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Eva had just turned eighteen. She was a smart, beautiful girl with a curvy, sexy body. She had experimented with sex both by herself and by kissing and fondling boys from school. However, she was still a virgin. It was clear to her that the schoolboys had no idea what they were doing and their main aim was to please themselves with their clumsy groping with little thought for her pleasure.

She had come to the conclusion that her first time must be with a real man who knew how to please a woman. Fortunately, she knew such a man. Paul was a friend of her father’s and she had heard her mother and other woman talking about his sexual prowess and his skill in pleasing women. Paul was definitely a ladies man but the older women praised him highly when they were gossiping amongst themselves. It was clear that many of them had had sex with him. But he was known to be a very discreet lover who would never kiss and tell.

Eva made her mind up to take him into her confidence and persuade him to take her virginity and introduce her to the pleasures of sex. An opportunity soon arose when she met him by chance on the street and he offered her a lift home as it was raining. As soon as they were in his car, Eva asked him for his advice as an experienced man and broached the subject of losing her virginity to someone who had real sexual skills and could make it pleasurable for her. Paul was astonished by her frankness but he knew that he needed to be careful. He answered that he admired her maturity and advised her to find someone who would be discreet and not take advantage of her youth. He agreed that a virgin’s first time should be with someone more experienced who could make it pleasurable for her. Encouraged by his reply, Eva decided to take the bull by the horns and asked him if he would do it. Paul was taken aback by this request but very tempted by the opportunity to have sex with this beautiful, sexy and apparently very willing, young girl. He told her to think very carefully about her decision and not rush into anything she might regret later. They discussed the possibility that she might get pregnant if she wasn’t careful. Eva assured him that she had seen her doctor and had a contraceptive implant in place in her arm. He asked her to ring him if she wanted to discuss it or if she needed further advice.

The very next evening Eva rang Paul and asked if she could go to his apartment as her parents were away for the weekend. Paul readily agreed although he was not sure how far this would go. Half an hour later his doorbell rang and he invited Eva in. She was wearing a raincoat and he offered to take her coat and hang it up on the hall stand. He was stunned when Eva stripped off the coat to reveal her curvaceous body clad only in revealing black lacy lingerie. He stared in amazement as she sat down on his sofa with her black nylon covered legs demurely pressed together and her full rounded breasts barely concealed by her black lace see-through pushup bra. When he sat down next to her she casually laid her hand on his knee and lightly trailed her fingertips along the length of his thigh. She looked straight into his eyes and her lips parted in a clear invitation to kiss. It was clear that a decision had been made and there was to be no further discussion.

Paul’s indecision evaporated as his male libido kicked into gear. He moved in closer and their lips met, tentatively at first but with increasing intensity. He was surprised by her confidence and the skill with which her lips and tongue explored his. It was clear that this girl, virgin though she may be, was no stranger to the art of kissing. He wondered briefly what these teenage girls got up to these days. As they kissed, her hand moved further up his thigh and began to lightly move across the growing bulge in the front of his trousers.

Having made her move, Eva was quite content to be submissive to Paul’s superior knowledge and experience. After all, that was what she was here for. Paul’s hands began to explore the curves of her breasts through the thin fabric of the black lace. They both felt her nipples stiffen. She felt a thrill of excitement go through her body as he reached behind her back and expertly unclipped the bra with one hand. Instinctively, her hands cupped her breasts to hold the bra in place to preserve her modesty. Paul leaned over and kissed the upper halves of her breasts and, as she relaxed, he gently pulled the garment away to reveal the beautiful soft round teenage globes tipped with her pointed puffy nipples. She gasped in delight as he caressed her breasts lightly with his fingertips. Then, as the pleasure increased, he used the palm of his hand to massage them more firmly. In a circular motion his fingers continued by moving slowly from the outside toward the areolae. By the time he reached the nipples she was quietly moaning with pleasure and anticipation but he continued bayan pendik escort maddeningly slowly until she was inwardly begging for more of this delicious stimulation. Suddenly, he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Her body convulsed with pleasure and she felt a sudden tingling sensation between her thighs. His leisurely exploration and stimulation of her breasts continued and her hand crept slowly down her abdomen toward her vulva.

Seeing this, Paul realised that this girl had already pleasured herself down there and possibly brought herself to orgasm. His hand moved down between her legs and he began to slowly and gently press down on her pubic mound and stroke her sex through the thin lace of her panties. Her body stiffened as he touched the sensitive spot, but he did not linger and she gradually relaxed as he continued to stroke her slit through the flimsy material. She was so absorbed by the sensations he was producing that she totally forgot about his own arousal.

He asked her: “Have you ever played with a boy’s penis?”

Her eyes widened in surprise and she blushed with embarrassment as she considered the question. Finally, she decided to be completely honest with him and shook her head.

“Can you show me how?”

“Of course” he said and proceeded to undo his belt and slip off his trousers and underpants. His erect penis sprang out and she gasped when she took in the size of it. She took hold of it gingerly and examined the hard shaft, his testicles hanging in the skin bag below and the bulge at the tip of his shaft covered by his foreskin. Paul guided her hand and she watched fascinated as the skin rolled back smoothly to reveal the large purple plum head beneath. He moved her hand back up the shaft and the foreskin rolled forward to its former position covering the end. Together they slowly repeated this motion several times and Eva realised from his sighs and low moans that it was very pleasurable for him. His hand fell away and she repeated the slow up and down motion on her own watching his face for signs of the obvious pleasure she was creating. He stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes so he stood there completely naked.

“Would you like to kiss the end?” he asked “it feels amazing!”

Without a word she knelt in front him and placed her lips on the end of his penis and began to caress it with her tongue. He encouraged her with moans and grunts of pleasure as she continued to peel back the foreskin to lick and suck the engorged purple plum with increasing enthusiasm.

While she was engaged with this, Paul continued to massage her through the front of her panties until she felt her pussy was on fire. Suddenly, she stopped and stood up to remove the panties revealing a charming clean-shaved mound with a plump little slit beneath. Paul immediately picked her up and placed her on her back on the couch with her legs spread apart. She blushed with embarrassment as he knelt between her legs and blew gently onto her sex. He inhaled her scent enthusiastically and told her it was the sexiest smell in the world. He gently parted the outer lips to reveal the delicate chocolate-tipped inner lips which he touched very lightly with the tip of his tongue. A thrill coursed through her body and she thrust her pussy towards his face demanding more.

He responded by drawing his tongue slowly and lightly up from the bottom of her sex toward the top. As his tongue reached her clitoris she gasped and pushed his head towards it to increase the contact. As she released the pressure he looked deep into her eyes and said:

“Not yet! The more I tease you, the greater the pleasure when I finally let you cum. Just remember I’m in charge here and you need to do as you’re told. I’m going to dominate your body and your mind and you’re going to completely submit to me. Tonight you’re my sex slave. I’ll talk dirty to you and call you all sorts of names. Don’t be offended, it’s all part of the game to increase your pleasure.”

She accepted this without argument and he resumed the maddeningly slow licking of her pussy. When he stopped, he parted the outer lips and spread her legs further apart to examine her sex in detail. Her opening was blocked by a membrane of white skin perforated by three tiny holes.

“I see you really are a virgin.” he remarked. “Your hymen is still intact.”

“Not for much longer.” she replied. “Does it hurt when it is broken?”

“I won’t lie to you.” he said. “It does hurt a bit, but you’ll soon forget that when I start to fuck you. You’ll love it!”

Without further words, he swept her up and carried her through to his bedroom setting her down gently on a towel that was spread out on the bed.

“Oh, I see you’re well prepared.” she laughed.

He stood at the foot of the bed taking beykoz escort in the highly arousing sight of a naked, well-endowed teenager draped across his bed. Her firm creamy flesh glowed in the subdued lighting of the room and he took in the superb curves of her big breasts topped by the pointed puffy nipples which promised further growth and development. Her stomach was flat and he admired the swelling curves from her slim waist down to the wider hips. Her legs were long and shapely encased in the sexy black nylons , leading up to the completely naked, shaved pussy, now unashamedly open and displayed. He knelt between her legs and slowly worked his way up her inner thighs, kissing and nibbling the smooth soft creamy flesh. She purred in anticipation thinking and hoping that he would continue by pleasuring her now dripping wet, little cunt.

Not yet! He moved forward toward her till he was sitting lightly on her abdomen, his weight supported on his knees on either side of her chest. She looked at him in surprise wondering what he was going to do next. Knowing the power of dirty talk to arouse, he began to tell her what he was going to do.

“You see this big, hard cock? Take a good look at it! Push your gorgeous big tits together to make a valley. “

She silently complied. He reached for a small jar of coconut oil which he used to slowly lubricate the length of his shaft paying special attention to the head. He then applied a liberal amount to her breasts till they were slick and gleaming. As he was doing this, in the crudest language he described his member and her breasts and told her what he was going to do to her. Seeing that she was highly aroused, he placed his cock deep valley of the cleavage between her ample breasts. He moved his hips forward and backward to rub his cock between them. She watched as it swelled and became harder and bigger as he fucked her voluptuous tits. Her eyes opened wide in surprise when he grasped the twin peaks in his big hands and roughly pinched and pulled the nipples.

“Open your mouth wide!” he ordered.

He immediately thrust his hard cock between her lips.

“Suck it and swirl your tongue around the end!” He demanded.

She slurped and sucked enthusiastically and he groaned with pleasure.

“Good girl! You’re a natural cocksucker. That’s so fucking good! Let’s see if you can take it all?”

He thrust his rock hard rod right into her mouth until she gagged. He withdrew it immediately and praised her efforts before pushing it back in more slowly to get her used to the feeling. After a few more thrusts she overcame her gag reflex and enthusiastically moved her head back and forward to take his member right into the back of her throat.

“Oh, you little slut! You love taking a big cock don’t you? Let’s see how good it feels in your tight little cunt?”

“Are you sure that will fit inside me? she asked. “It’s huge!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll love it. You’ll see!”

To her surprise he rolled away from her, picked her up and flipped her over onto her front. He lifted her hips so her head was face down on the bed and lifted her hips so she was kneeling with her bottom was up in the air. He opened her legs so he had a good view of her teenage pussy and the little rosebud of her anus. She squirmed in embarrassment at having her sex so brazenly displayed and he swiftly delivered two stinging smacks with the palm of his hands onto her naked buttocks.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

For a few moments he silently stood back to admire the beautiful curves of her hips, the superb bubble butt and the plump, peachy little pussy. The red imprints of his big hands started to appear across the creamy white skin of her bottom. He could see her firm big breasts below her chest. All in all it was an enchanting sight and he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Remember you’re my slave tonight and sometimes slaves need to be punished. I don’t need to tell you why. Just enjoy!”

He moved forward and dropped a blob of coconut oil into her crack just above the anus. He massaged the oil into the area around the little rosebud and she moaned her appreciation of the new sensations. Seeing that she was relaxing and opening to him, he inserted the first part of his thumb into her anus and continued the massage. She squealed in surprise, but she quietened when he delivered another two stinging slaps with his other hand. He knelt between her legs and resumed the licking of her pussy. His lips and tongue explored every nook and cranny, carefully licking and sucking the delicate inner lips. He watched as her vulva became fully engorged and puffy. The inner lips swelled and their colour deepened. He knew she was ready.

Occasionally, he pushed into her opening and fucked it with the tip of his rigid tongue. So far, he had carefully avoided stimulating bostancı escort the clitoris, apart from the occasional brush against the hood. She began to moan as the sensations increased almost to climax until he gently spread her outer lips with one hand and pulled back the hood of her clitoris to apply his tongue directly to her little bud. She screamed in pleasure as he pushed her to the edge of the precipice of a climax. As he continued to suck and nip the delicate organ, waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She rose to new heights as he reached forward to stroke, nip and pull on her now fully engorged nipples. She tipped over the edge into a full body screaming orgasm. She arched her back and began to shake. He reached forward to stroke and pinch her nipples and this served to prolong the orgasm. As she came down he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight to calm her as the climax subsided and she began to cry.

“Oh that was so wonderful!” she said, “I never imagined my body could experience such pleasure.”

“Let’s move on to the main event.” he smiled.

Kneeling behind her between her legs, he liberally applied coconut oil to his cock and to her pussy. Then he took hold of his member and rubbed it slowly up and down across her pussy lips. When he inserted the tip into her opening, she winced in pain. He immediately withdrew and moved the head up and down again between the outer lips then in and out, making tiny, gentle thrusting movements at the entrance. She calmed down as she began to enjoy the new sensations as her pussy lips sucked and caressed the end of his glans.

Suddenly, he thrust forward and she screamed as her hymen gave way and his cock plunged into the depths of her vagina. Having entered, he moved his hips slowly to thrust his member gently back and forth and she began to moan with pleasure. He could see a smear of blood on his shaft as it moved in and out of her newly-deflowered pussy. He varied the depth of the thrusts, sometimes going in deep, sometimes barely entering her. As they both abandoned themselves completely to the delicious feelings of a big, thick penis in a tight, teenage cunt, they moaned, grunted and gasped as they fucked.

He felt an imminent climax was approaching for both of them and realised they needed to take a break. He withdrew his cock with a plop and flipped her over onto her back on the bed. He leaned forward and kissed her lasciviously then moved his insistent lips to her erect nipples; grasping each breast in both hands as he licked, sucked and flicked the nipples with his tongue. She moaned and begged him to fuck her again. He knelt between her legs and rammed his cock straight into the wide open, welcoming cunt and plunged it in several times balls-deep. He then displayed his advanced skills by varying his thrusting technique. Sometimes he dropped his hips so that his pubic bone ground against her clitoris. Sometimes he pushed up with his arms and raised his hips as fucked her with long thrusts while he looked down between his legs to see his huge, rock-hard cock pistoning its whole length into her tiny, tight cunt. Sometimes he rotated his hips in a corkscrew motion so his cock stimulated different parts of her vagina and increased the feeling that she was being stretched and filled. Now and then he would gently slide in and out half way several times then unexpectedly ram it home deep. She grunted each time as he filled her completely and she felt the end of his knob push against her cervix.

As he fucked her, he continued the obscene running commentary, describing in graphic detail what they were doing and calling her a bad girl and a sexy little teenage slut. She whimpered and moaned in pleasure.

When he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head to totally dominate her, she felt a climax approaching and began to buck her hips to meet his deep and insistent thrusts and increase the pleasure. Sensing her approaching orgasm, he increased the speed and fucked her wildly. She screamed out as he plunged deep within her and she felt the hot spurts of semen against her cervix when his throbbing prick repeatedly discharged into the depths of her cunt. As his ejaculation subsided, he continued to fuck her slowly and deeply as she writhed and bucked to ride out the intense full-body orgasm that she was experiencing.

Exhausted, but overwhelmed by the pleasure they had both experienced, they lay there for a few moments in each other’s arms.

“Oh my God, that was amazing! ” Eva told him. “I’m so glad I lost my virginity with someone who really knows what he is doing. “Thank you so much!”

“It was a pleasure for me too.” Paul replied. “You’re a gorgeous girl and it’s not every day that an old fella like me gets to have sex with someone like you.”

“You can fuck me whenever you like Paul” she replied.

“No love, I’m sorry, but I can’t make it a regular thing” he said. “I don’t want to get into a relationship and you need to go out and practise what you’ve learned from me with lads of your own age.”

“Yes, I understand,” she said, “but don’t be surprised if you get some confidential phone calls from some of my friends!”

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