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I’m sitting in a waiting room, wearing a tube-top, a mini-skirt, and fuck-me high-heels. I am waiting for my turn to meet a very special lawyer, but I do not need any legal advice. He does not know me, but I know him. He is Mark, my brother-in-law, and I plan to seduce him. During the days that I have watched him, I’ve learnt that he is a perfect gentleman. I am not genuinely interested in a nice guy like him, though. He is going to be only a tool for my main plan. My life’s greatest purpose is destroying the life of my younger sister, Veronica; as she destroyed mine.

I can give a long list of the ways she made my life harder. Her first betrayal was being born. Our mother died giving birth to her when I was only three years old. I could not bear that my lovely mother had sacrificed her life to give birth to a noisy, smelly little thing. Throughout our childhood, I always reminded her that she had killed our mother. But killing our mother was not enough for her.

She also stole my father. When she came into our life, my father cut from the time he played with me and gave it to that little monster. I remember that when my father ignored my protests, I threatened that I would drown the baby. I received a very harsh punishment for that, and my relationship with my father never went back to the way it was before Veronica.

When she came to our school, she never missed an opportunity to make me look bad. She was always the best student in her class while I always struggled to pass the exams. In high school, she stopped doing my homework. She even disobeyed my order and started dating a boy from the school’s football team, and when I tried to teach her a lesson and slept with the boy, she acted like a bitch and stopped talking to me for weeks.

She could not tolerate to see me have fun. One time, she allowed herself to warn me about hanging out with those cool guys and having some harmless drinks and drugs with them. When I shut her up and went on with my business, the bitch went to my dad and back stabbed me. My father went angry and had the guys arrested. He also made me attend consulting sessions. I was so humiliated and swore revenge.

From that day on, I regularly arranged new torments for her. I told the local gangs that I would give blowjobs to anyone who would bully Victoria in any ways. After some time, it became regular for Victoria to come home crying hysterically or with some bruises on her body. She blamed me, but she could never prove it, because I made sure that I always had an alibi. Unfortunately, these lessons did not improve her.

Her final strike was running away. Right after her high school graduation, she ran away from home. In a letter, she blamed me and wrote: “Sorry Dad. Claris has made my life like hell and she will never stop hurting me. I wish that you could do the right thing, but you will never be able to confront Claris. I cannot tell you where I will go, because I know that she would not leave me alone, but I’ll send you updates about my life.”

I was a bit annoyed that I could not torment her any more, but I was happy to get rid of her. Things did not turn out the way I wanted, though. That letter made my father furious at me and he throw me out of his house and completely cut me off. I had to sleep with guys to let me spend the nights at their home and when they got bored, I had to humiliate myself with a new guy.

When I eventually managed to find a low-paid job and settle down after some years, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to finding and punishing Veronica. I thought for a long time and tried different methods. I once went back to my father and apologized for my past behaviors; something that I had never done before. I asked her to give me Veronica’s address so that I can go to her and make up for the past. The fool was impressed and said that he was proud, but he said that Veronica never told him about her location and that they kept in touch only through email. He gave me her email address and suggested that I apologize to her this way.

It took me some more time to find a good way to find that bitch. I slept with some geek and made him hack into my father’s account and show me Veronica’s emails. I found out that the bitch has now graduated from university and was married to a rich guy. She also had a baby who looked like her childhood. There was any clues about her location. The geek, who desperately wanted to please me, suggested that he could help me find her anyway. He said something about metadata and IP and this kind of shit and eventually came up with the name of the city. It was all I needed.

And now, it is finally my turn. The secretary calls my fake name and I enter the office. After exchanging pleasantries, Mark asks me to have seat. I cannot keep myself from gazing onto Veronica’s picture on his desk. In the picture, she has her usual phony smile, using her innocent and angel-like mask. How I want to tear that piece of paper and distort her face. Patience, Claris, patience.

Mark offers me some beverage bingöl escort and indicates his readiness to hear me. I’m a little taken aback that he does not peek at my generously exposed cleavage and thighs. I am not a girl who would give up easily, though. I start trembling, and speak with a shaky voice.

“I have recently ran away from my psychopath boyfriend, and I am afraid that he might track me down and find me here. I need protection.”

Then I stop speaking, as if I am trying to suppress a sob. I open my legs to flash him my shaved pussy, and close them again when he ignores it. Mark seems a little confused.

“I am sorry to hear about your predicament, but all I can offer is legal advice. I do not provide any security services.”

“This boyfriend of mine is not a regular tug. He uses complicated methods for his evil intentions. He has a lot of scandalous films and photos from me that he will send to anyone who would give me a job. I cannot find any decent way to manage myself. I haven’t had a good meal for days.”

This time I let go of myself and cry hysterically. He offers me water and a tissue.

“Blackmailing is a felony and if you can come up with any evidence, he will be in serious trouble. I will help you, pro-bono. How about giving me your past employers’ contact information? That can be a good starting point.”

I give him what I have prepared with the help from the geek. If Mark contacted the geek, he would find out that I have been a waitress in a fake coffee-shop and I was fired after they found out that I was formerly a prostitute. Before leaving, I threw in my final bait. I jumped to him and hugged him, pressing my boobs to his body.

“It is very hard to find a strong and caring man like you who would help a miserable girl like me. I cannot pay you any money right now, but I am ready to return your favor in any other way that I can.”

I kiss him near the mouth and rush out. I am very content with the way things had worked so far. If Mark is a corrupt man and takes advantage of me, I would steal another man from Veronica and that would devastate her. If he is a coward and tells her everything, that will also wreck her false sense of safety. She will know that I am back. I hit a bar and celebrate with myself, and let a stranger guy pick me up for the night.

I am thrilled to receive Mark’s call the next morning. The good sign is that he had made the call by his personal cellphone, and not through his secretary and the office. He makes an appointment at a restaurant for that night and offers to come and pick me up. It is yet another good sign that we would meet outside his workplace. The prey had took the bait.

In the restaurant, he gives me a brief report of what he had done so far. My so-called former employer had refused to cooperate and Mark says that we have to wait for more evidence. I silently weep for some moments. He reaches out and caresses my hand. I take a deep breath and try to smile.

“I should have known that I cannot expect any help from that coward. But at least you tried to help. I now know that I have someone that I can count on. I appreciate that.”

Mark sighs.

“Thank you. I wish my wife also appreciated my efforts.”

He gives me a shy look.

“I am sorry to bring that up. You have your own worries.”

I would not miss such an opportunity to gain information about their private life. I press his hand hard and shake my head.

“You can tell me anything, my dear. This is the least I can do.”

He tells me about how he met Veronica a few years ago. At first, he was attracted to Veronica’s innocent and kind impression, which reminded him of his mother. He fell in love with that impression and eventually married her. When their child was born, Veronica became cold and distant, giving all her attention to the baby. Mark blushed at this point.

“It have been months since the last time we had sex.”

Up to this point, I considered Mark just tool, but now I see him as a fellow victim of Veronica’s manipulative ways. I hug him and pat his back.

“You deserve better than that. You certainly deserve better.”

He hugs me back and gently squeezes my ass. I welcome it with a soft moan. We leave the restaurant and rush to my hotel, where we talk some more, have a few drinks, and eventually, he tears up my clothes and fucks me hard. I have two orgasms before he is done. When he leaves, I grab my phone to call the number I have found from Veronica.

I want to tell her that her marriage is now ruined under my feet and that her husband has my mark on him. In the middle of dialing, I stop myself. What is the rush? I can make this call whenever I want. This new relationship with Mark has much more potential than what I expected. He is rich and horny and I can make him give me whatever I want. I can even blackmail him if he refuses to do what I tell him to do. Plus, the sex is good. Really good.

We arrange another date and end up having another mind-blowing bitlis escort sex. We keep that up for some more times, and finally, Mark tell me one day that he have rented an apartment for me. He also starts buying me slutty clothes. One day when we pass a jewelry store, I indicate my wish to have a nice necklace, but he just smiles and tells me that he has his own special plans for my jewelry. That night in our bed, I ask him about the jewelry plans. He gives me another sigh.

“My wife does not give a shit about the things that turn me on. In fact, I believe that she ignores these fantasies intentionally so that she can avoid having sex with me. This makes me so frustrated and I am forced to seek pleasure from pornography. This really humiliates me. I am a young and rich man, but I have to masturbate in front of a computer. Just like losers.”

He holds me tight and sniffs into my hair.

“When I first met you, I realized that unlike my spoiled wife, you are adventurous and open-minded. You are a woman with imagination. You can understand fantasies. After our first sex, I was filled with new hopes that my fantasies can become realities.”

I am getting excited. I start massaging his dick.

“Tell me about your fantasies.”

“Ah, there are many of them. But let’s not rush things. We have all the time in the world.”

I am overwhelmed with curiosity. I lean over his body and insist. He chuckles and takes my nipple between his fingers.

“Very well. I am attracted to women who have piercings in their erogenous zones.”

He indicates the zones by touching them and caresses my lips, tongue, nipples, pussy lips, and clitoris. He tells me that I do not have to answer immediately and I can think about it as much as I want. He kisses me goodbye and leaves for home. I had considered having piercing before, but my father would not let me when I was a teenager, and I did not have any incentive to do that later when I was homeless or had to work day and night. But Mark awoke those cravings again. The thought of having piercing on those places makes me really horny and I masturbate myself to sleep.

I call Mark the first thing in the morning, and tell him that I would get the piercings if it makes him happy. He comes for me in the afternoon and we go to a beauty place. He holds my hands when the needles pierce the sensitive areas of my body and kisses my tears. When the job is done, the piercing guy brings a mirror. There is a nice gold ring in the corner of my mouth, and the piercing on the tip of my tongue looks like a shining drop of gold. The rings on my nipples have a diamond on them. There are four golden rings on my pussy lips, and my clitoris has a tiny ruby on it. The guy says that we better wait for a few days before having sex.

During the days I am waiting for the piercings to heal, I am constantly aware of their presence and that makes horny. When we eventually sleep together after a few days, I realize what I have been missing all these years without the piercings. They make kissing a completely different thing. When we fuck, Mark uses the piercings to stimulate my nipples while he pounds my pussy. I experience the most intense orgasm of my life.

Mark spends more time with me and treats me like a princess. This piercing thing was a very rewarding move, both for me and for Mark. I almost feel sorry for Veronica for missing this thrill, but I reminds myself that she does not deserve any happiness. I am starting to think about a future with Mark. The way he spends money for me, it seems that he to feel the same. It takes a few more days for him to bring on his next fantasy. This time, we are walking together in the park. He points to a girl who is jugging toward us.

“You see that huge breasts on her? They make me hard as hell.”

I automatically check his crotch and see that he was right. I look at the girl and I have to admit that the way her huge tits jump up and down, they would arouse any healthy man. I feel a little jealous. When the girl passes up, Mark frowns.

“Even now that Veronica is breastfeeding our baby, her breasts are still tiny. They do not even fill my hands. Oh God, how I want to have a handful of breasts. I want to feel their heavy weight in my hands.”

Although he does not comment on my breasts, I know what he expects of me. My breasts are the same size as Veronica’s. We let that go and keep having sex in the coming days. But I cannot ignore the matter and ask him if he wishes that my breast were bigger. He thinks for a few moments, then answers.

“If you were like my wife, I would have to lie and tell you that I would not want to change anything about you. But you are not like that bitch and I can be honest with you. My answer is yes. Actually, I see you with much bigger breasts in my dreams, and I hold them in my hands and admire their abundant beauty. I really believe that a pair of big, sexy breasts are a nice addition to your attractions.”

I agree with him. I always have been jealous bolu escort of big boobed girls. Besides, I hate that I had this similarity with Veronica. Now, I can become sexier than her and her husband is going to pay for it. I told Mark that I am OK with this, and he arranged an appointment with a plastic surgeon the next morning.

When the doctor asks what cup size we are thinking about, I ask for some pictures but Mark immediately says that we want K size. The doctor asks if we are sure, because it would be a little extreme change from my current A size. I cannot imagine what a K sized breast exactly looks like, but I tell myself what the hell, the bigger, the better. I sign the documents and Mark insists that the operation should happen within a week. They run a few tests and make sure that I am ready for the operation. Mark does not leave my side even for a moment. He gives me a passionate kiss when they take me to the operation room.

When I regain consciousness, it takes a few seconds to remember where I am and why I am there. I raise my head to look at my new breasts. There is a big mass on my chest and I hope that this is just a pillow or some bandages, but when they eventually open me up and I can stand in front of a mirror, the reality hits me. I now have a ridiculously large pair of breasts that reaches down near my naval. I scream and start crying. Mark tries to make me calm.

“Do not worry honey. If you do not like these breasts, I will make the doctors have a new operation and give a smaller size.”

His words really calmed me and after more negotiations, we reached a compromise for a size I breast, which would only cover my whole ribcage. The doctors arranged another session, and I wake with the new breasts, which are still too big. Mark says that they are the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen is his life.

When I am ready to go out with Mark again, he seems very proud and happy. He points out that many guys are staring at my breasts. I’m very satisfied to see jealousy in the eyes of most of the women on our way. From that day on, he makes me sit on top of him during sex so that he can watch my breasts wobble.

One day, he tells me that he wants to take me to a party with his friends. He is very excited about this party and had bought me a sexy dress.

“For the first time in my life, I am with woman who I can brag about.”

In the party, his friends openly gawk at my breasts. One of them asks for permission to touch them. I look at Mark, and he nods approvingly. The guy lifts them up and lets them fall. I almost lose balance in my high-heels. We all laugh. Guys ignore other women and line up to dance with me. At the end of the party, one of them suggest that I should do another surgery.

“If you want to create a real goddess hourglass figure, you should add bigger hips which match these elegant breasts.”

Mark shakes his hands.

“I have just paid a lot of money for two boob-jobs. I am not sure if I can afford another surgery.”

In the days after the party, I cannot stop thinking about that guy’s suggestion. I stand in front of the mirror and all I can see is that my hips are too small comparing to my breasts. After some days of begging and insisting, I manage to convince Mark to pay for the new surgery. He finally agrees and the result is magnificent. The doctor also suggests that he can give me some injections that would make my vagina bigger so that it matches the hips. He said that because we were good clients, he would do it for free. Of course we agreed.

When it was over, we had to hit the mall again. As a result of my new surgeries, I could not wear tight pants and jeans, because there would be a big camel-toe in my crotch. Mark insisted that I should buy lots of tight dresses which would show my hour-glass shape. He also took me to the beauty shop again to give me new piercings that matched my bigger size. The new rings on my nipples were so heavy that they pulled on my nipples, and the ones on my pussy lips were too big and they fought each other for space, pinching my pussy all the time. Now, for me, walking is like masturbation.

Mark takes me to more parties. I am now very popular among the guys and they cheer when I arrive. They compete for dancing with me and they are not shy of groping my soft and big ass. There are more suggestions about additional improvement, including collagen injection in my lips and some tattoos here and there. We do all of them the next day. Now I have super-sexy lips, a tramp-stamp on my back, and a shiny jewel on my naval. As Mark suggests, it would be a waste if we hid the tramp-stamp under a dress, so I stop wearing dresses and wear only tops and mini-skirts.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and while admiring my sexy look, I think about Veronica. I rejoice to imagine how she would feel when she realizes that I have become his husband’s fantasy woman. I am thinking about having a serious talk with Mark. I think that I can now tell him the truth and ask him to get rid of Veronica and choose me. But a nasty discovery stops me from stepping up. One night, he leaves his cellphone at my home. I cannot suppress my curiosity and start checking its content. In an email to one of his friends, he has revealed his ultimate fantasy.

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