Coming Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 03

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“Ben. You have to let me help you,” Benji said, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible.

“I can do it by my fucking self,” Ben groused, shoving Benji’s hand away with his shoulder, trying to push him out of the master bath with his bigger body. “Give me a minute of peace, for Christ’s sake.”

Benji let out a deep sigh. “Ben. I know you don’t like it, but we’re partners. If you can’t rely on me to take care of you, then what kind of relationship is this?”

Ben didn’t respond, he just scowled.

They had been home one day and already the two men were driving each other crazy.

Ben liked to be in control and in charge. He was the alpha dog. With both of his arms in casts, he felt fucking worthless. Like a fucking invalid. He wasn’t used to being in this situation and he did not like it. He did not like it at all.

Benji insisted on waiting on Ben hand and foot and Ben just wanted to do everything himself. The only problem was that he wasn’t able to do anything by himself, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

Benji already had to clean up piss from all over the bathroom floor because Ben thought he could go to the bathroom without help. He was already over Ben’s attitude. He understood how his big man felt, but that didn’t mean that he had to yell and cuss at him.

“Fine,” Ben finally grumbled. It sounded more like a grunt than anything else.

“Would you rather we hire a nurse? If it’s me that you have a problem with–“

“I have to take a shit, okay?!” Ben shouted. “Is that what you want to hear? I can’t even wipe my own ass. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“I don’t like it either, Ben. But it’s you. If that’s what you need, then that’s what I’ll do. I would do anything for you, Ben. I mean that. Anything. You should know that by now.”

“Fine,” Ben mumbled with a sigh.

Benji untied the drawstring around Ben’s sweatpants and gave a tug and let them fall to the ground. He couldn’t help but notice that Ben wasn’t wearing underwear, especially when his over-sized flaccid penis flopped out and slapped against his thigh. Benji cleared his throat and averted his eyes, not wanting to be caught gawking like a pervert in this very un-sexual situation. “I’ll be in the bedroom. Just call me when you’re done.”

Benji shut the bathroom door behind him and went and sat down on the bed. Toby bounded into the bedroom, and after two tries, leapt up onto the bed. Benji reached over and scratched at the little dog’s neck, getting his fingers under the collar. “Don’t let your daddy catch you up here,” he said to the happy dog. “He’s cranky.”

He let out a deep breath. It was going to be a very long six weeks until the first cast came off.


Brandon looked down at the silky black hair and ran his hand through it. Soft lips surrounded the head of his cock and sucked gently.

Brandon squeezed his eyes shut and tried to concentrate on the sensations. This had never happened to him before. His body just wasn’t responding. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had told himself that he would never come back here. But he had to prove it to himself. Maybe the feelings he was having were just a phase. He had to know for sure.

After a few minutes, not even the warm mouth and slick tongue could coax an erection out of him. Brandon felt humiliated and betrayed by his own body. He had never not been able to get it up. It happens to everyone from time to time they say, but never to him. Never. It just serves as a confirmation as to how wrong this was, Brandon’s inner voice told him. Brandon told the voice to fuck off.

“Okay,” Brandon croaked. He cleared his throat. “Stop. Sorry. I can’t…”

The young, petite Asian sat up and sat back in the passenger seat, eyeing Brandon suspiciously. “You still owe me.”

Brandon looked at the young woman and nodded. After tucking his limp dick back into his jeans, he pulled his wallet out of his truck’s glove compartment and pulled out two bills. He handed them over to her and stared straight ahead with his hands gripping the steering wheel, not wanting to see the judgement on her face. He couldn’t believe that his dick had betrayed him like this. When the passenger door slammed shut, Brandon started up the truck and drove, wanting to get away as fast as he could.

Brandon felt disgusted.

He had come down to ‘the block’ once before to find some desperately needed relief when he and Ginny were in the middle of their divorce. He didn’t like doing it then, and he said he’d never go back. He should have listened to himself. He only felt worse now.

Gripping the steering wheel tightly in his left fist, he squeezed and rubbed the back of his neck with his right. He twisted his head on his neck, wanting to feel the pops and cracks that would give him a few seconds of relief.

As soon as he got home, he went right for the bathroom. He stripped off his clothes and tossed them into the hamper and heated up the shower. The water was as hot as he could stand it and he stayed under until it turned ice cold. His mind was so fucked up, he didn’t even istanbul escort jerk off like he normally would have.

He laid down on the solitary bed in the empty bedroom and stared up at the ceiling.

First thing in the morning, he’d go down to the health clinic and get one of those quick tests done like Lonnie had.


Ben spent most of the first two days in bed. The painkillers made him really tired. Benji was slightly grateful for the quiet. When Ben wasn’t yelling, he was withdrawn and depressed.

Benji was at a loss. Ben had never raised his voice at him in all the time that they’d been together. In the span of two days, he had been yelled at and cussed at until he was practically in tears. The worst part was that Ben knew what he was doing and didn’t even apologize. He tried to let it go, telling himself that this wasn’t the real Ben, but it was really hard to separate the feelings.

Benji stood at the stove absentmindedly stirring the pot of soup. He wasn’t a very good cook. Not that he was a bad cook, he just didn’t have a lot of experience. But he could follow a recipe okay. Ben was a great cook and though he had taught Benji a lot, he still got hung up on complicated recipes that had lots of steps or required doing more than one thing at a time. Luckily, Ben had frozen the leftovers last time he made stew. All Benji had to do was heat it up.

Benji looked down at Toby, who sat patiently at his feet. “I guess I’m gonna have to learn to be a better cook, Toby.”

The little dog looked up at Benji and blinked his eyes, nervously shifting his weight between his front paws. Benji smiled warmly at him. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Daddy doesn’t mean to yell at you. You’re a good boy. He still loves you. I hope he still loves me, too, after all of this.”

“I need another pill.”

Benji jumped at the sound of Ben’s rough and sleepy voice but quickly recovered. “Sit down at the table. The stew’s almost ready.” Benji glanced over at Ben. If he had heard Benji talking to Toby, his face showed no indication of it. He wore the same scowl that had become so familiar for the past two days.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You have to take it with food, Ben.”

“I said I’m not fucking hungry!”

Toby went over and laid down at Ben’s feet. His ears were flat against his head and he glanced up at Ben with big brown sad eyes. Ben ignored him.

Benji swallowed the lump in his throat, but he didn’t back down. He kept his chin up and stared back at Ben’s scowling face. His voice was quiet, but he managed to sound firm. “Please don’t argue with me.”

“Fine,” Ben said through his gritted teeth.

Ben stepped over Toby, and pushed his bulk into a chair and sat down at the table. He ground his teeth together while he waited for Benji to come and feed him. Like he was fucking helpless. Like he was a fucking baby.


Brandon tried to stay away, honest he did. But after two days, he found himself sitting in his idling truck in the driveway of the flip house. He rubbed at the knot on the back of his neck. He rolled his head back and forth until it cracked with a series of pops. Even that didn’t help the crick that had taken residence there.

It wasn’t a big deal, he told himself. Lonnie was staying in his company’s house. As one of the owners of the company, it was his responsibility to make sure that Lonnie was taken care of while he was watching the place. That’s all it was.

He cut off the diesel engine and picked up the sack of burgers and drinks and made his way around the back of the house, carefully watching his step. He pushed open the back door and was greeted by a happy little Ricky.

Brandon noted that the light on the vent hood above the empty space where the stove would sit was on, giving the room a soft glow, casting enough light to see clearly.

He looked down at Ricky. As much as he hated to admit it, the bouncy dog with the wagging tail was a sight for sore eyes and Brandon felt his mood lifting just a little bit.

“Hey there, little ugly.” Ricky jumped up onto Brandon’s leg, bouncing up and down in the air. Brandon laughed. “You miss big daddy?” He reached down and used his index finger to scratch at the little hairs under the dog’s chin. “I got something for you.” He pulled a dried pig ear from his pocket and gave it to the dog, who happily took it and ran off to chew on his new treat in private.

“Hi, Brandon.”

Brandon looked up to see Lonnie leaning in the kitchen doorway. He was mostly hidden away from the vent hood’s light, but the light that did spill across him made him look stunningly beautiful. Brandon swallowed down his nerves and tried to smile. “Hey. I, um…. I brought you some food.”

Lonnie studied the burly man for a moment, before speaking coolly, “Thanks. You didn’t have to do that.”

“And I wanted to check on you,” he added quietly. “Make sure you were okay.”

“Thanks,” Lonnie said.

The corner of Lonnie’s mouth turned up in a hesitant little smile and Brandon’s mood lightened a tiny bit more. “Okay. Good. Let’s eat while it’s hot.”

Lonnie ataköy escort was pissed when Brandon first walked into the house. He was angry and humiliated. The big caveman had some nerve showing up here. Okay, so it was technically his house, but still.

But then Brandon brought Ricky a treat and the simple little gesture told him that maybe the big guy wasn’t totally irredeemable.

Lonnie nodded and Brandon followed him into the bedroom. They sat together on the mattress and Brandon pulled out two foil-wrapped cheeseburgers for each of them. He dumped the big cup of hot french fries into the bag, then handed Lonnie a bottle of Coke.

“I didn’t know what you liked on your burgers, so–“

“I got what you like,” Lonnie finished with a smile.

“Yeah.” Brandon opened a little plastic container of ketchup and set it down by the bag of fries.

“I’m not real picky. I’m sure you’ll learn what I like in time.”

It wasn’t like there’d be a chance of that. Brandon was only here to check on the boy this one time. Besides, he’d be gone in a few days. For some reason, he went ahead and agreed. “Yeah.”

Ricky bounced up onto the bed, getting between them. He dropped his pig ear on the bed, and nosed his snoot into the bag of fries, sniffing.

Brandon gave Ricky’s bottom a little push. “Ricky, no. Bad boy.”

Lonnie stood up and put Ricky out of the bedroom, shutting the door on him.

“Sorry about that. He knows he doesn’t get people food.” He bent down and picked up the pig ear from the bed. “Ew!” he exclaimed as his fingers touched the slobbery piece of dried flesh. He tossed it towards the door and went into the bathroom to quickly wash his hands.

He sat back down next to Brandon and unwrapped one of the cheeseburgers and took a bite. He frowned and pulled out a tomato slice and wrapped it in a napkin before continuing to eat.

“Mm, this is really good,” Lonnie said between bites.

“Mm-hmm. The best,” Brandon replied with a mouthful.

“Thanks for bringing it.”

Lonnie licked the juices from his fingers. Brandon stared at Lonnie’s mouth, watching the pink tongue dart over the tip of his index finger before his lips closed around it, and then pulled it away with a smack. He felt his cock starting to fill and he pulled his gaze away, trying to forget the image. He wasn’t here for that. He was here to check on Lonnie, to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

“How’s your head?” Brandon asked as he took another bite of his burger.

“You tell me. You certainly seemed to enjoy it before you ran out of here.”

Brandon choked and gagged, nearly spitting a mouthful of half-chewed burger all over the floor. “That’s not what I meant,” he said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Lonnie just smiled. “I’m fine, Brandon.”

The men ate the rest of their burgers in silence. Brandon didn’t feel the silence to be uncomfortable. He was glad to see that Lonnie seemed to have a big appetite, digging into both of his cheeseburgers as well as the fries they shared. He must really feel fine since he ate like he was starving. He felt a little bit guilty for taking so long to check on him. What if Lonnie hadn’t been fine? But he was, and that was all that mattered.

Brandon’s face flushed warm slightly as he thought of Lonnie’s innuendo. He wanted to tell Lonnie that his head was the best he ever had. Outstanding, bar none, without a doubt. But it didn’t matter. It wasn’t like that was ever going to happen again. That’s not why he was here.

Lonnie tipped his bottle back and swallowed the last of his Coke. He glanced over at Brandon. The burly man appeared to be lost in thought. Lonnie’s eyes travelled up and down Brandon’s body. Brandon’s huge bear paw hands held his burger to his mouth. Lonnie knew from experience that the size of those hands translated directly to the size of his dick. His face started to feel warm as he remembered the feel of the man’s cock in his hands. Christ, but Brandon was hung. He thought his ex-boyfriend had a big one, but his seven inches was nothing compared to Brandon. Brandon had him beat by three good inches, plus extra girth.

Lonnie’s eyes settled on Brandon’s face. The man was not exactly pretty to look at, but every once in a while, his face would soften and that scowl would disappear. During those times, he kind of looked handsome in a rugged, uber-manly way. Yeah, Brandon was all man, one hundred percent, and that was very attractive to Lonnie. Lonnie’s eyes moved from Brandon’s thick beard to his wet, red lips. He wondered what it would be like to kiss Brandon, to feel those lips on his skin. He’d never kissed a guy with a real beard before. Would it itch? Would it tickle? What did the bears say when they saw another sexy bear? Woof? Yeah. Lonnie looked Brandon up and down.


He noticed that Brandon had a scar that cut into his bottom lip and disappeared into his bearded chin. He wondered how he got that scar. Maybe he’d ask Brandon about it some time.

Brandon’s bright green eyes turned and met Lonnie’s avcılar escort lingering gaze. God, Brandon’s eyes were gorgeous. There was something there. Understanding maybe? Desire maybe?

“How did you get that scar on your chin?” As soon as the question came out, he winced. He didn’t intend to blurt it out.

“An on the job accident. One of my guys wasn’t paying attention and I walked past at the exact wrong time. A piece of wood slammed into my face.”


“Yeah. It cut the shit out of my chin. I lost three teeth and broke my nose. There was blood everywhere. Luckily, I was wearing safety glasses and a hardhat.”

“Oh my god!”

Brandon ran his finger over a crook in his nose. He pushed his bottom lip down and ran a finger over three of his bottom teeth. “These are a bridge.”

“You can’t tell. And your beard mostly covers the scar. I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse.”

Brandon nodded, and popped a couple of fries into his mouth. Brandon quieted. He looked away from Lonnie and stared at the floor. After a moment of silence, Brandon lifted his eyes and stared back at Lonnie. Lonnie saw that look again.

“Why are you here, Brandon?”

Lonnie watched his adam’s apple bob as he visibly and audibly swallowed. “I told you… I wanted to check on you, make sure you were okay.”

Lonnie looked at Brandon, searching his face. He could see the conflict in the big man. He might not want to admit it, but he wanted Lonnie. He wouldn’t keep coming back if he didn’t.

Then it hit Lonnie. Brandon wanted more than just sex; he wanted companionship, Lonnie decided. Why else would he have brought dog treats and dinner, wanting to sit on a mattress in an abandoned house?

Lonnie decided he would have to be the one to take a chance. It might get him a bruised ego or a black eye, but then it might also get him something a whole lot better. Lonnie slid just a little closer and placed his hand on Brandon’s thigh. He could feel the big man trembling under his touch, but he didn’t push him away. “I’m good, Brandon. But I’m better now that you’re here.”

Brandon looked down at the smaller man, staring up at him with those pretty brown eyes with the long black lashes. Christ, his nerves were so shot. He couldn’t ever remember feeling this nervous around a girl before. Brandon winced inwardly. Lonnie wasn’t a girl. He was dude. A fucking dude!

Brandon knew that he wasn’t that great to look at, but he never had problems getting girls when he was younger and in the service. They liked his macho, cocky attitude and the way his muscled body looked in his uniform. He never felt nervous or unsure of himself. If he got turned down, he shrugged it off and moved on. That attitude always worked for him in the past. It wasn’t until after he got married that the regular sex he was used to dried up.

The way Lonnie looked at him was somehow different than how all of those girls looked at him. He felt like Lonnie looked right through to his soul, like he could see all of his secret wants and desires. Like he could see the real Brandon Davis. And that was scary.

Brandon watched the tip of Lonnie’s pink tongue dart out and moisten his full, pouty lips.


That mouth. So fucking sexy.

Before Brandon could stop himself, he leaned down and kissed Lonnie. It was so not what he expected. Lonnie’s lips were so warm and so soft. He had expected hard and rough, like he envisioned a man would be.

Lonnie let out a needy whimper as he pushed forward, pressing himself further into Brandon’s kiss. His hand snaked around Brandon’s neck, holding him gently, keeping their mouths pressed against each other. He was very pleased to find out that the burn from Brandon’s beard whiskers was highly pleasurable.

Brandon slid his tongue along Lonnie’s bottom lip. Lonnie opened his mouth and Brandon went to town. He grabbed Lonnie’s head and deepened the kiss. He stroked the boy’s tongue with his own. Their heads moved in perfect rhythm.

Brandon’s breathing hitched as Lonnie’s hand slid up his thigh. The boy’s knowledgeable fingers found Brandon’s cock and slid along his length, stroking and squeezing him through his jeans.

Lonnie hoped and prayed that Brandon wouldn’t freak out. He wanted the big man so bad, more than he had ever wanted anyone. The thrill of Brandon shooting that big thick load into his mouth was something that he’d never forgot. If Lonnie had his way, he’d be taking care of Brandon’s needs as often as he could. Lonnie loved to suck dick and Brandon had the best he’d ever had. He would make Brandon come so hard and so good, he wouldn’t go anywhere else. He never thought of himself as a size queen before, but he had revised that opinion since he’d had Brandon. Oh yes, size definitely does matter.

“Let me take care of you, big daddy,” Lonnie whispered. He meant it as a little joke, but it came out of his mouth all breathy and sexy.

“Oh fuck,” Brandon groaned.

Lonnie’s words had sent a shudder down Brandon’s spine. There was no way in hell he could resist that. He laid back on the mattress as Lonnie unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, giving him complete access. Brandon looked down at Lonnie, watching him admire the newly freed organ. The fact that he was hard as steel and throbbing wasn’t lost on Brandon. Of course his cock got hard for Lonnie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32