Evening Rendezvous

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Jerry waited patiently, pretending to read the newspaper as his wife went through her evening ritual, first slipping out of her clothes and then quickly into a bathrobe. She would then brush her teeth taking great care to get each tooth, running the brush up and down at least twenty to thirty passes on each tooth before meticulously moving onto the next tooth. When she finished brushing she would grab the floss and floss each gap in her teeth fifteen times, top and bottom never missing a tooth.

After putting away the toothbrush and tooth paste she’d grab her tweezers and check out her eyebrows, carefully plucking each errant hair, making sure each eyebrow looked the same. She’d then turn on the water to the shower and as the water heated up, she look closely at her face, making sure she had removed all the makeup, then running a slow exploration looking for the slightest blemish. As she studied her face, she would grab this cream or that ointment depending on the type, size and severity of imperfection she discovered.

Jerry slowly leafed through the paper, letting his mind wander to the delights he would be experiencing after his wife finished up all her rituals. He could feel his cock grow as he let his imagination run wild and once he was fully hard he’d tease himself, drawing the sheet and covers back and forth over his erection. He’d arch his back while holding the sheet tight on both sides of him, grinding his cock on the firm surface, thinking of slipping into a tight asshole.

Jerry’s wife izmit rus escort would be stepping into the shower by then, either wearing her shower cap or not depending upon whether she planned to wash her hair. When she stepped out of the shower quickly, without washing her hair, Jerry sighed in relief, as he slowed down on his self teasing. Yes, time was drawing near when he could finally pounce into action and put his fine, firm erection to good use.

After drying off his wife walked into the bedroom wearing her robe again, rubbing a cream on her face. The cream was the type you rub in completely, so she sat on the edge of the bed finishing up her face while Jerry gritted his teeth, aching for action. Finally, she stood up, pulled off her robe and climbed into bed completely naked.

Jerry leaned over to his wife, affectionately ran his hand along her thigh and up to her hip as he leaned over and gave her a kiss. He then turned back to his side of the bed, reached out and turned out the lamp. Slowly, as his eyes adjusted to the light, he whispered, “Good night.”

“Good night,” his wife replied, rolling over onto her side.

Jerry remained on his back, quiet and completely motionless. Sure enough in just a few minutes he heard his wife’s deep breaths. Waiting a few more minutes, he then whispered, “Honey? You awake.” Her silence was exciting as his cock sprung to life and he slipped from under the sheets. Tiptoeing out of the room, he headed downstairs, where the computer izmit escort was already turned on and logged in.

Jerry sat down at the keyboard, grabbed his mouse and checked his favorites list. He spotted one name on the list, pointed his mouse and double clicked. He then reached up, adjusted his cam and waited as in just a few seconds an image came up on the screen. Slipping in his earphones, he spoke softly into his microphone, “Good evening, I thought she was going to take forever.”

“No problem, I ran a little late today too. I can see you are ready, you been thinking of me?”

“Of course, what about you?” Jerry asked, looking at the screen as the image moved down from his friend’s face to his erection. He could see a glistening drop of precum pooled in the tiny hole. “Mmm precum, you been starting without me?”

“Just a little, thinking about our last hunting trip.”

“Oh yeah,” Jerry replied, reaching down and cupping his palm around his hard cock. “On the rug in front of the fireplace,” he said as he started stroking himself. He kept his eyes glued on his friend’s cock as he grabbed it by the base with his left hand, shaking it for a few seconds. Teasingly he then began running his finger up its length for several seconds before grasping it with his thumb on top and four fingers underneath.

Imagining himself there with his friend, Jerry continued stroking his cock in perfect unison with the movements he watched on screen. His friend stroked faster for a while and then slowed down, kocaeli escort squeezing his shaft as he moved so gloriously slow. Jerry watched as he could see his friend’s thigh muscles tighten and he grabbed his cock hard at the base. The balls then tightened and his cock twitched as the white cum ran out the cockhole running down the man’s fingers. He then pulled his hand away and let the sticky, white fluid run down his cock and over his balls his cock twitching and his ball sack tightening and releasing all the while.

Jerry quickened his stroke dreaming of licking that cum from his friend’s cock and balls, remembering the taste of the cum from when they were together last. Remembering he was performing for his friend too, Jerry made sure he his cock was in the center of the screen when he lifted his ass from the chair and came, spurting his cum up toward the camera, splashing down on his keyboard and then on his thighs.

“Oh damn, look what you made me do,” he said to his friend, moving the cam to show the cum on the keyboard and on his thighs.

“I’d be happy to come by and help you clean up.”

“No, no, we know what that will lead too. I think we’ve done enough already,” Jerry replied. “But hey, think you can fake a bowling night next week.”

“I don’t know, let me get back to you.”

“Okay, say hi to your wife for me.”

“You do the same,” Jerry replied, taking his mouse and clicking on the red X. He then grabbed some paper towels, cleaned up his thighs and then the keyboard. He sprayed some air freshener into the paper towels he used to clean up and then just a bit into the room. He then dabbed the head of his cock with the paper towels one last time, tossed them in the trash and headed back up to bed and his wife.

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