Encouraging His Son

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Jesse wasn’t a regular possum, not by a long shot. He’d tried to hide it, wearing baggy clothes and underwear that suppressed his “little” problem, but it had all come out in the end, in the changing rooms at his school. Being teased for having equine genitalia was one thing, but everyone had found out that his father was a stallion and that, well, he just wasn’t “perfect” in his possum body.

At least, those had been their words, not Jesse’s. Frankly, there was nothing at all wrong with being a hybrid, presenting as a plain possum, but going away to college after school hadn’t changed anything. The problem was that the horse cock and balls, well… They were all that others thought about in relation to him, once they knew what was tucked away, badly, between his legs. It was not something he could hide once one other knew and gossip seemed to spread like wildfire around his college campus as much as it had around his school.

That was a shame, but, well…at least he could come home to his parents on vacation. Though one thing that Jesse never expected was for his father to take him out on the porch, bare for nothing but the natural grey of his hide, and sit him down to take in the view. And a little more than that too.

Jesse gulped, heart pounding as his father, Marcus, rubbed his sheath, coaxing out the beast of his cock, the fleshy length bulging from the velvety, soft fold of flesh. It wasn’t unusual to be naked there, considering that his parents and he too had lived in a nudist community for many years, though being away at college had changed his perspective on that a little bit. Everyone there wore clothes, like, all the time and he had to bear in mind that they didn’t have the same upbringing that he had had. Of course, he had gone to a regular school when he had been living at home too, but that was different when he returned to a more relaxed, comfortable home environment.

It left him feeling out of place in his hide, not knowing what to think about anything, like the game had been changed without him recognising it. Jesse turned away, not knowing where to look, all as his father stroked his cock to full hardness.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

He had to ask it more bluntly, clearly, because Marcus was not going to make it clear to him otherwise, though his father nickered throatily, his nostrils fluttering in a snort.

“I think you’ve bursa escort had a hard time of it, son,” he said gently, his eyes creasing at the corners as he shifted his weight on the padded bench. “But…there are better ways to be open. Things that you shouldn’t have to worry about, not here.”

Jesse squirmed. His dad nodded encouragingly, though it was hard for the possum to hide that his cock was also pressing out from his sheath, making it plump up thickly. He was turned on in the open air, not minding too much if others could see him, but, well, still minding, one way or the other. With his mind tugged first one way and then the other, he didn’t quite know what to do, tangled in a conundrum that he had not anticipated.

But his dad had always guided him right and he knew that it was acceptable, living in a part of the community now that there were no children. He grunted, his cock swelling, though his eyes could not help but flick to his father’s cock, how it pulsed up to its full length, reaching up to the stallion’s chest. Even for a stud, his father was well endowed, though his son was close behind him too.

“That’s right,” his father said, licking his lips, smiling softly. “Everything’s okay. You don’t have to hide who you are here. Remember all the strength you have in yourself, son. It doesn’t need to be used… But who you are is a gift to us all.”

Jesse squirmed. He didn’t know how true that was, not as his cock ardently swelled to full hardness, making his mind swirl. It didn’t make sense, didn’t feel quite right — though it did not feel wrong either, which was something. Lust trembled below the surface as his cock fleshed out, bopping him on the cheek as it danced there, the head flat, just like his father’s, though the possum intimately knew just how much it could swell too at the point of orgasm, in a flare.

“Here, let me help you… Bodily pleasures are not to be held back, Jesse. Have you not been looking after yourself?”

Marcus scolded him lightly, but he had hit the nail on the head, well and truly. Jesse had been so caught up in his work at college, studying hard while trying to avoid the teasing, that he hadn’t spent much time with himself, taking care of his body. It was hard enough to shower in the tiny cubicles as it was, without trying to jack off in there too — it wasn’t as if he could get off in a shared dorm room, after all!

He grunted, his father taking the lead, stroking his cock, helping him firm all the way up, the head even thickening a bit as he smoothed his large fingers, hooved at the tips, down his son’s cock. They tried to encircle his girth but not even Marcus’ large paw was enough to close around it, too thick and swollen for something like that.

Jesse moaned and his father nickered praise, ears twitching, catching every little movement and sound his sound made.

“That’s okay, son,” he murmured. “Everything’s okay. You’re doing so well.”

Jesse bursa escort bayan grunted. Oh, he had not realised just how badly he’d needed to hear that, though it seemed out of place. He’d, at least, always had a very close relationship with his father, which smoothed the ground between them, though to have his father reaching over to fondle his cock, stroking up and down, was not something that they had ever done together.

It was, however, relaxing in its own way, as if his father had somehow been able to tell exactly what he’d needed, even though Jesse had not known that himself. It had been so wrong to show off the spire of his meat before, or to let his heavy, grapefruit-sized balls hang down low… Everyone had thought he was a freak or even just trying to prove something, even though Jesse just wanted to get along to live his life.

“You’re amazing just as you are, Jesse,” his father said, playing his fingers over his son’s medial ring. “Your mother thinks so too, you know that. We are so lucky to have a son like you in our lives.”

He whimpered and nodded, fingers curling into the bench under him, around the edge. He didn’t know what to think about that, head and body swirling with too much emotion, though it was all good, something that Jesse wanted to lean into, even then. He wanted to hear more and looked to his father desperately as the stallion nodded with a gentle smile.

“These are not the sum of you, Jesse,” he told him, his paw dropping lower to fondle the possum’s heavy balls, fingers pressing lightly into them, caressing their weight. “You are so much more… But this part of you is to be enjoyed. Come. Let me show you.”

Jesse could only go along with him, caressing his cock and stroking the full length as his father demonstrated. Even though he had, of course, masturbated many times before, it was different doing it with his father, smiling at him, guiding him on.

Like so much else in his life, Jesse wondered if it was that he just needed to be led forward, to be shown the way, to be taught. He shouldn’t have been expected to know everything right away, but, well, the issue was that he had never honestly asked his father to show him the pleasures of the body too, something that was well accepted within their community.

He didn’t have to watch, not explicitly, but he followed the stallion’s lead as the larger hand stroked up and down his long, meaty shaft, the flare pulsing and pumping with every throb of arousal that ran through Marcus. Jesse was much the same, a hitch in his breath as he moaned, though his father didn’t say anything, only gave him an encouraging smile and subtle nicker.

Jesse leaned into those sounds, his tail hanging through the back of the bench, trying to be comfortable where he was, settled where he was. And yet he could not, not as his arousal tingled through him, as if even that part of him was surprised that he was, finally, allowing it back escort bursa to the surface.

“Maybe you like being out here too, with your old man,” Marcus teased him lightly, though it was very gentle, knowing that his son was too fragile, at that time, for anything more. “You want to be seen, to be enjoyed. And you should never have had to hide.”

Jesse groaned and squirmed, toes curling, flexing. Yes… Maybe that was true. Something was getting to him out there, more than he had expected, but that was all fine, because he had his dad there to support him, the one that he quite honestly looked up to the most in his life.

“Give in to it,” his father encouraged him. “It’s all okay. You look so good, Jesse. Really good…”

The possum licked his lips, confidence swelling, even out in the open as he was. It was great, actually, to hear that, to know that someone else too thought he looked good. And, if his dad thought that, maybe others would think so too, maybe others would see him for who he really was too. And he wanted to be seen, so very desperately, pulses of lust rising through him with every throbbing ache of his cock, the spire of flesh pulsating very lightly.

Yet that arousal could not and would not be held back, not as he rocked into the touch of his own paw, wanting climax. It was out in the open, yes, but that was better for him, his father shifting closer so that their thighs brushed, the touch sending a rush of exhilaration through him. Yet it was the closeness of his father that helped him get there, keeping an eye on him and showing him the way as his cock pulsed and throbbed, all while they engaged in mutual masturbation, together.

Ultimately, it was not up to Jesse to hold his load while his father nickered encouragement, passers-by looking over as he gasped and moaned, his cock flaring and cum shooting forth. With a dick like that, there was no hiding it and he painted the deck of the porch with rope after rope of creamy, glistening seed, splattering to the steps and down to the grass.

“That’s right, son,” his father encouraged, gently rubbing his nuts, though Jesse was already overstimulated. “Let it all out, you need this… Let everyone see who you are…”

But he couldn’t stop himself from trembling, taking in how his father was looking at him, knowing that, finally, his father saw who he was. And that was exactly what Marcus had been encouraging too, telling him that it was okay, that he could let them see him aroused and that there was nothing wrong with it too.

It was with his father’s kind, loving words in his ear that he spent his load, gasping and moaning, even while someone that he didn’t know whistled, impressed at it. But they did not linger long enough to become a worry to Jesse, not as his dad tugged him in against his side, a proud smile on his lips.

He didn’t have to say that he was proud of Jesse to be so, to know that Jesse knew it, the possum’s cheeks flushed with heat as he groaned and leaned into his father’s touch. There, they were together and, there, Marcus could show his son that there was so much more to experience, even with him.

Together, he would encourage his son to be the very best he could be.

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