Doing the Most He Can Pt. 01

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Doing the Most He Can part 1

“Damn Todd you are a lightweight,” Gary laughed, “help me out with the legs a little bit buddy, can you?” It was the same thing every time they went out partying, Todd would fall for the hottest girl in the place then drink himself stupid when she ignored him. Of course, they always ignored him because he never actually tried to talk to them.

It was not like he was a total loser or anything. He was a decent looking, tall, thin athletic guy who had ran Cross Country, pole vaulted, and played tennis in high school. The girls seemed to like him and find him amusing in that one drink period between sober shyness and totally wasted idiot. This time frame lasted, on average, about ten minutes.

Once again, Gary wondered how they had become such good friends so many years ago. They were total opposites in nearly everything and yet he couldn’t imagine not having Todd in his life.

Leaning Todd against the house next to the door Gary fished his keys out and got the door open.

“OK Todd, you’re home. Be quiet now and I’ll get you to your room.” After a few false starts he got Todd moving in the right direction. Fortunately, the Strom house was all on one level and Gary soon had him sitting on the edge of the bed. He got Todd’s shoes off and pulled back the bedding before giving him a little shove that toppled him onto the bed. Gary picked up his legs and swung them up onto the bed. He threw the covers over Todd and shutting off the light, closed the door.

He made his way to the front door and as he exited, he heard Mrs. Strom’s voice in the dark hall say, “Thank you for getting him home safe.”

Shit, he thought they had been quiet enough not to wake Todd’s mom, but apparently not. He pulled the door closed after him without replying and headed home.

Gary woke up to a ringing telephone and was not in the mood to answer it, but the damn thing just kept being obnoxious.

He croaked a, “Hello asshole,” into the phone and heard Todd chuckle. One of the few annoying things about Todd is that he did not suffer hangovers. No matter how drunk he got after a few hours sleep, he would have no ill effects when he awoke.

“I just wanted to catch you before you went to work. Mom wants you to come to dinner tonight. She’s making lasagna from scratch, about seven, OK?”

“Yeah that sounds good, but did you have to call so fucking early dickwad?”

“Ah, you have to be to work in like twenty minutes Gary.”

“Oh shit, gotta go. See you tonight,” he yelled as he hung up and leaped out of bed. The good thing about working at the motorcycle shop was wearing coveralls. He grabbed a pair from the closet and struggled into them on the way to the bathroom. When he had finished his morning routine, he grabbed his keys and went out to fire up his 1974 Honda CB750.

He had two minutes to spare when he turned into the alley entrance of the shop. He went in the already open overhead door and the other mechanic handed him a cup of coffee.

“Well, I have seen you in worse shape. You think we can actually get a couple bikes out of here today?” he said smiling.

“Maybe. It would help if you didn’t yell so loud though.”

“You know, you were a horseshit worker before you turned twenty-one and began your trip down the road to complete debauchery, now you’re even- “

“Even still a much better mechanic than you will ever be Randolph,” Gary quickly finished for him.

They had worked together at the shop for five years. In that time they had helped each other put together their dream bikes. Randy’s was a 1973 Norton Commando 850. They got along well despite the fact Randy was 32, married and had three kids.

The day wore on and about noon Gary felt as if he might live and began wondering where he and Todd would go tonight. There were no parties to go to after dinner so it might end up being a get drunk at home night.

He helped Randy close at 4:30 and went home to take a nap before going to dinner.

His alarm woke him in time to take a shower and get to the Strom’s.

Gary knocked on the door, then entered before anyone could get there. Todd yelled hello from the family room and Gary yelled back as he went to the kitchen. Rebecca Strom greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

Todd’s little sister, Lisa, greeted him with a “Hey Psycho.” She had called him that since she was thirteen and he had talked her into watching the Hitchcock classic. Gary walked up behind her chair and reached around and gave her a hug.

When the hell did Lisa get boobs he wondered. Pretty nice firm boobs at that. Well of course she has tits you idiot, she’s eighteen now. Lisa got up to set the table and Gary noticed she had nice legs and a cute butt too.

He snapped out of his reverie when Rebecca said, “You want to make yourself useful and put the dressing on and toss the salad?”

He grinned and went to the counter to help. Todd showed up and went to the oven and pulled out the garlic bread. Everything smelled great and tasted even better. casino siteleri They had a long dinner, laughing and joking. Rebecca was an office manager in a dentist’s office and always had funny stories to tell about clients without giving up their names. Lisa was a senior and confident in herself enough to tell high school jokes. Todd wrote game code for a software company in the Valley, Todd told stories about the weird things that went on with computer nerds in his workplace. Gary told about the strange stories people told about why they had crashed their bikes and needed them repaired.

After helping clean up, Todd and Gary went to the den and tried out a new game Todd’s company was beta testing. About eleven Lisa stuck her head in the doorway and said goodnight. They had just started a movie when Rebecca also informed the boys that she was on her way to bed too. Just after midnight Gary heard the phone ring and looked over at Todd to find him fast asleep. Five minutes later Rebecca came in wearing sweatpants and a thin hoodie.

“Oh damn, he’s sleeping,” Rebecca said when she saw Todd.

“Why, what’s up?” Gary asked.

“I am on call this weekend and the police just phoned to say they found back door of the office unlocked. They looked around and it didn’t look like anything was disturbed but I have to go and look around and lock up. I’m a little scared to go by myself, I wanted Todd to go with, but I don’t want to wake him up.”

“No problem Mrs. S, I’ll go with you.”

“Are you sure? I hate to ask you just because I’m afraid of a dark creepy office building.”

Gary laughed and said, “It’s all right, I haven’t had a chance to wear my superhero costume all week.”

“I can always count on you Gary. Let me write a note in case either of the kids wake up.”

Gary put his boots on and was waiting by the door to the garage when Rebecca came around the corner and tossed him the keys to her Mercedes SUV.

“Will you drive please? That’s another thing this old lady doesn’t like to do anymore, drive at night.”

Gary looked around as if trying to find something.

“What are you looking for,” she asked.

“An old lady, I don’t see one anywhere,” he teased.

She shook her head and gave him a little shove toward the door saying, “Out you smooth talker.”

They arrived behind the office building and found a patrol car waiting for them.

An officer got out of the car and asked Rebecca for her ID. When she had shown him he said, “There is no one inside but we just got another call and can’t stay. Goodnight Ma’am, sir.”

“Well now I’m really glad you came along. Come on let’s get this over with.”

They went in the back door and found nothing out of place. Rebecca checked the petty cash box and found the expected $200. They went into each examination room found everything was as it should be.

Gary laid down on the chair in the last room and called out, “I’m ready for the gas doctor.”

“I’ll give you gas buster,” she laughed.

“These chairs are so comfy, I always fall asleep when I come here,” Gary said.

“Huh, I’m not going to tell you what I think when I get in that chair.”

“What do you mean? What kind of kinky fantasies do you have?” he asked.

She actually blushed and said, “Never you mind, it’s not for someone your age.”

“Oh ho,” he cried, “it is about sex then, right?”

“I have said too much already.”

“You haven’t said anything yet. Just how young and innocent do you think I am?”

“Well you might not be a virgin anymore, but you probably don’t have that much experience either.”

“You might be surprised,” he said. “I lost my virginity at age fifteen to a bored housewife and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, I look forward to having as much sex as possible until I meet Miss Perfect.”

“And here I am almost the opposite. I haven’t had sex, with another human I mean, since Allen died eight years ago,” she said sadly.

“It’s hard to believe he’s been gone that long isn’t it?” Gary said softly.

“Yes, it is. At least he was smart enough to have a ton of life insurance. But doesn’t help on the sleepless nights.”

“You still have trouble sleeping? I know Todd still has bad dreams. What about Lisa?” he asked.

“She wasn’t in the car with us, so she remembers her dad alive not…like he looked on the side of the road after the accident. It’s easier for her somehow.”

“So why haven’t you found a good guy yet? Or at least someone to have sex with. After eight years it’s not like you are cheating on him. From what I remember of Mr. S he would want you to be happy.”

“Yes, I think he would, it’s just, I don’t know. I’m thirty-nine, guys my age are either married or very bitter about their divorce. It’s hard to dig it all up, to explain your life to someone, you know. To see the pity in their eyes when you want to see lust.”

Gary saw a tear making its way down her cheek and took her in his arms. He had always thought of her as the mother güvenilir casino he wished he had, instead of the one he got stuck with. He noticed that she was hugging him rather tightly and that he could feel her breasts against him. Not only that but he felt her hard nipples poking him through the thin top she was wearing.

That caused an involuntary response and he started to harden. Rebecca felt it and instead of moving away she brought her hips closer to his. Reaching up she put her arms around his neck and found his lips with hers.

Gary responded without thinking and gently inserted his tongue into her warm mouth. She used her own tongue to play with his. Sliding his hands down her back he cupped her tight ass and pulled her into his now rock-hard cock.

“Jesus, what the hell am I doing,” she said pulling her mouth off his.

His hands came up to caress her head saying, “You don’t have to explain to me, I already know and if you look you will see that lust you need, that you crave.”

“Oh, but you are like another son to me Gary, it would be so wrong.”

“No, not really, what it would be is a man making love to a beautiful woman. A woman that he knows and wants to make happy,” he told her gently.

“But what if Todd or Lisa found out, I couldn’t face them.”

“I think they would find it a little weird at first but after they thought about it, they would be happy for you, for both of us.”

“I’m not sure about that but my pussy is telling me to go for it.”

“It’s probably the thought of making love in that chair that’s doing that,” he joked.

“That and the size of that cock pressed against my stomach. And this first time, we won’t be making love, we will be fucking, fucking until you come in my hot coochie.”

Gary had started to unbutton his jeans when Rebecca stopped him by putting a hand on his wrist.

“Do you mind if I do that? It has been such a long since I undressed a man. I want that thrill of seeing your hard cock for the first time.”

“Help yourself, but then I get to do the same to you.”

She sank to her knees and got his jeans open then slowly pulled the waistband of his pants and underwear down his hips. His cock came in to view and then just kept coming as she lowered his jeans. It finally popped out of his jeans and the whole seven inches was staring her in the face.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed, “that sure looks like a pussy pleaser. Nice and fat and long enough to reach all the good places. I’m glad that this is going to be the first one inside me in so many years. Can I have a taste?” she said eagerly.

“Well, I suppose if you have to, go ahead,” he said as he smiled down at her.

She was tentative at first, almost as if she had forgotten what to do. It didn’t take long to come back to her, she soon had over half his cock in her mouth. She was making delicious moaning and humming noises as she sucked, Gary knew he would have to stop her soon.

He gently tried to pry her off his cock but she made whining noises and grabbed his ass cheeks to keep him where she wanted him.

“You have to stop Rebecca or I’m going to fill your mouth,” he cried.

“Yes please,” was her reply.

“No. Pussy first.”

“Nooo, mouth first then pussy,” she begged.

“No, pussy first, then mouth, then pussy, then all over your cute little tits.”

“Oh my god that sounds so nice,” she said letting go of his cock and standing up. “Get my clothes off then.”

Gary smiled and reached for the hem of her hoodie.

“You are going to think I am so bad.”

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“Because I just threw this on when the police called, I don’t have a bra or panties on.”

“It’s a good thing I didn’t know that earlier or I would have pulled over and jumped you on the way here,” he grinned at her.

“Oh, that makes me hot. Come on, get ’em off me you hot hunk.”

“Hot hunk?” he laughed, “Really? We’ll have to work on your sex vocabulary later.”

He pulled the hoodie up until her small B cup breasts came into view. Leaving the shirt covering her head, he bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. It was hard as a marble and about that large. No wonder I felt them poking into my chest he thought.

“Oh my god, that feels incredible, pinch the other one at the same time,” she begged.

Gary reached out and rolled the stiff nipple in his fingers then pinched it with his thumb and forefinger.

Rebecca let out a gasp and cried out, “Harder, pinch it harder, I’m going to come. Please, bite me and pinch me, make me come. Oh fuck, here it comes, this is it, do it, do it harder.”

She let out a scream that made him glad there were no close neighbors to hear it then she started shaking. Gary pulled the hoodie the rest of the way off then had to let go and grab her hips to keep her from falling. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and he thought she might be having a seizure. He held her until the shaking stopped and she regained her footing.

“Thank you, canlı casino thank you, a million times thank you. As you can tell, I love my little boobies played with. No, I like them to be abused. It’s hard to hurt yourself that much so I haven’t had a good titty cum since Allen died,” she explained. “You done good,” she said smiling at him.

He started to pull her sweatpants down when she chuckled and stopped him.

“Feel my pants from the outside,” she said.

Frowning and a little curious he looked at her crotch and started laughing. There was a wet spot in the middle then ran four inches down each pant leg. He reached out and slapped the material against her vulva and it made a wet squelching sound.

“Oh dear lord, get these bottoms off and your tongue in me, please,” she moaned.

“Only if you promise to squirt all over my face,” he told her.

“I will, I know I will. I have to be really turned on to do it, but it seems you have certainly found that switch,” she giggled.

He pulled the wet sweats down to her knees then turned her and sat her down on the dentist chair. He got to his knees and pulled the pants off over the ballet flats she was wearing and let them plop onto the floor.

He spread her legs and found a light patch of brown hair matted with her juices.

“Sorry, I haven’t had any reason to shave down there. I know young guys like a bare pussy but well, you know.”

“No, I actually like a little hair, not a wild bush, but yours is very nice. I like playing with it and pulling on it while I’m eating.” As he said this Rebecca let out a moan and a trickle of juice escaped her lips and ran down to hit the chair.

“Show me, show me how you like to tease me while you eat me,” she begged.

He swung her around on the chair and got her settled then spread her legs so they were hanging off the sides of the chair. G gently nibbling on her lips he gave her vagina an occasional deep probe with his tongue. When he had her moaning, he moved up to her clit and began writing the alphabet with his tongue. Along about K, L, and M he reached up and gave her bush a little shake. He never got past P before she let out a whoop and started spraying his face.

He tried to escape the flow, but she had reached down getting a death grip on his ears. He breathed as best he could and rode out the storm. She eventually calmed down and released the hold she had on his ears.

“Damn that was amazing,” she panted. “But this time really get a good handful of my pubes and when I tell you give them a good shake and pull, all right?”

He just nodded and dove back in. He had her going again in no time and she soon yelled, ‘Pull’, like she was asking for another clay pigeon to be thrown. He surprised her by not only pulling her hair but reaching up and pinching a nipple at the same time. She screamed and her butt came a foot off the chair as she came on his hair, face and chest. She collapsed and lay there trying to recover.

She tried to speak twice but gave it up as a lost cause. Finally, she cleared her throat and said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but my kitty is way to sensitive for you to fuck right now. Would it be OK if you came in my mouth? I promise to let you fuck me next time.”

“Where do you want me,” he asked grinning.

“Stand up, I do my best work on my knees.”

She started slowly but it wasn’t long before she had all but two inches of his cock in her mouth. Taking him from her mouth she spit out a mouthful of saliva and said, “OK, it’s time for me to swallow this monster. I am going to go as far as I can on my own then I want you to pull me down the rest of the way. When you get it buried keep it there until I start to pass out. Then pull out and cover my face. Think you can do it stud?”

Grinning he growled, “Quit talking and start sucking, wench.”

It took her three strokes to reach her limit. Gary grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled her down until her nose was in his belly. He held her there and started counting to himself. He got to thirty-five when she tapped his thigh. He pulled out and a flood of spit rolled out of her mouth and covered her chest. The sight was too much and his first shot hit her forehead. He aimed for each eye, then her nose and finally pressed his cock against her mouth until she opened it and he finished inside. Spent he pulled out watching Rebecca noisily swallow, then lick her lips.

She was a mess and Gary got the giggles looking at her plastered face.

“If you think that’s funny wait until you see cum dripping out of my asshole,” she quipped.

“Is there going to be a next time?” he asked softly.

“If you are willing, there are going to be a lot of next times.”

“Oh, I’m willing. I have been with quite a few women, but none, I repeat none, of them can hold a candle to you. Come on, let’s get cleaned up and get you home.”

Rebecca moved to the sink and cleaned herself up. While Gary was taking his turn at the sink, she picked up her sweats and laughing, said, “I can’t wear these, they’re soaked to the knees.” She disappeared and when she returned, she was wearing scrubs.

“I borrowed these from one of the hygenists. I can bring them on Monday and put them in the laundry pickup hamper. No one will be the wiser. You about ready?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32