Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 01-03

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Authors Note

‘Donna’s Ultra-High Heels, Book 2’ is a continuation of Book 1 and can be read without reading the first book, although it is highly recommend that Book 1 be read first since it would be helpful in understanding the character development of the main players. I tried to make the transition to Book 2 as seamless as possible by briefly summarizing some specific events of Book 1 while trying not to be excessively redundant.

Donna’s Ultra-High Heels, Book 1 was posted in its entirety (12 Chapters) under the Fetish category. Some of the individual chapters could have also been categorized as BDSM, Erotic Couplings, or Stories Series. Book 2 will be posted in smaller chapter groupings (1 to 4), but mostly under the Fetish Category beginning in December 2015.

Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.



Summarizing Book 1

Donna Scott was a recent graduate that had just earned a Master’s Degree in Law from a St. Louis based university in May of 1962. After graduating, she started working as the legal assistant for Kevin Madden who was the sole owner a prestigious law firm in downtown St. Louis. Donna in the first two months working at the law firm had also been assigned a couple of times to help a private detective, Jeff Douglas, whom Kevin occasionally hired to research certain background information for some of the clients he represented. On these occasions, when Donna’s time on these assignments entailed either office or time in the field working for Jeff, he would reduce his billing rate to Kevin’s law firm.

About two and a half months after Donna starting working for Keven, he had her go on an undercover assignment to investigate a local high heel shoe and lingerie shop to determine if there was any un-scrupulous activing going on at that store. Kevin had gotten word from the retired previous owners of the shop that there may be something afoul there since a long-time customer of theirs was in the store when the FBI came in and asked pointed questions of the women assistant Manager.

Donna did visit the shop, posing as a potential ultra high heel customer, in order to possibly determine if there was any illegal activity going on. As it turned out, there was no problem at the shop since the FBI was investigating another company that had done some business with the store. However in the process, Donna became immediately attracted to Ken Fowler, the new manager of that shop. Their mutual attraction quickly led to a very torrid, romantic, and loving relationship between the two of them! Donna had, in turn recently moved from her apartment into Ken’s Clayton townhouse and they were now involved in a series of erotic sexual adventures.

Her first new found obsession was learning to wear the highest of ultra high heels for which Ken was giving her daily training at his shop. In addition, he was assisting her in a figure training program that would benefit Donna when she started modeling for his new forthcoming catalog. Also in this short period of time since meeting Ken, Donna voluntarily became involved in several other fetishes, including nipple training, corsets, garters, exotic bras, and starting her own induced lactation program!

But most importantly, when Donna realized after Ken had strapped her into his bra measuring stand at the shop, she realized that she had a deep down, previously unknown sexually submissive side to her normally aggressive personality! At this point she knew that it was a pivotal moment in her life and to their long term future relationship!

A couple of weeks after Donna had moved in with Ken, Mrs. Linda Chatsworth visited Keven’s law office in order to make some legal changes to their revocable trust. They were rather routine changes, but in the process Linda noticed Donna’s 5-5/8 stiletto heels that day and was somewhat jealous since she had on 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels that were lower than what she normally wore in public. After talking to Donna when they left Kevin’s office and after having a very confidential discussion about their mutual interest in ultra high heels, she invited Donna and as well as Ken to their house on Friday evening in order for her to witness the sighing of the legal papers since Donna was Notary Public.

Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Book 2

© 2015 by SHAFERLINE

Chapter 1

The wealthy Mrs. Linda Chatsworth had just visited Kevin Madden’s law office in downtown St. Louis for some routine family trust changes where she met Donna Scott, Kevin’s new personal legal assistant of two and a half months. Donna had graduated from a St. Louis area Law school in May of 1962 and was quickly becoming acclimated to her new job at Kevin’s prestigious law office.

Mrs. Linda Chatsworth and her husband Paul were founders and owners of a local jewelry chain in St. Louis. Linda found, after arriving at the law office, that Donna and she had a common interest because they were both wearing ultra high stiletto bahis siteleri heels! Donna, in the last couple of months, had enjoyed a new found pleasure of wearing extra high and then went on to wearing ultra high heels at the law office as well as in her personal life. All this resulted from a recent undercover assignment from the law firm involving a high heel shoe and lingerie shop that led her to become romantically involved with the new manager, Ken Fowler.

After meeting Donna at the law office, Linda Chatsworth went to the shoe shop ‘Stilettos and Beyond’ and met Ken to reinforce her desire to have both Donna and him come to their house when Donna brought over the legal papers for her and her husband to sign. After Linda found out that the papers were to be ready this coming Friday, she instantly wanted them come over late that afternoon and stay for a party that she would try to organize for later that same evening.

Linda further noted that she had been a regular customer of the shoe shop before it was sold to the new owner and was looking forward to continuing that relationship. It was obvious that Donna, Linda, and Ken instinctively bonded that Wednesday afternoon, not only from a common interest standpoint, but also from an overall first impression perspective; they just seemed to ‘hit it off’ from the start!

The next day on Thursday morning, Donna and Linda discussed by telephone the party that she was hastily trying to pull together for this coming weekend. As it turned out, Linda had called on Wednesday evening several of the local people that she wanted Donna and Ken to meet, but found that most of them couldn’t make it to a party on such short notice, so she re-scheduled it to the following Friday starting with a cocktail and dinner party that night at their residence. The friends that Linda and Paul Chatsworth wanted Ken and Donna to meet were members of an exclusive and private fetish club or fraternity/sorority that was devoted to a variety of fetishes including a requirement that the women wear at all times their ultra high stiletto heels during their occasional meetings or events!

Because of Donna’s undercover assignment involving the high heel shoe shop and subsequently her growing interest in ultra high heels, her boss, Kevin Madden, raised the minimum standard stiletto heel height for women working in the law office from 4 to 5-1/4 inches for a 6-1/2 inch shoe size. This heel height was chosen in part, because the previous owners of that shop, Mr. and Mrs. Salveno had given Kevin several pair of those 5-1/4 inch heels for Donna to wear in order to find out if there was any illegal activity going on at their old store named ‘Salveno’s’ at the time. As it turned out, there was no suspicious activity at the shop that was now named ‘Stilettos and Beyond’, but Donna and Ken became infatuated with each other in the process. The new heel height standard for the law office applied to Donna as well as Karen Stephens, the new receptionist that she had recommended for that job.

In addition, Donna and Ken had developed, over the last few weeks, an intense sexual relationship involving some mutually related fetish fantasies and desires that neither of them had thought was possible before they met. She had just recently moved into Ken’s townhouse apartment in Clayton which was a close western suburb of the city of St. Louis. They continued to participate on a daily bases in a series of those loving sexual fetish activities and fell deeply in love. Also, Ken was leading Donna, both at the shop as well as his apartment, through intensive ultra high heel and figure training programs as well as assisting her in the induced lactation project that she had voluntary initiated with his enthusiastic approval!

Shortly after moving in with Ken, Donna introduced him to everyone at the office when he came to pick her for a lunch date. Kevin noted that since Donna had met Ken at the shoe shop, she seemed so much happier and radiant in her appearance around the office. Karen was also thrilled to meet him as well, and was glad that Donna had apparently found Mr. Perfect since she had her own steady boyfriend.

Jeff Douglas, who was a private detective that Kevin occasionally hired for to investigate certain people associated with some of his clients who were involved in criminal cases, was in the law office that day when Donna introduced Ken. Jeff had a crush on Donna when she first started working at the office, but she was not interested in him, but did occasionally tease Jeff along the way. Jeff had given up on Donna, since it was obvious that she was completely infatuated with Ken and put on a gracious smile when she introduced him to Ken.

Since meeting Donna, Ken was also encouraging her to train her already perky C+ breasts into even sharper cone shapes and to lengthen her nipples in order to further enhance her hourglass figure goals that she had also become obsessed with since he had promised Donna that she would be the main canlı bahis siteleri model for his forthcoming new print catalog.

Also as part of that nipple training program, it was Donna’s idea for Ken to produce a daily quota of at least, one ounce of semen that would to be massaged into her nipples and areolas in order to moisturize and assist in their elongation process over a period of time! Ken had previously started taking a supplement that was intended to produce more semen with much longer ejaculations. It had become a daily ritual for either Donna or Ken to apply his semen to her nipples and areolas each evening after her milking session or after their sexual encounters. Donna would leave the semen on until the next morning when she cleaned her nipples while showering. She in turn would massage into them, a small amount of her own milk that she had previously saved and stored, before leaving for work so as to keep up the moisturizing process during the day.

Donna, over the course of about two weeks, had developed a lactation routine, with the help of her birth control pills and daily doses of her own supplement called Fenugreek, that produced about an ounce and a quarter from each breast once in the evening. This was a little over her original goal of one once, but was acceptable because she still was only doing one milking a day so that it didn’t become a major complication in her daily work or personal schedule. The two to two and a half ounces of milk per day that she was producing was more than enough required for her daily massaging of her areolas and nipples. Until they found additional uses for it, the excess milk therefore was refrigerated and stored in separate bottles.

During the telephone conversation between Linda Chatsworth and Donna early Thursday morning at her office, Linda explained some of the basic aspects and unique rules of the ‘Ultra High Heel and Fetish Club of St. Louis’ that she had told Donna about the day before. She and her husband had played a significant leadership role in that fetish club over the past few years.

The most basic ritual of the club, absolutely enforced, was that when the group was in session, all the women were to wear ultra high heel stiletto footwear no lower than 5-5/8 inch heels, for a 6-1/2 size shoe at all times, even while sleeping! That meant that a special arch forming bootie would be issued to each woman for use during sleeping hours. Linda mentioned to Donna that a set of leather ‘arch bending botties’ would be located in her room at next week’s party so that it would allow her to meet the minimum arch angle requirement of 71 degrees with a heel angle of 47 degrees while sleeping and that an additional pair of 5-5/8 inch heeled plastic slides would also be provided and must be worn while showering or going to the bathroom.

Donna noted that it wasn’t going to be a problem with her because she already had stretching devices that went far beyond that arch angle requirement, but was looking forward to wearing Mrs. Chatsworth version of the unique bootie. Linda further noted that Donna would have her arches angled no lower than the 71 degree requirement for at least 42 to 44 hours during the weekend party and that it might cause her to have a little discomfort when stretching her calf muscles back to a lower arch angle after such a long period of time. Donna told Linda that she was sure it wouldn’t take long to adjust back to her lowest standard 5-1/4 inch heel height because for the time being, she would continue to perform heel raises that would allow her to stand flatfooted with little discomfort. In that manner, if for some reason she needed to walk flat footed or wear some heels lower that 5-1/4 inches, she would have that option. Donna further responded to Linda’s comment and said that if she eventually decided to eliminate that option, she could change her heel raises so that her foot arches were never lower than those required of a 5-1/4 inch heel height!

Linda continued and told Donna that next weekend’s party consisted of a semi-formal cocktail social and dinner party starting at 8:00 PM Friday. On Saturday there would be a late breakfast followed by a pool party Saturday afternoon, and formal dinner in the evening. Sunday would include a brunch with the group departing by midafternoon.

Mrs. Chatsworth then went on to explain other aspects of the club. First, she noted that the club was not only devoted to ultra high heels for the women, but also welcomed many other fetishes depending on each individual member’s taste and preferences. She said that she would go into more detail over the next few days, but examples of some of these other fetishes included exotic costume and theme parties, role playing, consensual BDSM, fetish clothing and lingerie, as well as corsets to mention a few.

Donna nipples immediately came to attention with the words fetish clothing and lingerie as well as with consensual BDSM and corsets as she instantly recalled how they canlı bahis matched her own recently newly discovered fetishes! Linda then asked if any of those fetishes appealed to her or Ken.

Donna replied as calmly as she could and said on the telephone, “That sounds very intriguing to me because after getting into ultra high heels, I have also have started to wear on occasion some corsets and vintage lingerie. It’s all a part of a figure training program that Ken is helping me with and since he carries some of those items his store, it’s also very convenient.”

“Wow that sounds awesome. It really sounds like you’ll fit in the group right away,” Mrs. Chatsworth quickly responded.

She then asked Donna, “What type of vintage lingerie were you talking about?”

Donna hesitated a moment and then confidently responded, “Well, I like secretly wearing various sexy bras and as I said, I’m starting to get into full length corsets as well as thigh high nylon with garters.”

“What type of bras are you talking about?” Linda again questioned.

“Well, the bra that I regularly wear to work is the Maidenform, Chansonette style. You now the one that currently has a magazine advertisement showing a young women setting on her desk with no top on and showing off the pointed bra with the caption, ‘I dreamed that I went to work in my Maidenform Bra’,” Donna laughingly replied.

She continued and more confidently announced, “Also, I occasionally wear one of those vintage Frederick’s ‘Pointet’ bras that they claim will bring out your best points! It is more pointed than the Maidenform Chansonette bra. Ken also sells some different sexy vintage bra styles ranging from semi pointed, bullet, and cone designs that really are sexy. The bullet bra is less pointed than the extremely pointed cone bra and the semi-pointed style is the least pointed of all the other types. I don’t have a semi pointed or bullet bra, but I have a couple of special cone bras that he made for me and that I openly wear around the apartment and secretly wear disguised under a sweater and padded jacket or coat when we go out to dinner or when I run errands or go out shopping. Also I have some quarter cup demi or shelf bras that I also wear for him on special occasions! Next I think I’ll try a bullet bra and maybe wear it in public without any disguising, if I get up enough nerve, although it was the popular thing to do only six or seven years ago.”

Linda excitedly replied, “Well that’s going to work out great because you’ve just given me the idea for a fetish fashion theme for next weekend’s party. I’ve been trying to think of something simple and having the women wear sexy bras is the just the ticket. That fashion theme is not as extreme as some of the club’s normal fetish themes for our get-togethers but since you are already into them, it will be perfect and hopefully you and Ken won’t be overwhelmed at your first introduction to our fetish group.”

Mrs. Chatsworth continued and stated, “We’ll make wearing some of the more extreme styles mandatory for the entire weekend. You can help me put together a plan as to which type will be required for the women to wear under their business casual, semi-formal, and formal dresses or tops throughout the weekend including the dinner parties. But for sure, I want to make cone bikini tops mandatory for Saturday’s pool party which should also be a lot of fun. The more I think about it, we’ll have two sweater girl contests at Sunday’s brunch with all the girls first modeling cone bras under tightly fitted sweaters and then have them change into a shelf bra with another tight fitting sweater. The shelf bra should then give everyone a chance to show off their wares. Along with the ultra-high arch booties, cone bras will be required for sleeping as well! Also for that weekend, no corsets are allowed. I’ll save that for another time since we’ll be concentrating on the sexy bras for this party. Oh, and of course, thigh high nylons and garters are definitely required which you should also enjoy. I’m sure with Ken’s help you’ll be able to be very imaginative with the cone bra theme especially with the bikini top!”

“By the way, the men are to wear tight leather unlined jock straps under their briefs all weekend, even under their trunks at the pool party; imagine what will happen when they get them wet!” Linda giggled over the phone.

“I’ll send everyone a summary of the events by courier later today and follow up later with all the detailed information after you and I determine the specific bra requirements for the different events and forms of dress for the party. Both you and Ken should get them by the close of business today at your office and at Ken’s store,” Linda stated.

Linda said that she still wanted her and Ken to come over tomorrow night even though the party was moved to the following weekend. She said that Donna could witness her and Paul’s signatures on the legal papers. But also, Linda wanted Donna and Ken to meet her husband Paul and take a tour of the house and view her ultra-high heel collection as well as some of her exotic theme costumes and other paraphernalia. She said that they would have a small informal dinner after the house tour.

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