Devon and Zeus

20 Kasım 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Note: An Early story of mine I touched up and expanded on a bit.


Exploring my sexuality was an excellent odyssey. An odyssey many men don’t even touch, But I was open to any type of sex, leading a mostly sheltered life. Threesomes, orgies, Sex with a man, sex with a woman, sex with two men, or women. Though I haven’t done most of them I left one thing out. Gloryholes.

I had heard about glory holes on HBO. They had a documentary about men who would go into warehouses and stick their cock in holes of women and fuck them between walls. It was very arousing but I never knew men can do it with each other. I was about to get an up close and personal experience with a glory hole and a man I would never forget.

One day while taking my usual jog in the park and sneaking peaks at women’s tits, and butts and men’s bulges and asses I realized how tired I grew. So I stopped at a bench and started drinking from my thermos. So As I rested for about ten minutes or so I saw two hot guys leaning on a tree making out like there was not Mersin Escort tomorrow.

That’s when my cock was called into attention. So I sat there with my cock about to explode and horny as hell. Twenty minutes went by and they were gone into the bushes. I decided to follow. I watched as they undressed each other and formed a 69 in the bushes. Boy were these guys horny. I watched and jerked off at the sight of these beautiful men pleasuring each other. Now I had to pleasure myself.

I walked into the park bathroom and began rapidly jerking myself off. Granted I’ve never jerked off in such a public place I couldn’t walk around all day with a hard on. I was almost 21, I was also afraid of germs. So I jerked off and started to notice a huge hole in the wall of the stall. I merely acknowledged it and went on with business as usual.

Suddenly I heard the rusty door creak. I stopped mi-stroke and heard the man come in slowly and step into the stall next to me. I waited for him to leave. But something weird happened. I could hear sharp and Escort Mersin short breaths coming from him. I then realized the hole granted me access to a good look. I looked at this guy probably in his mid-thirties stroking this great big rod of his. I almost fainted.

I watched as he jerked off madly. Then I heard something that made my legs weak, “Not like the real thing.” I acted normal and started peeing. Now, I had no idea that if you’re in a bathroom near a glory hole with another guy, tapping your feet gives off a signal that you want to play. I started tapping my feet. The guy signaled to me.

“Hey kid,” he said.

“What?” I asked smoothly.

“You wanna play?” asked the guy.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Stick your cock in the hole,” he said.

I observed it, and thought about it for a while. I said what the hell. I needed a good blowjob anyways. I stuck it in unknowing what would happen. That’s when I felt the warm silky mouth of this god swallowing my cock rapidly. I moaned and groaned in surprise of this Mersin Bayan Escort Zeus like figure consuming me. After about twenty minutes I blew a humongous load that would exhaust me. After Zeus (I never found out his real name) finished pleasuring me I sat on the seat breathing hard from the pleasure I had just received.

Then something happened that would make my day all the better. He got out of his stall and walked into my stall.

“We’re not done yet,” he said with a smile.

He picked me up and we started making out passionately. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the bathroom. We walked along the park finally stopping at an open field. I was nervous and scared at what was happening. I then realized he had a big van parked there; big enough for two men. That was the hottest day in my life as we fucked, sucked, kissed, cuddled, and made love for hours.

I loved to ride his rod, and impale myself with his cock. We fucked for hours. The van rocked violently as we fucked all day. After late afternoon we parted ways and never saw each other again. That day I left the park with a sense of satisfaction and an invigorating sense of adventure. It was one day I’d never forget, as my travails to different glory holes around New York brought me to new frontiers.

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