Construction Women

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Penny Parker was drinking her father’s rum and getting a little high. Her parents would be gone for two weeks and trusted her to watch the house. Penny was diddling her wet pussy as she looked at her father’s dirty books that he kept hidden under the bed. The eighteen year old girl was still a virgin but was far from pure. She loved to tease the boys at school and watch their dicks get hard but never pleased them. All she would do is tease them then come home from school and go to her room and get-off with her fingers.

One of the books was filled with lesbians and much to Penny’s surprise she was totally turned-on looking at them doing everything imaginable. She reached a tremendous orgasm while looking at the picture of a young slender blond eating an older woman’s hairy pussy. Penny had never thought about being with another female before but now she imagined what it would be like. She thought of a girl at school named April that was gay. Penny never joined some of the other girls that taunted April but she did tease her just like she did the boys. She sniffed her sticky fingers and then licked them clean. She was delighted by how tasty it was and wondered how other girls and women tasted .

She stopped herself from thinking about lesbian sex and realized that she should get some more rum so her parents wouldn’t know she was drinking their booze. She decided to walk to the liquor store down at the corner. She wasn’t old enough to purchase the rum but figured she could get an adult to buy it for her.

She wasn’t doing very well at all. They all told her no and some worse things. She noticed three women in tan uniforms working on a building next door. An older woman was giving her the eye and Penny recognized the look of lust in her eyes. It was a warm spring day so Penny lifted her tank top and shook it as if she was too hot. This enabled the woman to get a good view of her pert 32C breasts with stiff pink nipples. The young girl looked up and the big woman was watching her and drooling. Penny was tingling all over. Teasing really turned her on and the alcohol she consumed made her bolder than ever. The woman almost fell off the scaffold when the naughty girl slid a finger under her shorts and into her tight pussy. Penny looked up at the woman as she licked her finger clean of her own pussy juices. They held eye contact as both the woman and the girl were aroused.

The woman tugged a rope and lowered the scaffold to the ground. The 5’11” woman with brown hair, humongous tits, and lust crazed eyes approached the young 5’3″ girl saying, “Hi sweetie, couldn’t help but hear you asking people to buy rum for you. Don’t know how anybody could say no such a precious girl but we finish work in forty-five minutes. If you like we can buy whatever you need and even deliver it so you don’t have to wait around.”

Penny enjoyed the older woman’s obvious infatuation with her and sexily stated,”You would do that for little ol’ me? That is so very nice of you. My parents are away on vacation for two weeks and I drank some of daddy’s rum. I live right down the street and need Bacardi Rum. Here ma’am let me give you the money and write down my address.”

The woman offered, “Don’t worry about it little darling. It’s on me and I noticed you coming out of your house so we know where you live. See you shortly pretty baby.” Penny thanked the heavy set woman and wiggled her tight ass as she walked away. She turned to see if the woman was watching. Penny smiled and waved when she saw the woman ogling her young bouncing butt.

Penny sat on the sofa listening to music waiting for the delivery. When the doorbell rang she hurried to the door and had money in her hand to pay for the rum. She was shocked to see all three women with their hands full. The tall woman announced, “We got three bottles of rum and two cases of beer. That way you can replace your father’s bottle and we will have plenty left to party with. My name is Dixie Dike; my friends names are Skinny Sally and Voluptuous Vivian. Guess you figured out that they are nick-names huh? The first names are real though.” Sally was a thin black woman about 35. Vivian was a Hispanic woman that could only be described as a total knockout. She looked to be around 28. Dixie was in her late forties or early fifties.

When offered money from the girl Dixie refused once more and shouted, “Let the party begin.” Penny was speechless and decided to just go with the flow. They sat around drinking and getting acquainted when Vivian noticed a picture of Penny in her cheerleader outfit. Dixie said, “Wow! I would love to see you in that sexy outfit dancing and doing a cheer for us. Go change into your sexiest uniform and perform for us.” The three women applauded and urged the girl to do it. Penny was feeling her drinks just enough to go along with them.

She went upstairs to change and when she descended the steps in her skimpy outfit Penny felt embarrassed but also enjoyed the spotlight. She adored the cheers and whistles but didn’t know what to do when they urged her to strip. She knew they got a good view of her white panties when she kicked and danced aksaray escort but stripping was something else altogether. She was reluctant to strip but so loved teasing and tempting these women. Dixie was the leader and announced, “Hell baby if it will make you feel better we will all strip right along with you. Isn’t that right ladies? Let’s help the girl out.”

The women arose and began discarding their clothing then they relieved the stunned girl of her cheerleader uniform. Dixie sat back down on the sofa and pulled the pretty blond cheerleader to her. Penny found her face resting on Dixie’s huge breasts. She didn’t move until she felt lips kissing her sweet butt and then lap her pussy and ass. She glanced back to see Sally tonguing her private parts with passion. Soon she was moaning out in pleasure and without being told the girl nursed on Dixie’s big sagging tits. Dixie urged, “Yes baby suck mommy’s big tits. Suck, kiss, lick, and put those sweet lips on one then the other. See how much flesh you can stuff in your fucking slut mouth bitch. I know your type; you just like to tease don’t you? Well the time has come for you to please. By the way you are trembling I know that Sally is giving your little pussy a good licking and you are rewarding her with your sweet cum. Keep sucking my boobs like that and I will give you a nice hairy treat.” Dixie hand feet the girl’s hungry mouth both tits as Penny humped back at Sally’s talented tongue. Vivian sat on the arm of the sofa fingering her inflamed cunt just inches from Penny’s sucking lips. The sight and aroma of the Luscious Latin Lady’s pussy, her mouth filled with tit, and the sensational feeling of Sally working her pussy and ass was much to much for the young girl. She rocked to another climax and even thought how much she liked it when the women talked dirty to her.

The blonde cheerleader was lost in a state of sublime bliss. Her head was spinning, her pussy was leaking pussy juices and cum, and her whole frame was aflame. She was in no position to resist when her head was pushed down to the older woman’s hairy cunt. The pungent odor, the thick forest of brown and gray hair, the chunky pussy lips, and the moisture dripping from the carnal cavern made Penny lose control as she felt an overwhelming urge to taste her first pussy other than her own. She just stared at the fuming hair hole trying to decide what to do. The decision was made for her as Dixie demanded, “Don’t just look at my horny cunt. Lick it all up baby. Don’t even think about stopping until I wash your pretty face with cum. Kiss it lovingly then lick and suck it with all the passion you got. Yessss, just like that you fucking pig slut. Gobble it all up, suck, suck, suck, yesssssssssss! You are a natural cunt lapping tramp. You love it don’t you slut? Fuck me with your tongue Put your sweet lips on my clit, bob up and down just like you were sucking a cock, and put some fingers up in there and fuck me good. Next time you will be begging for my cunt. Put your whole face in there and suck it all out you filthy little pussy loving pig. Don’t stoooopppp. Just like that! Oh hell yeah, shiitttttttt yesssssss! Feast on my cum girl it’s all yours so knock yourself out. The first time I laid eyes on you I wanted that pretty face between my legs. I knew that such a nasty little girl like yourself would simply adore eating mommy’s juicy cunt and boy was I ever right. You took to muff diving like a fish takes to water. Tell mommy how much you like dinning between my legs.”

Sally finally came up for air and laughed, “Oh she likes it alright Dixie. When she began eating you she leaked so much cum that I thought I might drown. Our little girl is a cunt craving hussy, no doubt about it.”

They all looked at Penny and she confessed, “I admit that it was fantastic and I couldn’t get enough. My only regret is that I didn’t learn to love pussy sooner. Sally drove me wild and the degrading and dirty talk opened the flood gates. I never imagined that a girl could cum so much but it was simply marvelous. I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. Thanks ladies; sure hope we can get together again real soon.”

Dixie picked Penny up and flung the girl over her shoulder. The older woman cracked-up crowing, “You ain’t seen nothing yet precious. The fun has only just begun . Where’s your bed room sweetheart?” Penny told them that it was upstairs. When they arrived at the girl’s bedroom the women all said the bed was too small. They discovered the master bedroom and Dixie declared, “Oh yeah, this is more like it.” then she tossed the frightened girl on her parent’s king size bed. The large woman spread the young girl’s creamy legs wide and dove right in. Sally and Vivian nursed on Penny’s pert young breasts as Dixie the Dike gobbled up the sweet young pussy. Penny oozed cum as the experienced woman worked her magic. Dixie wiped her cum filled face on the girl’s lewdly spread legs and taunted, “You are such a little fucking slut. I’ve never seen any female cum so quick but I do love your pussy juice and cum. I adore all women but there is nothing better than a sweet tasting young ataköy escort thing like you. Hold on tight my little girl because mommy has a big surprise for you!”

Vivian sat on the girl’s face. Penny marveled at the trimmed dark pubic hair in the shape of an arrow pointing to her honey-pot. There was also a tattoo of a long tongue licking. Penny chowed-down on the spicy pussy with fervor and got her first taste of ass as Vivian rocked wildly. The Latin sexpot yelled, “Oh yeah, ummmm, ummmm, so fucking good. Suck my cunt, lick that ass, and don’t stop baby. Soon you’ll be drinking my cum and loving it bitch. Oh hell yeahhhhhh!”

Penny couldn’t see it but Dixie had strapped on a two pronged dildo. A 7″ fairly thick dildo for the pussy and an 8″ thin dildo for the ass. The Dike lifted the girl’s legs high and let them rest on her shoulder she lubed both cock’s and announced, “This is your lucky day tramp. We had a date to go fuck a horny housewife down the street but broke it for you. Next time we just might bring her with us. That way you two can fuck each other when we’re not here. Both dicks are lubed real good so they should slide in your nasty holes with no problems. Here they come baby so just enjoy as your big mommy fucks the shit out of you.” Dixie inched them in both holes at the same time then started humping brutally. At first the girl fought it and was trying to scream but Vivian’s cunt and ass muffled the sound of her cry. After awhile the pain gave way to intense pleasure and Penny fucked back furiously. Vivian was spent after several orgasm and was replaced by the black girl. The big Dike plowed and pounded Penny’s ass and pussy unmercifully as Penny sucked the bald black pussy dry. Dixie tired and pulled out of the girl’s gaping, raw, and leaking holes. The large woman informed, “Holy shit! The fucking bitch was a virgin! There’s blood mixed with all the other shit.”

They consoled the eighteen year old and assured her that she would never miss her cherry. She was told that she was a woman now and a very slutty one at that. They relaxed chatting and Penny even told them about April at school. Vivian offered, “You should make it up to her for all of your teasing. Give her what she wants and if she eats you good then return the favor..”

Dixie added, “Hell girl we won’t be able to see you again until Friday night but we will spend the weekend. The rest of the week fuck the girl and all of the other girls and teachers that you can. Then you can tell us all about it. I simply adore hearing about my sluts other lesbian encounters. Hell we just might even invite some of them to party with us over the weekend. Couldn’t help but notice the picture of your mom on the dresser. I want to fuck her and feed her my hairy cunt. No doubt that she’ll love it just like you. What do you think my little pussy slut?”

Penny felt both fright and arousal as she pictured her mother with Dixie Dyke. She muttered, “I ah… ummmm da.. don’t know. She is straight as far as I know of.”

They all kissed Penny goodbye. On the way out the door Dixie stated, “Just leave your mother to me sweet cheeks. I’ll have her on her knees in no time at all. Like mother like daughter. Once she eats my juicy cunt she will yearn and crave for more of the motherfucker. I’ve got a much bigger and fatter dildo for her. Does it turn you on me talking about your mom like that? You probably want to watch your mother debased and degraded. You want to see your mother with her face in my cunt and ass don’t you girl?”

Penny admitted, “It sound so perverse and obscene but also so incredibly hot. See you all Friday night. Penny knew she should wash the sheets on her parent’s bed and get a hot bathe but she was much too tired and decided to get a shower in the morning and do the wash after school. She quickly dozed off to sleep dreaming of lesbian sex.

The school day was quite normal except Penny kept looking at the other girls and teachers in a much different manner. At lunch she sat with April and shocked the lesbian girl by saying, “I’m so sorry about teasing you and would like to make it up to you. How would you like to get between my legs and eat my sweet pussy?”

April was not fat but she was chubby with dark hair and eyes,. She was only about two inches taller than Penny but had much larger breasts. It was Penny’s turn to be surprised when the girl replied, “That would be great but there is one thing that I would like even better. I want you to look up at me with your blue eyes while I cum all over your pretty face and blonde hair! If you are not teasing me again then lets go for a little walk. We still have thirty-five minutes left on our lunch hour and I have some scrumptious dessert for you.” Penny was tingling, she felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy moisten as she was led by the hand outside.

They walked alongside the building for a short distance then descended a few steps and were in a storeroom that Penny never knew existed. April grabbed a fistful of blonde hair, forced the slender blonde to the floor on her knees, lifted her skirt, pulled aside her pink panties, ataşehir escort and insisted, “Eat my pussy bitch. I have been nothing but nice to you and all you could do in return was tease me. Now the time has come for you to make it up to me. Eat my pussy Penny. Oh yesssss! So fucking gooddddd. Yesssssss! You’ve been practicing haven’t you! Such a naughty girl you are. Drink my cum girl and lick it all up baby. You do that so good that it’s it’s clear that you love eating pussy..” The girls got on top of a table, kept their skirts on but let their panties fall to the floor. They engaged in a torrid sixty-nine. Both girls were so into it that they didn’t hear Ms. Trudy Thompson enter the room. The French teacher thought of breaking it up but couldn’t help but get aroused herself. The stunning redhead woman of thirty-two years was on fire. She dropped her skirt and panties, opened her blouse, took off her bra and squeezed her giant globes as she fingered her red-hot cunt while watching the girls eat each other out.

The girls were shocked when they came up for air and saw the stunning, stacked, and totally beautiful teacher getting off while watching them. They both yelled, “Ms. Thompson!” Both girls just stared at the magnificent breasts, furry red pubic hair, and dripping pussy in awe.

Trudy announced,”I should turn you girls in but I don’t suppose that is an option now that I am so fucking hot and horny. Get the hell over here and nurse on my tits, then you can eat out my cunt and ass. I promise that this illicit encounter will be just between us three”. The girls gleefully complied and made Trudy cum more than she had ever cum before in her entire life. They all agreed to get together again and Ms. Thompson said that she would give them notes saying they were helping her out. They were so late for their classes that it was almost time for the next class.

Penny invited April to her house after dinner and rushed home to do the laundry. She was shocked to see her mother walk through the door and proclaim, “Hi Penny I’m home.! Your father got a call from his work to straighten out a problem in Denver and only God knows when he will be home. I’m so weary. Think I’ll get a hot bath and slip into my robe then we can relax and watch television.” Penny was glad that the sheets were clean and back on the bed.

Penny sat on the couch and was checking out the TV schedule when she heard a knock on the door. When she saw the three construction women that introduced her to lesbian sex Penny noted, “It’s not Friday yet and my mom is home. We will have to meet at another place, another time. I will walk down to the corner tomorrow after school and we will work something out. Now please go before she hears you.”

Vivian told her, “You are such a silly little pussy slut. We know that your mother is home that’s is why we are here. She looks like an older version of you and we want to make her a cunt loving pussy licker just like her little girl. Strip bitch and that is an order. We will all get naked and you will be on your knees eating out Sally and me as we sit on the sofa with our caramel and chocolate legs spread wide for your hungry mouth. When your mom comes down the steeps that is the first thing she will see. Your mother will be outraged and aroused at the same time. Dixie will do the rest. She will seduce your mother in no time at all. We have friends with hot pussies that want your tongue and this way mom will be able to help out. Now assume the position bitch. “Despite her fear of what her mother would do Penny knelt and began gobbling up the two juicy pussies.

Penny’s mom came down the steps and watched with horror as her daughter ate the two women on the sofa. As she started to yell and scream a strong hand covered her mouth. Dixie swiftly removed the woman’s robe and pressed her massive breast into the woman’s naked back. Dixie tweaked the mother’s small tits and dropped her hand down to the moist pussy. Normally she would have done both at once but one hand was still covering the frightened woman’s mouth. The big dike whispered in the woman’s ear, “Your fucking slut cunt is soaking wet! You are really getting all hot and bothered watching your daughter gobbling up the sopping cunts aren’t you slut? What is your first name mom?” Dixie now had three fingers in the woman and was finger fucking her furiously.

Penny’s mom uttered, My a.. aggggg name is Cathy and I can’t help but get aroused with your hand in my pussy. Pleaseeeee st..stoppppp! What have you done to my daughter. This is obscene and perverted. No more please.”

“Well Cathy it may be but you can’t take your blue eyes off the torrid threesome can you? I know what’s bothering you. Penny is getting all the pussy and you are jealous. Is that it Cathy? Here mom suck my fingers and taste your horny cunt. Oh yeah, it’s easy to see that you love it and want some more. I am Penny’s momma and now is the time for you to learn why.” Cathy was spun around and her face was in the huge breasts, she was hand fed both of them and nursed like a hungry baby. Large strong hands pushed down on the blonde mom’s shoulders until she was on her knees glaring at the steamy cunt of the big woman. Cathy was conflicted, she thought of running but the pungent aroma, the swollen pussy lips, and the dripping pussy juices was too much for her to resist. She gave in to the uncontrollable desire to please this demanding dike.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32