Depositing Reproductive Fluids

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Her stare was intense. She had these deeply saturated green eyes and way too much eyeliner, giving her quite an intimidating look. Her hair was dyed a very unnatural crimson red, but it contrasted her eyes so ridiculously well. She wore a tight black crop top that revealed her arm tattoos well, but also had a crazy wide neckline, so her cleavage was practically begging for your stare. I did stare, and I was serious trouble for doing so.

“You have been a bad little toy boy.” She said calmly while staring deep into his eyes.

He was all naked, as she had insisted. Her hand was resting in a loose grip around his intensely erect penis. It was so ridiculously sensitive, to the point where only the lightest stimuli was necessary. She knew this of course, she had orchestrated it, meticulously, with plenty of discipline and planning. But now she was just staring at him, and slowly rolling his foreskin back and forth, as if it was the least urgent thing in the world. For him this was of course the most frustrating thing in the world. He was dying a little inside, it felt so good, but he wanted more than anything in the whole world to make her hand go faster. She knew all of this of course.

He had not ejaculated in nine days. Nine days where his sperm had just kept accumulating and storing up, causing his libido to surge for every day of abstinence. He was the kind of horny guy that otherwise would have masturbated daily, or even more. His crazy new flat mate found this cute, and when she last week caught him watching porn, she helped him cum hard all over her exposed cleavage. And then of course made him promise not to touch himself without her explicit permission. In his post-orgasmic drowsiness, he was so sold that he had pathetically agreed unconditionally, naïvely assuming they would have hot sex daily. But no, she was just his flat mate, who had an affinity for playing with weak boys’ libido, and penises. She loved dick. She had in fact put up her penis art all over the flat. Huge, hairy, dicks in all kinds of shapes and from every angle. She had for the last nine days also dressed as provocatively as she possibly could. Almost always showing off her big boobs in a tightly pushed up cleavage. He could think of nothing else but shooting another huge load right in between those gorgeous breasts.

Whenever she caught him staring, she would rush up to him, push him against the wall and roughly grab and rub his bulge through his sweatpants. Just about enough to get him properly half-way and brimming with anticipation, but never enough to cum. It was exhilarating, but he soon realized the bahis siteleri level of cruel punishment this was, because it only made him hornier. The last few times he even felt a bit of precum soiling his underwear. Then for the last two days he had walked around with constant, excruciating blue balls. He could barely sleep, and did all he could to avoid humping his own mattress. He was going mad, and wanted more than anything to jerk off and end the pain. But she had conditioned him now. He was mentally so madly drooling for her, and at the same time so intimidated by her dominance that he did not dare. Then finally this morning he begged, pathetically on his knees, saying his balls would explode in his sleep if he did not ejaculate.

And that is how he ended up here, standing naked in the middle of the living room, with her cold and terrifying stare piercing his lecherous soul. She was sitting comfortably in a chair in front of him, her cleavage being perfectly levelled with his ridiculously poised penis. It was so close, her wonderful breasts where right there just a few inches from his hard glans. He had to look away, but wherever he looked, there was art, horribly realistic art of other penises, brimming on the edge of their own ejaculation. It felt like he had stood there forever. Sweat was trickling from his but cheeks, slowly running down his hairy legs. Her hand was moistened with lube, which thickly covered his whole shaft. She could not seem more relaxed or careless, in fact most of the time she was chewing gum, loudly and nonchalantly, as if she was in a boring meeting. Alternating between looking at her phone and staring deeply into his eyes. It was driving him mad. He could barely take it any longer, every time her moves slowed down or stopped, he felt the agony of the bursting blue balls pulsating through his whole pelvic area.

“Please ma’em, may I kindly ask you to increase the speed of your motions.” He carefully tried, his voice quivering with uncertainty. It was torture, but he had never felt so sexualized in his life.

She looked back up from her phone and put it away. Then sat up even closer, almost letting the tip of the penis touch her left boob. Then she stopped, let him go for a few seconds as he let out a frustrated sigh.

Then she roughly grabbed and pulled down his balls with one had and vigorously jerked his cock with the other. It was so sudden and so intense, he could but cry out and moan uncontrollably.

“Fuck! Aaah!” his knees buckled and he nearly bent over by reflex from the spasmodic contractions, but she kept him in place with her strong grip. canlı bahis siteleri It felt so good, precum was welling through his urethra as he kept groaning.

“Fuck, fuck, shit, you’re going to make me-” he yelped, but then, of course she stopped. And he cried out in frustration.

“That is a lot of bad language for a bad boy.” She said smiling calmly, crossing her arms casually and leaning back again. I felt my hands itching to do something, I had to touch myself, I just had to, there was no way of continuing the wretched existence on this earth if I did not grab my penis and jerk it right now! She saw my hands approaching, quickly stood up and slapped me hard across the cheek.

“Bad boy!” She yelled into my face and grabbed me by the throat.

“Put you hands behind your back, or I will have to tie them there. But we don’t want that do we? We want to see that you are able to be a disciplined good little toy boy, don’t we?”

“Yes ma’em, but please ma’em it hurts so bad, I am going mad here!”

She released her grip and sat back down. That was the third time during the last half hour or so that the same process had repeated itself. She brought him slowly to the edge, stopped for a while and then rigorously jerked him a few heavenly seconds, before she then let go, just about as he was going to burst through the roof. He was growing seriously concerned for his aching balls.

Sitting up straight, she once more grabbed his lubed up dick, which was all red and pulsating from the immense pressure. She started slowly, up and down the shaft gently, all the lube made it practically frictionless. He felt his blood rushing with more anticipation. His balls kept shifting and pounding with restlessness. She increased her gentle motion gradually this time.

“Yes I think you have suffered enough.” She smiled but kept chewing her gum as she stared at him with those viscous green eyes.

“I think you would feel relieved if I let you cum, would you not?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Yes ma’em, more than anything!” he replied as if on reflex.

“I think you would appreciate a proper ejaculation right now. In fact, I think you should show me how much reproductive fluid you have accumulated.” She said slowly, carefully pronouncing each syllable, all the while she kept moving her hand back and forth, up and down his shaft. It was intoxicating. His hormones were screaming into his mind, yelling at him. He kept moaning all the while, moaning and gasping his pathetic sounds as she kept stroking him. He felt his dick pulsating and pumping under her gentle grip. He was so sensitive, canlı bahis so ready to burst. Now he felt it slowly, gradually approaching as her nonchalant stare turned more serious. She bit her lip now and sped up once more, and he felt the contractions once more.

“Aaah, ma’em, I am going to burst!” he groaned, still a bit concerned, but lost in a fog of mindless stimuli. She did not let go this time. She kept stroking him loosely at a steady pace, but it was more than enough at this point. The build-up rushed through his body once more and his abs and pelvis contracted as a force of nature exploded in his loins. A burning hot sensation surged through his urinary tract. He groaned deeply and looked down to see a thick stream of sperm shoot violently straight ahead and splash right in between her glorious breasts. She smiled even wider then and casually let go of his penis as she felt the heat of his seed. He groaned and yelled in relief as his penis kept pumping, sending waves of pleasure through him with every muscular fiber contraction. Now his penis was unrestrained, it leapt up and down from the pulses, each time sending thick, long ropes of sperm in arcing shots, landing all over her breasts. She giggled and kept staring at his awkward bodily movements in voyeuristic amusement.

She had ruined his orgasm by letting go too early, but at this point he doubted it mattered. It felt as if every fiber in his lecherous body wanted to expel every last drop of sperm it had ever conjured. As if the breasts in front of him were the shrine of his most bellowed sex goddess, and the only way to worship this deity was through sacrifice of reproductive fluids… but in fact, it was just a mere twelve seconds of a ridiculously strong orgasm, which likely carried the loads of five.

After the pleasure gradually died down, he felt a soothing relief, along with a hot sensation in his urinary tract. He was so tired he could collapse on the spot, but he managed to remain standing.

“Good boy.” She said smiling as she looked down to inspect her cleavage. Every inch of her tanned skin was covered in a thick layer of white goo, but her black crop top had also soaked a fairly decent portion. Gravity had pooled a lot of it in the crevice itself, but some of it was thicker and had remained where it landed. She touched her neck and the underside of her chin to find that one of his shots had grazed her there and stuck, as if someone was putting up cobweb for Halloween.

“Very juicy indeed… I am in fact quite certain now that you are very fertile and promising specimen…so how do we show appreciation after such an experience?” She asked with a strict look. He thought for a second, and then remembered the phrase she taught him:

“Thank you for allowing me to deposit my reproductive fluids onto your sacred cleavage.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32