Coquette and her cuckold (Part 4)

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The bathroom became a sauna as the steam rose from the hot tub, making my vision as cloudy and indistinct as my thoughts.
Julie sank lower in the water, like a crocodile slinking back into the river after consuming its prey.

The water wrapped itself around her breasts, the surface taking the shape of her stiffly protruding nipples and dark areola.
I stood at the door, gazing at her naked body and going over in my mind, all that I had seen her experience in the last few hours.

My thoughts were awash with fleeting images of the night’s passion and my wife’s erotic experimentations.
As my eyes breathed in her lithe femininity, my memory played with visions of her plunging fingers inside herself, of her standing in the pool, legs splayed, as she had welcomed a stranger’s cock inside her.
I saw the look of pain on her face, that had so quickly turned to ecstasy when her lover had penetrated her.

I was only wearing a towel round my waist now and my hardening penis had pushed it aside. I was feeling the effects of hours of arousal without release. I held my cock in my hand, languidly sliding up and down its length.
I took in the gently curving outline of my wife’s thighs that had been around her lover’s back only minutes earlier and recalled how his hips had forced them apart.
I watched her fingers tug at her hardening nipples the way his had done, as she drifted her other hand down her stomach to linger at her shaved mound.

With an effort, I let go of my penis and leaned over the bath to turn off the water. There was no way Julie was going to interrupt herself now, I thought.
As I was above her, I caught sight of smears of creamy fluid blending with the bathwater as it eased from between the cunt lips that she held apart.

Julie saw it too and scooped up a trail of it in her cupped hand. Leaning her head back against the bath, she opened her mouth as she let the mixture of water and Dave’s cum slide down onto her outstretched tongue.
Once again, I had my cock in my hand as I watched my wife savour her lover’s juice, the muscles in her throat contracting as she swallowed.

It may have been the movement of my hand as it slid along my full stiffness that drew Julie’s attention, I don’t know, but she looked at me then for the first time since we’d got back to the room.

“Tonight has been something very special, …” I think I just nodded,
“for both of us it seems.” as her gaze dropped to my unusually erect penis.

Julie was slowly sliding curved fingers between her pussy lips as she continued, “ I never knew how fantastically erotic it could be. Never knew how hot and aroused I could get about fucking someone.”

She seemed reticent then, as if this was leading somewhere uncomfortable for her.
“You’ve seen how he excites me, haven’t you, how hard he makes me cum … over and over? You know how much I want him, don’t you? How much I need him to fuck me?”

Yes, it was difficult for her but she was going to say it anyway.
“ I just can’t stop at tonight. I’ve got to have him inside me again, fucking me with that beautiful cock of his, I’ve got to.”

I suppose that my continued pulling at my cock and the pre-cum smearing itself over the shiny head encouraged her to go on.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it, anywhere he touched me just tingled. I thought I was going to cum every time his tongue or his cock brushed against me.” Julie had her eyes closed now as she relived the evening.
“I’ve never felt such a need to be fucked by one man before, just the thought of his cock makes my nipples and clit stiffen up.”

I didn’t say a Ankara escort word. I just continued to look at her as I gripped harder on my penis.

“There’s no way I can stop at tonight, I’m going to continue fucking him for as long as I possibly can. You can complain if you want, or watch if you want, it makes no difference. All I care about is feeling his huge prick ramming into my juicy cunt.”

Julie turned to me, with that look of defiance on her face that had such a sense of finality about it.
Getting bolder, she purred, “And if I’m going to be fucking him anyway, I may as well take it all the way.”

So, what did this mean?

“Next time, I’m going to let him fuck my ass.”

In our five years of marriage, Julie had never once let me put anything into her there. Not a vibrator, not a finger – let alone push my penis in.
Now here she was, getting excited at the thought of a stranger’s cock pumping into her ass.

“Tomorrow morning, I’m going to meet him at the pool and bring him here. I’m going to strip him off and lead him to our bed by his cock.”
Julie’s eyes were closed again as her fingers rotated on her mound, just above her clitoris.

“I’m going to get on all fours and raise my ass in the air for him.
Do you think you’d like to watch? Yes, I know you would. Oh, I’ll tell you what – my ass will need to be really well oiled. How would you like it if I let you rub that massage oil around my hole for me? Would you like that baby? If I let you get my ass ready for him?”

I don’t think she expected me to reply. I couldn’t have anyway, my throat was constricted, my mouth dry. But my prick was wet; pre-cum was seeping out of the slit constantly.

“Yes, that’s it, you can prepare me for my very first ass-fucking, I think you’d like that.”
Julie’s fingers had penetrated herself now, sliding up and down her engorged clitoris.

“Dave will need to be prepared too, he will need to be oiled and extra hard to squeeze into my tight, virgin ass. You could spread the oil over that magnificent cock and balls of his, sliding your hand up and down to get him really stiff. I’d love to watch that in the mirror, watch you stroking my lover’s cock to get it hard for me.”

My hand was moving faster now, gripping tighter as it slid along my full length, from balls to ridge.

“You could kneel between us, separating the cheeks of my ass with your left hand as you grip his slippery cock with your right. And when I beg him to slide his prick into my tight ass, you can guide him into me, putting the tip of his cock at my asshole as he pushes forwards.”

We were both jerking our hands now, Julie across her clit and lips and me backwards and forwards on my prick, faster, more urgently.

“Oh, yes, I know it will feel so good. It may hurt at first but I’ll take that, just to feel him thrusting into my ass with his big, hard cock. It will be so special, having my tight, little ass fucked for the very first time … and you can be there for it baby, watching my lover slam his stiff meat deep into me.
God, I’m hot for him already, I know I’m going to love it so much as he reaches around with his hand and rubs my clit at the same time.”

Julie hesitated then, like she was conjuring up another image in her fantasy.

“I could even get that gorgeous waiter to help … oh God yes, I could straddle him and slide my cunt over his cock while Dave fucks my ass. Oh Jesus, I can’t wait, I want them both fucking me … in my cunt, in my ass. I want to feel both their cocks ramming into me side by side … filling me up, stretching me, splitting me apart. Oh yes, oh yes, the feeling Ankara escort bayan of both men wanting me so much, wanting to just fuck me and slam their cocks into me over and over again. So much man inside my body”

Gripping myself as tight as I can … watching Julie pump fingers inside herself once more, her hand a blur.

“Ooh yes, I want so much to get fucked by two hot studs at once, harder and harder. You can watch them stretch me wide open as they both slam into me until they shoot their loads of cum inside me. Oh, I’m going to love the feeling of them jerking inside me, spurting their cream into my holes.”

I could feel the pressure building up in my balls as I squeezed my prick as hard as I could, pumping it wildly as my balls bounced around underneath.
Images of my wife being aggressively fucked in both holes by other men’s cocks flashed through my head.
My legs trembled and almost gave way as that glorious feeling of release swept over me and my prick started to become sensitive.

I stood there for a few moments with my eyes closed, my hand moving slower now, my breathing returning to normal.
I could feel the wetness on my other hand and looked down to see that I’d caught a huge pool of my own cum. Not surprising that there was so much, given all the unsatisfied arousal I’d experienced that night.

Julie had slowed her movements too, her fingers now casually tracing the contours of her cunt lips, almost absent-mindedly, like she would stroke a pet as it lay in her lap.

I took a slow, deep breath.
“Hand me that towel, Julie, above your head.”

She looked up and reached for the corner of the towel that hung over the side of the shelf above her.

And pulled.

She must have felt the extra weight, I sensed a momentary hesitation, but she had already pulled it too far.
She saw the shape of the hairdryer as it teetered precariously on the edge for a second, unable to make up its mind, before tumbling over, like a graceful diver.

A memorable image from a Stanley Kubrick film struck me then, of a space station majestically floating and spinning in the void to the sound of Strauss’ Blue Danube.

It seemed like I had all the time in the world to watch the train of events as they unfolded.
My eyes followed Julie’s panicked glance at the wall socket where the cable was plugged in.
I watched her grip the sides of the bath in a vain attempt at lifting herself out of the water in time.
I heard the sizzle and crack as the dryer struck, then sank into the water between those lovely, smooth thighs of hers.

Immediately, there was a hissing and bubbling between her legs, as if the heat that her cunt had generated throughout the night, was somehow now releasing itself into the tub and making the bathwater boil and spit.

Julie’s legs gave way and she slipped back into the water, her body jerking and convulsing, back arching, hips thrusting upwards again and again. But they met no resistance this time.

Her hand gripped the side of the bath, fingers curling over the edge and trying to dig in, knuckles turning white with the pressure, just like they had on Dave’s shoulders.

Her head slipped lower, open mouth emitting wet, gurgling sounds until her face was submerged a couple of inches under the water.
My wife’s sweet, red lips gradually pulled back from her teeth in a cruel mockery of a smile of satisfaction as a pearly string of cum gently settled across her mouth.

I retreated from the bathroom step by step, gradually becoming aware of the smell of burnt hair.

In the bedroom, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian Escort Ankara shirt – the red one with the big hibiscus flowers, I always feel comfortable in that one, grabbed my keys and a bottle of bourbon and stepped out into the quiet, night air.

The lights were still on around the pool. It seemed like a lifetime ago that I was last there.

His back was towards me as I approached. He was sitting on the edge, dangling his feet in the water. I lowered myself next to him and handed him the bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Is it done?” Dave asked, in that strangely, matter-of-fact manner he has, as he took a gulp of the bourbon.

“It’s done. Where’s your sister?”

“Claudia?” he said, “Back at the cabin packing. We’re leaving tomorrow as planned, remember?”

“You’re sure she’s safe with this? I can’t say I’m one hundred percent about Claudia”

“As safe as me. Anyway, it’s a bit late to be worrying about her now isn’t it? Just remember, she’ll meet you at the bus station next Tuesday at 7pm. You can give her the money then.”

“You sure you trust her with all that cash, Dave?”

“Absolutomundo my friend. Anyway, you have no choice, you won’t be seeing me again.”

I hesitated before I spoke again, “Dave … “

“Yeah, what is it?”

“… I wanted to thank you for tonight. You know, for making her last night so … enjoyable.”

“My pleasure, mate.”

“Was it? A pleasure, I mean?”

“Sure,” he said with a grin, “I always enjoy a good fuck, no matter who it is. But all the time, I knew I was really sticking it to her, about to pay her back for wrecking my sister’s marriage. No offence but your wife is … was, a real bitch, a home wrecker, a selfish cow with no morals and I’m glad to be a part of her timely demise. Sorry to be so blunt but you did ask.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just that I thought I should make her last few hours happy ones at least.”

“You’re much too nice for your own good, buddy.” He playfully slapped my leg and stood up. “Well, gotta go, good luck.”

I watched Dave leave, then picked up the bottle he’d been drinking from by the neck and strolled back to my cabin.
I found it surprisingly difficult to look at Julie when I was back in the bathroom, so I just placed the bottle on the floor and went to make the call to reception.

It wasn’t foolproof, I knew that, but if worse came to worst, Dave’s fingerprints on the bottle left next to Julie’s bath and the remains of his DNA in her vagina would go a long way towards creating doubt in the mind of any curious police.

My smartest move though, had been to get Dave to check out the hairdryer a couple of days before, on the pretext of checking if it would be lethal if dropped in water.
Sounds stupid, I know, but it was enough to get him to hold it and get his prints on it.

So now, all that was necessary was for me to spend the time until the ambulance arrived in preparing myself. Tears, sobbing, red eyes, I could do all that, I was genuinely upset.
No, I was, truly.
And I would miss Julie, her unbridled sexuality, her joy in living life to the full, her uncanny ability to excite me like no other.

Still, some things can never go unpunished.

(Clayton Long is a pseudonym I use for obvious reasons. My wife’s death was the subject of a short inquest but the coroner returned a verdict of “death by misadventure” so there have been no legal repercussions. I have not seen Dave since that night but his sister Claudia and I now live together. We enjoy an original and stimulating sex life together. In fact, Claudia has recently taken to inventing and telling little stories during our lovemaking. Mostly fantasies about her meeting romantic strangers in bars or on a beach. Insignificant, harmless stuff really … but it does excite me …)

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