Dinner Out

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On the side of the road they see a diner. They decide to stop and go in for a bite to eat. There’s a table on the opposite side of the entrance, where as everyone walks in, it’s the first table seen on the rear. It’s hot inside of the diner. The waitress brings them over a cup of ice water. Mark picks his cup up and starts to drink. Cherry begins to dig in the cup for an ice cube. Suddenly, she begins slowly to rub the ice cube on her my head, her face. She lays her head back and slowly slides the ice cube down her neck and finally into her cleavage where Mark sees it melt. She takes another ice cube and while staring into his eyes, she unbuttons her shirt and starts to rub the ice cube through the bottom of her breast and now, hard erected nipples. Noticing the look on his face, she becomes tempted to torment him further. She takes a third piece of ice and takes her hands down towards her lap. Mark looks underneath the table and notices that Cherry is sliding the ice cube between her legs and by the look in her face, he could tell what heights that piece of ice would reach. Then it all stops.

The waitress approaches and asked for their order. Upon her departure, Mark turns to Cherry and says, “You need to stop. You are getting me horny.” She responds, “What are you worried about there’s no-one else around.” She takes out a 4th piece of ice cube and inserts it way deep inside of her wet, tight pussy. She takes the napkin sitting on the table. Lays it flat underneath her butt as the juices poor out of her ice wet aching pussy. She hands the napkin over to Mark. He güvenilir bahis puts it to his face to smell her. This only gets him more aroused. Suddenly, she notices his hands reaching beneath the table. Pants unzipped. His arm is now moving in an up and down motion. His eyes and face mesmerized with lust. She realizes he is stroking his hard aching cock.

They look around and notice that the restaurant is still pretty much empty. To his surprise, when he looks over to look at Cherry, she is gone. He feels her hands upon his thighs underneath the table and her mouth embracing his hard throbbing cock. She begins to suck on it as if it where the best lollipop she ever had. The more and the faster she sucks it, the harder it gets. She feels the ripples on his cock throbbing against her mouth. With every stroke of her mouth against his hard aching cock, the pulsing of his cock becomes stronger and the cock harder like a rock. As he is arriving at his peak. He takes both her hands and tells her to crawl up in front of him from underneath the table. As she stands in front of him, he pulls down her panties. His cock standing erect. He places each of her legs on either side of him and forces her to shove his cock deep inside of her wet, tight pussy.

He feels the warmth inside of her pussy. Her juices pouring down his cock. He feels every pulse inside of her as she sucks his hard aching cock with her tight pussy. She grabs a hold of the back of his seat with his hands now holding the sides of his seat, she starts to ride his cock as if she were riding a wild horse. Fucking güvenilir bahis siteleri him so hard and fast, his cock beings to throb even more. With every thrust she makes against his cock, he feels at his edge to explode. The feeling of his cock throbbing against her insides, excite her to point. She continues to fuck him, she becomes wetter. He feels her liquids running down his cock. She starts to pump him faster, and suddenly he feels her nails digging into his back. But with her every move, she makes what’s going on more obvious. Yet no one notices.

He pulls her off and lifts her up on the table, placing her legs on each side of his chair. He orders her to lay back on the table as he enjoys his entree. He spreads her legs wide opened and reaches out for one of the bread sticks that the waitress had laid on the table. He slowly inserts it inside of her wet dripping pussy as he begins to stroke her clit with his tongue. Suddenly she lets the flaps on her shirt swing open. Her hands crawl inside of her bra and she pulls her hard erect breasts out of her bra and begins to lick them and suck on them, as he continues to fuck her with a bread stick.

At every thrust he makes and every lick he slaps her clit with, she becomes more and more aroused. The sounds of pleasure now coming out of her mouth, seem to be getting louder and this arouses him more. He stands up in front of her and tosses the seat he sat in away from him. He places his hard aching cock in front of her pussy and rams it inside of her. As he is fucking her, he grabs a hold of her waist iddaa siteleri with both his hands and lowers his face down to suck against her nipples. Her body thrusts itself unto his.

He becomes tremendously aroused as he feels her shove her wet pussy against his hard throbbing cock. He stands in front of her and she immediately begins to suck on her breast while the other hand is now stroking her clit making her wet dripping pussy tighter around his cock. She feels the pulsing of his cock against the inside of her pussy. He feels the warmth of her pussy, tight and wet against his cock. He starts to fuck her harder and it only drives him to fuck her harder when she whispers dirty things in his ears. How she loves his cock fucking her. He attempts to shove his cock deeper inside of her, she screams with pain of pleasure. The sensation gets stronger. Their hormones are exited and he wants to explode inside of her. She sits up to look at him as his cock pounds into her wet soaking pussy and tells him, “Take me like you like it”. As he thrusts his cock madly inside of her, he begins to pump faster and he feels as she wet tight pussy explodes on his cock. He continues to fuck her harder. Pumping his cock inside of her as if the world were going to end. He suddenly explodes inside of her as she continues to shove her body and pussy against his hard aching cock . He pulls out of her wet swollen puss. Cock erected. They sit for a while and stare each other.

Suddenly Mark looks up at the ceiling, “There’s a camera filming us.” Cherry looks around and noticed that not only were they on camera, but the waitresses, the cooks and the people who had entered the diner in those minutes, they were being watched. Everyone stunned at what they had seen, including the cop who had walked in and could not arrest us. Wonder why?

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