Escape Ch. 07

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In the coming days, Nikolai and I spent our spare time cramming for our exams, filling out paperwork for the new house, and, of course, filing a report in regards to Serenity Farms. Officer Billings, a dark skinned man in his thirties, took our statements.

I didn’t tell them what happened with my father – I simply told them that I had reason to believe the new leader could be sexually assaulting members of the group. Officer Billings, a dark skinned man in our thirties with deep hazel eyes, took our statements and assured us that the matter would be looked into, although they’d have to connect with a more local police department to do so. Three hundred miles was a long way away, after all.

On Saturday, Aunt Sharron insisted we go shopping for furniture. She said that Nikolai and I should go alone, and gave us her credit card, claiming that she had a date with a woman she’d recently met.

“So, who do you think the lucky lady is?” I asked Nikolai once we were in the car.

“My money’s on a flighty artist type. You know how Aunt Sharron adores those.”

“Manic pixie dream girl, or depressed?” I retorted.

“You know, I vote a healthy one this time with a free spirit.”

“Want to bet?” I asked as his hand linked with mine on my lap.

“You know that I do.” He brought my hand to his mouth and licked it, causing me to squeal.

“You are so nasty!” I yanked my hand away, wiping it on his shirt. “What are we betting?”

“You didn’t think it was nasty when I had my mouth all over you the other night,” He laughed, to which I rolled my eyes. “I say that the loser makes a completely dramatic facebook status of the winner’s choosing.”

“Deal,” I said, accepting his offered hand once more. “I swear, lick it again and you’re not getting it back.”

We laughed the rest of the way to the store.

First on our list, which Nikolai had created (I swear, the man couldn’t go a full day without making one), was furniture for the living areas. After browsing through sofas, loveseats and recliners, we finally decided on a large sectional in a rich chocolate color, along with honey-colored wood tables and a matching entertainment center.

For our dining room, chairs and barstools, we ultimately went with a red, as it would match the accent color in the granite countertops. We (I) liked to color coordinate. Nik, for his part, let me take the lead. “Happy wife equals happy life,” He claimed, and when I pointed out that I was not his wife, he just shrugged. “The same concept applies. You’re the woman I’m with, and I want the entire place to feel like home. You feel like home to me.”

My heart melted at those sweet words of his.

“Besides,” He followed. “I wouldn’t hear the end of it if we wound up with furniture you don’t like. Comes with that bratty attitude of yours.”

I shot him a dirty glance, but eventually, a mischievous idea began to form in my head. A smile grew on my face. If he wanted a brat, I’d show him one once we were alone.

“Oh no,” He said, eyes widening. “I know that smile. You’re up to no good. What’s going on in that brain of yours?”

“Oh, absolutely nothing.” I skipped away, off to look at the bedroom furniture, and took great joy in the increased pattern of his footsteps falling after me.

After rejecting all of the dark bedroom furniture, along with the more modern looking once, we were torn between a honey colored sleigh bed and a white platform. Eventually, I decided on the white platform bed. I liked the idea of placing a white canopy above it, along with string lighting. It would tipobet365 güvenilirmi give the master loft an overall romantic feel, something cozy and intimate for just the two of us. We decided to go with a king sized bed. The master suite was spacious, and we needed things to fill it up. Naturally, we got a matching dresser, nightstands, chest of drawers, and entertainment center.

Nik seemed happy with “our” choices as we made our way to the mattresses, the one thing he actually voiced an opinion on. Fortunately, we were in agreement – a softer side of firm hybrid with cooling gel, as he got hot at night, and I liked to cool so that I could snuggle up with him and a bunch of blankets.

The last item on our list was furniture for the spare rooms. After our deliberation between the platform and sleigh bed, we decided it made sense to go with the latter for the guest room. We each got a desk for the office – his black and sleek, mine white and feminine, and matching chairs to go with them.

As for the two “hobby” rooms, as Aunt Sharron called them, I wound up getting a vanity, a second desk I could sew on, and racks to hold clothing. I’d always loved fashion, and while I didn’t see the point in spending thousands of dollars on designer clothing for myself, I loved designing and creating outfits, along with doing hair and makeup. I suppose you could call me a girly-girl.

Nikolai surprised me by giving him his room in an attempt to give me a reading room, equipped with tall, emerald green chairs with wings on them and several white oak bookshelves. I nearly cried when I realized what he’d done – he shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal, but it meant the world to me that he was willing to sacrifice his own space for me.

“If it makes my princess happy, that’s all that matters to me. Besides, my only real hobby is gaming, and I can do that from the living room.”

My heart fluttered when he called me his princess. Maybe I wouldn’t be as bratty as possible once we got home, after all.

“Of course, you’re so spoiled, you would have eventually been unhappy without having one of those miniature libraries, anyways.”

I took back my earlier thoughts. He was getting full-blown bratty Amelia later that night, and then we’d see who was laughing.


Once our aunt had gone to bed that night, I feigned the need to sleep, claiming I had a headache. Encouraging Nikolai to continue his studying while I slipped off to shower and get ready for my plans.

After blow drying my hair, I changed into the most risque clothing that Aunt Sharron had bought me – a short pink skirt and matching balconette bra. Afterwards, I applied a full face of makeup, highlighting all of my best features.

Checking out my reflection in the mirror, I was satisfied – no way he would be able to resist touching me in this. But he’d have to work for it this time. I was prepared to give him the performance of a lifetime.

Taking out my phone, I shot him the text message that would lure him in before crawling under the covers.

Me : My head really hurts. Could you bring me some meds? :'(

A minute later, the door creaked open, and Nikolai entered the room. He looked absolutely delicious in his dark red button down and jeans. Everything in me was screaming to go to him and make love for the second time, but I reminded myself what the whole purpose of this was.

“I brought you some medicine, little brat,” He said, tone soft. “Have me waiting on you hand and foot.”

Slowly, I sat up and turned on the bedside lamp. The covers tipobet365 yeni giriş fell off of me, and I could visibly see him swallow. His eyes were glued to me.

“I thought you said you had a headache,” He said, his gaze blazing with desire as it travelled me, from the top of my head all the way down to my toes.

“I lied,” I said, standing and walking towards him.

“God, you’re like a fucking vision,” He said, leaning down to capture my lips. At the last second, I stepped backwards, leaving him hanging. His brow furrowed in confusion. “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean, Nik?” I batted my eyelashes innocently.

He stepped closer, reaching out to grab me, but I danced just out of his reach once more.

After several more attempts at touching me, I could see the tent through his pants, and he asked in frustration. “I’m going to ask you again, brat. What are you trying to do to me?”

Flashing him my sweetest smile, I cupped my breasts, slowly sliding my hand down my stomach. “You seem to think I’m a brat, so I figured I’d show you what a brat really behaves like.”

Growling, he grabbed me and sat on the bed, pulling me over his knee so that my ass was in the air, facing him. “You want to be a brat?” He said, flipping my skirt up and tracing his fingers over the delicate skin that was revealed by my cheeky panties.

I shivered. “Yes,” I whispered, licking my lips.

“You want me to show you want I do to little brats?” He administered a playful smack to my ass, and I whimpered, loving the stinging sensation.

“Yes, please.” My voice was husky.

“You just let me know if you want me to stop,” He said, stroking my hair. I nodded, and his hand came down again, harder this time.

I could practically feel myself beginning to drip as he played with the sensitive, stinging skin there. Letting out a moan, I wiggled a little in his lap.

His arm came down on my lower back, holding me in place as he spanked me again.

“You just had to be naughty, didn’t you? Teasing your big brother like that, traipsing around in slutty little outfits?”

“Yes!” I cried out as his fingers began to tease between my thighs.

Pulling the lace to the side, he parted my folds, breathing heavily. “You’re so wet. I’m starting to think you like being punished.”

In response, I wiggled in his lap, loving the feeling of his hard on against my sensitive nipples.

He slid his fingers inside of me, pumping in and out. When a long moan began to escape me, he withdrew his digits, leaving me panting and whimpering for more.

Nikolai let out a dark chuckle. “You want to be at my mercy tonight?”

I nodded, eyes wide as his hand lightly grasped my hair and pulled so that I was looking up at him.

He began to unbutton his shirt, and when it was off, he picked me up, practically throwing me facedown on the bed. Stretching my arms out in front of me, he took his shirt and tied my wrists to the bedpost. My legs were dangling off the side of the mattress, and I felt him kneel down behind me, spreading me open once more.

His breath on my sex sent shivers through me, and he teasingly ran his thumbs on the inside of my lips, just barely grazing what I now knew to be my clit. I twitched as he did.

“Do you want my tongue in your hot little cunt?” He asked, every word allowing warm, damp air to hit me.

I twitched. “Yes, please Nik, yes.”

“Are you going to be a good girl?”

I shook my head. “I’m going to be a dirty, filthy girl for you tonight.” My pussy was throbbing with need, and tipobet365 güvenilirmi he groaned with my words, ripping my panties down my legs and taking them off.

“I need you to be quiet, but our last adventure proved that difficult for you. Am I going to have to gag you?” The thought of him shoving something in my mouth made me begin to drip down my thighs, and he took note of that, his tongue tracing the trail and stopping just short of the most sensitive part of me.

“Yes, please. I want that so bad.”

“You want to taste yourself on the gag like the little slut you are?”

Nodding aggressively, I opened my mouth as he placed my soaked underwear in my mouth.

“If you want me to stop, just knock on the bedpost, okay?” He said, taking a moment to kiss my temple.

I nodded once more, wanting for him to stop this torment and fuck me.

I didn’t have to wait long – his mouth was devouring me, then, and I cried out into the gag over and over again. Sucking on my clit for a moment, he quickly abandoned that mission in favor of plunging his tongue inside of me, swirling it around before withdrawing it, over and over again. His hand came up to rub my clit as he did, and before long, I was right on the edge.

Instead of allowing me to orgasm, he stopped, and I let out a cry of frustration, which was muffled by my panties.

After giving me a minute to calm down, he started his torture again, this time using his fingers to fuck me while he nibbled, licked and sucked my clit. I was on the verge of seeing stars when he stopped, again, letting out a low laugh at my predicament.

Several more times of this and I was a panting mess, sobbing tears of frustration into the pillow that rested under my head. I heard him unzipping his pants before rustling out of them, and finally, oh god, finally , I felt him entering me, ever so slowly.

“Is it okay if I’m rough?” He asked, rubbing his hand up and down my spine.

I nodded, wanting to beg him to fuck me as hard as he could. Anything, absolutely anything to relieve me of this desperate, burning feeling that was consuming me.

After taking his time entering me, making sure I was ready, he began to pound into me, and oh, sweet relief came over me within seconds. He groaned as I clamped down around him, legs twitching and body shaking and shuddering with my release.

“That’s it, come for me like a good girl. Just like that, Mia.”

Hearing him say my name propelled me into another orgasm, and he went crazy, his flesh slapping against mine without mercy. I loved every single minute of it, orgasming several more times as he bent over and muttered filthy things in my ear about how much he loved fucking his sexy little brat of a sister, how good my cunt felt sucking on his dick.

When he told me he’d been thinking about fucking me like this since our first time, I came so hard that the world went black around the corners of my eyes, and stars exploded when I felt him coming inside of me with a strangled moan.

Collapsing on my body, he kissed down my spine before, ever so gently, removing my gag and untying me. He gave me the sweetest drugged kiss, both of us exhausted from our endeavor, and he began massaging my wrists and my arms.

“Was that okay?” He asked, although I had a feeling he knew that I had more than enjoyed myself.

“It was fucking awesome. I’ll have to taunt you more often, if this is what I get in return.” I smiled, halfway delirious after orgasming six times, and enjoyed the kisses he peppered into my hair and shoulders.

“You’re so beautiful,” He said, caressing my skin. “That was amazing. I wasn’t sure if you’d be into rougher stuff, but I’m glad that you are. As much as I loved making love with you, sometimes, I just want to throw you down and have my way with you.”

I nodded, blissed out, as I passed out from pleasure in his arms.

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