DJ Pt. 21

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Coming in Part 21

Doug and Joe return from their honeymoon

Aggie surprises Joe and Doug with her ‘news’

Bryan completes his move-in with Phil

Doug has his appointment with Steve Jones

Jamie talks his parents into letting Bryan and Phil move in

DJ Part 21

Sunday morning, January 21st, Joe and Doug woke up in their hotel room about 8:00 AM.

Joe, looking at the flight tickets, “Our flight is scheduled to leave at 11:40 this morning, so we need to be at the airport by 10:40, I guess we’d better get dressed and check out of here.”

“What time do we arrive in Charlotte, and who is picking us up?”

“Arrival time is 4:25 PM, and we probably need to check with folks back home to see who is picking us up, “Joe replied.

“Let me call DJ,” I said, “Maybe he knows.” I placed the call, but got no answer. I then tried calling Karen and she answered.

“Doug, please don’t tell me your at the airport already!”

Laughing I said, “It sounds like you aren’t anxious to see us return? Actually, we didn’t know if any of you knew when we were returning? I tried to call DJ a minute ago and got no answer.”

“I can understand that,” Karen replied, “he babysat for Steve and Val last night. They had a function in the city and returned late. We all went to bed before the boys returned, and I have no idea what time the boys got to bed, but I know it was very late. I’m sure they’re sleeping in this morning.”

“Karen, our flight is scheduled to arrive at 4:25 PM this afternoon, is anyone able to pick us up, or do we need to get a taxi?”

“Doug, the boys are both working this afternoon, but Carl is off, and is planning to pick you up. He just needed to know the time, and you just gave it to me, 4:25, right, and how was the cruise?”

“4:25 PM is the scheduled time,” I confirmed, “and our honeymoon was wonderful. We’ll tell you all about it when we have more time, we need to get breakfast and get to the airport here by 10:40 to check in. Tell Carl we really appreciate his service.”

“I will relay that,” Karen replied, “you all should be back here around 6:30 PM, I’ll tell Carl to bring you back here, and I’ll plan supper for the five of us, we can heat the leftovers for the boys, when they get home from work.”

“I think it will work out better, Karen, if Carl drops us off at the house. We can unload our luggage, and then drive out to your place for supper, and we’ll have our own transportation back home.”

“Sure, that’ll work,” Karen replied, “I’ll plan supper for about 7:00 PM, see you then.” They both hung up.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The boys slept really late Sunday morning. Jamie had awakened about 8:00 AM, gone to the bathroom, and quickly crawled back into bed, cuddled up to DJ in a spooning position with his cock next to DJ’s crack, and his hand wrapped around DJ’s BBC, and fell back to sleep.

About 10:30 AM DJ woke up with an erection, not certain if it was just morning wood, because he did need to pee, or was a result of Jamie’s hand holding his cock, even though Jamie was still asleep. DJ tried to remove Jamie’s hand, which caused Jamie to awaken, and he moaned a little.

“Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “I gotta go pee.”

“Baby,” Jamie replied, “let me take care of that hardon first, and then it will be easier to pee, and I can get an early morning snack.”

DJ let Jamie do his will, knowing that as bad as he needed to pee, Jamie would get him off quickly, and of course, he loves the feeling of his cock inside Jamie’s warm mouth. DJ was right, only about 3 or 4 minutes of Jamie’s mouth nursing his cock, he was feeling his orgasm rising from his balls. He wasn’t going to warn Jamie, he was just enjoying the sensation.

Jamie felt DJ’s body stiffening, and from hearing DJ’s moaning, he knew he was about to hit pay dirt. DJ started to pulse, sending his spunk shooting into Jamie’s mouth and throat, and Jamie received it willingly, swallowing every drop, and moaning in ecstasy. Now Jamie had a boner, and DJ was deflating. DJ then slipped off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

Jamie was leaking precum, and used it as lube, slowly stroking his hard cock, knowing that he wanted, and needed to drop a load. DJ returned, and noticed that Jamie was stroking it.

DJ, jumping back on the bed, “Let me take care of that!”

Immediately, DJ pushed Jamie’s hand away, and took the beautiful hard member into his mouth, tasting the precum and enjoying the feeling of his boyfriends cock in his mouth. Both of these young men seem to enjoy giving each other blowjobs, so much quicker and easier that having anal sex.

Jamie had already been to the bathroom earlier, so had no pressure on his bladder and it took DJ quite a bit longer to have Jamie on the verge of climax, but never the less, he did succeed. Jamie was feeling his orgasm approaching, and DJ pulled off.

“Baby, I was right on the edge, and you stopped!” Jamie whined.

“I know,” DJ replied, grinning, “I could feel you were very close.”

DJ şişli bayan escort went back down and worked Jamie’s cock for a couple more minutes, and heard Jamie breathing raggedly, and pulled off again, teasing his boyfriend.

“DJ, you’re torturing me, I need to cum! I was right on the edge.”

“Ok, my love, I’ll finish you off,” DJ appeased his lover.

Finally, for the third time, Jamie’s orgasm approached, and DJ let him cum, taking every delicious spurt in his mouth and down his throat, and Jamie shot the most spunk he’d ever cum at one time.

“That was a nice mouthful,” DJ commented, as the two boys hugged and shared a passionate kiss, tasting each other’s mouths.

“Jamie, for some reason, it seems like every load you shoot tastes better than the time before.”

“Maybe it’s getting flavored from yours,” Jamie replied, “I’ve always loved the sweet taste of your cream, I could easily take your load several times a day!”

DJ, snickering, “I kind of think there’s a limit to my production, I doubt that I could cum more than two, maybe three times in a day, and I couldn’t even do that every day.”

The boys pulled on their boxer-briefs and made their way to the kitchen, joining Granny and Carl at the table. Karen fixed the boys some breakfast. Carl mentioned that he needed to leave before 3:00 to pick us up at the airport.

Right after breakfast, Jamie wiped the table off, and the boys sat at the table and attacked their homework that is due tomorrow morning. Karen fixed a couple of sandwiches for DJ to take to work, and DJ left for work about 2:30, and Jamie left at 3:30. Right after DJ left for work, Carl headed out toward the airport.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The flight came in right on time, Joe and I got our baggage, and we were soon on the way home in Carl’s Vue, which he drove as the back seat is more comfortable than the CRX.

“Joe,” I stated, “I have an appointment with Steve Jones on Wednesday, and I want you to go with me.”

“What’s that for?” Joe asked.

“Just precaution,” I said, “at my age, I could go at any time, and I want to be certain that you and DJ are properly taken care of. Steve wants to write up a will, so we can be certain, and make sure my papers and beneficiaries are legalized, just in case.”

“Doug,” Joe responded, “DJ is my son too, there is no way I would ever leave him out in the cold, or without a roof over his head, heaven forbid that anything should happen to you. Wednesday is a bad day for me though, as Mom’s flight back is scheduled for Wednesday, and I need to take her to the airport.”

Carl is grinning to himself, tempted to spill the beans, boy, do these newlyweds have a surprise, or shock, coming! They don’t know about Aggie’s change of plans yet, and he is not going to undermine her bombshell. She will most likely drop the bomb at dinnertime tonight. Carl is waiting to see Joe’s and my reaction, when she tells us.

We arrived at our house about 6:00 PM. Carl helped bring our baggage into the house and he and Joe carried it to our bedroom. I turned the thermostat up to 72, as I had turned it down to 50 before we left because nobody would be staying here while Joe and I was gone. Joe started the Taurus, to make sure it started and to let it warm up. Carl headed home, and a few minutes later Joe and I headed to the Seldon’s home.

The aroma in Karen’s kitchen was overwhelming. A few minutes later we were all sitting, Aggie, Karen and Carl, Joe and myself. Karen had prepared baked ham, mashed sweet potatoes, corn muffins, and succotash, with chocolate cake for dessert.

“Mom,” Joe stated, “I need to see your return ticket so I will know what time to pick you up Wednesday and take you to the airport.”

“Joe,” Aggie said, “can you get a refund on that return ticket? We’re not going to need it.”

“Why not?” Joe queried, “you have to go back home.”

“No I don’t! I’m not going back to California, I’m staying here.”

“But you have family there, and your apartment, you can’t just stay here with Karen and Carl, indefinitely,” Joe argued.

“Only until February 1st,” Aggie replied, “when I can move into my new place. I’ve already paid the security deposit and the first month’s rent, at the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’ right here in town.”

“Mom,” Joe inquired, “what prompted this decision?”

“Several things, Joe, I feel much closer to my North Carolina family than I do my California family, I want to get to know my son-in-law a lot better, and I have fallen hopelessly in love with my two grandsons, I guess that’s most of it.”

“Two grandsons, Mom?”

“Yes, two, I know Jamie is not really my grandson, but I’ve taken ownership of him, as well as DJ, they’re both such fantastic young men, and I adore them both! DJ was ecstatic, when I told him I was staying here, and not going back.”

“Well Mom,” Joe said, “that was quite a shock, I wasn’t prepared for that, but, Welcome to North Carolina! As for the refund on the ticket, I’ll ask, but it’s doubtful.” Joe and I şişli escort both smiled.

I was actually quite happy that Aggie had decided to stay here. My own parents were long ago passed on, and Aggie was the only ‘parent’ I had, even though it was through my marriage to Joe. I also realized that Aggie and DJ had formed a pretty strong bond, and her deciding to stay would likely be good for both of them.

“Joe,” Aggie asked, “could you call your sister, and ask her to pack my stuff and ship it out here?”

“Mom, I can do that now, it should not be too late as it is only about 5:30 PM there. What things do you want her to pack and send here?”

“Only the important stuff, the top right draw of the desk has all my important papers, banking information, my insurance policy, my retirement and social security information, it’s all in that draw.”

Aggie continued, “Of course I want my clothing, and there are some photo albums, and my jewelry box, and maybe my cosmetics and tell her to check the walls, as I have some photographs that I have hung on the walls and I don’t want to lose them. That’s about it.”

“I think it might be best to have your stuff sent here, to Carl’s address. It may arrive before you move into your new room, and if it comes afterwards, any of us can bring it to you.” Joe remarked.

Joe made the call, explained to his sister about his mom’s change of plans, and asked her to pack the stuff and ship it to Carl and Karen’s address, and thanked her. She wanted to know where Mom would be living, and Joe explained about the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’.

His sister said that she thought it seemed like a good place, and Mom would likely be well cared for there. Also it would be one less burden on her and she was pleased to be relieved of the obligation, but she would also miss her. She offered a belated ‘congratulations’ on Joe’s marriage, but Joe knew that she and her husband had never condoned Joe’s lifestyle.

About 9:20 PM DJ bounced through the back door into the kitchen and threw his arms around both me and Joe, hugging us fiercely and kissing my lips and Joe’s cheek.

“God, I missed you so much, I’m glad you’re home!” DJ blurted.

“We had a great time,” Joe said, “but we missed you guys too, I wish you could have been with us, you and Jamie would have had a blast.”

About 10 minutes later Jamie arrived, and was almost as emotional as DJ, giving us a very warm welcome. God we love these boys.

Joe spoke, “Karen, Carl, we sure appreciate all you do and have done for us, but I’m ready to take my ‘HUSBAND’ home and get us to bed. I don’t know about Doug, but I’m scheduled back to work tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone.”

“Goodnight, Dad’s!” DJ exclaimed, “Oh, Dad, Randy has you scheduled for 3:00 PM tomorrow, and Jamie and I have our Monday off, after we get out of class!” DJ and Jamie smiled.

Joe and I said our good-byes and headed home, and Aggie headed off to bed, after kissing the boys goodnight. DJ and Jamie ate the baked ham and trimmings that Karen had re-heated for them, finished with the Chocolate Cake and milk, and headed to bed, as 7:00 AM will be approaching way too soon. With arms wrapped around each other, the two boys drifted off to sleep quickly.

On Monday morning, January 22nd the alarm woke Jamie and DJ at 7:00 AM. The boys jumped into the shower and washed each other, dried each other and pulled on clean boxer-briefs. They then headed to the kitchen, kissed Granny and Karen good morning, ate breakfast, dressed and left for school about 8:30 AM.

“Jamie, we haven’t hooked up with Matt for lunch since the spring semester began,” DJ lamented.

“Well, for one thing, we haven’t been eating lunch at school, except on Thursdays, and Matt doesn’t have any classes on Thursdays. Maybe we should make a date with him, and eat together one of the other days, but we need to let Mom know.”

Jamie continued, “I’m wondering if Bryan got everything, or if he needs our help again today, I guess we’ll find out at noon.”

When their computer class let out, the boys headed to the Tracker, and saw Bryan’s car parked just one car away, with another bunch of hefty bags filling the back seat. Bryan was standing next to the Tracker, waiting on them, and smiling.

“Got another load ready for transfer?” Jamie asked.

“Nope!” Bryan exclaimed, smiling, and with tears escaping his eyes, ” I’m delivering this one in person, I’m all moved out guys, and I’m forever indebted to you, I could never have done this without your help. I need to show you something, though.”

Bryan opened his phone app, and showed the boys where almost 200 unanswered calls had been received, some from his father, and mostly from his mother, just since 9:00 AM this morning. As he showed us, his phone was ringing, and he ignored it.

“I would guess that my parents have been blowing up my phone ever since Mom found my note on the bed. I need a new phone, or at least a new phone number. I’m turning this off, until I can get to the phone store and get a new mecidiyeköy escort number, right now I’m heading to the Shady Inn, to see my love!” He powered it down.

On the way to the Shady Inn, Bryan’s boy hole was starting to twitch in anticipation. He wondered if Phil had found the lube he’d packed, or maybe bought some. He decided not to take a chance, and stopped at a drug store and picked up a bottle of personal lubricant, then headed on to the motel, and parked in front of room 120.

Bryan walked to the door and was about to knock when the door swung open, Phil grabbed Bryan and pulled him inside. Without even closing the door, Phil threw Bryan on the bed, and the two young men frantically kissed and lapped at each other’s lips, their arms wrapped around each other. Their tongues wrestled, and both of their cocks got hard, quickly. It’s been so long!

“Baby,” Bryan asked, “have you got any lube?”

“No, maybe we can find a substitute, Bryan I want you so bad!”

“I thought you might not have any, I have some in the car, give me a minute,” Bryan stated.

Adjusting the bulge in his pants, he headed to the car and grabbed the bag from the drug store, coming back into the room he closed and locked the door. The two young men went berserk, and started unbuttoning and unzipping each other’s clothing, and tossing their clothes on the floor. In about 60 seconds they were both naked, and hugging each other tightly.

Bryan dropped to his knees and took what he could of Phil’s rather large cock into his mouth, enjoying the thrill.

“Baby,” Bryan cried, “my hole needs this, I need you inside me!”

Phil grabbed a bath towel and laid it on the bed, and had Bryan on it, on all fours, his beautiful buns in the air. Phil grabbed the lube, and started to lube Bryan’s crack, and hole, pushing two, then three fingers inside Bryan’s chute, stretching his hole, then lubed his own cock. Bryan’s whole body was trembling in anticipation, as Phil teased Bryan’s orifice with the tip of his cock, just pushing in a little.

“For god’s sake, Phil, gimme that fuckin’ cock, I need you in me!”

Phil pushed the head of his prick through the sphincter, and Bryan yelped. Phil just stopped, letting his cock rest right, where it was.

“Are you OK, sweetheart? I don’t want to hurt you.” Phil said.

“I’ll be OK,” Bryan replied, “I think my boy hole might have shrunk a little from lack of usage, just let me get used to you again, and give me a little more of that joystick!”

Phil started to fuck Bryan, nice and slow, pushing in just a little further with each pump.

“I kind of forgot,” Phil commented, “just how awesome your ass feels, wrapped around my cock, Bryan you’re the best!”

“I’m getting used to you now, give me a little more, Phil, I missed this so much, and it feels so good right now. I didn’t mean that the way it came out, I did miss this, but I actually missed everything about you, your kisses, your caress, just the feel of your body next to mine, knowing how it feels to go to sleep with you holding me, just—everything.”

“Bryan, are you—close?”

“Somewhat, what are you thinking?”

“I want to swallow your juice, can I pull out a minute, and suck you off?”

“Yeah, I guess, but I can’t last long, you better hurry, if you’re going to do that, cause I’m almost ready to blow my wad, and neither one of us has even touched my cock!’

Phil pulled out, turned Bryan onto his side and pulled Bryan’s manhood into his mouth, and only slid up and down with his mouth for about 1 minute and Bryan inhaled, holding his breath, and exhaled, shooting spurt after spurt of sperm into Phil’s hungry mouth. Feeling and tasting Bryan’s climax made his own climax feel even closer.

“Please Phil, get back inside of me! I want to feel you fill my bottom, hurry, I need you so much,” Bryan begged.

Phil, egging, “Are you going to cum for me again, baby?”

“I might, if you hit my sweet spot, oh yeah, right there, I think I’m going to…”

Phil put his hands around Bryan’s hips, holding him tightly around his cock, and feeling his orgasm start to explode into Bryan’s gut, which triggered Bryan to cum again, a smaller amount this time, that just squirted onto the towel. Phil started to pull out…

“NO!” Bryan blurted, “not yet, you feel so good inside of me, stay a while.”

Phil left his big cock resting in Bryan’s ass, and relaxed his body on top of Bryan, laid his face against Bryan’s back and started sobbing.

“Phil? What’s wrong?” Bryan asked.

“Nothing, now,” Phil replied, “I was just thinking how close I came to losing you, forever. I can’t even imagine trying to find someone new, after all the years we’ve loved each other, I love you Bryan.”

“Phil, I hope you know that I love you too, and I hope we never have to be apart again. I want to spend the rest of the day here with you.”

“That would be great,” Phil said, “unfortunately we’re now adults, and have bills that must be paid so I need to go to work at 3:00, when are you working again?”

“Wednesday evening,” Bryan replied, “and then Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, but I’m working day shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and don’t forget that I have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32