Enslaved by Marilyn Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

In the week that had followed I had found myself in a regular state of arousal when thinking of my Mistress. It seemed hard to believe what had occurred but I just kept thanking my lucky stars that 1. She was as beautiful as I had hoped for before the visit and 2. That she wanted to begin a Mistress and slave relationship between us. I had spent every night lying in bed thinking about my spanking and had found myself overcome with desire and having to masturbate. I thought of her cute smile, her kissable lips, the sweetness in her voice and the way she could switch in the blink of an eye from caring, mothering type to cruel, commanding Goddess. On the way to her house I wondered what was in store for me. I felt like a kid at Christmas just seeing her again. I climbed the stairs and rang the bell and waited for her to answer with a keen sense of anticipation.

She answered and I was met with that familiar, loving smile. She was dressed in a quite low cut light blue jumper which showed just a hint of her cleavage. A thin summery skirt which stopped just before her ankles, was patterned with flowers in water colour designs and wooden soled sandals revealed her lovely feet. I noticed she was wearing an ankle bracelet which turned me on even more. I entered and immediately dropped to one knee. She offered her right hand and I ever so tenderly kissed it. She was clearly touched by my respect and obedience towards her. She gently stroked my face and told me to enter the living room.

“OK Josh, How are you feeling today?”

“Fine Thank you. How are you Mistress?” I enquired.

“I’m good and very much looking forward to our session today!”

“Me too!” I replied.

“You will refer to me as “Your Highness today, have you got that?”

“Yes Your Highness” I answered.

“Good” she smiled.

She then produced a pair of slinky black panties and told me I was to undress and put these on for the art session. I felt very excited by this. Now alone in the room I undressed till naked and then lifted the panties. They were black and nylon. I took a look inside to see if they had been worn. I couldn’t be sure but they smelled very fresh like they were just out of the wash. I really hoped Marilyn had worn them. The thought of her most intimate parts touching against them was enough bursa escort to set the pulse racing into overdrive. As I pulled them over my ankles I couldn’t wait to feel them against my skin. Once on they were very skimpy and could almost have passed for a pair of swimming trunks save for the little bow at the waist band which I liked very much.

Marilyn entered the room saying:

“Oh very nice. Are you comfortable in your panties?”

“Oh yes Your Highness. Thank you.”

“You look very sweet in them. They suit you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Do they feel nice against your genitals?”

“Yes they feel great.”

“They must feel nicer against your cock and balls than male underwear?”

“They do Your Highness. I’ve never worn women’s underwear before but I like them so much better than male underwear.”

“Well if you’re a good boy you’ll be wearing them again. Do you like the little bow?”

“Yes I really love it Your Highness” I replied.”

“Yes it’s so pretty isn’t it?” said Marilyn.

I wanted to ask if she had worn them but didn’t dare. It was more than my life was worth.

“Right then you will be wearing these for the session. Jump up on the sofa there’s a good boy.”

I sat with my back against the sofa and my right leg was straight running down to the floor. My left leg was bent at the knee and resting on the sofa cushion as she started to sketch me.

“Has your bottom recovered from the spanking session?”

“Oh yes, it’s much calmer now.”

“You were a brave boy and since you took your punishment so well you will be rewarded.”

“Thank you Your Highness.”

“Yes today I shall let you kiss my feet.”

My first thought was one of amazement. I was angered at the way she said this as if it was a great honour and I was desperate to perform this task. However, I knew deep down that I was angry because I DID want to kiss and worship her feet and she knew it. I wanted it more than anything, so much so that I had achieved a raging hard on that was stretching the material of my polyester panties. I was very nervous that I had lost control as I hadn’t been given permission to become hard. However, I convinced myself that she must not have noticed.

“When did you become circumcised?” she enquired. görükle escort

“Four years ago Your Highness.”

“That’s a very good age. Anything that gets you boys to leave your willies alone. Was it for medical reasons?”

“Yes, my foreskin was very tight.”

Being circumcised had really opened a chink of light into the darkened submissive caverns that existed in my mind. After the operation had been performed, the nurse who was by conservative estimates, a Bitch Goddess, had walked up to my bed with the command: “Let me see it” to which I had to oblige. This was a very embarrassing moment as my penis had shrivelled to pitiful proportions. My Aunt Julie who was standing outside the curtain was then asked in.

“Do you want to see this?” the Bitch Goddess Nurse had enquired.

Then without hesitation, my aunt Julie had walked across to view my very shrivelled and tender cock. In horror at the situation, I had tried to prevent my aunt from seeing my cock by covering it with my hand to which the Bitch Goddess Nurse had pushed my hand away. I had surrendered to her power and authority. Although horrified by this at the time, I had wanked many times over my role as the submissive during this encounter.

“When I taught I used to take two boys across to the Girls School for a Biology lesson to show them the difference between an uncut and circumcised penis.” Marilyn told me with a sense of pride.

“That must have been very embarrassing for them.”

“Yes it was. Since I gave naked spankings I knew what boys would be good models but they were very nervous. I would take both boys into an office and order them to strip and change into dressing gowns and then they would be displayed in front of the class. It was so cute hearing the giggles from the girls as I removed each boy’s dressing gown and then examined their genitals.”

Hearing this was turning me on even more, just imagining myself in that situation.

“I much prefer a circumcised penis as with an uncut penis, the foreskin acts as a little hood over the glans; The head should be fully exposed for our eyes to feast on. However, many love the uncut look also. The girls really loved rolling the boy’s foreskin over his ridge and back. The boy just blushed.”

Most boys would escort bayan like a Biology teacher like Marilyn, I thought to myself. It would be enough wanking material for a lifetime for any schoolboy.

Once the art session had finished it was time for my reward. By now my boner had subsided and I was really relishing the foot worship session.

“Right time for you to give my feet some much needed attention” said Marilyn. “You’ll be doing this naked so get your knickers off!”

I obeyed and quickly slipped out of them and handed them to her. She sat on the couch and ordered me onto my knees presenting her lovely feet before me. Her toenails were painted cherry red which looked really lovely. I began by kissing the big toe on her left foot before working down the side of her foot. I then kissed each of her toes very gently before being ordered to lick between each toe. By now I had a stiff erection and knew there was no way now it hadn’t been seen. I enjoyed he contours of her feet from the arch of her soles to the veins on the top of her feet leading to her pretty ankles complete with sexy bracelet. I spent the next 10 minutes kissing, smelling and licking her delicious feet. It was really a getting to know you process. By the end it was obvious that both of us had enjoyed the session enormously.

I then sat crossed legged on the floor with my dick still pointing skyward. I knew I had pushed my luck by getting hard and now prepared for my fate.

“You’ve been a very naughty little slave haven’t you?”

“Yes Your Highness.”

She then lifted the panties and said:

“Your penis became erect without my permission and there are traces of your sticky semen on my panties and for this you shall be punished.”

I realised that the trap had been laid and I’d walked into it. I had worn her panties and she had told me erotic stories thus causing my arousal and from that, small amounts of pre-cum had trickled out. I knew what was coming and quite rightly so.

“Don’t worry slaveboy, you won’t be punished today but next week will be your punishment session. You have made me angry. What do you have to say for your self?”

“I’m very sorry Your Highness.”

Once dressed I wished Marilyn farewell.

“Farewell Josh” she said but I received no kiss this time.

Then she handed me a paper bag saying:

“You can keep the panties.”

“Oh Thank you so much Your Highness.”

I skipped very excitedly up the street knowing I would be wearing them a LOT in the coming days.

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