Dean returns home

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I went home to make sure my mum’s old house was all tidy, as it was due to be sold, and I wanted it to be clean, so this could be done quickly. I had grown up at this house with my parents. It was a quiet cul-de-sac where everybody knew everybody and everything, it seems. (I had a good childhood, and, like many who grew up in the seventies, I was spanked at home, mainly by my Mum, or my Auntie when I stayed at hers, or my Dad or Uncle if I was very naughty.)

My parents had both passed away now. I was just thirty, single and just enjoying life really. I hadn’t thought much about spanking or things like that until I came home and found a few items that brought back memories, including an old size twelve slipper that I was thoughtfully turning in my hand.

“Hello, anybody in there?” a voice called out.

“In here,” I replied, shaking myself out of memory lane.

“Hello, Dean.” It was my mum’s neighbour, Mary. She had lived next door to us since I was very very small. She was in her late fifties I guess, maybe even sixty, but she always looked proper, in a summer dress, with her hair tied up neatly in a bun.

“Hello, Mary.” I smiled wide and gave her a hug. I’d always liked her.

“Clearing the last bits I see,” she said as she glanced at a few things on the table, and the slipper in my hand.

I almost blushed and placed it on the table with the other bits and bobs.

“Yes, all cleared now, just taking these away,” I replied.

Mary walked to the table and glanced at the few items left there, she looked a little sad, but life is life and we all have to move forward.

“Would you like a cool drink?” she asked. “I made some fresh lemonade if you wish for some?”

“That would be great.” I said, gathering up the last bits in a box and following Mary out of the door.

The lemonade Mary made was amazing, and I recalled having drunk loads of it as a kid. She offered me a glass, which I took and almost downed in one gulp.

“Where are your manners Dean!” she chided, knowing that growing up I’d been taught to be polite and courteous to Mary and John, who were like second parents to me.

“Sorry Mary” I said, looking down, like I did when I was scolded as a child.

“Well I guess you were thirsty, and it’s a hot day, but always remember manners Dean. Your mum would not have been impressed. She may have even used that slipper you have.”

Now I bahis siteleri did blush, and deeply too.

“Oh it’s ok Dean, we know your mum used to spank you. The walls are not so thick. Besides, she often told us, and we were fully in agreement that naughty boys should be spanked.”

Now, this was the first time as an adult I had really thought about spanking, and I was in turmoil, my stomach was flipping, and I was lost for anything to say, and strangely my cock was waking up.

“Hi there young Dean” it was Uncle John, and I quickly focused again, hoping my discomfort wasn’t too obvious.

“Hello Uncle John.” I had always called them Auntie and Uncle, but felt a little strange now.

“Ahh lemonade, perfect, I was trimming the old tree out back, thirsty work”

Mary handed uncle a glass “Thank you dear.”

“See Dean, even Uncle John thanks me properly.” she smiled.

“Yes Auntie, sorry.” I muttered.

“Did you forget your manners Dean?” He asked, with a smile, and not too seriously it seemed.

“Yes Uncle, I was so thirsty I just drank, before thanking Auntie.” I explained.

He nodded and added “Well, I need to get back to it, so excuse me, and Mary dear, perhaps you should remind Dean of his duty to be polite.” Then he kissed her and off he went.

There was a moment of silence after he left.

“When were you last spanked Dean?” Auntie enquired. The question threw me a little, it was out of nowhere it seemed.

“Well, I have a few, but not proper, really not since Mum.” I managed to mutter.

“Wow!, that’s a long, I am surprised, you were once a week minimum as far as we could make out when you were growing up.”

Again it was time to blush. I had no idea what was going on and my mind was spinning.

Mary, meantime took the old slipper out the box and turned it over. “Is this your Dads old slipper?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Is this what your mum used when she spanked you?”

“Yes Auntie, but usually her hand, and sometimes a strap, tawse type thing.” I nodded towards the box.

She pulled out the thick tawse and inspected it. “No wonder we could hear so much.”

She paused and straightened her dress, then looked straight at me, making me feel like a child.

“Dean, I think you are long overdue a sore bottom, and by your manners I think it’s about time someone taught you a lesson, if you have no objections canlı bahis siteleri then perhaps Uncle and I can help to get you back on track?”

I was now stunned, I felt the stomach flip again, and even more blood moving to my cock. I just made a strange noise of agreement and nodded slowly.

“Good boy.” she said.

She then took the slipper and the tawse and left the kitchen, telling me to wait behind. I stood there and adjusted myself, as I didn’t want my old neighbour to see my now swelling erection.

“Dean, here please.” Auntie called from the lounge.

I slowly walked in and stood before Mary. I was a little embarrassed and very excited.

“Dean, we do not tolerate bad manners here, and always expect our guests to be the same.” She explained.

I nodded silently.

“You showed poor manners by taking a drink, and rudely gulping it down with not so much as a thanks.” She added.

I nodded again.

“So young man, I am going to spank you and make you aware of your wrong doings, am I making myself clear?” She looked directly at me awaiting a reply.

I nodded.

Auntie then grabbed my arm, turned me around and swatted my bottom several times, quite hard on my soft sports bottoms. I jumped forward at each smack and realised that Auntie was serious.

“Am I making myself clear?” she repeated.

“Yes Auntie” I replied quietly.

“That’s better.” Auntie then pulled a chair out and sat down, beckoning me to stand to her right. I did so, very aware of my now full erection. At this point I remembered I had put on my ‘tiny’ underwear that morning. I like to wear small, restricted pants, or even panties sometimes they make me feel amazing, and today I was wearing very small electric blue pants, with a bulge front, and a back that rides up between my cheeks. I really hoped they held me in securely, otherwise my erection would tent my soft trousers.

Auntie took me over her lap, and positioned me carefully, my bulge between her knees, and my bottom raised, my heartbeat was racing, I looked down at the floor and glance at her stockinged legs momentarily.

Then she started to spank me. I was very aware that she knew how to spank a bottom. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK her hand came down on my trousers harder and harder, making me wriggle and protest.

She spanked over and over, moving from side to side and from the tops of my thighs upwards, canlı bahis making my bottom ache, and then finally she stopped.

I let out a huge breath and lay there, sore and aching.

“Stand up.” she ordered. This was in a much more harsh tone, less neighbourly more controlling.

I stood and she took my arm and turned me to face her.

“You are a very naughty boy, and you need a damn good thrashing young man. Your manners are very bad, and by the time you go home you will be very sorry.”

“Yes Auntie.” I managed to say, knowing that I had now committed myself to this.

She then took hold of the waistband of my soft trousers and yanked them down to my ankles in one swift move. Leaving me stood in just my tiny electric blue pants, with a large bulge sticking forward towards her.

She looked at my pants and turned me to see the back. “tutt tutt Dean, you are a naughty boy aren’t you?”

“Yes Auntie.” I replied, now in a sort of daze, the most excited and horny and lost I had ever been.

She took me back over her knee, again raising my bottom, the thin cover offering no protection. She then spanked my exposed bottom again, harder and faster than before, really reddening up my soft bottom cheeks. She smacked my sit spot, and smacked upwards lifting my cheeks with each hard smack. She continued smacking me for maybe 10 minutes, until I was feeling very sore, but still strangely aroused. Finally she stopped and after a moment told me to stand and face her again.

I did as told, and really wanted to rub my soreness away. She looked straight at me, shook her head and yanked down my underwear. This was all so exciting and unexpected, the whole scene was sending my head spinning. My tiny underwear now at my ankles, my cock released, springing up to its full erection, which is about 8 inches, my balls dropping and the cool air hot me. I was overcome with excitement, and before I could stop myself, I was pumping semen into the air, the carpet and Aunties knees. My cock twitching and pulsing, I wanted the ground to swallow me up, but it as in these cases, it didn’t.

“You are a VERY naughty boy.” she shouted at me. “Very very naughty…JOHN JOHN.” she yelled.

Uncle John came in hurriedly and then stopped by the door. He saw the situation, my cock hanging semi erect, cum dripping from it, and the floor damp, and my bottom red from the spanking.

“Oh my oh my.” he said, we have a very naughty young man don’t we Auntie?” She nodded.

The next few days would prove to be a full on experience for Dean, and he would discover how his Auntie and Uncle ran a very discipline based home.

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