Driver Education Examination Ch. 04

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It had been a while since I heard anything from Wren. My mother said that if we could know in advance when she was planning to take the driver’s test, my mother would allow me to bring our family car over to be used in the examination. Our car was smaller than Wren’s family car and would make it easier for her to park, which she clearly lacked confidence in doing. But I had not heard anything from Wren, one way or another.

One day, I made a quick plan to go over and see Wren myself to find out if there were any updates. The sky was overcast but I had decided to use my bicycle to get there. I left when the wind picked up at my back but by the time I rolled onto Wren’s street, I was literally soaked with the rain pushing me there.

The family car was nowhere in sight. Now there were almost no cars at all on the street that they lived on. To a person, it looked like everyone had finally moved out of there. Possibly even Wren.

I pulled the bike onto the porch of the unit where Wren lived. I laid it down even though I doubted anyone would steal it here. In doing so I made some more noise than I anticipated.

Wren’s aunt opened the door and looked out at me. She just shook her head with what she saw. She stood aside as I walked in and she asked me to take off my shoes. She pointed at a chair in the kitchen and then she closed the kitchen door behind me.

She asked what I was doing and I said that I was hoping to check in on Wren. The aunt kind of put her head down and then looked back up at me.

“Wren has moved away with her mother. They are living in the county back from where I came from, it was quite sudden,” the aunt told me.

I asked if she had ever gotten her driver’s license or tried to take the test since the last time that I had seen her. Her aunt shook her head. “It’s a long story,” she said. I told her that I had time.

The aunt’s name was Ellie, short for Eleanor. She was about sixty years of age and was the payroll manager at the factory that my mother also worked at. Her hair had almost gone white but there remained patches of black hair on her scalp. She was not quite a handsome woman, but she had a large set of breasts that I had enjoyed putting my hands when I had been in this apartment before. Her legs and butt were okay for her age, but she was heavier in the belly.

Ellie insisted that I take off my wet clothes so that she could put them into the dryer. When she looked at the back of my clothing from where the rain had blown in, there was some mud from the bicycle tire-kicking it up.

“I may have to wash these as well,” she told me. I thought quickly as I sat inside some large dry towels.

“You might as well get everything then,” I said to her as I stood up and pulled off my socks and my underwear as well. My semi-erect penis was exposed to Ellie before I sat back down.

She just looked at me before she collected up all of my clothes and put them into a washer in the corner which she added soap to and turned on with a timer setting. “That will take at least 45 minutes,” she informed me with a thumb towards the now-running kaçak iddaa machine.

“You must be starving,” Ellie said to me as she reached into her refrigerator and pulled out a pack of foot-long hot dogs and buns from the top shelf. She also pulled out a jar of browned meat.

She cooked away over her stove and soon I had a foot-long hot dog covered with Greek sauce in front of me.

The food was very good and I ate it in silence as I was hungrier than I had thought. The Greek Sauce was just right and hit the spot as my father would often say. My mind soon turned away from my last meal.

Ellie had her back turned to me as she washed the dishes and pans from the stovetop after letting them cool a bit. The washing machine hummed along in the background.

She was wearing what for her was a kind of uniform. It was a worn button-up work shirt under which she wore a black lacey fringe top, and some loose, comfortable sweat pants. Today she was wearing some slippers without any socks.

I pulled the towel tight around my waist as I stood up and walked behind her, placing my hands on the rear of her arms. She had her sleeves rolled up and was soaking a frying pan in front of her.

“This frying pan in my hands gives me options,” Ellie stated to me. “I can feed someone with it or I can bash someone else over the head, it is all up to me,” Ellie said in a serious voice. Then she heartily laughed before her voice cracked under the strain.

My hands by now were underneath her arms and my fingers soon found the rolling globes of her breasts. My fingers had been here before but never under the standing threat of kitchenware battering.

Ellie slumped under my feel. My hands were everywhere above her clothing and I shaped her ample ass with my hands and all around the front of her.

She stiffened and said that she needed to sit down. I let up on her and she sat on a kitchen chair. I walked over to the wall light switch and shut off the strong lights above us before I sat down. My elective choice caught Ellie’s attention without her actually making comment.

“A lot has changed here James. Wren has struggled with her young womanhood. Her mother Janet was so pleased that you were helping Wren to reach a goal. You did it in such an honorable way that we could not help but to trust you. Wren expressed some quiet hope to me that you might lean over to kiss her and what she thought she might do in response. The girl sure has a big imagination. You would have thought that she was picking out her wedding gown already,” Ellie told me in a raspy, quiet voice.

“If you did not notice, men are a bit scarce around here and we value your presence and support. Janet in particular became attached to you rather quickly and I feared how fast the two of you might continue to find each other when you came over. She too has had a need for a man around here,” Ellie continued.

“As for me, I am not getting any younger. Or prettier. After years of working in the shop, inhaling every conceivable odor and cigarette brand smoke. That’s my excuse but I too am fond of seeing you when you show your face here near where your family kaçak bahis all used to live. I admire that connection that we all shared once,” she finished her thought. Silence filled the room.

Ellie got up, emptied the washer, and then placed my clean clothes into the dryer. She sat down again.

I pulled my chair over a foot to sit across from her and my towel fell off of me. I did not reach for it, instead sitting down nude in the wooden kitchen chair, cocked at an angle.

Ellie looked up at me and then looked back down, smiling as she did. She too stood up and pulled her chair closer to mine, where she took my penis in her hands, slightly warming it by doing so.

I traced my finger over the outside of her button shirt, circling her breast. She nodded and then stood up and she closed the thick wood kitchen door, locking it. Ellie walked up to me and lightly beckoned me to arise as she walked into the familiar large family room where so much bonding had taken place along the way.

The mattress was still on the ground but made up nicely with sheets, blankets, and pillows in clean cases.

Ellie pointed to the covered couch where she instructed me to lie down on, my head up against the armrest. She lightly ran her hands up and down my bare body, raising the goose flesh in her wake.

She took a moment to unbutton her shirt which she took off. Then the next garment that she shed was her black lacey undershirt, and then finally she took off her older sweat pants and slippers. She kneeled over me in her bra and panties only.

This was a direct invitation to use my right arm to feel her body up and she leaned over my growing erection.

I pawed at her left breast through the bra until Ellie relented and unhooked the undergarment, setting it aside on the rug. Placing her nipple between my fingers, I squeezed it until the skin was firm and full of blood. I gripped her entire breast and kneaded it in my fingers. Ellie sighed as I did this.

Gripping her hip, I turned Ellie so her back was toward me and her ass was just to my right. There I proceeded to put my fingers along her ass and underneath the panties, which were starting to become wet. Ellie reached forth and took my erection and then put it in her mouth.

I inserted my index finger into her pussy from behind her and slightly upwards into her. She sat back onto my hand as I moved deeper into her. She continued to provide me with her lips over my cock.

Ellie really seemed to enjoy the prone fingering because she stood up for a second and removed her panties so she was now completely nude in the low light. She kneeled back down and I continued to probe her with my fingers and thumb, inserting and re-inserting them randomly into her.

I kept doing this until the point that I felt Ellie was on the verge of climaxing and then I stopped.

“What happened with Wren,” I asked Ellie. The silence in the room was replaced with a different kind of silence.

Ellie arose and lent me her hand which I took and she helped me to my feet and then we both lay down on the mattress on the floor.

“Wren said that she was talking to two of illegal bahis the defense workers in jumpsuits who were drinking beer at the edge of the parking lot over here. They tickled her with feathers. One of them talked her into the backseat of the car and used a vibrator on her. She said that she came for the first time and then did whatever the men wanted her to do after that. We found her dressed but dazed, and once again no underwear to be found, despite looking. Maybe they were taken as trophies, but we kept Wren locked up after that, and then she had trouble at school,” Ellie admitted.

I traced Ellie’s breasts and nipples with my fingertips, which made her shiver, and raised the areola marvelously before my eyes. She again gripped my erection and stroked me in anticipation of its use.

Briefly, I thought about going down on her but in the end, I felt enough attraction to Ellie that I preferred to fuck her instead, especially since she had primed my hard-on as well as she did, to her merit.

Into Ellie, I worked myself. Just touching base at first and then whole-heartedly, I plowed into her. Driven partially by love and also by lust. The older woman responded in turn.

I pulled her torso onto me and I pushed against her at the same time.

My younger body was no match for the task muscle memory of Ellie as she embraced me from within herself. If Ellie never got laid again in her life, she would remember this day from this point forward.

Ellie’s breathing arose in anticipation of her orgasm and I met her with a cock thrust that was like hitting a grand slam out of the stadium. She literally yelled in observance of her master class orgasm. A French description of the act would have shown a big climax instead of the smaller literary ones (la Grande Mortis versus la Petit Mortis).

She was fair game as I continued to micro-thrust into her wetness, giving her a lot with a little being pulled out each time which stroked her pussy lips. To get her to come again would be ideal of course. I was more likely to blow my own load into her however before I could coax her to cum again.

Ellie was adrift in my sea of love as I came into her in a crashing wave. My legs steeled to the purpose and then just as quickly lost their bounce as I completed my cycle of passion that began when I first arrived here. I slumped within my own space on the mattress.

She was undaunted as she physically milked my cock with her vaginal muscles in the clutch of this moment. And then she was overtaken by her own long-held repressed orgasmic passions all at once.

The years between us instantly slipped aside as the grinding s of our bodies increased in intensity

Ellie bellowed triumphantly as she got off in a glorious fulfillment of her perseverance. She was symbolically the matriarch of an empty house, despite her current compromised state of undress. Yet, no greater echoes of joyousness would be uttered here for some time to come until the neighborhood was rebuilt.

And so much like the end to the community neighborhood, that they all had lived in, James and Ellie realized that their good place together here ceased upon their eventual parting.

Like lightning once struck, it would not find itself there again anytime soon either.

So were these past days on this street.

(Series End)


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