Everybody Does It: Day Three

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Paul Lombardo had just slipped his hands under his wife Diane’s little rump, and after lifting her up off of the bedding a bit, let his tongue slide down through the lips of her sex and further down, not stopping until his tongue reached her puckered anal ring.

Even with her thighs surrounding his ears, Paul heard the yelp of surprise when Diane felt his tongue go somewhere it had never ventured before, but that didn’t stop him as he burrowed the tip of his tongue into her anus and pushed it in as far as he could, churning and curling it around.

Before that afternoon, Paul had never done any such thing, although he had read about rimming and had seen pictures of it on the Internet. Then, his boss forced him to do it in his office, another slap in his face as he continued to exact his revenge on Paul for surfing the Net for porn on company time.

As Paul had rimmed Mr. Johnson, he was initially revolted and disgusted by having to lick the bowels of his supervisor, but as it continued, he found himself becoming aroused by it. Rawle Johnson was so immaculate in his hygiene that he never would have guessed that he had been licking a man’s asshole, and getting to milk his boss’s cock while he did it only added to the excitement.

So when Paul came home, he was a confused man. These meetings with his boss at work were convincing him of something he had long suspected; he was bi-sexual, and now he was even wondering about that.

Diane’s anus was more pungent than Mr. Johnson’s had been, so after a couple of minutes of rimming his wife he climbed up between her spread thighs and slid his dick in her pussy. Paul looked at Diane’s still shocked expression for a second before concentrating on thrusting into his wife to make her cum.

His eyes went down to Diane’s breasts, and as he looked he thought back to what Mr. Johnson had said. Diane did have a boyish figure, and on her back her breasts practically disappeared. Also, her nipples were only marginally bigger than his own. Was that her appeal to him?

And what of Rawle Johnson’s veiled threats to show Diane what is would escort izmit be like to have sex with, as he had put it, “a real man”. Glancing down to where his cock was going in and out of his wife’s pussy, he tried to imagine what it would look like to see that monstrous organ of Rawle Johnson’s going in and out of Diane.

The image made Paul’s stomach turn, but at the same time he felt his orgasm rising as he pictured his petite wife being torn apart by that massive organ, and he barely managed to avoid cumming before Diane did. After planting his seed into Diane he fell off to her side and joined her in looking up to the ceiling while catching their breath.

“What got into you, babe?” Diane said after a moment.

“What do you mean?”

“What you were doing down there with your tongue, Paul,” Diane said. “Do you know what you were licking?”

“Of course,” Paul said. “Didn’t you like it?”

“I don’t know. It felt weird,” Diane said. “I guess it felt good after I got over the shock, but what possessed you to do that?”

“I don’t know. I was looking at a website and…”

“The Internet again,” Diane said. “I should have figured that was where you got that from. I’ve seen some of those websites you look at.”

Not the ones I looked at when I was at work, Paul thought to himself. His home porn surfing was pretty much straight stuff, although he often strayed to where the content was diverse.

“I thought that doing that would spice us up,” Paul said. “We should do things to liven things up, you know, while we’re still young?”

“Is this the part when you suggest we bring another woman into our bed?” Diane said, having been pitched that idea many times over the years.

“Well, that would be good, but if you would rather have the other person be a guy, that would be okay I guess,” Paul said tentatively while watching his wife’s response to something he had never suggested before.

“You’re going to say that you would have another man join us in bed?” Diane said, chuckling at the idea. “You? A guy who is even more self-conscious about his body than I am? And izmit escort what would this guy do? Have sex with me?”

“If you wanted,” Paul mumbled. “Who knows, maybe if somebody else – you know – maybe you could get – you know?”

“What? I don’t want anybody else’s baby. I want yours,” Diane said. “Remember that the doctor said while your sperm count is low, we can still conceive. We just need to get lucky. Who knows? Maybe tonight was the night.”

“Maybe, but if you wanted to I would be willing to let another guy in here with us,” Paul said.

“If I agree to be with a woman?”

“No, not unless you wanted to,” Paul said.

“And you would sit there and watch some stranger have sex with me?” Diane asked. “Or would you and the guy be doing stuff with each other?”

“I didn’t say that,” Paul said as he tried not to sound like he was lying when he added, “I dunno. Never thought about it.”

“I will tell you one thing though,” Diane said, rolling onto her side to face him. “Never told you this before because I thought it would gross you out, but back in college I was at a dorm party, and it got crazy. The next thing you know, this guy started giving another guy head. It started out as a dare, but the guy on his knees really seemed to be into it.”

“What did you do?”

“I watched,” Diane admitted sheepishly “Hey, I was drunk.”

“Still can’t believe you stood there and watched.”

“Know what else? I liked it too. I thought it was really sexy.”

“You did?” Paul said, turning to face his wife as she rolled onto her back again and cupped her hands behind her head.

“Yeah. A lot more interesting than seeing two girls go at it,” Diane confessed.

“So it would turn you on to see me sucking another guys dick?”

“You? I don’t know about you doing it,” Diane said with a smile. “Tell you what, bring home somebody – maybe Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, or even Sean Connery. he’s real old but sexy as hell, and we’ll all hop in this bed. I’ll even help you suck them off.”

“You would?” Paul asked, stunned at hearing what Diane izmit kendi evi olan escort was saying.

“Sure. Any of those guys. Jeremy Irons, or maybe Denzel Washington.”

“Denzel Washington?” Paul exclaimed. “You would have sex with a black man?”

“Why not?” Diane laughed. “What’s that they say? Once you go black you’ll never return?”

“Never go back,” Paul corrected as he kept staring at his wife who kept looking at the ceiling.

Paul’s eyes strayed to the tiny swells on her chest, and then to the tiny craters of her underarms, the little pockets smooth as satin and glistening with a dew of perspiration. Paul though back to the time right after they got married, when he suggested she let the hair under her arms grow.

Diane had surprisingly agreed, if only for a short period of time, and although Diane was the most fair-skinned girl on the planet, with only the tiny wisp of hair between her legs, the sight of those sparse sprays of hairs under her arms had really turned him on during those few months before she shaved them off.

Damn that Rawle Johnson, Paul thought as he realized that his boss knew him like a book. Wanting to see his wife with body hair was just another way to make his wife look more like a boy, and now that he thought about it, it must have been his subconscious desires coming through even back then.

“You realize that I was only kidding,” Diane said, looking over at her husband. “About all that.”

“I know.”

“Then why is your dickie hard again?” Diane asked. “Thinking about you and me having sex with Denzel Washington?”

“Maybe,” Paul said, rolling on top of Diane and sticking his erection right into her, and he only lasted a few strokes before he shot his load while imagining the two of them licking a big black cock, but not Denzel Washington’s.

“Sorry,” Paul mumbled after a sex act that was so quick his wife hardly had time to react.

“That’s okay babe. Another deposit in the Paul Jr. bakery, hopefully,” Diane said while patting her tummy.

“Hopefully,” Paul mumbled before they turned their backs to each other and drifted to sleep, although Diane dropped off much faster than her husband did.

Paul was too busy thinking about what might happen if Mr. Johnson actually forced himself into their lives

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