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Anri Okita

Roxi stood in front of the mirror, checking herself out. She was wearing a strapless top, the kind with the slits cut out in the back. Thankfully, because the shirt was loose, she had found her strapless bra to go with it. Then she had on super short shorts and her reliable pink plaid sneakers. Her eyes were smudged a dark bronze with red and brown accents. It made her green eyes stand out, and complimented her dark red lips nicely. Her date was in the bedroom, getting changed. She was a cute girl, long brown beautiful hair, big brown eyes, full lips. Amazing to be around when the mood is positive, but a little too judgmental for Roxi’s liking. Whatever. She was here to have fun, and maybe have more fun later.

“You ready? She’s here,” She heard call from the other room. Roxi grabbed her purse, kissed her boyfriend and left.


Three Long Island Iced Teas in, she and Toni were on the dance floor, grinding. It was exactly how she hoped her night would go. Let loose, have fun, and enjoy herself for once. The girl in front of her was so soft and curvy. Her hips were perfect, just wide enough to hold onto, but not too big so she was knocking things over. She moved her hands north a little, holding onto the beginning of defined muscle underneath soft fabric. Toni noticed her intentions and turned, placing Roxi’s hands on her ass and giving her a small peck.

“Behave,” she said playfully. Roxi was so turned on. The last few hours dancing with Toni on her had been making her horny. The room was hot, barely bigger than a school classroom, with strobe lights and spots lights beating down on them. There were a couple hundred other people there, also, so she and Toni were forced to dance pretty close. It gave them easy access. During somewhat slow songs with a good beat, they would avcılar escort hold each other close and kiss each others necks. There were bites here and there, ass grabbing, pussy rubbing, and tit fondling as well. It was dark, there were a lot of people. Toni was wonderful and wore a super short skirt that was easy to finger her from the back. She just had to bend over a tiny bit and Roxi could stick her thumb in the girls ass while they gyrated against each other.

Toni was new to anal, but Roxy was hoping to give the crazy girl a good rim job before the night was over. That ass was just so perky and soft, the perfect ass to tongue and play with for hours. The image, along with the feeling of soft muscles contracting around her thumb, Roxi felt herself getting wet on the dance floor. She pulled her thumb out and wrapped her arms around Toni, holding her close so she could whisper.

“We should go home and drink more so we can play.”

Toni gasped and shivered. She gave Roxy a quick peck and smiled, nodding vigorously before running to her coat.


When they got back to Toni’s, both girls held onto each other up the stairs and fell through the front door, giggling. Roxi made her date sit on the bed next to their men so she could make them another drink. Not that they really needed it, but she wanted one anyway. She walked their drinks to the bed and sat next to the girl.

“You wanna smoke a bowl?” Toni asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Sure, I’ll help you get the stuff.” Roxi replied with a smile.


As soon as the door was shut, Roxi didn’t even turn the light on, she grabbed Toni and fused their mouths together. They stumbled to the mattress on the bedroom floor and sat on it together. Hands groped, unhooked avrupa yakası escort bras and buttons. Mouths tasted every inch of each other they could reach while they stripped each other feverishly. When they were both naked, they fell backwards together and embraced. Their mouths had become one, now, tongues caught in an endless battle.

Suddenly, Roxi sat up and pushed Toni onto her back. She needed pussy, now. She pushed Toni up the bed and settled between her legs. The beautiful moist pink center in front of her smelled sweet and musky. It was an interesting smell, but not all that unsatisfying. She started with just a flick of the tongue on the clit first. A small bit of pleasure to keep her begging for more. Toni sighed her name and ran fingers through her hair. In response, Roxi went for Toni’s clit and shoved two fingers inside of the girl, almost coming herself when she felt the spasm. She flicked her date’s engorged clit back and forth until she was about to come, then flipped her over.

“Can I taste you?” She asked quietly, a hidden plea in her voice, She felt Toni shudder beneath her when she grabbed a handful of ass.

“Yes, please,” Toni whimpered lifting her luscious ass in the air for Roxi to eat at her own insatiable pleasure. She loved to eat ass. It was her guilty pleasure, because it made her just as horny.

Roxi got comfortable and put most of her weight on her elbows. She brushed her hair out of her face and dove in. Without further ado, she stuck her tongue as far into Toni’s ass as she could. When she couldn’t push farther with her tongue, she pulled it out and tongue fucked her. The girl beneath her bucked and wiggled, moaning audibly for the boys in the other room to hear. Roxi was dripping wet, her mouth happily bahçelievler escort occupied with the tight dark hole in front of her. She used the same two fingers and stuck them back into Toni’s dripping wet pussy. Moans and screams of pleasure became more and more frequent the farther her tongue went into the girl’s ass. It started to excite her, so she used a finger from her other hand and sucked on it, inserting just the tip in Toni’s tight ass.

“Ooooooooh, baby, go slow.” Toni moaned to her, shuddering with pleasure.

Roxi complied, going slow at first, until her entire finger was in. She left it there for a minute, wiggled it around inside Toni while still finger fucking the girl’s dripping pussy. She was about to pull it out when Toni started rotating her hips on it. Roxy watched her friend fuck her finger with that gorgeous ass. Smiling wickedly, she leaned down to lick around her finger, making Toni fuck herself harder. When she noticed the girl was about to come, she pulled all her fingers out and stopped.

“My turn baby, then I’ll finish you,” Roxi said before she heard pouting, “I’m not done with that ass of yours. I intend to stick my tongue in it for quite a while longer.”

Toni smiled playfully over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at the girl. She turned around and propped herself up between Roxi’s creamy white legs. Her tongue was gentle, nervous, but enthusiastic. She slid one finger into the warm wet depths. Roxy’s moan seemed to give Toni confidence. She started finger fucking her hard, nibbling on the girl’s clit.

Roxi didn’t last long, soon she felt the wave of pleasure roll over her. It felt like electricity shooting through her body. With a surge of lust, she jumped Toni and pushed her onto her back. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it for a moment before sticking her finger into the girls ass. Her tongue dove back into wet pussy and she felt the violent jerk of her orgasm.


Back in the living room, Toni snuggled her boyfriend on one bed while he played video games. Roxi and Niko curled up on the other bed and fell asleep.

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