was tall enough, with thick dark hair that certainly didn’t come from my mother, with blue eyes, again different to her green. I stepped back as I removed the towel, looking down my flat stomach, over my flaccid cock. I couldn’t be unhappy with how I looked.

Wrapping the towel around me again, I wandered out and turned left instead of right. Wonder if I’ll be able to do what I used to? As I said, I always found my mother to be beautiful and didn’t think there was anything wrong with checking her out. Call it youthful innocence. I could hear her singing quietly away to herself so I knew she was getting ready. She’d left the door nearly wide open but I made sure I couldn’t really be seen. She was standing in profile to me and I couldn’t help but be amazed at the fine specimen she still was. The red hair was currently wet and slicked back as my eyes moved down over her shapely breasts, which, even without a bra, were still relatively pert. Her stomach was flat, almost toned, before she swivelled and I got a good view of her trimmed pussy. I felt my cock slightly start to swell at the sight. Think unsexy thoughts… That was the thought as I watched my mother swivel the other way, unable to take my eyes of her arse as she bent over, I think putting some cream on her legs. I got a tremendous full view of her pussy there and then and my erection throbbed, appearing through my towel. I quickly headed back to my bedroom and had to resist the urge to masturbate. I’d done that often enough when I was growing up.

I was sitting on my bed, urging my erection to go down, when there was a knock at the door. I crossed one leg over the other as I answered. The door opened, my mother appearing in just a bra and panties. That just made my erection even worse. “Did you need me for something?”

Shit. “No. Why?”

“I saw you at the door,” she stated, though there was a smirk I didn’t understand. I thought she would have been furious.

“No. No. I… Uh, realised what I needed.”

Her eyes moved from my own down my body towards the tent my cock was no doubt making in my towel. Her eyes then moved back to my own. “You’ve looked after yourself, Andrew. You’re a good looking young man.”

“You look good too, Mum,” I replied, unable to hide the fact I looked her up and down. She was just… beautiful.

“Did you like what you saw?” I opened my mouth but couldn’t say anything. Then she stepped forward, lowering her face towards mine. My eyes moved to her breasts before moving back to her eyes. “I know you used to look at me when you were younger. I didn’t mind as I figured you would learn what a real woman looks like. But I did wonder… tempobet güvenilirmi Did you think of me when you jerked off later?”


“When you grabbed your cock and masturbated, did you think of me?”

I tried to act normally while I shrugged. “Sometimes,” I admitted.

The smirk increased. “Well, well, I learn something new every day. My son likes MILF porn and now I learn he used to jerk off, thinking of his mother.”

“I was a kid. It was…” I trailed off as I wasn’t going to win this argument despite the fact I wondered if she wanted to know if I jerked off thinking about her.

“Consider me flattered that a younger man found me so attractive that he used to masturbate to the thought of me,” she stated before leaning forward, gently kissing my cheek.

“Um, I’m glad you’re flattered.”

She grabbed my hand and dragged me to my feet. The towel around my waist fell to the ground as she stepped forward and hugged me. I felt heat rise to my cheeks as my erection pressed into her. “I missed you,” she said quietly.

“I missed you too, Mum,” I replied, trying not to make it appear too obvious that I was attempting to pull away because of my erection that throbbed between us.

She took a couple of steps back and looked me up and down again. I attempted to cover up but then figured What’s the bloody point? So I let the towel drop down the ground so she could look me up and down completely naked, my cock standing proudly at attention. That’s the effect you have on me, Mum. She was quiet for a few moments. “Yes, you are a fine specimen. A fine one indeed.” She made to reach out and I wondered if she was actually going to grab my cock, and I’ll admit that I wanted her to. Then she seemed to think better of it. “You’d better get ready. We should go in about fifteen minutes.”

“Okay, Mum.”

I could have used another five minutes to jerk off because I was about ready to explode.

Thankfully, my mother made no mention of what happened earlier as we got into the car, simply stating that I looked very handsome in my trousers and shirt. I didn’t know where we were going but figured it would probably be dinner and drinks somewhere close. I was proven wrong when we ended up on one of the highways leading into the city.

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere nice to eat. I’ll park the car at the head office. That won’t be a problem. I can leave it there overnight and pick it up tomorrow morning.”

“Big night planned?”

“Maybe. I’ll see how things go.” That’s cryptic if ever I’ve heard it.

After my mother parked up the car, we ended up walking down the main road, again surprised that she grabbed my hand as we wandered. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it was… a little weird. She didn’t say anything other than that she appreciated a night out with such a handsome young man. All that did was make me blush, which caused her to giggle.

I had no idea of the restaurant we ended up at. I can only say it was fancy. Fancy enough to have someone actually open the door for us. He tipped his hat towards my mother. “Good evening, Miss Smith.”

“Good evening, John.”

“And who is this strapping young man?”

“This is Andrew, my date for the evening.”

I looked at my mum, ready to correct her but she just dragged me onwards. “Have a good night, John,” she called.

“You too, Miss Smith.”

Despite having reservations, we did have to wait for a few minutes, sitting close together in the crowded waiting area. “Date?” I whispered.

“What’s wrong with that?”

I couldn’t actually think of anything wrong. While I wouldn’t exactly say we were on a date, she being my mother and all, I guess looking at it innocently, you could call it that. But, after what happened at home earlier, how innocent was it really? Then I thought Who gives a shit? My mother wants to have a nice night out and who am I to stop her? Just go with it. You never know…

We were eventually shown to our table, candles providing the only major light as the lighting above was otherwise turned down low. I’ll admit that Mum was looking beautiful, the red hair along with the eyeshadow adding depth to her green eyes, while she had added some deep red lipstick to her lips. The dress she wore had a low v-cut and, every time she leaned forward, I could have had a good look at her cleavage if I was so inclined. Which, I’ll admit, I was at times.

The menu was pricey but Mum simply said it was my treat, though I was still respectful and ordered an appetiser, main and dessert that wasn’t too expensive. We also indulged in a bottle of wine that turned into a second by the time we’d finished our main meal. We discussed nothing of any particular importance, mostly around the topics of her work and what I would be doing in the future. She also asked about any girls I may have linked up with.

“I’m not a virgin, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Were they younger? Older?”

I shrugged. “Only one was younger. The rest were older.”

“What did they look like?”

I knew she was playing games with me. I shrugged again. “Depended on what I was after. Or who was willing to sleep with me.”

“And if you didn’t get lucky, you’d watch some MILF porn?”

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