Daisy’s Dairy Farm Ch. 02

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When Jenny woke up, she found herself in a bed. A really comfortable bed. She almost didn’t want to open her eyes but she needed to talk to Dr. Tryst. She wanted to thank him for being so kind to her. The first thing she realized when she opened her eyes was that she wasn’t in the exam room anymore. Then she realized she was still naked. She scrambled to pull the blanket over her exposed breasts but found that they were much bigger than she expected. What used to be a D cup was now triple or quadruple in size. They were full too. She squeezed one of her nipples and her eyes widened as she watched a small stream of milk squirt out of them.

Jenny was shaken from her shocked state by a knock on the door. She scrambled to cover herself as the door opened.

“Miss Parsins, I’m James. I’m your farmhand for today.” A tall man with dark hair and kind eyes walked around the door. Jenny wanted to just roll over and die right there.

“Where is Dr. Tryst?” Jenny asked. Her voice wobbled a bit. She tried to keep the tears at bay but she was just so scared. She was also SO naked.

“Dr. Tryst is tending to a bull. You probably won’t see him again until your next checkup in a few days. I’ll be taking care of you for at least today if not the week.” James smiled a little. “I know you’re new but you’ll get used to it.”

“Where are my clothes?” Jenny asked cautiously.

“You don’t have any. And you really won’t have more than a robe or dress should you choose to wear one. You are a cow now. You don’t wear clothes.” He paused realizing why she asked. “And I’ve seen it all before, hun. You don’t need to hide anything from me.” He winked and held out his hand. Jenny stood and dropped her sheet, watching James carefully.

“What’s going to happen?” Jenny asked. She was still trying to cover herself a bit with her hands. She had given up on covering her leaky tits and focused on covering her bare pussy. She had just shaved before coming to the interview.

“Well, I’m sure you can tell you’re producing.” James gestured to her engorged breasts. “It’s time for me to milk you.” Jenny’s pussy clenched when he said that. She really liked the sound of that. “Come this way, we’re gathering cows in the dining area.” James motioned for her to follow him. Jenny followed him into a hallway filled with doors just like hers. All of them had names and numbers. Her’s was Jenny: 312. She decided that would be a good thing to remember. They walked past quite a few doors before Jenny started to hear hushed whispering. They came through a double door at the end of the hallway and Jenny saw at least 20 other girls there. All of them had enormous breasts and wide hips just like her. There were farmhands scattered about as well, keeping to the edges of the group. James told her to go stand with the others and then went off somewhere.

Jenny shuffled around, trying to conserve as much modesty as she could. She noticed that a few of the girls were doing the same, covering either their large breasts or their vaginas which were in various states of hair growth. Most of the girls stayed uncovered and even pushed their breasts out and presented themselves. Jenny assumed these women had been here longer. A few more minutes passed, a couple of girls joining the herd of women in the dining area, before one of the farmhands stepped up on a table to address everyone..

“Alright ladies, we’ll be heading to the barn now. For those of you who are new, I’m Kyle. The barn is downstairs and out the back. Once we get there we will help you to your individual milking stations. On a normal day you will head there on your own. If you miss a milking session you will be punished. We milk at 7AM, 11AM, 3PM and 7PM. If you need to be milked between those times find a farmhand and we will assist you. We are currently on floor 3 for those of you who do not know. It is currently 6:45AM. I know that this process is really disorienting for the new cows, I’d like to ask that our older cows help our newbies through the week.” Kyle blew out a long breath and looked around, counting. “Okay well everyone is accounted for. Everyone follow me.” Kyle hopped off the table and began walking away. Jenny looked through the rows of women anxiously, unsure how the cows who had been here longer felt about having new cows around. She noticed that several of the more experienced cows had cowbells around their necks and tags in their earlobes. Jenny wondered if görükle escort that was something they chose.

As they walked Jenny tried to keep her head down, some of the other new girls tried to start conversations with her but she was just too overwhelmed to talk to them. They took the stairs down to the first floor and walked through another hallway to a set of double glass doors that led out into the fields. She recognized the stone walls that she had marveled at coming in. The barn sat across the field and Jenny felt even more naked on the trek to the barn than she had the whole rest of the way. They got there and the farmhands threw open the large barn doors. Kyle stopped everyone and addressed the group again.

“Okay, newbies in the back, vets in the front. Ladies who have been here for more than a week, you may go ahead and find your milking stations.” The majority of the women surged forward, eager to start milking. There were about 5 women left after everyone had settled. “Alright then, for our new cows. You have already met your assigned farmhands, they will be assisting you with milking for this week. After that you will be randomly assigned a farmhand and may even have multiple farmhands at any point in time. Each of you has a stall marked with your name. Please go in and find your stall. Farmhands, help them get hooked up and ready to go.” Kyle marched his way into the barn which was full of mechanical pumping sounds and various moos and moans. Jenny could feel herself growing wetter and wetter as she stepped into the barn. There were wooden animal stalls lined up in rows and there had to be at least 100 of them. Many were unoccupied. She could see women being roughly fucked by farmhands as a strange machine milked their breasts. Each woman was held in a doggy style position, bent over a metal bar with leather straps around their waists, necks, arms and legs. The neck and arm straps were attached to another metal bar that was held onto their waist bar by a chain. Jenny felt a hand on her shoulder and spun around to see James. He wordlessly led her to a stall with a white erase board that had her name on it.

“Here we are sweetheart. Your milking station for today.” Jenny noticed that she was at least 2 stalls away from any of the other girls. “We assign stalls for your first week so you can have a little bit of privacy. It isn’t much but it’s supposed to make you feel better about your transition from person to cow.” Jenny nodded. “Okay so if you’ll step up here then I’ll adjust your waist bar and we can get you hooked up.” Jenny stepped up to a bar that was exactly like every other one she had passed by. James lowered it a bit so that it was in line with her hips and strapped her legs to the legs of the bar. The bar seemed to be built into the concrete floor. She noted that there was hay scattered on the ground as well. It was poking into her bare feet as she squirmed around trying to get comfortable. Then he brought over a straight metal pole with leather cuffs attached to either end and a larger cuff in the middle. She remembered seeing some of these in pornos. Spreader bars. She thought. They’re called spreader bars. But that didn’t really matter at the moment. James strapped each of her wrists in before attaching it to her neck. Then he took a length of chain and clipped one end to her collar and looped the other end around the bar at her hips, clipping it off when she was fully suspended. She couldn’t really move and while she could still breathe a little, she found that she could only really breathe if she held her head up a bit. Her tits sagged below her and she could feel the milk dripping out of them.

“Alrighty then.” James sighed, rubbing his hands together before giving her ass a quick smack. Jenny yelped in surprise. “This is a milking machine.” James held up two suction cups for her to see. “These…” He wiggled the cups. “Go on your nipples and suck the milk from them. It gets collected in this bucket.” He tapped his foot against a metal bucket that connected to the cups with long thin tubes. James grabbed a nearby pail of water and dipped each of her breasts in it. “This will lubricate your nipples so the machine can better grip onto them.” Jenny was getting more and more excited. “Now we really aren’t supposed to call them tits or breasts or anything. These are udders.” He wiggled her left boob before attaching a suction cup. It felt a little strange, just enough suction bursa merkez escort to keep the cup on but not any kind of pulsing like the other cows had. “And these,” James flicked her right nipple “are teats.” He attached the other cup. Jenny wiggled as her pussy started dripping. She needed something inside of her but she didn’t want to seem like a whore for asking for it. “Do you understand?” James asked, smirking.

“Yes.” Jenny replied. James walked over to the metal bucket and flipped a switch, the cups came to life sucking at her nipples… no, teats… and drawing the milk from out of them. Jenny let out a low moan as the pressure was relieved from her sagging udders. James huffed out a low laugh and went to stand behind her. She could hear his belt clicking and clacking as he removed it.

“I’m allowed to fuck you if you want. I know I wouldn’t mind that dripping cunt wrapped around my cock but I need a yes first Miss Jenny.” James sounded different. More animalistic than he had before. Jenny almost couldn’t speak because her body felt so good but she managed to yelp out a quick “Yes, please” before James plowed his cock into her. It felt good but it also felt a LOT smaller than what she wanted. Jenny didn’t know how that was possible but chose not to think about it. She was just enjoying the pounding thrusts that were perfectly timed to the sucking of the suction cups. She was a moaning, screaming mess as she orgasmed around James’s cock. She just kept cumming and cumming over and over again until James thrusted his cock further inside her and covered her slick walls with his semen. She groaned and came again as he pulled out of her.

James slapped her ass again. “I love watching the new girls become fucking whores.” he whispered in her ear. “You probably love the fact that my cum is dripping out of your fucking cow cunt right now don’t you?” Jenny moaned. “Moo for me, cow.”

Jenny let out a weak “moo” as her pussy spasmed again. She could feel his cum flowing down her legs and she loved it. She wanted more. She wanted a big thick cock to fuck her rough and deep. “Mooooo” She moaned louder. The suction cups were starting to hurt but she loved it. “MOOO” Jenny screamed, squirting all over the floor as James laughed.

“Good cow.” He ruffled her hair as she panted and squirmed. “Looks like you’re about done with your milking.” He went to the milking machine and turned it off. The cups stopped their wonderful pumping, still sucking just enough to cling to her swollen teats. James pulled them off and wiped her off with a wet cloth. He stroked her hair and told her what a good little dairy cow she’d been as he unclipped her restraints. Once the last one was unclipped James helped Jenny stand and stretch out her limbs. She could barely stand she was so worn out from her several orgasms. James checked his watch and told her that it was 7:30 and she should go eat something. Jenny shivered as he led her back to the building where her room was and forced her up the 2 flights to her floor. Some of the other cows were there, a few just as shaky as she was. Some cradled plates or bowls as they sat at the various couches and tables, others simply laid next to each other. There was one cow with particularly large breasts who was nursing a smaller cow, the two of them napping sweetly on a couch. “Go join your sisters. And eat something.” The others looked up at James’s voice, smiling or waving at her. One cow with long straight blonde hair stood from her spot on a couch and ambled her way over.

“I got you sweetheart.” The cow said. She held her hand out and nodded to James. “I’ll take care of her. You just run along.” The cow had a beautiful southern accent. She was beautiful. Jenny sheepishly smiled at her. “What’s your name, sugar?” The cow asked her.

“Jenny” She replied. She was entranced by the cow’s plump lips and kind blue eyes.

“I’m Rose but everyone here just calls me Momma.” She winked. “You can call me whatever you like, Jenny.” Momma looked her up and down. “Would you like some breakfast, darlin'” Momma asked.

“Yes, Momma.” Jenny said. She was tired and letting this motherly cow help her didn’t seem so bad.”

“Do you want food or milkies or both?” Momma asked. Jenny was puzzled. Milkies?

“What are milkies?” Jenny asked.

“What they’re doing over there.” Momma gestured at the napping cows. “I’ve got a little extra milk just bursa sınırsız escort about all the time. I’m one of the top producers.”

“Oh… can I have both? Food first and then milkies?” Jenny asked.

“Of course, sugar.” Momma smiled warmly and led her to the kitchen. “Oatmeal? With some honey and strawberries?” The older cow asked. Jenny’s stomach growled and she eagerly accepted. Momma began ladling out her breakfast, I guess that was something a lot of cows were having. “We tend to make a big batch of somethin’ out here so everyone can eat together. You can have whatever you want in your room though.” Momma said, handing Jenny a slightly steaming bowl of oatmeal. “Let’s go sit.” Momma led her to a couch and Jenny snuggled up close to her. This whole cow thing didn’t seem so bad. Jenny ate her oatmeal quickly. She was so hungry but she also really wanted to try ‘milkies’.

“Slow down, sugar. You’ll get a tummy ache.”

“Yes momma.” Jenny slowed down.

“How long have you been here?” Jenny asked.

“Almost 6 months. I’m definitely going to be a permanent resident.” Momma sighed and rubbed at her udders. “They say that you get to choose whether or not to keep your brain functions. They can actually make you into a mindless cow. It’s intriguing but I think I’d like to stay me.” Jenny nodded. Somehow she wasn’t surprised that the permanent option was like that. “You’re obviously new. How many days?”

“This is my first day.” Jenny said.

“That makes sense. I can take that dish for you.” Jenny looked down and realized she had emptied her bowl. She let Momma take her bowl and watched her ass jiggle as she walked away. Jenny knew she was straight but Momma was super attractive to her. Momma rinsed her bowl and came back to sit next to Jenny. Jenny scooted in close to Momma feeling her naked body squish against hers.

“Settle on in, lay your head in my lap and get your milkies, sugar.” Momma patted her lap and moved her udders. Jenny situated herself and looked up to Momma. She felt so comfortable, momma’s thick thighs were so heavenly. Momma smiled and Jenny tentatively licked her teat. She thought it tasted really sweet and immediately latched on. Momma sighed and smiled, stroking Jenny’s hair. Jenny gently drifted off to sleep, suckling on momma.

Jenny was gently woken up a couple hours later by Momma. It was milking time. Jenny followed Momma as she made her way down to the barn. She wanted to stay with mama. When they got to the barn, Jenny asked farmhand kyle if she could be milked next to momma. Kyls said she could and wrote something down. James came and found her in the stall next to Momma’s.

“Well I see someone’s adjusting well to farm life.” James said. Jenny heard Momma start to moo and moan in the stall next to her and she heard the wet slapping as a farmhand started fucking her. Jenny got even wetter hearing Momma moo.

James started strapping her into her milking position and he attached the suction cups to Jenny’s teats. Once he turned them on Jenny heard her stall door open and someone else walked in. She heard the door shut and James said “Well cow, would you like to have 2 cocks today?” Jenny couldn’t say yes faster. She didn’t even know this man’s name and she already wanted his cock. James laughed and the other farmhand laughed with him. “Come on, cow, open your mouth.” James came around to the front of her and shoved his pants down. Jenny’s eyes widened. He had a huge cock! It had to be at least 9 inches! That was the biggest one she’d ever seen. But it felt so small in her pussy… James forced her mouth open, facefucking her hard. Jenny could hardly breathe between strokes. Then she felt another cock enter her pussy. Jenny started to feel her stomach tighten with every stroke. “Moo with my cock in your mouth like the whore cow you are.” James commanded. Jenny came hard as she mooed and mooed around James’s cock, getting her pussy pounded. James pulled his cock out of her mouth and went around to the back of her. Then he and the other farmhand finished in her one right after the other and left Jenny attached to the milk machine. She whined as she felt their cum dripping down her thighs and the pull of the machine on her teats began to hurt as her milk came slower and slower. Eventually someone came to unhook her and she ambled off with the rest of the herd.

They spent some time outside before coming in to eat. Another trip to the milk machine. More food. Then Jenny fell blissfully asleep.

Every day was exactly like the last and Jenny began to love her place as a cow more and more. She spent her first 2 months that way. Mindlessly being milked and fucked to her heart’s content.

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