Covert Pervert

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Everyone who knew Lexi Hamilton thought of her as a quiet, sensible kind of girl. The sort who played it safe and rarely took risks. That was certainly true in the most part, however nobody was aware that she harboured a secret fetish. For as long as she could remember, Lexi liked watching men peeing. She couldn’t explain why, and she hoped she’d never have to. Yet Lexi knew she wasn’t alone in having this fetish. Thanks to the Internet, she’d come across websites devoted to watersports, to use the proper name. In particular, she enjoyed watching voyeuristic spycam videos filmed in men’s toilets and reading fics featuring men relieving themselves.

Lexi had just landed a part-time job at her local sixth-form college, working evenings in the library. It wasn’t a dead-end job exactly; it was far preferable to flipping burgers in a takeaway or being stuck on the Government’s shitty Work programme scheme, although not how she’d imagined her life would be at 20. Most of her former classmates would be graduating from university now, although saddled with crippling student debts. In her own words, Lexi had never been an academic person. Having left school at 16 and gone straight into the first job she could find, she’d ended up on the dole three years later after being made redundant. There was nothing more soul-destroying than the stigma of attending the jobcentre every week.

The college’s science department was opposite the library, and Lexi frequently crossed paths with Martin Hargrove, one of the members of staff. He taught chemistry, a bahçelievler escort subject which Lexi had loathed at school. Although perhaps with a teacher like Martin, she would’ve enjoyed it more. He was aged about forty, a cheerful soul, who adhered to the mad scientist trope somewhat – white lab coat, unruly hair streaked with grey and amusingly, awful novelty ties featuring different coloured molecules.

That evening, Lexi was busy stacking books as usual and checking that students had logged off the computer terminals properly. She was becoming accustomed to the Dewey Decimal system by now. The door opened and she noticed Martin Hargrove enter the library, carrying a pile of science textbooks.

“Hello there, Lexi. Could I be an absolute pain in the butt and leave these books with you? I meant to return them earlier but I forgot as usual.”

“Sure Martin, no problem!”

“Cheers, you’re a star!”

“Are you working late?”

“Oh yes. No change there. Got a lot of stuff to type up. But first I need another coffee!”

Lexi smiled as he left. She hadn’t realised at first, but he was rather attractive. She allowed herself a couple of sensual thoughts about him before resuming her library duties.

Twenty minutes later, Lexi was due for a break. She was also in need of a cigarette. Smoking was her other secret, besides watching men pee. She’d managed to cut it down to two a day and still hoped to kick the habit for good this time. The college had a strict no-smoking policy, and bakırköy escort the only designated area was the staff car park, a fair distance away from where the library was situated. Fortunately for Lexi, she’d discovered a convenient spot of her own.

At the end of the corridor dividing the library and science block was a door which led to the fire escape. Outside, if one turned right, the path led round the library block to the college’s main entrance. Lexi went outside, but instead of turning right, heading straight ahead about ten yards to where there was a line of bushes and some oak trees behind. It was pitch-black in the trees and the ideal spot for a crafty ciggie. The edge of the library block must’ve been one of few areas of the college lacking in CCTV as well.

The air was slightly chilly and windless. Lexi leaned against the oak as she glanced up at the night sky. She liked the dark evenings of winter. It would be harder to sneak out during summer when it was still light until late. The sound of the fire escape door opening made her spin round. Someone was heading outside.

“Shit,” Lexi muttered, quickly stubbing out the cigarette and darting behind the tree. Peering carefully, she noticed that the person approaching was none other than Martin Hargrove. He was walking rather briskly. Even in the gloom, his white labcoat stood out. Was he a secret smoker too? If so, Lexi would be more than happy to offer him a light.

Martin stopped in front of the bushes, only balgat escort a few feet away from her. She froze as he unzipped his trousers and fumbled for a bit, before freeing his cock…and a pleasantly large cock at that. He let out a moan of relief as a powerful golden stream of urine shot from the tip of his cock and into the bushes, accompanied by a loud hissing sound. Lexi’s eyes widened, unable to believe her luck at witnessing this wonderful sight. The attractive chemistry teacher she was starting to fancy was actually taking a piss! In an instant, her heart slammed in her chest and her pussy was alive with juices, throbbing like crazy. She wanted to cry out, but couldn’t make a sound or he’d spot her.

Martin’s stream intensified and seemed to go on forever. “Holy shit!” Lexi thought. “To say he was bursting was an understatement. When he spoke to me in the library before he must’ve been desperate to go! there must be a steaming lake of piss forming at his feet.” Lexi’s cunt was pulsing uncontrollably, begging for release. Carefully, she slipped her hand under her skirt and into her soaked white panties. She bit her lip as she brushed her clit. Trying to masturbate whilst remaining completely silent was torture.

“Oh God Martin, if you only knew…” came a faint whisper.

Lexi’s legs went numb as she orgasmed, clenching her teeth. Fuck, it was torture not being able to scream out in pleasure. She felt so naughty, so perverted for watching and getting so turned on seeing Martin doing something that probably no-one else would ever see.

Eventually, Martin’s stream trickled to halt. He took a deep breath and shook his member dry. A look of sheer relief on his face, he zipped up his trousers and walked back to the building. As he reached for the door handle, he glanced back at the trees and gave a wry smile before heading back to his lab…

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