Drawing a Nude Young Female

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I was 40 at the time. I didn’t typically go to a sit down restaurant alone. It is just more fun to go out with someone you can visit with. Plus, it feels awkward being the only one in a restaurant sitting by yourself. My waitress was a young gal in her early 20’s in age. She was one of those type of girls that wasn’t incredible looking in the face. She had a very simple look to her, not one that would turn the heads of an average guy, but not really ugly either.

The restaurant was not real busy, so I got to talk with her a little more than you normally do. She was pleasant with me, and also seemed like she was new at this type of job. She was wearing blue jeans, and a snug fitting t-shirt. As she left my table and headed to get my drink, I looked down and noticed that she had an incredible ass. It caught me off guard at first. I guess I just didn’t expect an incredible ass on a plain looking gal. I know that sounds silly, but it was the fact, nevertheless.

I have always appreciated a good looking ass on a woman. It is one of my biggest turn ons. But this little gal’s rounded ass filled out her jeans incredibly well. To me, it was the perfect ass.

A few minutes later, I saw her coming my direction with my drink. I looked at all of her this time, from her face down to her feet. As I looked her over I noticed that she seemed to have perfect size tits, too. I guess what a guy thinks is perfect varies per guy. I actually like many different sizes. Her tits seemed to be slightly more than a full handful. Anyway, for such a simple looking gal, I thought she had a very hot body.

She served me my drink, and since she had some extra time, she stood there visiting with me. I found out she was in her 3rd year of college, and was from another city about 4 hours away. She said she stayed at home during her first two years of college and just attended a local college to save money while taking her basic courses.

Each time that she would stop by to check on me we would talk for 3-5 minutes, or so. Then as she would walk away from my table, or walk towards my table, it was very hard to not look her body over. She really had a great figure and I was enjoying looking at her.

About ¾ way through the meal, we began talking about my hobbies. I told her that I loved art work.

I said “I do stained glass, oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing, and even nudes.”

She said “Wow, that is cool. I like to do some art work myself, mainly drawing. I haven’t done a whole lot more than that, but I do pretty good.”

I asked “What kind of drawings?”

She said “Some landscapes, but mainly people.” Then she asked if I had any pictures of my artwork. I

I said “Yes, I have most all of them on my phone”. I grabbed my phone and showed her 20 or so different pictures.

Then she said “You do some nice work. I love them all.” Then she asked “How do you get the chance to do nudes?”

I said “Two ways: One, through a nude figure drawing club that I am a part of. We meet once a week and have 4 different models that take turns coming each week. There is about 10 of us who do the art work. It is a nice, fun group of people. Even the models are nice. It is all very professionally done like a college course. Then the 2nd way I find nude models is by running an occasional ad on craigslist.”

She said “You have people respond to you on craigslist? You mean females?”

I said “Well, I get a combination of couples, males, and an occasional female. I actually don’t get a lot of females because they are always scared of meeting some guy that they don’t know, and then modeling nude for them. So, not very many women respond. If I get a female to answer the ad, they are usually a gutsy, type of woman that wants to do it for fun. They are usually somewhat sensual and get turned on by being nude with a guy. They email me a lot to be sure of what kind of person I am. Then most of them even want to meet me somewhere in public to get to know me. After that, they are wide open to modeling nude. I have enjoyed the few times I have gotten to do it.”

She seemed very fascinated by all that I was telling her. She asked more questions about couples I have done. Then later she seemed curious and said “So, you will do naked guys, too?”

I said “Yes, I actually have more of them answer my ad than anyone. Most of them are bi guys, or bi curious guys who get turned on by the idea of being nude with an artist.”

She then said “Aren’t any of the models real nervous when they first meet you? I mean, aren’t they hesitant to just start stripping down?”

“Well, I’m really good at making people feel comfortable, very quickly. It doesn’t take 5-10 minutes with someone before they are totally comfortable with me,” I said. Then I went on to say “Then, if they are still feel nervous I might offer to get naked with them, if they think that will help.”

She was surprised. She said “You will do that? Have you done that?”

I said “Yes, I have. I did it with one couple. I also did it with two different females, and even did it bonus veren siteler with a couple of males.”

She said “Wow, even with guys, huh?”

I said “Yes I have.”

Then she said. “I think it would be cool to be the nude model for a guy. If I knew the guy, felt comfortable with his personality, and he looked as good as you, I would want him naked too. I think that would make me feel very comfortable. Plus, it would be nice to see a naked body while he is drawing me. It would give me something to look at while I am just sitting there.” Then she laughed.

I then bluntly asked “When do you want to get together and do it?” I thought I might as well, see what she would say to that question.

Her answer surprised me. She said “How about tomorrow? I have the apartment to myself tomorrow. You could come over about 1 pm, and draw me then.”

I said “I would love that.”

Then she said “But, here is the deal. You have to get naked first, then, I will strip down. And, after we do this, I get to draw you naked next time.”

“Oh, okay, yea, I will do that. I always wanted to be a nude model for someone. I think that would be fun.”

I got her phone number and address, and finished my meal. Then just before I left, I told her I would see her tomorrow. As I was heading out the door I was thinking “I cannot believe I am going to see this hot-bodied, 20 something female, completely nude.”

The next day, I arrived at her house at 1 pm, as scheduled. She was dressed in the same type of clothes as the restaurant – snug t-shirt, blue jeans, but this time no bra. I could clearly see the shape of her breasts because of her tight shirt. They seemed to be perfectly rounded.

She got me something to drink and we agreed to do the drawing in her bedroom. She reminded me again that her roommate was gone visiting her parents, and was not due back until tomorrow. She told me that she felt more comfortable being in her bedroom in case the roommate surprised her by coming home early. She said “That way, you can close the door quickly before we get caught.”

Then she smiled and said with a girlish tone in her voice, “Okay, time to get on with this. I want to see you naked. Strip for me.”

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, took it off, and started unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. I slid them down and stepped out of them. I was now down to my silky, tight fitting, black underwear. I was half way hard. I hesitated for a moment, as if I was done, just to see her reaction. I looked up at her and smiled.

She said “Very nice.” Then I saw a side of her that I hadn’t seen yet. A sensual, teasing side, came out of her personality, and I loved it. She said “Looks like someone is getting excited,” as she was looking down toward my cock. Then she continued with “Does someone like being naked in front of the little college girl? Does that turn someone on?”

I loved this teasing side of her. All I had seen of her personality at the restaurant was a polite, somewhat shy girl. Then as we talked at the restaurant, I saw a girl who was very inquisitive, and was capable of having a great discussion. I saw hints at the restaurant of her interest in having fun with nude modeling, but not much of a sensual teasing side.

I answered her with “Actually, I do enjoy being naked for someone. Plus, I like being told to do stuff for someone.”

She said “Hmmmm, I will keep that in mind.” Then she said “I like your underwear. I like how they are stretchy, silky, and snug to the point that I can make out something hard underneath them. They are sexy looking.” Then she really got adventurous and said “If you were mine, I would tell you what to wear around the house for me every single day.”

“Oh, really?” I said. Then I added “That kind of thing is a turn on to me. I would do that in a second for you. Too bad I am not your age.”

She responded with “Well, I wish you was my age, too. But, we can have some fun with this. It does not bother me at all that you are older. I am not saying I want to date an older guy, but for something like this, it is kind of exciting for me. And, if today is a lot of fun for me, I wouldn’t even mind you coming over just for me to tell you how to dress around me. It might be fun. We will just have to see.” Then she changed the subject and said “Now take off your underwear for me.”

When she said that it sent tingles down to my cock. It was such a turn on for her to command me to take off my underwear for her.

I started by slowly sliding them down on the sides about 5 inches or so, as if I was trying to tease her. Then I lifted the material very slowly over my hardening cock, exposing it very slowly, as I continued my teasing. She was smiling the whole time. I slid them down a little at a time until my cock and balls were completely exposed. As I slid them down my thighs I reached about half way down, and suddenly she said “Stop right there. Let me just look at you like that for a minute.”

I moaned. I totally love feeling exposed to someone. And, the fact that she was bedava bahis making me stand there exposed with my undies half way down, while she looked at me, was turning me on a lot. My cock was moving slowly upward as it was becoming fully erect. She just stood there looking at my cock. Finally she said “Wow, this is fun, and it is very hot.”

I said “You seem like a shy girl when you first meet people, at least that is the way I observed you at the restaurant. But, I love this sexy side of you that I am seeing. You seem like the kind of girl who is quiet and very conservative in public, but is very sensual in private.”

She said “Well, all my life I have always had very sensual thoughts, just no one ever knew it. I would find sexy stories, and read them a lot. So, I have this side of me that I have never gotten to do much with. It is my private side. I haven’t really dated much so far. I never liked immature guys, which is mostly what I met in High School and the first couple of years of college. Plus, I am so quiet that guys have never shown a lot of interest in me. If they showed any interest, it was with my body. I am not stupid. I can tell what they were thinking. I would never date anyone who is just caught up at gawking at my body, or making sexual comments to me.”

At that point I thought to myself “I’m glad she didn’t notice me looking her over as she came and left my table at the restaurant.”

She then said “Anyway, the guy who wins me over, is going to have an incredible sex life. Because deep down inside, I am a very sexual person with a lot of fantasies.”

I said “Well, that is the perfect girl, in my eyes. I love women like that.”

She then bluntly said “Okay, well, I have enjoyed looking at you. You can take them off now.”

It startled me how quickly she changed the subject and then bluntly said what she said. But, I proceeded with sliding them down and off the rest of the way, and stepping out of them. Then, I said “Your turn.”

She stood there with a big smile on her face. She started with her jeans by unbuttoning them, then un zipping them. It was slow and sensual and had my heart pounding as I watched her. When she got them unzipped, she turned around so her ass was toward me. She stuck her ass backwards toward me, and slowly slid the jeans over her ass, and down to her thighs. As she did so, I saw her cute little red thong panties. She was looking over her shoulder and back my direction like she was loving this. She then slid the jeans the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. Then, she turned back my direction. I have to admit she looked hot already, standing there in her cute red thong, with a tight fitting shirt,, and no bra.

Next, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and slowly started sliding it upward. When she reached the bottom of her tits, she stopped and smiled, and then said “I don’t even know your name yet.”

“Mike. My name is Mike,” I said.

She then said “Does Mikey want to see the little girl’s nice tits? A lot of boys have wanted to see them.”

I said “You bet I do.”

Then she lifted the shirt completely off. Her tits were just as nice looking as I thought they would be.

They were perfectly rounded with nice large brown nipples. She was staring into my eyes watching me look at her. She acted like she was enjoying this whole thing. Then, without saying anything, she turned her back to me, leaned her body forward, and pushed her ass back toward me. Then, she slid down the thong panties. She looked like a seasoned stripper, one that had done this before, even though I figured that she was too young for that.

Once she got them off, and stepped out of them, she still had her back to me and she spread her legs and bent all the way over, as if she was going to touch the floor with her hands. She then took one of her hands and reached back and rubbed her ass with it as if she was enticing me. I could see her pussy lips very well. Then she reached the other hand behind her and with both hands, pulled open her ass cheeks to expose her pussy and asshole to me. She stood in that position for about 10 seconds. Then she started laughing, and turned around and suddenly said “I always wanted to do that. Okay, how do you want me to pose?”

I was so turned on by her at that moment that I wasn’t thinking real clearly. I was enjoying seeing this naked 20 yr old who had an incredible body. I just wanted to stand there and keep looking at her. She finally said in her girlish tone “Mike, are you there? Earth to Mikee, come in Mikee.”

I laughed, and tried to get some clear thoughts into my head. I said, “I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you have one of the most incredible bodies I have ever seen in my life. I am stunned with how hot you are. I could look at you naked for hours, every day of the rest of my life.”

She said “Wow. Thank you. I don’t know what to say,” as she had an expression of surprise on her face.

I said “Can I pose you anyway I want? Even a super sexy pose?”

She said “I like you, deneme bonus so yes, however you want me to pose me, I will do it.” She paused, then surprised me with a very sensual comment “Wait, you can’t draw me if I am sucking your dick, can you? So, that kind of pose wouldn’t work, would it?” Then she laughed a sexy laugh.

“You really do have a very sensual, hidden side of you, don’t you?” I said.

“You have noooo idea,” was her answer.

I said “Well, I would love to find out.”

Then, as if she was a young cute little girl, she said “I might let you see some of it.”

I said “Bring it on, sweetie.”

I felt like we were playing verbal tennis as we sent the teasing comments back and forth to each other across the net, so to speak. I remember thinking “Some guy is going to be very lucky to get this gal for his wife someday.”

She said “You probably better slow yourself down there big boy, so we can do this drawing first.”

I laughed and said “You are right.” Then I said “Mind if I touch you in order to pose you?”

She said “I prefer that, just don’t cop too many feels of my body. You might light a firecracker in this girl.”

I kept thinking that this sexual teasing side of her was so adorable and sexy at the same time. I felt very privileged to be naked with her and to be teasing with her. I was getting the chance to see a side of her that I am betting no guy had ever seen. So again, I definitely felt it was a privilege for me, especially with our age differences.

I walked up to her, reached out to the side of both shoulders, and grabbed them to guide her where I wanted her to go. As I did so, she tilted up her head to look into my eyes. She had the look that women get when they are going to let you kiss them. That look caught me by surprise. I chose to ignore it, and then slowly moved her backwards toward the edge of her bed. As I did so, she reached both hands down to my cock and grabbed a hold of it, stroking it some with her grip. She was smiling, and said “I needed something to hold onto.”

I thought to myself “Gosh, when you get this girl excited, she is hard to slow down.”

I said “You grab onto it all you need to, hun. I don’t want you to fall, or anything.”

She smiled a very sweet smile as she turned her head from looking down at my cock, to looking up into my eyes. She then said “You are so sweet. I also like this nice cock. It works well as a handle for my hands. But, my hands want to move up and down on it. I am not sure why.”

I said “Go for it babe. Move up and down all you want.”

She continued our lverbal tennis match with “What if my mouth needs something to hold onto?”

I said “Maybe you need to test out that theory and see if your mouth likes it,” as I wanted to see what she would do with that comment.

I have met women in the past that are very good at the teasing game. But, they are mostly a tease. That is fine to a degree., because it is fun to be teased. But, most of them that I have met in the past were not gutsy enough to take it any further. So, I thought to myself “Let’s see what she does with that comment.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, looked into my eyes, got serious for a moment, then said “I honestly have never sucked a guy before. I have read all the sexual stories about it. I have even watched some porn on my computer. But I have never done this.” Then she lowered her head, opened her mouth and slowly moved it down my cock as she was taking it all in.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “She isn’t just a tease. She actually does what she teases about.”

She sucked on my cock while she stroked the base of it. She did this with one hand, and then held my balls and slowly massaged them with the other hand. I was loving every second of it. Finally, after a 2-3 minutes of this, the side of her that was the cute teasing girl came out as she said “I probably better stop.” Her facial expression was like she didn’t want to stop, as she went on to say “I don’t want my boytoy, Mikee the artist, to get so distracted that he cannot draw me. He might shake too much and make the lines crooked.”

I laughed and said “Yea, you probably better let me finish the drawing.”

“Darn it!” she said. “Can’t a girl have any fun?”

I said “She can have all the fun she wants to with me. But, let me get this art work done.”

We both settled ourselves down enough to get the pose started. I decided that I would have her stay seated, like she was, on the edge of the bed, but also lean backwards onto her elbows so she was propped up, and looking my direction. I positioned her head just right. Then I reached down to her legs and spread them more.

She said “Be careful there, Mr. Artist Mikee. You might turn a girl on, while she thinks about exposed she is to you.”

I laughed, smiled, then said “I will keep that in mind.”

Then I set up an area about 5 feet from her. I pulled out my large artist clipboard, loaded it with art paper, grabbed my sketching pencils, and began sketching her. As I drew her I said “I’m betting you will get tired quickly from leaning back on your elbows. I usually give the model breaks about every 20 minutes, but you may need them more often. I will watch your body language to let me know if you need one sooner than that, or you can just let me know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32